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Sage Bharadwaja’s Vidyashram


haradwaja was one of the great sages (rishis) descendant of rishi Angirasa, whose accomplishments are detailed in the Puranas. Bharadwaja rishi was the father of Dronacharya and the grandfather of Ashwatthama. Bharadwaja rishi, a sage of the Vedic period - is renowned for his thirst for knowledge. He attained extraordinary scholarship and power of meditation. He was one of the Saptarshis (Seven Great Sages Rishi) in the present Manvantara; with others being Atri, Vashishtha, Vishvamitra, Gautama, Jamadagni, Kashyapa

Guru: Shri ernst wilhem


rnst Wilhem is one of the finest scholars in America with a large student following. His books titled Graha Sutras, Core Yogas, and Vault To The Heavens are considered classics for their rich content & clear explanation that had not been offered before. He is also the owner and c0developer of one of the best astrology softwares called Kala, known for its accuracy & user friendliness. You can visit his website at

Q.1 For Scorpio people a debilitated luck lord Moon in Lagna is not deemed very bad. Is this true if so Why? Question by Sambhaya, India Shri Ernst Wilhem: A debilitated Planet always causes Bhita “alarmed” Avastha and so Moon in the Lagna in debilitation will indicate stress to the body and health. Additionally, a planet in debilitation is said to be in Sushupti “Sleeping” Avastha and so not give effects due th to the house it rules and thus 9 house effects will be weak in the person’s life unless the Moon’s dispositor Mars happens to be powerfully placed. All in all I would not consider this a good position and would stick to the basic concepts of astrology, such as provided by Parashara’s Avasthas, rather than getting lost in a world of exceptions. Q.2 Does an un-afflicted exalted planet produce only good results? – Question by Andree Leclerc, Canada Shri Ernst Wilhem: An exalted planet is considered to be in Garvita “proud” Avastha and so the Bhava in which it is placed is something that a person can be righteously proud of. However, if such a planet is aspected by natural enemies and if those natural enemies are strong, there will still be an element of Kshudhita “starving” Avastha and in that respect the planet will suffer and not give the needed fulfillment and happiness. For this reason it is said that if Sun and Saturn are both exalted they do not do good – in that case two strong natural enemies aspect each other and thus harm each other. Q.3 Ashttottari applicability in BPHS (Brihad Parashar Hora Shastra) and Maan Sagari are exactly opposite. Which one to believe. In one it says Night birth Shukla Paksha, where as in the other one it says, Day birth Krishna Paksha, then this Dasha is applicable. Which is to be followed? – Question by Adya Tripathi, San Francisco 217


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