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SHOW DETAILS: Entry Deadline: May start arriving: Scales Open: Cards turned in by: Judged: Released:


Postmarked (Mailed) or Online 8:00 AM 8:00 AM 12:00 Noon At the conclusion of the Junior Market Barrow Show At conclusion of Junior Gilt show

Wednesday, August 15 Thursday, September 13 Thursday, September 13 Friday, September 14 Saturday, September 15 Saturday, September 15

September 13 - 23


SUPERINTENDENT INFORMATION: Name City/State Rose Bonjour Stillwater, OK RULES:  An exhibitor may show a maximum of two commercial gilts.  All swine must have a premise ID.  The powdering, oiling, painting and dressing other than water of Junior Swine will not be allowed. Clipping is allowed in the barns, however no snaring will be allowed.  An estimated weight as determined by the exhibitor will be written on the entry card and will be used to determine show classification. There will be no official weigh-in.  All commercial gilts must weigh a minimum of 230 pounds and a maximum of 325 pounds. Upon completion of the showing of each class, the show superintendent will weigh at least the top three gilts. Any gilt weighed by the officials weighing less than 230 pounds or that has gained more than 10 pounds above the official estimated weight as determined by the exhibitor at the time of entry, will be eliminated from the show. The gilt will not move up to the next class. Should any of the top three gilts weigh out, the next place gilt will move up and be weighed. The same procedure will then be followed until three qualified gilts are selected.  Any animal exhibited in the wrong class will be disqualified.  Exhibitors must show in clean pressed jeans, clean shirt with collar and club emblem (4-H or FFA). 4-H and FFA jackets are acceptable but not required. Distressed jeans or jeans with extensive holes, T-shirts, tennis shoes, and headwear are not allowed.  All accounts of owner must be in financial good standing to be eligible to enter the show ring. PREMIUM INFORMATION: Class:  $60, $50, $40, $30, $30, $30, $30, $30 Overall:  Grand Champion Commercial Gilt - $500  Reserve Grand Champion Commercial Gilt - $250 ENTRY INFORMATION:  Owner’s W-9 form must be included with entry.  Entries can be made online or mailed in. Online entries close August 15. Credit Card payments only taken online. FEES: Required  $22.50 per head (if postmarked or entered online by August 15)  $45.00 per head (if postmarked after August 15 & by September 1) Additional  Equipment permit - $30.00


2012 Oklahoma State Fair Competition Guide


Additional Tickets (pre-order for immediate family members) $7.00 adult single day ticket, $4.00 child single day ticket (ages 11 – 6) or an Exhibitor Ticket Bundle (4 single day tickets) for $20.00 if postmarked by September 1, 2012. You may also purchase a Season Pass for $25.00 good for all 11 days. Exhibitor will receive an armband(s) with Junior Entry.

GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS:  Exhibitor agrees to abide by all rules, regulations, specifications and requirements set out in the General Rules and Regulations section (found separate from this section) and any other said rules distributed by Oklahoma State Fair® (OSF) management. Classes:  Broken by weight

Oklahoma State Fair, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation that serves the people of Oklahoma and is dedicated to continuing the organization’s heritage of education, entertainment and economic development through the operation of State Fair Park and the annual Oklahoma State Fair®.


2012 Oklahoma State Fair Competition Guide