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Editor’s Note So you might be asking yourself what the idea behind The SAPSF Post Conference Withdrawal might be… Well, as the newly appointed Editor of SAPSF 2012/2013, what better way to introduce myself than with an informal publication on something we all thoroughly enjoyed – not only to make those who did not attend jealous, but to capture all our memories in a not-so-serious way! The 59th Annual SAPSF Conference, themed Pharming the Future: Beyond the Counter, hosted by WPSC on the 1 – 6 July 2012 not only formed a foundation for delegates from all branches to establish firm relationships, but gave us tools to pharm beyond academics, to escape our tunnel vision. As this is the first Withdrawal and a motion I would like to pass if successful, I urge each reader to please send me all of your comments, suggestions, complaints and feedback to, subject “Withdrawal” – this initiative can only work if we know exactly what you want! No complaints on not being in enough photos will be taken into account as I requested input on numerous occasions and had to download photos from Facebook. The Facebook group, “SAPSF Post-Conference Withdrawal Stress Support Group” created by Theodette Golden from UWCAPS, was my muse and inspired me to compile the first issue. I therefore asked Theo to be the guest writer in the first ever SAPSF Post Conference Withdrawal – so do read her light hearted articles as I found myself laughing out loud while taking a trip down memory lane… This is also an opportunity for you to apply for the Editorial Subcommittee and write articles on topics other than pharmaceutical nanotechnology. I look forward to your feedback, but until then, happy pharming and good luck at school! Cindy Hayward SAPSF Editor 2012/2013

Day 1 – 2 July 2012 On Monday we were welcomed by the Dean of Wits Faculty of Health Sciences, Prof A. Wadee, whereafter reports by the President, Vice President, Treasurer and General Secretary were presented and adopted. An academia address followed, presented by Dimitris Georgiou, a student currently doing his Masters in Pharmacy Practice. He explained what post graduate studies entail, while emphasizing the importance of self discipline, personality traits and undergraduate knowledge. During our sponsor address, Natasha from Clicks focused on the skill shortage that was impairing access to optimal health. She explained that Clicks pharmacies are accessible to many South Africans and that bursaries and internship employment is readily available. She further ellaborated CPDs in South Africa and how Clicks is looking to start their own CPD programme. My personal favourite lecture was the one on Substance Abuse by Mr David Bayever. Mr Bayever explained to us that the most drugs being abused were obtained easily from home. Shocking news was that children steal their parents’ prescription medicine. Also that the best pharmacologists are out on the street corners – think about it! He used the catch phrase – No one cares how much pharmacology we know until they know how much we care... A copy of his publication, Drug Wise, has been given to each branch for use, so if you’re not planning on buying your own, try to read this! After lots of eating, participants from all eight universities took part in the SAAHIP Clinical Skills Competition. This year students were presented with a case study concerning a lady on haemodialysis. She had presented with several symptoms and lab results, indicating infection. Delegates had to prescribe suitable antibiotics and answer questions in their presentations, and this year Yugeshnee Naik and Leshania Naicker from UKNAPS walked away with the prize of presenting at SAAHIP Conference in 2013. The evening ended with Sophiatown, reborn at Stones, Mellville.


Day 2 – 3 July 2012 Raydon presented his motions and all were passed. These motions will later be formally announced, but everyone can look forward to elaborated changes on: 1. Immediate Past President liaising with the President and new Executive and also forming part of the Executive Committee of the SAPSF; 2. Composition of Committees such as the immediate Past President representing the SAPSF at the IPSF Conference, replacement of sections in Article 16 of the Constitution as well as an addition to Article 14, which would maintain good ties with the PSSA. 3. An Emergency Motion on a new portfolio in the SAPSF was passed. 4. Inserting text as per description by the South African Heraldry Bureau to the SAPSF logo. Lutendo put forth a motion that the SAPSF Monthly publication should be reduced to at least once in every three months. This motion was passed. Another important announcement was made: The next Annual General Meeting and 60th Annual SAPSF Conference will be hosted by PASV in Potchefstroom! We then had a very interesting competition hosted by Life Healthcare. Students had to counsel a patient on using an asthma pump, the catch being that the patient was an asthmatic baby, and that the mother knew nothing of pharmacology. Clearly the delegates knew nothing as well as we were shocked to learn about a new respiratory disease called Asthuma and that the use of a betablocker would be cheaper, although the phrase more inexpensive should rather be used… After listening to a few lectures on the use of an aerosol and some very good counsellors, the best candidate was chosen, Antoinette Amankrah from RUPSA. An insightful CPD on MTM (Medication Therapy Monitoring) followed, during which a lot of opinions caused meaningful discussions. The day ended at the Wits Rugby Club, where Mike’s Mugg and the Slave Auction took place to the beat of a Proudly South African Vibe. Word has it that some slaves were auctioned for up to R320, while others humbly demanded R75 to lift their shirts. No names shall be mentioned as these are mere rumours… RUPSA drank everyone into the ground and were crowned winners of Mike’s Mugg 2012!

