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Q.3 Will the results of Yogakaraka planet experienced by a native other than during its dasha/antar dasha or how ‘Exactly’ does the yogakaraka planet influences the native. Though this question is basic but we request you to give a profound explanation that you have gathered through your experience spanning 5 decades – Question by Venkat Ramana, ICAS Hyderabad Shri Vamadeva Shastri: ----All planets give some results all the time relative to their position in the birth chart. Planets give increased results during their dashas/antardashas, during their transits (gochara) of major positions within the birth chart (particularly Moon and Lagna), during the dashas/antardashas of planets located in signs or Nakshatras ruled by them, during the dashas/antardashas of planets either aspecting them or aspected by them. Naturally positions from the Moon, the navamsha and other relevant divisional charts can come into play here. Their positions in the annual chart is another factor to look at. These factors relate to Yoga Karakas as well. Planets give some extra effects in the dasha/antar dasha of planets located in their signs. If Mars is in Taurus, then during Venus periods, something of a Mars influence may also be there. The same can be said of planets located in their Nakshatra. For example, if Saturn is in Swati in the birth chart, a Nakshatra ruled by Rahu, some of the results of Rahu may be increased during the Saturn dashas/antar dashas. Planets will give increased results during the dasha/antardasha of planets that they aspect or which aspect them. For example, if Jupiter in Gemini is aspecting Moon in Aquarius, the Moon dasha/ antardasha will carry some influence of Jupiter. If Jupiter in Gemini is aspected by Mars in Pisces, then during Jupiter periods, the influence of Mars may be increased. The same principle holds true of planetary conjunctions. Relative to Yoga Karakas specifically, they will give stronger results while transiting angles and trines, particularly the tenth house, though only if these houses are not afflicted and best if the ruling signs contain a higher number of bindus in the Sarvashtaka. The position of the Yoga Karaka in the annual chart can help us as well. We note a curious difference in the length of the Dashas of prime Yogakaraka planets. For Cancer and Leo, the main Yoga Karaka is Mars, whose Dasha is only 7 years. For Taurus and Libra, it is Saturn whose Dasha is 19 years, and for Capricorn and Aquarius it is Venus whose Dasha is 20 years. Some lagnas have stronger Yoga Karaka planets. However, in spite of this we find many powerful people, particularly politicians, with Cancer and Leo ascendants, probably more so than Capricorn and Aquarius Ascendants. Generally if the overall birth chart is strong, even Dashas of difficult planets by natural or temporal status may not give bad results. If the overall birth chart is weak, even Dashas of Yoga karakas may not give very good results. The Dasha of the Lagna lord is crucial. If the chart is strong it will elevate the person almost like a Yoga Karaka. If the chart is weak, the Dasha of the lagna lord may bring disease and other personal loses, much like the period of a malefic.



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