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|| Gururbrahmaa Gururvishnu Gururdevo Maheshvarah || || GururSakshaat Parambrahma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah||


Vol 7 – C. S. Patel 2nd Memorial Issue- Part 1

his special issue has been kept manuscript centric because it is re-dedicated to Late Shri C S Patel. The Grandmaster of Modern Vedic astrology taught to the world few rare principles but what was the most important teaching from him most have missed. It was ‘Keep It Simple & NoInfidelity in Astrology’ – this principle can be used by all the Western Astrology students and also the Vedic Astrology students. Especially during these times of internet & fast communication where all kinds of knowledge is available and one has multiple teachers, this is most essential otherwise as we have observed over the last decade many great minds in astrology go ‘Absolute Waste’. In today’s times of multiple organisations and institutions he just stuck to his room in Mumbai and did not waste time doing Public Relations and as many have told us over the years there has never been a master like Mr Patel. These fans of Mr Patel have been from Denmark to Australia and even from small villages in India. The striking part of Mr Patel was he spear-headed the movement in last 100 years to bring out rare manuscripts containing real knowledge of astrology, he travelled far to collect it, he translated them painstakingly and demonstrated application. After him almost none in India succeeded in bringing out so many rare verses from so many rare manuscripts. His books still remain on the top of the shelf of every astro lover in the world. It is this penchant of his to dig deeper into manuscripts and not be satisfied by available books that we follow and will address more gravely in this issue. Hence this issue of the magazine will not follow regular columns and is a Manuscript Centric Issue so as to inspire everyone to dig deeper into classics, we bring out this time translations of several unknown but most important works. Each Publitorial of Saptarishis Astrology is designed to be different from other editorials. As a policy it does not venture into mundane astrology & looks upon itself to take the task mentioned in the ‘Last Book Of Astrology’ to ‘Change The Mindsets’ of astrologers worldwide which would in turn would make the Astrology Consciousness to grow and become purified, thereby creating the stage and the automatic need in the Universe to bring out the hidden and working knowledge in astrology. In today’s time of commercialization and shameless self promotion it is more essential for us to raise the consciousness.

The Enigma Of Birth Time Rectification


et us quickly turn to a world event that happened few months back and a challenge to astrologers worldwide. One must bear in mind that without proper birth time every article on birth time rectification is a product of the authors experience or mind and cannot be taken as a guarantor inspite of the fame or experience of the astrologer. It is the toughest to even rectify & get to the Asc in cases of unknown birth and as complex a life that of Michael Jackson. A new breed of astrologers over the internet fooled for one decade to rectify birth time till the second up to the 60th division asking for $ 250 to $ 500 for it. One way to test an astrologer is no to take the chart of a known person whose birth certificate is crystal clear and give the time of birth as unknown to astrologers. You will find that every astrologer worth his salt will ‘Fit’ all the events into the Asc he chooses and even we are guilty of the same, since birth time rectification is one of the most toughest process. What is more important is being honest and admitting that it is the toughest in getting the Asc right, what say of getting to the exact second, a practice in modern times of fooling young ones. It is Michael Jacksons chart which has given us extreme pain and headaches not because he is a celeb but because he truly was a great entertainer. In recent years, to cause us sleepless nights was a bigger obsession of getting to the chart of Linda Goodman whose date of birth is also unknown, she ensured that you go round and round and don’t get to her, just like Jackson ensured that. Let’s trace his birth time confusion with what some famous astrologers went through. 203

Richard Gehman gives a time of 7:54 AM CDT "from someone close to Michael." Grazia Bordoni writes that Mercurio-3 gave 3:00 AM "from him." Zip Dobyns has 1:30 AM "from a close friend of Michael's to a fellow astrologer." Dobyns speculates late Aquarius rising. Kim Baker speculates 12:09 PM in NCGR Newsletter article. Lois Rodden spec-rectifies to 8:47 AM CDT. Basil Fearrington rectifies to 11:53 PM in "Astrology of the Famed," writing in a footnote of the Introduction that "I had many opportunities to observe Michael but could not get close enough to ask him about his time of birth." On 12/31/1998, Fearrington emailed the statement that "I had occasion, while playing in the opening act for the very last Jackson tour to ask Michael what his time of birth was. He said "I will tell you as I told Jackie Onassis, all I know is that it was late in the evening, definitely after 10:30 PM." However, LMR notes that "Astrology of the Famed" was published in 1996 and Jackson's last tour was in 1984 so there is some question about this. Shortly after Jackson's death in late June 2009, Steven Stuckey 1 wrote to: "My friend and teacher of 25 years, Vedic astrologer Chakrapani Ullal , was Michael Jackson's astrologer in the late '80's. Michael gave him a time of birth of 7:33 PM." In a follow-up e-mail, Stuckey confirmed that Chakrapani received the time from Jackson directly. Edith Hathaway submitted the same time also from Chakrapani Ullal. PT also talked with Chakrapani who confirmed that he received the time directly from Michael. At around the same time Michael Munkasey called citing Ed Healin for 12:09 PM. Ed worked at a record company and did charts as well. When Michael Jackson approached Ed to read his chart, Ed sent Jackson away, saying something like "get the time from your birth certificate." When Jackson returned, he told Ed that he had been born at 12:09 PM according to his birth certificate. Given that there are numerous reports with different times, many from Jackson himself, PT maintained the DD rating as of July 2009. We even asked America’s senior most Astrologer and also a writer for Saptarishis Astrology, Shri Chakrapani Ullal in order to double check the time of birth he received from Jackson. His reply to us: Dear Admin, Thank you for your email. Michael Jackson's birth time is 19:33 and it was personally given by him to me. I was his astrologer from the 80's, 90's, and until 2005. I do believe that this birth time is correct because he had the knowledge that the time should be very accurate for the purpose of the reading. He was kind of an enlightened man, he was vegetarian, a meditator, and was a highly humble human being. Yours, Chakrapani The Asc is Taurus with Indian Zodiac with Basil Ferrington’s time of birth Asc and Aquarius with Chakrapani Ullal’s time of birth reference. Gayatri Devi Vasudev the editor of Modern Astrology also took the same time of birth that of Mr Ullal in her September issue with a nice editorial to Jacksons chart. The agony of a serious student of astrology is when he tried several rare methods to double check on what could be the right Asc and finds that both Asc can resonate with events also matching. What does one do in such circumstances; Indian Astrology has a solution to this which is by taking Moon as the Ascendant.

Michael Jackson Chart via Moon as the Ascendant


n India we see charts from natal Asc and moon Asc and to a lesser extent the Sun Asc. Why did the ancients of India take Moon as the Asc even when the time of birth is known is a mystery, various theories abound but classical works fail to impress as to the reason why. Infact it seems absurd to take Moon as Asc since for nearly 2 days most of the people born will have the same Chart if one takes it from the Moon Asc but still astrologers in India since thousands of years have sworn with their experience that this technique works. One of the reasons to not ignore Moon Asc is not just since it 1

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controls the water on earth and humans having maximum % of water hence Moon Asc but the astronomical reason related to astrology is Moon is the only body which ‘Revolves Around Earth’ – this point has not been mentioned earlier in books and craves deeper thinking on it. Imagine if you are sitting in a park in bench and a kid zooms his bike around you continuously, won’t it affect your mind and by affecting one’s mind it would affect ones action which is what we are trying to find out via astrology. This revolution of the Moon around earth (you) makes it necessary to see the chart ‘Also’ from the Moon as the Asc. Also once the native has crossed the age of 32 then it becomes more than necessary to see the chart also from the Moon Asc. In case of people who are emotional or in creative fields one cannot ignore seeing their charts from the Moon Asc. Charts of people who are compassionate (4H matter), clean heart you must see their charts by making Moon as the Asc and this applies more to Michael Jackson.

Interestingly if we take Moon as the Asc then it will match with the time given by MJ to Chakrapani Ullal but we will take it as Moon Asc chart.