Delegates from NWU Potchefstroom, branch, PASV to host 60th Annual SAPSF Conference in 2013

Day 3, July 4th

For those of you who can’t read the slide on the left: Doctors vs Gun Owners So.... statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners. Remember... guns don’t kill people, Doctors do Fact... not everyone has a gun BUT... almost everyone has at least one doctor This means you are over 9,000 times more likely to be killed by a doctor than by a gun owner!!! Please alert your friends to this alarming threat. We must ban doctors before this gets completely out of hand!!! Out of concern for the public at large, we withheld the statistics on lawyers for fear the shock would cause people to panic and seek medical attention!

On day 3 delegates outside conference doors discussed mainly five things: 1. Eating too much and sleeping too little; 2. Freebies from vendors or attachments gained at previous socials; 3. Presco nominees and their attachments gained at previous socials; 4. Outfits for Jozi Nights theme and tightfits for the Ball; 5. Scandals of the previous night or planning those still to come.

But indoors, serious matters were discussed by Patient Focus, who addressed the point of patient care and gave a very interesting speech on innovation and adding flesh to your creative ideas. K. Hall from Diabetes South Africa then encouraged all delegates to be more involved in organizations - to start at an early stage and change the structures out there. He quoted Kofi Anan - “a society that cuts itself its youth, severs its life” Niall Haggerty from Dis-Chem, Platinum Sponsor of the 59th Annual SAPSF Conference then addressed all delegates. Roger Moult, from ICPA, a sponsor who had introduced SAPSF to their own mascot this year, passionately addressed all delegates on the potential of independant pharmacy. Please check out the first upcoming ICPA Conference at their website Delegates were given a chance to discuss the conference theme Pharming the Future: Beyond the Counter, and formulate queries, comments and suggestions to be looked into by the PSSA. Another interesting address was the one by Autism SA. This poorly understood condition is affecting more and more of our youth and the general public does not access enough information on Autism. If you missed this informative lecture, please check out, while those of you who would like to make a contribution can do so by participating in the golf day. For everyone who has just about as much ball-sense as a brick, getting clued up will be sufficient. FNB told us more about investing in Kruger Rands, something I would certainly consider when earning an income. Hard work during the day was made up for by playing harder at Manhattan. No further details needed.

July 5th, Day 4 Having gotten home quite late from Manhattan and having witnessed more than your ordinary party-goers on extra high heels in akward situations, while being sleep-deprived - the different branches presented their reports. Even though Mbonisi “Rhythm City” Ncube from RUPSA walked away with an award for the best report, it was Ntokozo Madlopha from TUTULAPS who stole the show, with her two second meditation and lack of presentation! It was great to see how all branches participated in aiding students at their universities, while making a difference out there! UWCAPS had a pharmacy fashion show, which I though was quite original, while WPSC’s “Pimp your Labcoat” for final years will most probably be adopted by a few branches. Motivations for nominees followed and elections commenced in an orderly fashion. An intensely detailed lecture by Prof Viness Pillay on Advanced Drug Delivery followed, but I’m not sure that I understood anything other than the fact that this technology was highly complex and difficult. Conference photo was taken by professional photographers and the “size” of your hair played a big role in selecting your spot for the photo. Hereafter everyone prepared for the ball and without being sentimental, I can honestly say that everyone looked absolutely stunning! The hall was decorated beautifully and the food was delicious, but what made the evening memorable was the entertainment due to mascot related negligence… A memorable moment was when PresCo entertained us with a piece on animal mating calls in the zoo, RUPSA did a number called Tsikitla, demonstrated by ULAPS, but my favourite piece was Sarafina, performed by ULAPS. When I say “Apea bogobe ke tlale pizza,” everyone will recall UKNAPS trying to integrate dancing moves with this difficult song. An inspiring speech by Dr Sybil Seoka was given, whereafter Raydon handed over his presidency to newly elected Fadzai Munedzimwe. She had tears in her eyes as her branch started singing her her own song. On day five, July the 6th, everyone departed home with fond memories of the 59th Annual SAPSF Conference, excited to attend the 60th Conference at Potchefstroom in 2013.

