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2012 Oklahoma State Fair 61 Annual Band Day Competition st

Monday, September 17, 2012 (An OSSAA Sanctioned Competition)

Registration Form (Band, Color Guard, Drum Line, Drum Major)


HS Band: ____

Class: ____

Total # of Members: ____

(2A - 6A)

(Include color guard, drum line)

Color Guard Team: No: ___ Yes: ___, with ___ members. Drum Line:

No: ___ Yes: ___, with ___ members

Drum Major:

No: ___ Yes: ___

School Name: City/Town: Director: It is agreed that students entered are eligible to represent the school according to the rules of the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association. Signed:


Contact Name (If diff. from Director): School Address: City:



Phone: ____________ Cell: ___________ E-mail: Director’s initials, _______, acknowledge that he/she have read and understand the Band Day Competition Information and Guidelines attached. Mail: Melinda Parsons, Oklahoma State Fair, Inc. P.O. Box 74943, Oklahoma City, OK 73147 E-Mail: • Fax: 405.948.6828 • Phone: 405.948.6736 Upon receipt of registration, entry will be confirmed via email. If you do not receive confirmation, please call. Detailed information & credentials will be mailed out after the registration deadline on September 5.

61st Annual Oklahoma State Fair Band Day COMPETITION INFORMATION AND GUIDELINES Competition Date: Monday, September 17, 2012 Competition Time: Staging - 9:00 a.m.

Entry deadline: Wednesday, September 5

Competition – promptly at 10:30 a.m.

Competition Guidelines: Eligibility  Must be an Oklahoma HS, MH or JH School Band  This is an OSSAA sanctioned event. Students entered must be eligible to represent the school according to the rules of the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA)  High School bands will be classified according to current standards of the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association. All Junior High and Middle School classes will be combined. Judging  Event is a parade competition and will be judged accordingly.  Band, Color Guard, Drum Line and Drum Major will be judged at the same time.  Color guard teams and the drum line must be performing their parade marching routines as the bands play. There will not be a time where the band stops to play.  Criteria: o Bands - Playing, Cadence, Alignment, Carriage & Discipline, and General Interest. o Color Guards - Composition and Excellence o Drum Line – Cadence, Tempo, Visuals/Sticking, Musicality o Drum Major – Salute, Use of Baton-mace/conducting, Command of Group Awards  Awards Ceremony: Bandshell Stage at 2:00 PM.  Grand Champion Trophy awarded in each division (Band, CG, Drum Line, Drum Major)  Cash awards and Trophies awarded in the following divisions for class as follows: o Bands: 1st - $250 + trophy 2nd - $150 + trophy 3rd - $75 + trophy 1-5th Certificates o CG: 1st - $150 + trophy 2nd - $75 + trophy 1-5th Certificates st rd o DL: 1 - $50 + trophy 1-3 Certificates st o DM: 1 - $50 + trophy 1-3rd Certificates  As much as $500 can be won for the school’s band program! Parade Route**  Route is ONLY ½ mile in length.  Music MUST be played along the ENTIRE route until you are stopped by a parade official.  Once stopped, no cadence or tapping allowed as you will be back tracking by the judging stand. Credentials**  Each school will receive the following tickets and parking passes: o Admission: 2 director, 1 bus driver, 1 sponsor for every 5 students. o Student: 1 student pass per band member (Mon. is kids day so everyone 17 & under gets in free that day, but still have to have a pass for accounting purposes) o Parking: 2 parking passes to be used per director’s decision. o ie; vehicles pulling trailers, directors, etc… o Others can park in free lots or pay $5 to park with the busses

**Further details and maps regarding the parade route, staging and parking will be mailed out with credential packets after the registration deadline, September 5.


DEADLINE FOR ENTRY IS WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 5 Drum Line: No: ___ Yes: ___, with ___ members JH/MS Band: ____ HS Band: ____ Class: ____ Total # of...