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Ribbon Recycle Challenge General Information Each year the Oklahoma State Fair awards hundreds of ribbons to winning competitors. Occasionally, the staff has a big problem on its hands - tons of left over ribbons! Because we don’t want these ribbons to go to waste, we began the Ribbon Recycle Challenge program – an optional component of the Student Art Exhibition. Participating schools receive big packets of surplus ribbons and use them to create unique works of art while practicing the principle of “reduce, reuse, recycle.” In the past this contest has only been open to elementary and middle schools, but we have now added a high school division, so all schools participating in the Oklahoma Student Art Exhibition are invited to participate in the Ribbon Recycle Challenge.


Each participating school will receive at least 200 State Fair ribbons. Schools may only enter ONE ribbon recycle challenge entry. The ribbons will be multi-colored and approximately 3” x 11”. The ribbons can be cut, sewn, painted, ripped, burned or manipulated in any way that allows you to achieve the desired effect, and they can be used to create any item you can imagine. The ribbons could be made into a quilt, soft or hard sculpture, painting, mask, collage, anything!


All entries must be original and a collaborative work by at least 3 students. A short (up to 1 page) typed description of the project must accompany each entry. The description should include information about how many students worked on the project, how they collaborated, and their creative process.

Artwork Submission

Entries into the Ribbon Recycle Challenge will be taken with the artwork that is entered into the Oklahoma Art Exhibition. Every Ribbon Recycle Challenge entry will be accepted into the show and put on display during the following year’s Oklahoma State Fair. See Oklahoma Student Art Exhibition Guide for specific dates and times. Ribbon Recycle Challenge entries DO NOT count as one of the 20 entries for the Oklahoma Art Exhibition.

Size and matting

Entries may not exceed 40 inches in any one direction. Please follow the matting instructions for the Oklahoma Art Exhibition if your entry needs to be matted.

If you would like your school to participate, please contact: Nancy Nortz, Creative Arts Manager (405)948-6731 or

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE WITH RIBBONS! 2012 Oklahoma State Fair - Ribbon Recycle Challenge