It is difficult to explain any chart as to why the person became a celeb without going into Indian astrology but that will be reduced here considering that the Publitorial is read by western astrology astrologers too. Some key points are a) The Asc Aq has Moon sitting in it which is the 6th lord of diseases and courts and accusations, 2 his life was marred by these factors all his life. 1H is the house of skull & skin and 6L of disease being placed there means some sort of skin disease by which his skin changes frequently just as the moons phases change. He suffered from a skin disease called vitiligo. b) Technique of Deciphering Snap Shot Of Life: This technique can be used by western astrology & Indian astrology adepts too and we had explained it briefly in previous editorials. See the number of the sign in the Asc, suppose it is Sagi Asc then the number of the sign is 9, now go to 9H of the chart and their ruler, conjunctions, planets there in and so on and you would get the Snap Shot of Life in a second. In the case of Michael Jackson, his Moon Asc is Aq which is number 11, so we take 11th house of his chart which signifies achievements in life. Its ruler is 3 Jupiter who is in the 9H of fortune & king. This 9H contains Jupiter & Rahu both expansive planet and Rahu means international. This 9H is 4th (throne) from Venus (Music) and 3rd (singing) from Mars (3L of singing). Thus he became known as the King Of Pop. This 9H of father has Rahu, so his father would be the cause of his fortune which was exactly the case, without his father he would not have achieved it. See 9H is also the house of mentor and it is with Dragons head - Rahu (cheating/break of relations) and his mentor Quincy Jones was also the cause of his great albums and the Dragons head thing happened between them. 9H is also the house of religion and over there the planet of religion Jupiter is sitting and Rahu (change) in Indian astrology shows Other Castes and particularly some astrologers use it to denote Muslims. Thus, Michael changed his religion to Islam and towards the end of his life was attracted towards Hinduism. Jupiter is also the significator of Children and Rahu denotes cheating and scandals, this is what happened in his life. 9H is the Resultant House of the 5H of love and children and he was so much in love with children. Dispositors dispositor is a technique that was revealed by Late J N Bhasin and here the dispositor of Jupiter is Venus (women) and it is in the 6H of divorce and legal settlements and loss of money (Venus). This part of the story everyone knows and need not be explained in detail. Thus you can see how this quick Snap Shot Of Life can be seen by a small forgotten technique of Indian Astrology if ones basics are strong which normally takes 40-50 years in astrology to achieve. c) Chakrapani’ s Version & Symbology of Western Astrology For a second let us truly believe that Shri Chakrapani was given the wrong time of birth, why would someone go to an astrologer for 20-25 years and give him wrong time of birth plus money to get consultations, it is unfathomable unless you believe in the nickname Wacko Jacko as he was called. For some years we have been studying degrees of the zodiac and the prediction for each individual degree of the zodiac. This deserves a very length explanation but in brief it is presented here to highlight only the superb form of symbology of Western Astrology so that Indians look into it in detail. Inspite of so many Sages of Indian Astrology, so far we do not have in Vedic astrology a book available to people anything from the sages that gives prediction for each individual degree but the sages of western astrology have done a lot of work in this field and due credit must be given to them. Charubel, Sepharial, Firmicus Maternus, Kozminsky, M C Jain and many others have done work on it and thus if one wishes to see Michael Jacksons Asc via degrees one must convert it to Tropical Zodiac and one gets 10° Pisces 07 ' which is the 11th Degree of Pisces. The explanation for it given in another work 4 Astrolabium Planum given below for 11th degree of Pisces.

2 3

Dr K.S.Charak, foremost authority on medical astrology quoted us in a mail citing Uttara Kalamrita as 1H for skin 9H of king as per western astrology & also Chandra Kala Nadi, an ancient work.


Astrolabium Planum, one of the most intriguing and enigmatic books written during Renaissance by Johannes Angelus, published in 1488 in Augusta. We referred to a translation of Planum which was translated by R. Turner (15 Jan 1655), foreword given by William Lilly, will try to upload it on our site or you can download it from 206

After spending two days of trying to find out what is the meaning of the word ftaffe & finding that connection of it in the arm (written as arme in original) in the above paragraph we troubled the never give up woman Lorin Cerina – Croatia, Margaret George U.K and finally John Frawley – Poland, the later is considered the foremost authority on William Lillys work, he wrote back…. just in case you're not aware of this - the thing that looks like an f is a standard form of printing s in old books, known as the long s. If you look closely, you'll see that it differs from an f in that the crossbar doesn't go all the way across the upright, but is on only one side of it. The word is staffe (staff in modern spelling). It's a big stick, bigger than a walking-stick, but for the same purpose. Hence the connection with vagabond - someone who wanders about all the time. Best regards, John It is very important to connect between the words used, connect to the era when it was written in a text and use it symbolically in your interpretation. Due to this factor every astrologers interpretation can vary and give in scope for criticism. What can be one form of interpretation is to imagine if the time of birth given by Chakrapani Ullal is correct and to see its western astrology symbolism. In ancient times it was the chieftan of the tribe or clan or church head who carried a staff like huge stick to symbolize that the person was a man of authority. It was like a statement to those around him about his importance. So the point is you need to not do literal translation but get behind the concept that the 16th century text is trying ‘it is trying to say that staff on the arm was a symbol of authority to stand out from the crowd. Now interpret it in modern times, you might have noticed that teenagers nowadays wear color bands on their hands to attract attention or to stand out. Now note that the Asc degree describes that the man will have a kind of a staff on his arm and we all remember that Michael Jackson had a band on his right hand and also a white glove on his hand which is 3H and giving a white silvery band on his right hand means giving Moon in the 3H of singing where already Mars is there, which means combining Mars Moon and, Mars Moon combo is a famous wealth combination in Vedic Astrology, it happening in the 3H of singing shows wealth through singing. Did an astrologer guide him on this point and he was known to visit astrologers. When asked why he wore that band he said it is for the suffering of the children of earth, now he has Mars in the 3H and in Indian astrology Mars is ‘Bhumi Putra’ means the child of the earth. He wore band on hand and the 1H of fame got activated. Offhand note sometimes he used a golden band on his arm, thus activating Sun and the famous Sun Mars Yoga. The main intention of this write up in section is not to prove that the degree of MJ is the correct one as gotten by the 19.33 time but to make the Indian astrologer look and research the texts of the Sages of the West and . It is said Johannes Angelus copied it from Ibnezra. 207

not ignore them as interpretation of the degrees of the zodiac can be the most important tool in birth time rectification than any other birth time rectification tool. d) Moon is the natural 4th lord of the zodiac which shows ones reputation and chastity, hence if the moon is spoilt he becomes prone to the accusations of sexual nature, this is a general rule and also if Moon is spoilt in a chart then ones marriage life is not stable if other factors support, additionally if Moon is spoilt one’s life will not be stable. These general principles are oft ignored by the seasoned astrologers is what has been observed hence it is being repeated here. Now how is this Moon spoilt? e) If you remember one of our previous publitorials we had mentioned a Sage Bhrighu rule that Saturn spoils the 4th from where it is placed, the 4th house from Saturn is Asc where Moon the 6L of health, debts and court problems is placed. Saturn as the 12L of bed pleasures scandals and also heavy karma from previous life brings that energy with it and spoils the Moon who governs all the factors of health, debts and court cases. Thus you can see that two planets Moon and Saturn can indicate his full life story. f) This Moon in turn is spoilt by the 8th lord of scandals and sexual scandals which in MJs chart from Moon Asc is Mercury aspecting the Moon (courts). Thus he was dragged into court for sexual scandals, why children? Since Mercury is the young prince in Indian Mythology whose age is 16 and thus if you see MJ always was dragged to court by children who were around that age. Mercury being retrograde shows that it is past life karma and it being the 8L of Chronic Bad Karma from the Dark Past (8H is house of darkness) it had to show in front of the world since Mercury is placed in the 7H of Public Platform and 7H being the opposite of the 1H it brings out you in front of the people, it being placed with a own house placed Sun who is strong there and the natural 5L of children of the zodiac and Suns properties is to exhibit light it brought the whole story in limelight and will always spoil his image whether it is true or false. g) Jupiter is significator of children and Dragons Head - Rahu significator of Scandals or sexual scandal at times as pointed out in previous publitorials, both these are in 9H and 5th house is for children, now in any chart 5th from Jupiter is also the house of children which in MJs chart would be the 1H of self where the 6th lord of litigation Moon is sitting, no doubt he had to face court on this account of children’s sexual scandal, it being moon can indicate constant regular harassment. A huge interest should arise in astrologers regarding the chart of MJ since if one takes mean nodes the Dragons Head is in 9H whereas with true nodes it shifts to 8H. This controversial topic is not dealt purposely in this Publitorial h) Mysterious Death Technique One should not forget a very broad technique for finding out mysterious death will happen or not is ‘When North Node – Rahu associates with 8H or 8L or 3H or 3L it can give mysterious death’, this is one of the techniques and not the only technique. So if true nodes are used then Rahu goes in the 8H of chronic diseases, sexual scandals and death and that is what Rahu gave him. In MJs case Rahu is in the 8H giving mysterious death & Rahu’s 2nd aspect falls on 8th lord Mercury. John F Kennedy had his 8H and 8L both aspected by Rahu. Marilyn Monroe’s 8th L Saturn is aspected by Rahu and so is the 8H, her death was and is still a mystery. Subhas Chandra Bose the Indian freedom fighter who is dead or not has not been decided since last few decades had his 8L aspected by Rahu. Bruce Lee died a mysterious death, his 8L Mer is in the 12H with Moon, Mars and Venus, all 3 are in the asterism (nakshatra) of Rahu and the 8H receives the ½ aspect (10th) of Rahu. Indira Gandhi’s son Sanjay Gandhi has his 8L Sun aspected by Rahu. In chart of Hitler, 2nd aspect of Rahu falls on the 8H, Rahu’s dispositor Mercury is with the 8L, Rahu aspects the 3H and 3L, in D9 Rahu is with the 8L Mercury of D9. One must note that when such a Rahu aspects it can also mean mysterious or chronic diseases death or sudden death or assassination death like in the case of Abraham Lincoln whose North Node –Rahu aspects his 8L Mer and 8H. Rahus 2nd house aspect on 8L Venus in John Lennon’s chart lead to the mysterious uncalled for assassination. For those who use Bhava chalit the dispositor of Rahu has gone into the 8H. One must 208

