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Sage Atri’s Vidyashram


ttri is the Rishi present in all Manvantras. He was among the three main seers who propounded the sacred thread (after Brihaspati) which has three strands symbolizing Creation (Brahma and the letter A), sustenance (Vishnu and the letter U) and Dissolution (Shiva {m} and the letter M). Together these three strands show the vow that a Brahmin takes to recite and adhere to Aum." Brahmarsi Atri is the seer of the fifth mandala (book) of the Rigveda. He had many sons, including Soma, Datta, and Durvasa, who are the incarnations of the Divine Trinity Brahma, Vishnu, and Rudra. He is among the Sapta Rishi (seven luminous or eternal sages in the sky) symbolized by the great bear and the seven stars around it. Named Megrez in Latin. The star is also considered as δ (Delta) or the 4th star in the Great Bear constellation.

Guru: Shri Iranganti Rangacharya


ranganti Rangacharya is one of the oldest authorities on Jaimini alive today, born in 1927, he started astrology at the age of 25 in 1952. Later in 1960 he started meticulous study of Jaimini astrology & thus has 48 rich years of experience in Jaimini at this age of 82. Author of numerous articles since 4 decades, 9 books who inspite of weak health contributes to the cause of Jaimini. His work Jaimini Sutramritam published by Sagar Publications, New Delhi is considered a classic by the serious student of Jaimini Astrology. In this column he is assisted by his Sishya (student) Shanmukha along with additional notes where required.

Q1: If we use Dual sign then it will aspect all the other dual signs, how to determine which of the rasi dristhi (sign aspect) is more effective and which is least effective? This is based on my presumption that there is differentiation in aspect strength and I can be wrong. Question by Pritam Trivedi, Mumbai Shri Iranganti Rangacharya: Yes, there is differentiation in aspect strength. The strongest of sign aspect is Sammukha (Frontal) aspect. The rest is in the order of Prakriti chakra reckoning of signs. For example, Gemini aspects Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Since Virgo is the Sammukha rasi (also known as Abhimukha rasi, Darpana rasi) for Gemini, the aspect on Virgo by Gemini is the strongest aspect. The next stronger is the aspect on Sagittarius, and last is Pisces. Sishya: Relevant shloka is given in Somanatha’s Kalpalatha

ु िं उा पार्ि ूकटी करोित अथ ूाधाेन सख

atha prādhānyena sammukhadṛṣṭiṁ uktvā pārśvadṛṣṭi prakaṭī karoti The following table was given by Sri Rangacharya in his Jaimini Sutramritam which may be used by the readers with advantage. This table is very essential, for example, to use Drig Dasa for which the Aspect Arudha must be calculated. Aspect Arudha calculation is completely based on this table which gives the order of Sign aspect strength for each sign. Please read the Drig Dasa article by Sri Rangacharya published in Saptarishis Astrology. 210


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