Annual Awards and Special Awards 1. Annual Awards The Following awards shall be made by the Executive Committee: 1.1 Penny Ambler Memorial 1.1.1 Awarded to the first time delegate to the congress for overall performance at the congress.

Awarded to Mcedisi Zuma

1.2 The Lorraine Osman Trophy 1.2.1 Awarded to the best observer at the congress for overall performance at the congress.

Awarded to Leshania Naiker

1.3 Nic Scheeper Memorial 1.3.1 Awarded to the delegate at congress for overall performance at the congress.

Awarded to Abednigo Nkosi

1.4 SAPSF Trophy 1.4.1 Awarded to the best member of the SAPSF based on involvement in his branch and the SAPSF during the year as well as during congress. Awarded to Sanjula Dhanraj

1.5 The Senate Inaugural Trophy 1.5.1 Awarded to the member of the SAPSF for best individual contribution to a project to be decided annually by the Vice-President. Awarded to ULAPS – Tebo Milanzi

1.6 Mer National Trophy 1.6.1 Awarded to the branch of the SASPF, which in the opinion of the Executive Committee has contributed the most to the services/development of the community. Awarded to PASV 1.7 SAPSF Service Award 1.7.1 Awarded in the form a framed certificate to any organisation or person who has assisted the SAPSF in that particular year. In the event of a re-awarding, the organisation or person shall be notified in the form of a letter. Awarded to Dis-Chem 1.8 The Stavros Nicolaou Trophy 1.8.1 Awarded to the branch(s) having participated most effectively in fundraising for that particular year. Awarded to PASV 1.9 The NPSA Memorial Award 1.9.1 Awarded to the branch presenting the best project at the conference. Awarded to RUPSA 1.10 The Emmanuel S’Busiso Mkhizi Memorial Trophy 1.10.1 Awarded by the Secretary of the SASPF to the best branch in communication. Shared by PASV and ULAPS

2. Special Awards 2.1 Wooden Spoon Award 2.1.1 Awarded to the branch who stirs the most trouble during conference!! Awarded to ULAPS 2.2 Double parking Award 2.2.1 Awarded to two people from two different universities that meet each other for the first time in their lives and hit it off for the whole conference. Awarded to Tanya Givandas and Mcedisi Zuma 2.3 Spirit Award 2.3.1 Awarded to the branch with the best team spirit, judged by their participation during social functions. Awarded to WPSC

Honorary Life Membership

Old boys

Dr Sybil Seoka

Selby Masuku

Raydon Juta

Lutendo Makgapo

Sanjula Dhanraj

Phumeza Mlonzi

Cindy Hayward

Arnold Madhaka

Fadzai Munedzimwe

Fadzai Munedzimwe Mafeta Modapo Litshani Mathimane Mahlako Letoaba Lebogang Maluleke Thulasizwe Shalembe Antoinette Amankrah Theodette Golden Ditebogo Milanzi Ntokozo Madlopa