use this technique not for prediction but for verification as before Lordship and aspect techniques Yoga (specific combinations) for an Event is given prominence in Indian Astrology. i) Something Unknown About Saturn – The Philanthropist What interests one in Indian Astrology is usually Sun is known as significator for charity, and in Indian mythology it is the legendary & greatest donor ever called ‘Karna’ who is regarded as the son of Sun. Also known in the planetary mythology is that Saturn is the son of Sun yet he is given the significatorship of servants and poverty, hence not associated with charity. Hence here is a small controversial piece of observation ‘Saturn is one of the Biggest Givers’, we use the word givers more than donators as when Saturn gives he does not usually show pomp and drama unless afflicted. Note this part about Saturn and also remember that 12H is the house of charity, hence whenever 12H is connected with Saturn or 12L is connected with Saturn one can get tendencies of donating without much pomp and 5 show. Look at the chart of Angelina Jolie, she has Saturn in the 12H and has done lot of charity work . 6 Jackson has 12th ruler Saturn in the 10H of Karma and Achievements. Here is a quote ‘The MillenniumIssue of the “Guinness Book Of Records” names Michael as the “Pop Star who supports the most charity organizations’’, one can find a more detailed time line of his charity work at Bill Gates Saturn is associated with 12th ruler Venus in 5H. One of the big names in donation is of Andrew Carnegie, his time of birth is given a DD rating by Lois Rodden, yet if we take it for a second, you would see his 12th ruler Mercury is with Saturn in the 1H of self name, as a philanthropist, his gifts to civic organizations were estimated at $350 million7 over his lifetime. One of the team members of Saptarishis Astrology has Saturn in the 12H and in a way lot of giving happens via him. Once we asked mentor what is the most special trait of Saturn in the 12H, he said ‘you have asked a wise question, such a person can at times become such a giver that he can sell himself in giving to others, even take loan and give to others, provided chart combinations (yogas) support it’. Not to forget Rockefeller, John D. Jr. who has a B rating from Lois, his 12L is also Saturn, his father’s the original Philanthropist year of birth is suspect hence not included here as an example. j) One interesting thing about his chart is Jupiter conjoined with North Node (Rahu) in the 9H of teacher and father. Apart from this Jupiter rules Children and it is with Rahu the planet of scandals, and it sitting in the 9H of Fate and Fortune, thus his fate was marred by children led scandals. Whenever the divine planet Jupiter is aspected or in trine to North Node in India students are not taught astrology by their teachers, this is a general but golden rule. The reason is such a person will go against the teacher who is signified by Jupiter (Guru) doubly in MJs case as it is placed in the 9H of father and teacher. He publicly spoke against the harsh practices of his father’s training. Now when will this native speak against his father when Jupiter’s periods are active. This part will be understood well by students of Indian astrology by a technique called Vimshottari Dasa and it was during the period of Mer-MerJupiter which ran from Nov 92 to Mar 93 that Jackson first spoke openly about his childhood abuse in an interview with Oprah Winfrey broadcast on February 10, 1993. He said that he had often cried from loneliness and would sometimes vomit when he saw his father. k) 9H is also the house of Mentor and it having the planet of cheating/deception the North Node (rahu) there will indicate that his relationship with the man who opened his Prosperity (9H-Bhagya) will not last forever and he would severe his relationship with his mentor Quincy Jones who gave him the success of his albums. Jackson was disappointed by the critical reaction to Bad--despite the album's financial success—and blamed it on decisions made by Jones during the making, and that he ended their working relationship at the advice of his advisers. l) When Will Fortune Rise – this is the biggest question in Vedic astrology for which parents come to vedic astrologer concerned about their child and the toughest to answer. In this regard the BCP 5 7 6




method that was revealed last year in the 1st C.S.Patel Memorial Issue (Vol 3) is the easiest and the best. The 9th house is the house of prosperity and rise of prosperity (Bhagya in Indian astrology), over there the benefic planet Jupiter is sitting with North Node - Rahu which shows sudden great rise. 9H as per the BCP method is the 21st year, 10H is 22nd and so on. In his 21st year on 10th Aug 1979, his 1st Album titled ‘Off The Wall’ was released and he became an instant sensation with the track ‘Don’t stop till you get enough’ after which there was no stopping Michael, thus you can see how easy it is with BCP to time ‘Start of Prosperity’. You can further note the degree of Rahu and you would get around to almost the exact date of 10th Aug 1979 when his album was released8. m) North Node (Past Life Desires-Rahu) & Jupiter (religion) in the 9H of religion, will make him change his view his views on religion as Rahu means Transformation and Pending Issues too from past life and it is said he changed his religion to Islam and in his later period of life he was attracted to Hinduism it is reported in media. n) Dragons Tail – Ketu – This is Where You Can Immortalize Yourself his was supposed to be a future article in the BSP-Planet series but is being included here. Sage Bhrighu method is ‘wherever Dragons Tail (Ketu) sit there you have the possibility of Installing Your Flag Of =Your Own Name Forever’ – that is of establishing yourself if the other planets in the chart supports. This can help you plan your life and of your clients. Let’s quickly look at few charts without illustrations. Jackson has Ketu in the 3H of singing, hands, and shoulders with the 10L of Career. Apart from his singing his hands and shoulder movement in his dance was too innovative and there he established himself what Elvis could not do. Sylvester Stallone has Dragons Tail - Ketu in the 1H as per western zodiac so he has Established His Name forever, if you take the Indian zodiac then the ketu is in the 12H of abroad and charity in the 8th sign of the dark horse and sex. He started his career as the dark horse and his roles were of the dark horse and his name is established abroad. He started his career with a semi-porn movie. He has done charity work for Pediatric Epilepsy 9 Project . Similarly Bollywood star had Ketu in the 1H of self, his name cannot be erased and 1H is personality, ideals and had huge impact to Martin Luther King and Obama. Elizabeth Kübler Ross has Dragons Tail - Ketu in 11H of attainment, it is aspected by the planet of death Saturn, she did revolutionary work on death and dying and Dragons Tail - Ketu being in Sagi, the 9th sign of higher knowledge & Teacher, that’s what she gave a higher knowledge by teaching it to 125,000 students worldwide. Hitler had Dragons Tail - Ketu in the 3H of death (secondary house of death) he put his stamp in the style of death meted out. Elvis had Dragons Tail - Ketu in 9H of Gods aspected by Venus in the 3H of singing; he was considered the God of Rock. Mother Teresa’s time of birth is suspect but if we take the commonly known chart of her, it has Dragons Tail - Ketu in the 12H of Charity in the sign of Sc, chronic diseases, she did charity work for the destitute, sick and homeless, and thus she established her names flag forever and inspired millions. A young astrologer who gave his jyotish software free also has Dragons Tail - Ketu in the 12H of charity and till he was charging for it he was not known but when a mail to him stirred a cord in him, then he gave his software free of charge and has become known now thereby establishing his name. Paramhansa Yogananda has Dragons Tail - Ketu in the 3H of Libra (resultant house of knowledge) and its lord has gone in the 4H of knowledge. 3H is the house of writing and his Autobiography of a Yogi is and will remain an unmatched spiritual classic that everyone picks up in his path to understand Indian Spirituality. Jawaharlal Nehru had Dragons Tail - Ketu in the 6H of fighting with Jupiter the 9L of Rulers. He is known as having fought with the Britishers and helped Gandhi get our freedom. 3H is also the house of servants as per Sage Parasara, Abraham Lincoln had Dragons Tail - Ketu in the 3H he ended slavery in America and established his name forever. 4H is the house of Home Land, Gandhi had Ketu in the 4H of homeland and he freed our land from British Empire and thus established his name. 9H is the house of righteousness (Dharma), higher knowledge, religion and Guru, Lord Krishna has various charts floating around but most scholars agree for Taurus Asc and Ketu in the 9H, he established Righteousness and religion and became Guru of


8 9

For further details on how to use the degree of Rahu to time the date of the event you can refer to our Vol 4 issue the ‘Thy Notes article’ 210

