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VENUS—Rose, aloe, myrrh, saffron, safflower, hibiscus, raspberry leaves, asparagus root, shatavari, amalaki, dang gui, rehmannia, sarsaparilla, jasmine, pennyroyal, false unicorn, parsley, wild carrot SATURN—Gentian, golden seal, barberry, uva ursi, pau d'arco, white poplar, blue flag, chapparal, witch hazel, oak bark, cleavers, frankincense, rhubarb, senna, mandrake, cascara sagrada, echinacea, horsetail, katuka, neem, chiretta, phyllanthus

Third, preparation of medicines, including herbs, is traditionally done with concern with the Nakshatras. For example, Mrigashiras relates to Soma and herbs have a very powerful rejuvenative energy when the Moon is in this Nakshatra, particularly when waxing or near full. Certain plants and herbs correspond directly to the Nakshatras. I have seen Nakshatra gardens in South India with trees relating to each Nakshatra. Other Panchanga information is also helpful for preparing herbs and for timing of medical treatment. Overall gems have a stronger place as an outer astrological remedial measure than do herbs, as the gems can hold and direct the planetary energy in a stronger manner. Q.2 Vaar Pravesh - Generally Vaar Pravesh is used to deduce Kaal Hora. It is usually deduced w.r.t. the coordinates of Ujjain, India. Some people still insist it to be derived from Yam Koti, as described in Surya Siddhanta. In such a situation how to cope with the Latitude and Longitude of the Western USA (San Francisco) cities. If derived with reference to YamKoti/ or Ujjain, then even when there is say Tuesday afternoon or evening here, it would start Wednesday, as per Vaar Pravesh w.r.t. Yam Koti, or Ujjain. – Query by Adya Tripathi, USA Shri Vamadeva Shastri: For the Panchanga one must use the latitude and longitude of the location where one resides. That is why India based Panchangas can be inaccurate in the United States that is opposite the globe in terms of time zones. Even in India there are different Panchangas for different cities. One’s own location is also used for Prashna. For one’s own annual chart, however, the place of birth is used, not the place where one is currently residing. For political and national charts, the tendency in modern Vedic astrology is to cast a chart for each country at their capital city for Chaitra Shukla Pratipat, the exact new Moon in Pisces. There are of course other types of New Years used in India. Unless for the determination of longer Yugas, I don’t see any need to use coordinates of Ujjain or Yama Koti. Astrology is based upon the timing where the person is.



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