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Q2. What is Tithi Yogini and Dig Yogini? Shri Suresh Mishra: For entire duration of a Tithi, Dig Yogini (better known as Yogini) rests in eight directions as follows. In the classics, these are cited in order of directions, but here for convenience in retaining in mind, we describe respectively in order of Tithi or Lunar day. Tithi Dik Diksha or Direction

1,9 Purva or East

2,10 3,11 4,12 Uttara Agneya Nairitya or or SE or SW North

5,13 6,14 7,15 8,30 Dakshin Pashchim Vayavya Ishaan or or West or NW or NE South

Within 1/16th part of a Tithi, Yogini remain in current progressively in order of a Tithi. In the table above consider Tithi as the serial number of 1/16 segment where no.30 is considered as 16. This sort is popularly labeled as Tatkal Yogini or Yamardha Yogini. 1/16th 1,9 Tithi Direction East















Q3. What is Graha Arudh, how is their motion and how to use in Prashna? Question by R.C.Srivastava, Agra. Shri Suresh Mishra: Parashara advocates Arudh or Padha of a house as well as of a planet, for reading a chart, is a must to consider. All rules for fixation of Bhava or Graha Arudha are similar in their application. (Elucidated in our book Panchadhyayee) Arudha of a Graha is located as many houses away from its own rashi, as the own rashi itself is from the rashi lord. If a planet owns two rashis, it is mainly applicable to the stronger rashi, states Parashara. But in Prashna, it is to apply to seven planets and all twelve houses. Considering the Sun in Makara, the rashi Simha happens to be eighth from the Sun. Hence Sun’s Arudha rests in Meena falling eighth from Simha. A planet or house responsible for the content of Prashna is auspicious, fructifying in favour and disbursing desired effects when it is in a Kendra, Trikona or Labha at the time of Prashna. Q4. How Digbal is used in astrological guidance? 205

Question by R.C.Srivastava, Agra.


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