Gurus to Arjuna his student and gave us the great work on righteousness and higher knowledge called Gita. Help direct your clients in how they can establish themselves but please do not forget to warn them that wherever Ketu sits there ‘One Major Mistake’ will happen, there is no 99% in this. o) Dial M for Michael here is a secret system not known to Indian Astrologers on using the 9 Planets in correspondence to the starting letter of one’s name. For e.g. names starting with R stands for Moon and so does S for Moon, A is denoted by Sun & M is signified by Saturn and so on. Whenever one sees a chart this method should be used in the backdrop and you should see your clients name and the planet signified by it should be marked in memory while seeing the chart, at a later date will provide a complete article on it. This planet signified by the starting letter will usually be strong or important in the chart, will give you hints about the ‘Life Path Of the Individual’ & if followed well along with support of planets can give ‘Immortality’. Do not ignore this method at all. Now Michael name starts with the letter M and it stands for Saturn which in Jackson’s case is the Asc lord in the 10H thereby making it doubly strong, is the significator of singing in Jaimini Astrology (being BK) and being the 12th lord in the 10H of career it shows this life is a result of a very deep past life desire to become a star. Also as it is the 12L of bed pleasures and sex life, being placed in the 10H of career he should have been careful not to allow anything on his sexuality to come out in the open. Saturn as the 12H lord of feet and Asc Lord of body, his body and feet movements were characteristic and phenomenal. Quickly see chart of Michael Angelo, M stands for Saturn it is the 3L of hands, painting and sculpting and it is placed in the 7H of Lime-Light, which is what we did in life. Madonna starts with M and her Saturn is placed in the 4H of fortune and chastity in the sign of Scorpio (sex & hidden things, change of religion) aspecting her 10H of Taurus (2H of voice), she used extreme sensuality in her videos to stand out among the crowd of pop singers. SA team’s one volunteers fathers name starts with M and it is the 8L of Aq in the 10H with Mars in Aries (body). 8H is chronic diseases and Aries is body, the gentleman has paralysis of whole body. Paramhansa Yogananda the man who wrote the immortal classic ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ is known as Yogananda and Y stands for Moon, which is in his 1H of Leo (5h of natural zodiac and the house of authorship) and this Moon is the 12L of spirituality placed in the Asc, so he gave the world something new on spirituality never to be forgotten. Elvis is E and it is ruled by Sun who is his 10H of profession, which is placed in the 2H of voice of Elvis Presley with 11L of gains, he gained money due to his profession. K N Rao is a very old Indian astrologer, the word K stands for Mars in his Asc with 8L of occult Venus & 10L of profession and fame Moon who is dispositor of exalted Jupiter, he is the most famous writer on mystic Indian astrology in last 100 years. Note this Mars of K is the 2nd lord of speech and correct predictions (Vak Siddhi), Mr K N Rao is known as the finest predictor in recent times. If you speak of Mr Rao you can’t not speak of Dr B.V.Raman the longest serving editor of an astrological magazine, some people call him B V Raman and some called him Raman but mainly it is B V Raman, now B stands for Saturn and R for Moon, both are placed in his 4H of education (Vidya) which he spread and was famous for it. Moon is 6L so he was famous for war predictions successful on World War 1 & 2.


p) Year Of Death Use Progression the BCP way as mentioned in Vol 3 & 4, which is 1H 1st year, 12H is 12th year of life, again rotate it and 12H will be 24th year, 36, 48 and so on. Michael died on June 25 2009 which will be his 51st year. Now 51-48(last cycle of 12) = 3H – ‘Focus House for the Year’. Now see the planets in his 3H, Mars – the significator of diseases, accidents and mysterious death (natural 8th lord of zodiac) and Dragons Tail - Ketu (Ketu) - significator of accidents, untimely death, ghosts, spirits and black magic. All this in the 3H which is the secondary house of Death (8th from 8th house). Venus sits in the 6H of 10 accidents and shows drug overdose and this Ven was in Transit on this 3H along with Tr Mars 10

Venus in Indian Mythology shows herbs (Sanjeevani) which revive from death like situation but it going in a bad house like 6H (6,8,12 are termed as bad houses in a chart in Indian astro) will show problems due to drugs (herbs). 211

thereby activating 3H of death, also ‘Simultaneously’ being activated by Rahu in the 10th from it which is the 12H of exit thereby giving him an exit in life. Ketu shows ghosts and it is reported in media that his ghost was cited at numerous occasions. q) Moon Walk – With Moon in the Asc and 12L of legs Saturn in the 10H of ‘Trade Mark’ in the watery sign of Scorpio – his Moon Walk became his trade mark and it was as if his feet were of Jelly. How and when will he perform we would look but for those who came in late here is what is Moon walk. The moonwalk or backslide is a dance technique that presents the illusion of the dancer being pulled backwards while attempting to walk forward. A breakdancing move, it became popular around the world after Michael Jackson executed it during a performance of "Billie Jean" on Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever on March 25, 1983. It subsequently became his signature move, and is now one of the best-known dance techniques in the world. Now on March 25th 198311 Michael would be in his 25th year which be 1st house as per BCP Progression of one house per year. 1H is the Asc whose lord Saturn as such signifies the legs and it is placed in the 10H of highest achievement and also 10H of knees, Saturn is also the 12L of legs in the 10H, also ‘where Saturn sits man will come to his knees’ this had been revealed in one of our previous commentaries or better put for this chart there would be a knee jerk. Note the sign where this 25th year Saturn is sitting it is Scorpio, a powerful watery sign, his feet will move like water, akin to gliding on water and so in his 25th year he performed what was termed as a Master Move that won everyone’s heart and you can watch the video after the moon walk he just did that a knee jerk, bending on his knees. r) 8L of sexuality being Mercury who is considered a neuter gender in Indian Astrology, in the initial years the common thought he is neuter gender and has a sexuality problem or has done a sex change. s) Mars and Ketu in the 3H of singing gave him the aggressiveness in his voice whilst Moon in his 1H saw to it that he still had the feminine flavor in him and his voice. Moon here made him like a mother to all and made him distribute his money to 39 charities world over. t) Mars is the 8L of the natural zodiac of male sexual organ and it is placed in the 3H of hands, his trade mark became his hand catching of the crouch though he was no great looker but still men women idolized him world over with his aggressiveness on screen. The way MJ used his hands (Mars Ketu) and feet (Saturn) no entertainer till date has been able to do so. u)

Pepsi Ascendant

1H is head and if one fine tunes the 1H represents the area above the face i.e. the skull where the hair is placed, over there in the 1H of hair 6th lord of accidents Moon is placed in the sign of Aquarius which is ruled by Saturn so Moon and Saturn are two most important planets, the periods of these two in combo can give accidents to the hair, skull. All Vedic astrologers use a system of timing events called Vimshottari Dasa and on January 27, 1984 Jackson was running Saturn Main Period with Moon Sub Period & Saturn sub-sub period when during the shooting pyrotechnics accidentally set Jackson's hair on fire. He suffered second-degree burns to his scalp. Jackson underwent treatment to hide the scars on his scalp, and he also had his third rhinoplasty shortly thereafter. Saturn is the 12L of hospitalization placed in the sign of Scorpio indicating that it will be chronic. Incidentally in Vedic astrology Saturn is the significator of hair and he was running Saturn-Moon-Saturn. You may note how many times Saturn has repeated in the above periods when accident happened and also we mentioned earlier that Saturn is the Philanthropist, you see Pepsi settled out of court for the accident and Jackson donated his $1.5 million settlement to the Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, California, which now has a "Michael Jackson Burn Center" in honor of his donation. So eventually this Saturn that gave him the 11

Somewhere on net it says May 16th 1983 this move was first performed, still it becomes 25th year, our source is wikipedia 212

accident did make him give back to the society, you can’t sue and take the money home, it is never yours is the common mans saying hence Saturn makes you return that money back to the masses (masses significator is also Saturn). Asc has Aq ruled by Saturn and Moon in it, the two colors for these planets are blue for Saturn and white for Moon. Michael often wore blue color shirts with white T-shirt in his videos, do you remember the super hit ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ video of his song.

How to Unlock Karma v) Now 3H is the house of ‘UnLocking Of the 10H of Karma’ and this aspect is not known, what is 3H it is the house of one’s actions (hands) and the house of free will and it is only with your actions and free will you Unlock your Karma hence the 3H is the house of Unlocking of Karma. So planets in the 3H and 3L can help you Unlock Your Karma and help you achieve Karma for which you are born. This aspect of the 3H is something new for Indian Astrologers but it works. Now see in natural zodiac Mars the 8L of crouch and occult & dark forces is in the 3H with Dragons Tail - Ketu (Ketu) which also signifies Ghosts. This combination fortified the ghost element. It is sitting in the 3H of short walks and travelling and so it is only when he had a short walk with a girl near a crematorium (Ghosts-Ketu) and when he danced with the ghosts his Karma was Unlocked and the whole world sang Thriller. Ketu also signifies ‘Changes’ and if you remember the video of Thriller his face changed to a ghost (Ketu) and that’s what did it for Jackson for his career as Ketu and Mars is in the 1H of Face but unfortunately this kept on happening in his whole life.

Pending Karma or Why You are Born Indian Astrology claims to be very karma centric and from 10,000 years of history of Indian astrology all students will be told at the start of their astro studies that Indian Astrology helps you see your Karma, to help you move ahead in your cycle of re-births to the next level. But unfortunately one spends 50-70 years in astrology and cannot find a single reliable technique by which the student can see his pending karma or what is that one or many thing pending in his life for which he is born. This form of fooling the students has continued since generations and by the time one is 10 yrs old in Indian Astrology one stops thinking or asking this most vital question. Now there are many hidden techniques of finding out what is the Pending Karma in the most ancient form of astrology which is Bhrighu Astrology and only one of them is revealed here for the first time. Make no mistake that it is a ‘General Technique’. One should test it on known charts of atleast 20 before venturing further.