Raydon and Dr Sybil Seoka

Know your limits. Let me put it more bluntly: know or learn how to handle your liquor/alcohol. I can’t stress this enough. If you forget all the other tips I outline here, please remember this one. All the mistakes you might make, and that my other tips warn against, stem from the disregard of this one. Then again, there are those of you who are of the “Make mistakes and learn from them” school of thought, so by all means go ahead. It’ll just make for interesting Conference stories. Make new friends. Ok, so not everyone can be the social butterfly that I am, but making that extra 2 or 3 or 10 friends can really increase the Enjoyment Quotient of your Conference experience by approximately 50%. You’ll also find that most of these friendships will remain after Conference (if you maintain them) and who better to understand the rigor of your studies than a fellow Pharmer?? Don’t be afraid to try new things. Whether it’s food or practising the previous tip, make an effort to try it. There’s nothing worse than someone who’s constantly complaining about things. Plus, it’ll have a negative effect on your EQ (a decrease of almost 85.7%). Be alert to those suffering from CF. Conference Fever, also known as CF, is characterised by the sudden and intense development of romantic or lustful feelings for one Conference delegate by another. This may be experienced by both parties (if it is, well, do your thing then, it has been shown to increase your EQ by 10%) or may only affect one. Delegates affected may have met before and are reigniting the Fever fires or it may be that they are meeting for the first time. Do not feel obliged to entertain someone in the grips of CF if you are not so inclined yourself. Beware the Conference Casanova. This is a delegate who may feel the need to ignite CF fires in every other delegate he/she meets on Conference. He/she is easy to identify, just look for the girl/guy who seems to be….entertaining…a different guy/girl every night. If you’re one to engage in casual hook-ups, the CC is for you, if not, stay far away. CC has been known to reduce EQ by up to 98%. Conversely, he/she is also known to increase EQ by 80% but the benefit is short-lived. If you appreciated these tips and would like some more, please contact the Editor with you requests. Theodette Golden

I heard that you don’t know who Presco is?

SAPSF Presidential Committee 2011/2012 from left to right: Lutendo Makgopo – Editor; Fadzai Munedzimwe – General Secretary; Selby Masuku – Treasurer; Lebogang Maluleke – Student Exchange Officer; Raydon Juta – President; Thulasizwe Shelembe – Vice President. Absent. Shazia Noormahomed – Media and Communications Officer. A new Presco has in fact been elected at the 59th Annual SAPSF Conference and they are as follows:


Vice President

Fadzai Munedzimwe

Lutendo Makgopo

SAPSF Presidential Committee 2012 / 2013

General Secretary



Media and Communications Officer

Student Exchange Officer

Public Initiative Officer

Keneilwe Rabaji

Sanjula Dhanraj

Cindy Hayward

Liniah Mumbengegwi

Mmakgabo Chokwe

Phumeza Mlonzi

Little Things “Let’s all close our eyes for two seconds…” it’s phrases like these, that were uttered by Ntokozo Tumelo Vanessa “Ice” Madlopha, that live on forever in the minds of Conference-goers. Thulasizwe’s drawn out “however”, the “potency” and “putted” experienced at Grahamstown and Rée’s “R70, shirt off!” (with actions) are the little gems of memories that help us cope with our SAPSF Post-Conference Withdrawal Stress. Surrounding these statements, are the funny, silly and sometimes, totally random, stories that arise from them. Yes, Conference is about coming together as an organisation and working together to benefit our profession, but it’s what happens outside congress doors that add more spice to the Conference experience. Some of these stories are scandalous, others are more innocent and then there are some that are just plain hilarious. These include midnight beach romps, hook-ups, “marriages”, lethal (I exaggerate) drinking games, late night/early morning conversations with friends and, that one time, at Conference, when I met an American boy and now we’re getting married…ok, so I’m kidding about the getting married part. When I think of all that happens at Conference, I always seem to think in terms of songs that match the stories. A Conference soundtrack you could call it. Let me share this year’s soundtrack with you: Track 1: Track 2: Track 3: Track 4: Track 5: Track 6: Track 7: Track 8: Track 9: Track 10: Track 11: Track 12: Track 13: Track 14:

We Are Young - Fun Yeah x 3 – Chris Brown Wild Ones – Flo Rida ft. Sia I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred I’m Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO I’m A Flirt - R. Kelly Twisted – Keith Sweat The Boy is Mine – Monica and Brandy Caught Out There – Kelis Blame It (On the Alcohol) – Jamie Foxx Who Run the World – Beyoncé Pretty Girl Rock – Keri Hilson Foolish – Ashanti Cheers – Rihanna

I’ll let you figure out when which song was applicable *chuckles* You might be thinking, “But Theo, what does all this have to do with the price of eggs??” Well, it has nothing to do with the price of eggs *groan*, all I’m trying to say is that it’s the trees that make up the forest…it’s the small moments that create the best memories. The Spirit of Conference is in the solemnity and pride heard and felt whilst singing the National Anthem, the heated debate during discussions, the cries and exclamations of a Mascot Tug-of-War, the sighs of those in the grips of Conference Fever and in the philosophical ramblings of the Sponsored Bar Tab patrons. So, to you, the Conference-naïve, I strongly recommend that you attend the next Conference…it’ll change your life. Mbonisi Ncube

Theodette All what you have to do is to respond by ssaying,"AWEEEEEEEEEE". Pinky, pinky ponkie....AWEEEE, father had a donkey....AWEEEE, donkey died, father cried pinky pinkiy ponkie....AWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Golden July 7 at 9:47pm near Bulawayo, Matabeleland North Tendy Lutendo Billy, Ntokozo Tumelo Vanessa Madlopha, Maggie Nakyeyune Kaliika and 3 others like this.

