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Launch Your Book Why Astrology Is Science: Five Good Reasons By Tapan Das, Canada


n today’s world, at least 90 percent of Americans under age thirty are said to know their Sun sign, yet no one has ever really delved into answering the question: Is astrology really a science.

Tapan Das, Ph.D., P.Eng. has written a masterpiece answering this question in his book Why Astrology is Science: Five Good Reasons.

In this book, Tapan has explained in details the following five good reasons: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Astrology is based on statistical analysis; Astrology is social science Astrology is linked with alternative medicine; Astrology is explained by cosmic energy and biofield; 5. The basis of astrology is similar to quantum mechanics.

Stars and planets each have a different influence on our lives depending on their positions in their signs and heavenly houses…….All these cosmic forces shape our thoughts which in turn direct our actions. If we are warned that we are prone to rash actions due to the influence of certain planets, then we can hold a check on our emotion and rash action and catastrophic results. If we know that the position of the planets give a favorable condition, then we can take advantage of it by proper action. This is how astrology can help without giving specific answers to specific questions. This book is written for scientists, astrologers, and those with a keen interest to learn a new perspective on astrology that is sure to inspire a new sense of wonder about stars and planets and their patterns and relationships that hold significant meaning to all of us. After reading the book, the reader will understand how stars and planets indicate the positive and negative aspects of a person’s life, that astrology can outline the future but can not answer one-to-one question. The reader also will have a basic knowledge of astrology, 1 138

astronomy, alternative medicine, and quantum mechanics to understand the five good scientific reasons. The scientific community will begin to see astrology in a new perspective after reading the book. They will find that astrology is social science based on statistical analysis not competing with natural science such as physics, chemistry, etc. It is based on probability, not certainty. Author’s bio: Tapan Das has 35 years of technical management experience in telecommunication, wireless, IP, WiFi and ASIC. He has worked in technical management positions in from the University of London, UK and a Ph.D. in Microwave corporate and start-up companies. He holds and M.Sc. in Electronics from the University of Bradford, UK. He holds seven patents and has published number of technical papers in International journals. He had an active interest in astrology for a long time and has been researching in astrology and cosmology for the last five years. He has published six papers on the scientific basis of astrology in Research in Astrology with Media in Science (RAMS), International Society of Astrology Research (ISAR), and Journal of the Mindshift Institute. He has also published a paper on the theory of consciousness in NeuroQuantology. The book can be purchased from:,,,,,,,,,,, The price of the book is: Perfect bound soft cover: $16.95 US Dust jacket hard cover: $26.95 US E-book: $6.00 US Website of Tapan Das:

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In this book, Tapan has explained in details the following five good reasons: n today’s world, at least 90 percent of Americans under age th...