The Unknown Pending Karma Technique of Sage Bhrighu ‘Wherever the 6th Lord in a natal chart sits or the Planets in the 6H indicate the Pending Karma of this Life that must be Crossed to go to the Next Cycle of Birth’. This is the Block that must be cleared & wiped out in This Life. This is the thing that will always Stop your Progress and Haunt you in this life’. One must use this as a broad technique as this is not the only technique to find out pending karma, use it intelligently combining other tools and from various ascendants various things will be shown. Also if there is a planet in the 6H then see it is lord of which all houses and what it disposits, see the planets basic significations. Even though this technique is simple it can only be used by an expert who is master of houses, planets and house significations – if you are not widely read then don’t use this technique nor judge it – make no mistake about what we have written above. MJ Chart & Pending Karma 213

See in his 6H the planet of Music & Entertainment Venus is placed, his pending karma was to sing and entertain. It being in the sign of Cancer it shows that it was very creative as it’s a watery sign. Who does Venus disposit, it disposits the 9H of Father and Mentor, his pending karma was with his father and his Mentor Quincy Jones. At the same time Venus is womenfolk and some of his female friends were very close to him, whom he helped out financially thus his pending karma was towards them. Venus is also Money and Wealth and whatever sits in the 6H one tends to lose or let go. He let go of a lot of money for charities and eventually he got into further debts since 6H is the house of debts. Coming back Venus disposits the 9H where Jupiter (children) and North Node (Rahu-Scandals), his Karma was pending towards these children where he got into scandal and also other world children whom he loved as it was his Pending Karma.

Now where is his 6L placed, it is right in his 1H of self. These diseases, accidents and facial changes all were his Pending Karma and it had to happen. Now if you read BSP-15 that is revealed in this issue in the Indian section you will notice that the technique of where Venus sits it gives medical expenses and can at times indicate death. Venus is in the 6H of diseases his medical expenses were phenomenal and Venus is in the 4H of medicines and 4th sign of heart. He died due to drug over-dose and due to final heart failure (4th H and sign Cancer indicates heart). As the 6L is Moon who is lord of the sign Cancer and heart, he was considered most compassionate and as a mother to several children, why so, since it is the 6L of Pending Karma and thus he was most compassionate, the one with a lonely heart as that was his pending karma. Let us see few more examples:-


Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D. (July 8, 1926 – August 24, 2004) was a Swiss-born psychiatrist and the author of the groundbreaking book On Death and Dying, where she first discussed what is now known as the Kübler-Ross model. She is a 2007 inductee into the National Women's Hall of Fame. She was the recipient of twenty honorary degrees and by July 1982 had taught, in her estimation, 125,000 students in death and dying courses in colleges, seminaries, medical schools, hospitals, and social-work institutions. Now use the Sage Bhrighu method of Pending Karma and you can see how beautifully it works in this chart. The lady did original work on Death and Dying and became world famous, see the planet in 6H it is the planet of communication and writing Mercury who is the 8L of death, she wrote ground break work on Death and Dying. Now see the 6L it is Moon – she was a psychiatrist, they deal with the mind, this Moon is in the 5H of authorship – she wrote the groundbreaking book Death and Dying, it is with Sun the natural zodiac lord of authorship and real knowledge and life giver. She gave new life to the concept of death and dying, this 6L Moon is with Rahu and rahu is the underworld and dark things significator, death is considered a dark subject in most cultures. Thus you can see how Sage Bhrighus rule of Pending Karma works so well in her chart, in some charts it will not be too obvious until we know the full story of the person so it’s no use speculating it on a chart which is only 30-40 years old. Sylvester Stallone – It Ain’t Over Yet


They say if you work in the Hollywood or Bollywood industry you will not like the celebs, you won’t be in awe of them and this was the case with us and we were not at all impressed with Sly Stallone who just seemed like any other fame hungry guy who is in Hollywood until one reads about this man in a book by a Sage and it seems this man was in demand back there in the Himalayas and the people there seems to think that Stallone has done a great service to mankind. Why ? Since this man taught USA and the world to ‘Never Think Anything is Impossible’ ‘To Fall and Get Up, But Get Up’. When we researched on the net and talked to few oldies in the west they said that Stallone’s Rocky taught you that even though you are the underdog, even if you are a nobody just don’t give up, if you fall in life you make the fastest comeback and win the heart of your enemies. Generations have grown on the Rocky Series, each learning to fight with life’s impossible circumstances just the way Rocky did and as they say Rocky was made for Stallone and no one else could do it, he wrote it and did not get go even when he had few dollars left in his pocket. Now use Sage Bhrighus 6H rule, over there sits Rahu the planet of Cinemas, the 6L is Venus a planet of entertainment in the 8H of the Underdog and the Dark Horse, who is with the 3L of acting Saturn and hands and with Mercury, the natural lord of hands and pending karma and this Mercury is also the 10L of profession and the 7L of public limelight and so it was his boxing (hands) movie that gave him the famous name of the Italian Stallion and his phenomenal left punch (11L of left hand – is the same 6L Venus of Pending Karma). All this energy in 8H with Saturn aspects his 5H of acting and thus the man who became John Rambo – the forgotten dark horse went on to create history as the 216

greatest underdog who could not deliver a single dialogue on camera, who was born physically handicapped to become the Messiah for all underdogs in the world. Lets relook this, North Node (Rahu- obstacles) is in the 6H where the sign Taurus is there, it is nd the 2 house of the natural zodiac signifying face and speech (note the 1H is classically the skull and brain), so this 6H Rahu should show pending karma and what he ‘needs to overcome’ . Doctors used forceps during his birth that severed a nerve and caused paralysis in parts of Stallone's face, resulting in his signature slurred speech and drooping lower lip. There are two kinds of people one who cry and the other who use their disadvantage into an advantage, Stallone used his slurred speech to get into the best quotes ever on screen, remember "Yo, Adrian" - Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa – Rocky. Then you see the 6L again and you see it goes into the 8H of sex with Saturn, whenever Venus Saturn are in 8H or 12H then it can lead to sexual scandals it what has been our limited observation. In Stallone’s case it show pending karma in the sexual dept and it is only when that is finished his Karma will be Unleashed. Now read this from Wikipedia ‘Stallone had his first starring role in the softcore pornography feature film Party at Kitty and Stud's (1970), later re-released as Italian Stallion (the new title was taken from Stallone's nickname since Rocky and a line from the film). He was paid US$200 for two days' work. Do you see how he had to finish this Karma which later re-surfaced in 2007. Mahatma Gandhi – Father of the Nation


Let us see the Pending Karma of Mahatma Gandhi, Father of India Nation. 6th Lord is Jupiter, and we all know that Jupiter means Guru, the one who shows the way and light to his students. Jupiter is also the 9L of Father in natural zodiac and thus here in the case of Gandhi it is in the 7H of Public Life. Thus he became the Father of the nation, showing the way to the whole nation and the world. His teachings are still followed worldwide and he inspired revolutions from Martin Luther King to the current Obama. Now this is for Indians, Jupiter as a planet is categorized as a Brahmin – caste which is a scholarly class and does not fight and loves to eat. Jupiter here is retrograde so it will show some qualities of a normal Jupiter and some of a retrograde and he showed here his quality of non-violence, scholarly works and as it is retrograde he created his system of fasting. If he fasts for a cause the Britishers would throw him in jail, then he would fast again in jail and the Britishers would be forced to throw him out of jail. What a way he showed. Barack Obama – The King

In his 6H there is Venus and the 6th lord Mer is placed in the 7H of ‘Public Life’. It is placed with Sun which signifies Govt and is the King of the Planetary Cabinet, so he got the position of the King of 218

Earth (US President is considered the most powerful man) and this sun is the 8L of suddenness, which is what happened to him. Now who is there in the 6H it is Venus which means money, so it was during a time of economic recession he was the chosen one, now see the lordship of this Venus, it is the 10L of Govt and 5L of power, this is what has happened in his life and this is what is his Pending Karma. Come back to his 6L it is aspected by Saturn and Jupiter, which means he must take care of the common man (Saturn) and also the affluent (Jupiter) and as this Jupiter is the 12L of previous karma, this 6L is further fortified by Jupiter’s aspect. See the whole chart from Moon as the Asc, the 6L is Venus placed in the 2H of administration from the moon and in the 2H of speech. He rose to power due to his speeches (more so as it is in the sign of Gemini- communication) and got into the most affluent administration of all (Venus is affluence). This was his pending karma and you can see this is happening in the 4H of education or for those who take 2H as primary education, he is doing reforms there in the education field – again his pending karma. You can use the natural zodiac of Aries Asc and see that his 6L is Mercury sitting in the 4H of Throne with Sun the King and he is no doubt sitting in the seat of the King. Abraham Lincoln – Father of USA He needs no introduction, from astro point of view his time of birth is suspect. So as we don’t have his exact time of birth let us look at his chart in this broad technique from Moon Asc and Natural Zodiac Asc which is from Aries Asc. From Moon Asc his 6H is empty and its lord Mer who is the natural lord of 3H in zodiac which as you read in this article 3H is the house of ‘Unlocking Of Karma Through Actions’ and it is with Sun (King of Planets) in 2H of administration, thus he became the President of United States. He successfully led his country through its greatest internal crisis, the American Civil War, preserving the Union and ending slavery. Now look from the natural Asc which is Aries and the 6L will always be Mer (use this hint for all charts) and it is with Sun the King in the 11H of Accomplishments of Desires & Power. This is only being spoilt by Saturn whose 4th aspect spoils this Sun Mer combination of Power. It was during Saturn/Mer period he got assassinated if we take the B rating given by ADB, thus you can see how Saturn spoilt this Mercury (Pending Karma) combination by giving death in Saturn/Mer period.


George Lucas – Star Wars Film maker 6H is vacant but the 6L is Mercury the planet of communication in 1H (whole life) and with planet Venus the planet of entertainment and magnanimous wealth. So he communicated via his movies which were big budgets. The lord of this Venus Mer conjunction is Mars (wars-fighting) and is conjoined Dragons Head (Rahu- Movies) and thus he made movies of the unknown (Dragons HeadRahu) which were huge and big movies (it is with Jupiter who is also expansive). This was his pending karma.