Mozie Seky Guys, its Pinky pinky Ponkie, ha ha July 7 at 10:12pm · Like

Physical Address: Pharmacy House, 6 de Veer Lane, Arcadia, 0083 • Postal Address: PO Box 26039, Arcadia, 0007 • Presidential email: •

Dear Pharmacy Students and Stakeholders of SAPSF,

It is an honour to write to you as the new President of the South African Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (SAPSF). I am humbled by your belief in me and thank you for allowing me this privilege to be your President.

SAPSF will eternally be grateful to its previous leadership for their contributions towards the growth of the federation. Congratulations to the previous Presidential committee led by Mr Raydon S. Juta for the remarkable work they carried out in their term which was evident in the reports they presented at the 59th Annual SAPSF Conference. To the incoming Presidential committee, let us keep the pledge we made to serve in a spirit of altruism and professionalism as we work tirelessly towards the growth of the SAPSF. Thank you to all the stakeholders and sponsors that have found faith in the SAPSF and continue to support us.

After the fruitful 59th Annual SAPSF Conference, I hope that you are all ready and eager to ‘pharm the future beyond the counter’. As mentioned at the conference, we need to relate our situation to the process of farming. We need to go out into the fields, get our hands dirty as we plant good seeds. We need to enlighten the youth and create in them the desire to join the profession of Pharmacy. Having done this, we will have to nurture that seed and ensure that it grows so that we may reap a good harvest of passionate Pharmacists in the future, Pharmacists who are not restricted by the counter that exists between them and their patients but are willing to move beyond that counter to meet the needs of their patients and provide Pharmaceutical care. “The world is more malleable than you think it is, and it’s waiting for you to hammer it into shape’’ ~Bono, so let us all work together to shape the world we desire to live in. With the introduction of the new position on the presidential committee, the Public Initiative Officer, SAPSF hopes to see greater involvement from branches in projects that will help us as students to enlighten the public about issues pertaining to their health and Pharmacy.

Presidential Committee 2012/2013: Fadzai Munedzimwe (President), Lutendo Makgopo (Vice-President), Sanjula Dhanraj (Treasurer), Keneilwe Rabaji (General Secretary), Liniah Mumbengegwi(Media and Comm), Cindy Hayward (Editor), Mmakgabo Chokwe (IPSF CP/SEO), Phumeza Mlonzi (Public Initiative Officer)

Physical Address: Pharmacy House, 6 de Veer Lane, Arcadia, 0083 • Postal Address: PO Box 26039, Arcadia, 0007 • Presidential email: •

At the next conference in 2013, SAPSF would have been in existence for 60 years, being the fourth oldest Pharmaceutical student organisation. It is about time that we be regarded as a lively federation, one that is active and can be an example of an organization that has and is still to stand the test of time. I urge all Pharmacy students to own this federation. The presidential committee has been elected to serve you and represent your opinions. Take an active role in shaping this federation into what you want it to be by communicating your views and opinions through the right channels.

I am enthusiastic about this coming term and believe that SAPSF is yet to reach greater heights and we can get there through hard work and passion.

Yours in Pharmacy, Miss Fadzai E. Munedzimwe SAPSF President 2012/2013

Presidential Committee 2012/2013: Fadzai Munedzimwe (President), Lutendo Makgopo (Vice-President), Sanjula Dhanraj (Treasurer), Keneilwe Rabaji (General Secretary), Liniah Mumbengegwi(Media and Comm), Cindy Hayward (Editor), Mmakgabo Chokwe (IPSF CP/SEO), Phumeza Mlonzi (Public Initiative Officer)

SAPSF Post Conference Withdrawal 2012 - First Edition  

A publication capturing the events, memories, lectures, socials and highlights of the Annual SAPSF Conference in a light hearted, informal w...

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