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IMPORTANT HIGHLIGHTS (NEW ITEMS AND REMINDERS) LIMITED DRIVE-IN ACCESS TO BUILDINGS Vehicles will be limited to drive-in access on Saturday, Sunday and Monday ONLY of move-in. On Tuesday and Wednesday, overhead doors may still be open but only to allow easier access for off-loading and walk-in traffic. For vendors arriving AFTER Monday, you must park at overhead doors and hand truck all supplies to your booth sapce. (For more details, including drivein access, overhead doors, parking and loading zones, see p. 9 of THE HANDBOOK.)

CONTRACT DUE DATE HAS CHANGED In consideration of busy holiday event schedules, the contract/ full payment due date has been pushed back by one week to July 9. We hope this will provide just a bit more time to get holiday events wrapped up and generat additional operating cash. PLEASE NOTE that if this deadline is missed, spaces WILL be released and made available to waiting applicants.

TAX COMMISSION BULLETIN An Oklahoma Tax Commission insert is included with this packet. Make note of their new policy which is to collect from all exhibitors during the final weekend of the Fair. Payments must be made by check or money order - cash will not be accepted.

RESTOCKING SPACE RESERVATION FORM If parking space is needed for stock trucks or trailers, you must let us know in advance. Since spaces are offered at no charge, electrical service is NOT included. If power is required, indicate it on the form and remit appropriate payment with the order. Space is limited in both the electrical and non-electrical lots, so be sure to submit the form as soon as possible to reserve your space. (Vehicle length, make & model are required on form.)

GROUNDS MAP INCLUDED IN THE HANDBOOK A color-coded grounds map has again been included on the inside cover of THE HANDBOOK as a convenient resource for all exhibitors. (THE HANDBOOK should accompany you here to the Fair and be kept in the booth at all times.)

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS For payment by Visa or MasterCard only, use the enclosed form.

COMMISSION VENDORS CASH REGISTER PROGRAMMING If using multiple registers within one location, each register may be uniquely programmed. Please review the new OSF Register Program pages included with this packet, make any necessary changes to specific menu items and pricing, and return no later than July 9 with contract and full payment. (If requesting to add items, notification of approval status will be provided by OSF management.)

3rd ANNUAL FOOD COMPETITION We’re pleased to announce that our professional food vendors’ competition, Great TASTE of a Fair, will be returning for a third year! Official Information Sheet and Entry Form are included with each contract packet. Food vendors will be competing for a share of $1,600 in prize money, so be sure to enter early as fields may be limited. (Please note a change to prize allocation as listed in THE HANDBOOK. First place in each of four classes will receive $325 each, and runners up will receive $75 each for a total prize purse of $1,600!)

FENCING/SCREENING REQUIREMENTS All outdoor food vendors are REQUIRED to fence their backof-house storage and prep areas screen them fom public view. Additionally, all vendors must come prepared to provide partitioning to each side of stands to keep the public on main thoroughfares and out of messy and dangerous utility areas. These are mandatory requirements so start planning now for your most appropriate design.

COMMISSARY CHANGES Please welcome US Foods who has joined our team as exclusive supplier for all general grocery items and meat products. In an effort to keep costs as low as possible to you, the vendors, they will NOT be delivering to individual food stands. Orders will be available for pick up during restocking hours at one of three distribution points strategically located on grounds. More details, including a map, will be provided upon move-in. (All supplier contact information is listed on the last two pages of THE HANDBOOK.)

Oklahoma State Fair, Inc. * Office of Commercial Space Sales * P.O. Box 74943 * Oklahoma City, OK 73147 * PH 405-948-6739 * FAX 405-948-6720 *