Although in some of the above examples one can clearly see how the Pending Karma technique is working, in some cases one need to just see where Mercury is placed and in some cases you need to go to the stronger of planet as reference or the asterism lord (nak lord) as co-association to come to the conclusion. If there are requests then in a separate article would take up other cases of how to use this simple looking technique but extremely complex at times and only superb mastery of astrology coupled with great intuition can help one use this technique to see the Pending Karma. Just so that when readers try it on many charts and not find it working smoothly, the need arises to mention two points a) There are in total as of now 4 methods that Saptarishis Astrology is aware of which are concrete techniques to find out the Pending Karma that must be done in this life to go the next level – which is the real reason behind astrology and not predictions b) At times it is better to switch the zodiac from Indian to Tropical (western) or Sayana System (which is also Indian and some Vedic astrologers still use it and was in vogue in 20th century in Maharashtra) or at the same time to use both the zodiacs and then use this technique. Right now we are unable to comment on which zodiac to use on ‘which’ type of chart as a work called Krishneeyam (dated around 4th or 6th century) contains a verse on the zodiac and we have been unable to decode it exactly. Still let us take the two zodiacs as a case study on Elvis Presley’s chart and though one must not study this Pending Karma technique on charts of singers as classics are not clear on singers and the houses of singers but still let’s venture into it. Indian Zodiac – Elvis Presley


With the Indian Zodiac Chart 6H is empty and 6L Mars has gone into the 11H of highest achievements. Some ancient texts give a clue on singers but mostly scared and confusing Garga Hora Chapter 12 Verse 1248 1248. The Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn in the 11th house: will be truthful, be chief in his race, be very wise and be skillful in singing. Garga Hora Chapter 4 Verse 298 298. Jupiter, Venus, Saturn in the 3rd house: interested in singing, be not sinful, be interested in women's wealth, be prosperous, will locate hidden treasures, be dear to young women, and will be firm in friendship. Let’s see again 6L of pending karma has gone into the 11H whose lord Mercury has gone in the 2H of speech and is with Sun the King of Planets, he was called the King. But still the pending karma is not so easily seen and crystal clear. Now use Western Zodiac Western Zodiac – Elvis Presley The 6H is empty and the 6th lord (owner) is Venus the planet of entertainment and performance, it is in the 2H of voice with Sun (The King & natural 5th lord of performer in the natural zodiac) and is conjoined with Mercury, the singer and communicator and natural 3rd lord of singing. The dispositor of this 2H is Saturn who is in the 3H of singing with North Node (Rahu) the natural planet of immortality and the groovy planet, his songs were groovy and one would go round and round about him. He had the capability of making you drunk over him and his songs without drinking at all. This was his pending Karma which he completed and which is the job of the astrologer to prescribe and unlock. Thus you can see that in this particular chart of Elvis, it is more easier to use the Tropical (Sayana) zodiac to decipher his Pending Karma than the Indian Zodiac or better it is to combine both for e.g. a Gemini Asc with Indian zodiac will have 6L Mars in the 9H of Guru, Teacher and Higher Knowledge and this natives aim is to spread higher knowledge in jyotish and his pending karma was to serve his guru.


If we take the same chart via the western zodiac the Asc comes as Cancer and the 6L of Pending Karma is Jupiter in the 8H of occult and astrology in the sign of Aquarius, the native has been successful in bringing to light some rare hidden knowledge and manuscripts freely to the Astrology world, why so since Jupiter is a planet of Light and where it sits it brings light to the house, whereas 8H of occult is a dark & hidden house and here Jupiter brought out (light) the hidden knowledge in astrology unknown so far to the astrology world right into the outside world. So you combine both and you would safer, at the same time it is easier to predict even for us when a known celeb chart is given to us but on unknown charts that easily it is not decipherable – only experience is the best teacher. Inability to Predict – Pre-Release of Publitorial


s a practice the Publitorial is not shared before release with even the core team members except Mentor. This time we made an exception and shared it with some friends wanting to understand their view point on some of the controversial points of the Publitorial. Presented



here is an ICAS teacher, a voracious teacher, unbiased individual and one of the most novel researchers in modern astrology. His response to the Publitorial is reproduced here with his permission. Dear S, 1) At the outset the editorial is really excellent. After reading this I would admit that I do not know the real astrology. 2) My opinion is there is nothing in this editorial to be edited or removed. But it has become very lengthy and people may lose interest/track in reading it. If possible try to make it a two part. One part can be article on "unlocking the karma". 3) Please go through the incident I am narrating here. On December 25th 1998 one person as a regular routine started to go for morning walk at around 6:00 AM. As the climate was very chilly he wore sweater and covered his face except eyes with muffler to beat the cold. After walking for sometime one car came and stopped in front of him from back side and the person driving the car was shouting at him with anger. Without knowing the mistake he committed he asked the man why he was shouting. Then the man came out of the car and said why you tried to misbehave with my wife when she went for morning walk. By this time one lady came out of the car and told her husband that this is the person who caught her from back side when she was walking. Failing to understand what was happening to him this person (who went for walk) tried to convince them the he is not the one who misbehaved with the lady and probably she had mistaken identity and mistook him for someone and try to think twice before blaming someone for no fault. But the lady and her husband were firm and sure about the person. This story did not stop here and both the parties trying to prove their point. The lady gave a police complaint on the person she identified for his mis behavior. The other side is the person was in a very respectable post and he had a proven track record and none of his acquaintances believed that he could do such thing. Every one supported him and some of the lady colleagues went and spoke to the lady who had lodged the complaint and persuaded her to withdraw the complaint. Though the lady accepted to his colleagues that she may be wrong but she does not want to withdraw the complaint as she was afraid of her husband as he may take her to task for wrong identification. Ultimately the person got rid of the complaint by the involvement of a very senior police officer with the help of his boss. The person was unnecessarily involved in this scandal for no fault of his. Here the lady also cannot be blamed as she had mistaken the identity. But the mental agony the native had was enormous. Can u guess who the person is? Its' me. DOB: 26-08-1968 TOB: 09:44a.m POB: Hyderabad. I have Rahu in the 6th house. 6th lord Jupiter is in the 11th house (Leo) in the star of Venus. I was running Rahu - Venus dasa. Venus is Lagna lord and posited in the 11th house. If we go by BCP method I was 30 years old at that time so my 6th house has to operate in the 30th year. [SA: Going into it minutely the event is 4 months past 30 but still Rahu will operate due to 12th aspect of Rahu] Why I narrated this is whether you can link the unlocking karma for this incident. Regards, K. 12

ICAS – Indian Council of Astrological Studies founded by Late Dr Raman 224

Post mortem is always easy but let us answer to Mr. K’s query as to how to see pending karma. First and foremost pending karma is not one but obviously many and in many areas of one’s life. The 6th house has Rahu, if he is an astrologer he is not an astrologer from this life but from previous life13 and it is his deepest desire to be a great astrologer (sign is Pisces), apart from that the 6L is Jupiter (knowledge) goes in the 11H of Jyotisha (astrology) in the sign of Leo (author) with Sun Mercury, seeing this we have encouraged him to become a writer and his articles have created history so far. Now see the sexual scandal, the 6H has Rahu that is Dragons Head and that denotes scandal as such and it is in the 12th sign which signifies bed pleasures and sex so again something to do with that can happen. Then see 6L has gone in the 11H with Sun (Govt/boss) and Venus (woman) and Mercury (colleagues) with A8 (scandals) and this Venus is the 8L of scandals. It was his boss (Sun) who called up senior police officers (Sun) and with help of colleagues (Mercury) that the problem (Venus) got solved. This was his pending karma that he had to face unfortunately. Also since 11H is that of wife and children, 13

One can note the charts of some astrologers like K.N.Rao they will have Rahu/Ketu in the 6H. 225

either he must have gotten married or have had a child and after some time this scandal would have erupted in his life, we don’t know re the same but will have to check. What we must admit is though we had this chart since one year we could ourselves not see this scandal pending karma since the native is one of the straightest men we have ever known and only thing that we saw was his pending karma of an astrologer and writer that’s it. Technique no doubt works to the T but every time applicability with 100 % accuracy only a Sage can do and let us astrologers start admitting it for a start. Also what must be added here is though the chart holder says after reading this editorial that he realized he does not know astrology, our posting the verbatim letter with his permission is not to show to the world that teachers of astrology are below us or we above them in knowledge. If only we at Saptarishis Astrology could be allowed by our families to tattoo on our hands ‘I Do Not Know Astrology’ it would be one of those honest & most cherished moments in our life. May our Epitaph have it. The moment more amount of astrologers come to know of a technique the planets who are constantly creating & have consciousness come up with new methods to decode and deliver their results thereby making the task of astrologers difficult, this is an unknown secret but that is the reason one of 14 the sages like Parasara said around 3000 years back that even great sages cannot easily decipher the movement and results of the planets.

