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SHOW DETAILS: Entry Deadline: May start arriving: Must be in place: Check in: Judged: Released:


Postmarked (Mailed) or Online Not before12:00 Noon 11:00 AM 2:00 PM At the conclusion of the junior show At Conclusion of the Open Dairy Show

Wednesday, August 15 Saturday, September 15 Monday, September 17 Monday, September 17 Tuesday, September 18 Tuesday, September 18

September 13 - 23

JUDGE: TBA SUPERINTENDENT INFORMATION: Name Breed Walter Bloom General Dairy Mason Mungle General Dairy

Phone (405) 779-7796 (405) 360-0417

City/State Tuttle, OK Oklahoma City, OK

THERE IS NO LONGER A MILKING PARLOR ON THE PREMISES. THIS IS A HEIFER SHOW RULES:  See General and Livestock Rules and Health Regulations governing this department.  Owner’s Social Security or Tax ID Number must be on all entries, Junior & Open. Please note, the payee must match the Social Security or Tax ID Number.  Where any dairy herd is registered in the names of different members of the same family residing on one farm and where the herd is one unit, all entries may be considered as a single exhibitor for Exhibitors Herd, Best Three Females, Premier Exhibitor and Premier Breeder classes.  The following breeds will be offered in the Open Dairy Show.  Division 1011 – Open Ayrshire Division 1014 – Open Holstein Division 1012 – Open Brown Swiss Division 1015 – Open Jersey Division 1013 – Open Guernsey Division 1016 – Open Milking Shorthorn  All accounts of owner must be in financial good standing to be eligible to enter the show ring. PREMIUM INFORMATION:  Individual Class Premiums: $60, 45, 35, 25, 15 – Premium A (classes 01-07) $40, 30, 20 – Premium C (classes 10&11) Overall Supreme Champion Female - $150.00 Overall Reserve Supreme Champion Female - $100.00 ENTRY INFORMATION:  Payee’s W-9 form must be included with entry.  The exhibitor may make class substitutions on existing entries in the Livestock Show Office until 4:00 PM the day preceding the show. ENTRY FEES (per head):  $35.00 - If postmarked by August 15  $70.00 – If postmarked after August 15 but by September 1:  $105.00 – If postmarked after September 1 until 4:00 PM the day before the show Additional Fees:  Equipment permit - $30.00  Additional Tickets (pre-order for immediate family members) $7.00 adult single day ticket, $4.00 child single day ticket (ages 11-6) or an Exhibitor Ticket Bundle (4 single day tickets) for $20.00 if postmarked by September 1, 2012. Also may purchase Season Pass for $25.00 good for all 11 days.


2012 Oklahoma State Fair Competition Guide


Exhibitor will receive an armband(s) per the scale in the Open & Junior General Livestock Rules.

PDCA DAIRY HERDSMAN OF THE DAY AWARD:  A selection committee will select the most outstanding junior or open herdsman the day of the show. Selection of the winner will be judged on the following: Exhibit:  Neatness  Condition of Animal  Quality Personal Behavior:  Promptness  Cooperation with management and other breeders  Quality, Honest and Integrity Exhibiting:  Sportsmanship  Ability  Appearance Breed and Promotion:  Participation in Breed Association Activities  Participation in Industry Promotion Activities GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS:  Exhibitor agrees to abide by all rules, regulations, specifications and requirements set out in the General Rules and Regulations section and any other said rules distributed by Oklahoma State Fair® (OSF) management. Also see the Purebred Dairy Cattle Association Show Ring Code of Ethics. Class: Females 01. Junior Heifer Calf, born March 1, 2012 or later and over 4 months old. 02. Intermediate Heifer Calf, born December 2011 – February 2012 03. Heifer Calf, born September – November 2011 04. Summer Yearling, born June – August 2011 05. Junior Yearling Heifer, born March – May 2011 (not in milk) 06. Winter Yearling Heifer, born December 2010 – February 2011 (not in milk) 07. Senior Yearling Heifer born September – November 2010 (not in milk) 08. Grand Champion Female 09. Reserve Grand Champion Female Groups 10. Best Three Females (3 Females under 2 Years Old, none of which have freshened all bred by the exhibitor & at least one owned by exhibitor) 11. Exhibitors Herd (5 Females all owned by exhibitor, 2 Junior Females, 2 Senior Females & 1 from either division) 12. Supreme Champion Female 13. Reserve Supreme Champion Female The Supreme Champion will be selected by the judge of the open dairy cattle show from the Grand Champion females of the Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey and Milking Shorthorn breeds. This selection will be made at the end of the dairy show on Tuesday.

Oklahoma State Fair, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation that serves the people of Oklahoma and is dedicated to continuing the organization’s heritage of education, entertainment and economic development through the operation of State Fair Park and the annual Oklahoma State Fair®.


2012 Oklahoma State Fair Competition Guide


ENTRY FEES (per head): $35.00 - If postmarked by August 15 $70.00 – If postmarked after August 15 but by September 1: $105.00 – If postma...