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SAPSF Monthly

Volume 1, Issue 1 22 July 2011

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as hosted by Rhodes Uni58th SAPSF Conference Say something Mr. president versity and the RUPSA Rhodes University Committee, it surely Hosted by RUPSA It is with the warmest

Editor’s note

Every one who attended the conference will agree with me when I say; the conference was a once in a life time opportunity to attend. and if it was to be described as a drug, it would be described as the top selling drug in the market. Evidence to this is the overflowing posts and comments on facebook. Twitter, Mxit, etc

t is yet another chance for me to take this opportune moment and greet you all. SAPSF has once more taken an initiative to take the profession to the „next level‟. Fellow pharmacists in the making, it is my pleasure to introduce to you a new, fresh and juicy baby on board: SAPSF MONTHLY.

Rhodes was a glamorous place to be in, the food, the hospitality and not to forget the tab at the bar, it was all magic. And all thanks to all the sponsors and everyone involved in organizing such a special conference.

In this issue: Editor’s note SAPSF conference Say something Mr. President Health issues Pharma-events Pic-my event


SAPSF Monthly is an official news letter which incorporates and features stuff like: events of the month in different branches, events in South Africa and the rest of the world, health issues, a did you know slot etc.

greetings that I write to you in the launch of the first SAPSF Monthly newsletter, detailing what is going on around you in your own branch, other branches and SAPSF. But before I carry on, it is my honour to congratulate you, the pharmacy students for being part of the success and legacy which is SAPSF. Without you our honourable members there would be no Federation, nor any leadership being borne from this prestigious Federation. It is my pleasure to represent all Pharmacy Students in South Africa, and I have humbly assumed this position in full transparency and accountability.

If there is one thing that can be attributed to mine and the current Presco‟s term, I would want it to be defined as altruistic and ambitious. For we will serve you Hi I'm Hilto our hearts content ton........I just bought myself and do the best we can to take SAPSF to the Working together, the president a lil gold chain at the plaza...I thought it would next level, as was the and his committee, branch comth mittee and members, we can do be the same,but its not....I theme at the 58 Anjust want my chain back nual SAPSF Confermore. that's all... ence. Makgopo Lutendo SAPSF Editor 2011/2012 This is aimed at keeping in touch with monthly events and activities taking place in different branches and South Africa as a whole at the same time giving you just something to think a little bit about through some funny comics.

SAPSF Post-Conference Withdrawal Stress Support Group

showed that Pharmacy Students can take it to the next level. It could not be achieved of course without the dedication of all the sponsors and the people behind the scenes, including Prof. R Walker and Ms. Yoland Irwin.

In short and closing, I hope to make this term a productive one, but also a fun and interactive one at that. May all branches and students avidly participate in the journey and history of SAPSF, and let‟s build this Federation together. As Nelson Mandela recently stated, “I have no regrets in life, for I know my soul is at peace”, may we too look back at how we have shaped this Profession, starting with SAPSF, and have the same expressions. Yours in Pharmacy always, Mr Raydon S. Juta President 2011/2012 South African Pharmaceutical Students‟ Federation Handing over.

SAPSF Monthly Health issues Hepatitis

SAPSF 2011/2012 Committee Free and fair elections were conducted on the 15 July 2011 and the following people were voted to serve in the best interest of SAPSF. President: Raydon Juta Vice President: Thulasizwe Shelembe General Secretary: Fadzai Munedzimwe Treasurer: Selby Masuku Media & Communications: Shazia Noormahomed Student Exchange: Lebogang Maluleke Editor: Makgopo Lutendo Did you know Months that start on a Sunday will always have a Friday the 13th

The 28th of July 2011 is the world Hepatitis day, so it is important that people familiarise themselves with some few common facts about this type of a disease. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the of the liver characterised by diffuse or patchy necrosis. Different types include: hepatitis A,B,C.D and E. Major causes are specific hepatitis virus, alcohol, it can also be drug induced. It can also result due to toxins, other infections and auto immune diseases. Hepatitis may occur with limited or no symptoms, it is called acute hepatitis when it lasts not more than six months and becomes chronic when it persist longer.

Volume 1, Issue 1



22 July 2011. page 2 Pic– my event

“it all seems so impossible until it is done” Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Hope we all took 67 minutes of our time and dedicated it to those who can not do it for themselves as this is the big event of the month. Watch out for: WPSC annual Pharmacy ball Venue: The Pyramid Date: 23 July 2011 Habitat for humanity (outreach programme) Hosts: WPSC 60 students to attend this event 30 July 2011

Just dance

PASV community outreach (crèche visit) Date: 28 July 2011 PASV Rx day Date: 30 July 2011

Signs and symptoms Early stages include flu-like symptoms, muscle and join aches, fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. More symptoms include loss of appetite, dark urine, and yellowing of eyes and skin. Chronic hepatitis leads to non specific symptoms such as tiredness and weakness and often leads to no symptoms.

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