C.S.Patel Manuscript Centric Issue


ow comes that part which an editor or publisher dreads, you as a publisher or editor or head of an organization needs to appear publicly as the goody goody guy who can never get personal or attack anyone or any concept personally and can’t be expected to write anything apart from technical astrology. If you follow this you will become acceptable in all quarters and other organisations will call you abroad and all over India and by the end of your life felicitate you which every editor wants. But no one wants to take the issue of astrology that will make the ‘Real Change’. No one wants to do the ‘Dirty Job’, no one has so far. No one wants to call a spade a spade and take the bull by the horn since it is considered bad manners and more enemies are born and at the end of the day no awards, no felicitations by Indian and Foreign organisations or no one will call you for lectures by which you can make more money. Here at this crossroad where our image so far has been the goody-goody guys we must take a bold step for what we stand for and believe in and to put the money where our mouth is. It is for this reason we started Saptarishis Astrology and not for doing PR services and pleasing everyone. So in this issue the Publitorial will be divided into 2 parts one where the Western cum Indian astrologer can understand and the 2nd part where more of the Indian astrologers will be able to understand but the western astrology astrologer is requested to also read that for some rare points on technical astrology. So now we must talk & understand the meaning of Knowledge. 1.1 Process of Knowledge Dissemination t takes one to be fortunate to realize that by the end of our lifetimes we are not able to even master 15 one single work (book) of a Sage or ancient writer and the maximum that is available in English language is around 20 classics out of which the modern astrologer has read utmost 2 classics that too even after 20 years in this subject. Forget mastering them. We once read an interview of a very famous Varanasi astrologer in Hindi (national language of India) who said the problem in astrology is it is a science of extreme hard work since the available literature in astrology that needs to be read is around 3000 books (in Hindi) who has the time for it, most start shop after 15 books. Can you see the numbers difference between what an English reading Indian astrologer and a Hindi reading Indian astrologer is ? The English reading Indian astrologer is the most poorly read, having non-classical basis, no true guru and has to resort to intuition for predictions or websites where he can alter his mundane astrology

I 14

He mentioned Sage Vasishtha and Brihaspati in his verse.


Mentor has a more extreme and honest view, he says understanding a single verse of a Sage can take lifetimes if one is lucky. His view is not of arrogance this, scholars of astrology who have pursued it with honesty will agree. 226

predictions after the event has happened and show it as if he predicted it before hand, a practice followed nowadays. 1.2 Minds Don’t Want Knowledge To Come Out he process of knowledge dissemination is the most difficult in astrology not because it is a complex subject but due to the mentality of those associated with astrology. Famous astrologers try their level best not to allow knowledge to come out, this is most unfortunate yet true part even among the legends of astrology whom we students have idolized and when we come to know the real truth about these Legends we feel ashamed that we idolized them since these were the ones who hoarded good quality knowledge and manuscripts and only wanted to become the Modern Fathers of Astrology to achieve fame. Whereas in the West it is far easier for knowledge to come out, if you have astro knowledge in the west, you sell it via classes, lectures, teach per hour or through books and you charge fees towards it but atleast the knowledge and experience of the astrologers goes out to the world. Most western students of this science hence stick to teachers from their continent due to this and ease of accent and non-judgmental nature of their western teachers. Over here in India the mentality of those who hoard knowledge is to make students their slaves and still not give out the full knowledge unless the student is a celeb or a Richie-rich guy or a woman, preferably a beautiful woman. For generations of traditions in astrology grew with certain norms and rules to safe guard their knowledge and thus their interests to not allow their neighbor astrologer to earn more claiming that it is to be given to only the deserving. But now a new trend has arisen in India, to give out tradition secrets when only invited abroad & minor ones in India or give those traditional big secrets when one can charge huge dollars in courses to their Pets (chamchas in Indian language). They swear by traditional secrecy but it comes out when $ is flashed or when a woman student comes in. All of us have seen so many teachers falter to this problem and it is natural, as at the end of the day all of us are humans and who doesn’t like $. None of us are holier than thou.


1.3 Availability of Knowledge ost of the astrological knowledge is held in manuscripts which are either in Latin, Greek, Sanskrit and likewise other ancient texts. The need of the hour since last 100 years of dying experts in these languages is to translate them into English the most universal language and then to test that knowledge on hundreds of charts and then find out what is our lacking in understanding that verse or aphorism. Let us give an example there was one of the most brilliant of astrologers in India somewhere in the 6th century called Varahamihira who wrote a monumental piece of work called Brihat Jataka but at the end he wrote that he has coded all the verses in that text. From then on till now millions of Indian astrologers have studied his work and 100’s have translated this same work but it was only one man in the early 20th century who gave a new meaning to one of the verses from the said work on which we wrote an article called ‘The 19th Verse’ in the 2nd issue (volume 2). It was ignored and left out by scholars in the 20th century due to rivalry. But that verse has so much of hidden knowledge that we ourselves have been able to write on it only on one part and it reveals a new system of timing events but still there are more than 10 articles and techniques that can be derived from it, admin work takes up our time and the pain of not writing on those hidden methods in that 19th verse. So you see what the original writer wrote in the 6th century, his work easily available but the true meaning of the verse took around 1500 years to come by and then the process will start of aggressively testing it and then after some 40-50 years it will either be accepted as a dictum or rejected, which means even we can be wrong. This is the case of where the manuscript was available. What about the techniques where the manuscript is not available at all.


1.4 Non-Availability of Knowledge


ere comes the part where a lot of knowledge is available in manuscripts but no one takes the effort to bring it out. If you bring it out no one will appreciate it and infact will see to it that you don’t bring it out. The way they go about discouraging you cannot even be mentioned in this space. The astrologers in India are one of the poorest; few lots lack funds but most lack the inspiration on their own and the willingness to give out those manuscripts. With millions of 227

manuscripts lying untouched in every city library in India no one cares for them but everyone cries for them, this is our state. One will easily see in a discussion between 2 astrologers that people don’t remove knowledge out but the knowledge those 2 astrologers have will not be removed due to some secrecy law that they themselves cannot explain or comprehend. Publishers in India have failed in their efforts to bring out even 1% of these manuscripts into the public limelight and the maximum we can see is 30-40 quality classics coming out in India in last 100 years in English with poorest of commentaries except a few and not so apt translations due to complexities of ancient languages which give multiple meanings. As such publishing in India is not a profitable business. People can say that inspite of their being more than 10,000 astro organisations in every lane of India which is true and no exaggeration and 1000s of trusts being formed by astrologers in the name of astrology by famous astrologers not a single one of them can be credited to bring out 5 quality manuscripts with commentaries out for the general astro audience. If we say this, then all will become our enemies but someone has to start with the dirty job, how does one inspire organisations especially international organisations to bring out translations of manuscripts? The problem is worse in International Vedic Organisations who have not been able to contribute in translation of manuscripts inspite of having better Sanskrit scholars abroad who are more dedicated, honest and meticulous in their job. We can only request that this piece of Publitorial inspires them to come forward in this, do joint ventures with Indian counter parts. Their complaint of not getting manuscripts can be no longer a complain since Saptarishis Astrology volunteers and friends have already uploaded numerous manuscripts and let us tell you this is just a start. The other problem faced by many is the amount of red tapeism and bureaucratic hurdles one faces while getting manuscript from libraries across India. Traditions that have manuscripts are a joke in the name of astrology as they have not understood the meaning of Knowledge (Gyaan) since if they had they would have freely given away those manuscripts and not hoarded it themselves. The only man to impress us so far was Shri Madura Shastry from a village in India (Andhra) who said ‘This knowledge is not mine, it belongs to the Sages. The Sages worked for the common man and this must be given out to the people’. He has over 50 years distributed and donated rarest of rare manuscripts, no one like him. He is the 16 Karana of Astrology. 1.5 Purpose Of Knowledge (Gyaan) hy do you need knowledge since ‘The Main Reason behind Unhappiness is Insufficient Knowledge’. Actually the correct translation might not come out in previous sentence so for Indians here it is ‘Dukha Ka Main Karan Hota Hain Agyaan’. This is what mentor has always taught us. Our own concept of knowledge was perverted and limiting since we grew up in India where every senior astrologer and teacher teaches you that you must not give away astro information easily. They teach you by example that you must make the student suffer, beg before you and worship you before it is given, but still don’t give it to all who do the begging and worshipping. They put a lot of myth and superstition to it and quote the verses of Sages. In 2006 this perversion took extreme form when we would write in forums or speak to our best friends in coded language and never give out a full technique. Even our hand written notes in text books were coded in such a manner that anyone who borrows our books (borrowing books happens a lot in India) will not be able to understand it. Now we ourselves can’t decode what we coded. Later we found out that this happens to most astrologers. But it was only when we re-read the Last Book of Astrology, where the old Sage compares two forms of knowledge. He says what great miracle can astro information do, it can make some astrologer predict better or solve a humans difficulties by apt guidance. Then the Sage says that look at the man who invented the medicine for Polio, do we even remember his name, no we don’t. He says today a by-pass operation of the heart can be done since someone somewhere in the world understood the meaning and power of true knowledge and shared it to everyone in the medical fraternity and thus world-over this operation can be done, yes at a price, so what, atleast price (Fate) can get you that knowledge by which your life can be saved, can your astro knowledge truly save a life, so why do you all hide knowledge in the name of God and secrecy. Have you who recite mantras for hours for decades understood the meaning of knowledge whereas a kid in medical science understands it so easily. The Sage is then asked,



