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sage Vasistha Vidyashram


asistha in Hindu mythology was one of the Saptarishis (Seven Great Sages Rishi) in the seventh, i.e. the present Manvantara, and the Rajpurohit / Rajguru of the Suryavamsha or Solar Dynasty. He was the manasaputra of Brahma. The star Mizar of the stellar constellation Ursa Major is thought of as Vashisht and the small one beside it, Alcor, as Arundhati his wife. Vashisht is credited as the chief author of Mandala 7 of the Rigveda. Vashisht and his family are glorified in RV 7.33, extolling their role in the Battle of the Ten Kings, making him the only mortal besides Bhavayavya to have a Rigvedic hymn dedicated to him. Another treatise attributed by him is "Vashisht Samhita" - a book on Vedic system of electional astrology.

Guru: Shri Dr. Suresh Chandra Mishra


r. Suresh Chandra Mishra is one of the most popular names in Hindi Jyotish having translated the highest number of classics ever done by any modern author along with exhaustive commentary. Apart from his mastery over sanskrit he has studied all branches of astrology and his book in English titled ‘Panchadhayee’ has been considered the rarest book in last 100 years containing not to be found techniques along with applications. He was also a regular contributor in the English magazine Vedic Astro.

Q1. What is Graha Kaal and how to use it in a day to day practice? Query by Adya Tripathi, California. Shri Suresh Mishra: For obtaining Graha Kaal, divide the day or night, as the case may be, into (sunrise to sunset or sunset to next sunrise) eight equal segments. First seven segments are assigned to seven planets respectively in their weekday order. For day time, we reckon ownership of seven subsequent segments from the week day lord, while the same for night time from the fifth of the week day lord in question. The eighth segment is without ruler or Nireesh (Ni- without, eesh- lord). Parashara, in accordance with their ruler, ascribes specific names to some segments as shown in below table. Seg. Sun Lord Name & Kaal or Meaning Time







Mrityu or Death

Yamardha Yamghant -1:5 hour or Bell of almost Yama

Saturn Gulika

Yamardh is mainly considered for Muhurtha, while Kaal, Mrityu, Yamghant and Gulika are important for analyzing a chart. (For clear cut rules on this you can refer to my Panchadhyayee) 204


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