Karana was a historical figure some 3000 years back who was known as the biggest donator ever. The only cause of controversy among scholars is did he do it for name or was it out of real help to the down trodden. 228

how come some of the past sages then mentioned that this knowledge should not be given to everyone. Our Sage of the Last Book of Astrology replies a) Yes the past sages said don’t give it to everyone but to deserving, but they never said that don’t give it to the ones in your own astrologers’ fraternity, atleast share it within your fraternity, otherwise why would each Sage of previous eras write a book in the first place. b) Some of you might argue that they never wrote a book but spoke it to their students and it was not meant to be written about, if so and if this mistake has happened then why do you prescribe divine foresight to us Sages, could we not see that this knowledge of ours would be written about and also mis-used by many, were we very bad at Muhurtha (Election Time) of when we started our spoken discourse. c) Understand the meaning of Karma and don’t talk about Karma, Karma, Karma for 24 hours in your writings and lectures when you have no clue of it. If a doctor writes and shares his discovery and medical practices for use by other doctors, then when the other doctors use it to help people, some part of that good karma will always come to the originator who shared that method or became a platform for that method to be shared. So if you as an astrologer decided to share your knowledge without ego, without the need for fame then pure part of this energy will go to other astrologers who in turn will use it to help people and that good karma will in turn come back to you one day. If you decide to share it for fame or only for money then the quantity and quality of karma coming back to you will be reduced but not wiped out. d) Today if only few have good knowledge of astrology then they tend to abuse it by sitting on Thrones created by themselves, deriding others and wanting to not let go of the Throne and also not allowing others to grow. So when good quality astro information comes out and is available to all then misuse of power does not happen since there is no exclusivity left. It’s like air, it is freely available everywhere, there is no tax on it. Plus most important is the karma of astrologers is not spoilt by giving wrong predictions and guidance as they would have superior techniques. People have over thousands of years said something wrong about astrologers that they should not see the future and since they see the future their family lives is destroyed and poverty sets in on the astrologer and his family. This is wrong though not totally untrue, yet here I would say it is the bad karma of giving wrong advice and wrong predictions without studying into the science for 50-60 years that too with true honesty that makes their karma bad and their families suffer and poverty reins in. When you see a chart first see if it is written in the chart if he/she would get good predictions and direction in life, if it is not written then don’t predict. What do I say you all don’t know how to see this? You all don’t even know in which charts astrology will not work, you all don’t even know when your own predictions will fail. If you can’t see how and when your predictions will fail how you will see honestly see chart of another. No doubt your lot is laughed behind your back when your own wife is cheating on you and you did not see it, when your own downfall you failed to predict or prevent through your remedial measures of mantras etc. e) Energy Exchange is a concept that has been there from the start in the form of donation to teacher (dakshina) and most of you don’t want to understand the meaning of Energy Exchange and thus you all don’t allow knowledge to not come out. Look in the past 10 years how the energy has changed in 17 the world, how knowledge is available across boundaries. We of the ______ Lineage realized the mistake that has happened for thousands of years from our end and now we are trying to change it, there is resistance from ‘Energy Consciousness’ itself, it’s not easy to explain, the Old Energy is too strong and the New Energy is too weak. Raise the level of Astrologers Consciousness and in few decades the Energy Consciousness will change and the resistance would be reduced, knowledge will come out more. Those who have hidden manuscripts and knowledge, those who gave knowledge in 17

Publisher: We have deleted that word as the name of that tradition needs an explanation to the Western readers and also Indian readers and without detailed explanation it can be misunderstood. 229

bits and pieces and made you crave for it, beg for it, made you worship them, these past heroes of yours, their names will come out and they will be the ones flogged in public forums, mark these words there is no 99% in this prediction. When the Energy will shift, when the magnetic field of earth is corrected once again, when the shift is complete then these gurus will fall and 6 year old kids will come and flog them openly. These kids will blame you as to how come you allowed these gurus to be created in the first place, how did you follow them, how did you become part of their organisations, did you not have a decent bone in your body or were you only after some position in their organization and to create money thereby. Forget you being judged after death, you will be judged now by the New Kids On The Block. f) Think of the science of medicine which gave you birth in the first place, yes you the astrologer was given birth by some doctor who got that knowledge from somewhere, since someone gave his knowledge and experience openly to your doctor for your well-being. When knowledge (of medicine) did not distinguish you on taking this birth in a healthy manner in terms of caste, creed and sex, to give you the best health to enjoy the fruits of God’s creation, who are you to deny that to the world by withholding your knowledge of astrology and hiding your manuscripts, whether that knowledge directly helps or indirectly helps. g) The true meaning and worth of knowledge is when it is of use to increase the quality of life of creatures, real quality increase and not illusionary increase. If it can’t increase then it shalst only be called theory or illusionary theory that you learn in classrooms but can’t apply to help anyone. Meditate on this for days and then you will be able to sift through a good teacher and an illusion giver teacher, between a good technique and an illusionary one.


t was only after thinking on what the Sage has written and observing how medical science has progressed in the last 100 years due to openly sharing of knowledge and helping millions worldwide, by comparing the primitive progress of astrologers we realized something. Then when we compared the egos of doctors who save millions of creatures and don’t brag or boast about it as compared to astrologers who think they are Gods here in India, we at Saptarishis Astrology realized that we were wrong and thus this transformation happened (again). Although our knowledge of articles previous written, that is written before this transformation has not come out in the open but there is one great reward and that is as per what the Sage wrote. He said you all must try to understand Energy; which is always changing and no doubt it is very difficult to comprehend energy which functions in double dichotomy at times depending on which plane you are functioning with. At one plane Energy sees that if you give 2 units of knowledge it gives you back 10 units in return. Now an example to inspire others to join in the movement of bringing out knowledge would be to tell you what you see of Bhrighu Easy Methodology series in Saptarishis Astrology which has stunned the astrological world. This knowledge we did not have before we started this magazine and it is only when so much of giving away of knowledge happened that the marvelous techniques of Bhrighu Easy Methodology came to us and in return it was shared instantly with you without aggressive testing. No doubt there are shortcomings in any method when it is not aggressively tested, ones reputation can be damaged and also harm done but when you are dealing with your own brothers and sisters what is the concern of formality within ones family, what damage to name can happen among family. Lastly let us highlight the result of not sharing knowledge and with folded hands one begs every astrologer in the world to share his knowledge easily without drama or attention seeking methods. 1.6 This Is Your Fate nce upon a time, long long ago there was a man who gained a lot of knowledge in astrology over many lifetimes. He had gone so deep that it was unimaginable but in every lifetime he hoarded that knowledge to create around him aura of respect and longing from others. He loved when students would beg for him to share his knowledge; he loved when big famous people came to him for consultation on his knowledge. The result was that there were too many people over lifetimes who became jealous and hated him for his huge ego of knowledge as the weight of knowledge on his head had not made him to bow down and be humble. He would demand huge money and attention for even the smallest amount of his knowledge to be given to others. He would exhibit partiality of caste,



creed and sex in imparting his knowledge and make his students serve him like slaves for it. Then in one lifetime he was cursed that when he requires this knowledge he won’t be able to use it, he won’t get a teacher, astrology as a science won’t give him correct predictions and as he made people wait for hours and days for a good prediction, so he will have to wait for years for the same and will have to move from astrologer to astrologer but won’t get that prediction that will save or change his life. The curse was so worse that he lost all his fortune and position in life due to astrologer’s wrong predictions. The curse became more worse and said he won’t have the huge memory that he was proud of; he won’t be able to remember something as simple as table of exaltation debilitation of planets for decades, he will be pitied on this inability by his own self, he will forget his greatest techniques right when he, his wife, his parents, his children and best friends require him to use those techniques/knowledge. And then in one life time this curse will haunt him badly and may he become an ‘Example of the Sins Against 18 Knowledge’ for others to learn against mis-use of knowledge. As he misused his power to create fights among fellow astrologers and do politics in the field of knowledge, may he face the same in multiplied quantities? May he go around the world literally begging everyone to part with their knowledge? This curse can happen to each of you as most of us are the astrologers from previous lifetimes, so maybe in some lifetime in the future lets say you are born and roam around the streets of an impoverished country trying to learn astrology, then you struggle for years you will still not get the secret of astrology, then someone will play the role of Karma and tell you to start a magazine and you will feel that it should be free since you belonged to the Old Energy and then you will be forced to put all your penny into that venture and be that platform by which knowledge is given out, as in many previous lifetimes you just did not give out knowledge. As you did not encourage other astrologers to share their knowledge or say you did not encourage other astrologers on their works, so in this lifetime you will not be encouraged and not helped by many. Your pockets will become empty, you will take money on loan and your family will suffer and the Energy will be so strong that you won’t be able to stop, each issue of your magazine will double in size but the Energy won’t allow you to stop the increase in size of your magazine, making you thereby work more harder each time and you will work 365 days a year (no exaggeration) for 15 hours a day without a break, nor have any technical resources also to do the magazine, you will suffer from health problems - this will be your fate, think about it.

………..Continued in Part 2 of the Publitorial


Conclusion arrived from palm leaf nadi readings of close friends who still function in the old energy of hiding knowledge or have ego of superiority associated with knowledge. 231


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