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Editor’s Note Observant readers might notice a few brief mentions of a certain filmrelated event in this month’s ’Source. In fact we’ve devoted almost half the magazine to it, in our Sapporo Short Fest 2009 Special Edition. If in previous years you didn’t manage to get along to see any of the exhibited films, we hope our guide

will tempt you to participate in this fabulous event. I’ve watched all 103 films in this year’s festival and there really are some cracking flicks in there. Also, a quick note about next month’s magazine. People have been asking us for a while now when we’re going to start running classified ads, to which the answer is: next issue! And what’s more, they’re free! So whether you’re a private language teacher looking for students, or are leaving















をどんどん増やしたいと思っていますが、今回 特集ということで、通常とは状況が異なり、そ れだけの余裕がありませんでした。でもきっ

皆様から様々なご意見、ご感想が寄せられま お礼を申し上げたいと思います。札幌に住む


Japan and want to sell the contents of your apartment, look for the information towards the back of this month’s mag to find out more. See you at the movie theater. Enjoy the magazine.

Richard M. Hopkins Editor, Sapporo Source

心温まる嬉しい驚きでした。そしてまた、札幌 にも驚きました。皆様の暖かいサポートに大 変感謝しています。





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A round-up of October’s interesting events and happenings around the city.

Sapporo Half Marathon October 4th sees the annual running of the Sapporo Half Marathon along an officially certifie course in the Makomanai area, finishing at the Makomanai Stadium. Unfortunately the closing date for entries was back in August, so it’s too late to participate, but that’s no reason not to get out onto the streets and show your support. For more information about the route see (Japanese language only).

19th Jozankei Momiji Tea Ceremony Festival Hotels around Jozankei will be holding authentic Japanese tea ceremonies on October 12. This is a great opportunity to observe or participate in this fascinating and highly formal Japanese cultural tradition. For more information contact the Jozankei Tourist Association on 011-593-2012 (Japanese language only)

Halloween @ TK6 TK6 will be holding their annual Halloween Party on October 31, this year. Usually jam-packed with all kinds of weird and wonderful costumed partygoers, and is one of the guaranteed big social events of the year. No tickets required, just turn up, drink and make merry. Oh, and wear something silly.

Free Legal Consultation for Foreign Nationals

2009 Sapporo Chrysanthemum Festival

Do you have visa worries, want to know about getting married, or just need to talk to an expert about immigration issues? Sapporo International Communication Plaza is organizing free consultation sessions between 1.00pm and 4.00pm on October 2 for anyone who wants to talk to a qualified immigration legal expert. The sessions will be private and treated with the strictest confidentiality. For more information contact Toshi Kikuchi (Gyoseishoshi Lawyer) on 011-702-0888. Full interpretation in English will be provided if necessary.

Those of you who appreciate the more subtle art of competitive flower growing (not exactly action-packed, but every bit as fiercely fought as other more vigorous activities) will enjoy the displays that crop up every year along Pole Town and Aurora Town underground shopping arcades for several days. This year, the event starts on October 31, and runs through to November 4. Keep an eye out for them, and mind how you step during this period as they’re usually positioned right in the middle of the walkways.

Paul’s Oktoberfest Paul’s Café Odori will be hosting their annual Octobertfest Celebration. If you’re a hearty drinker, it’s not to be missed. This year they’ll be featuring “Paulaner October Fest Beer” specially made for the festival in Munchen and unavailable anywhere else in Hokkaido, as well as Dunkel Weissen. The taps will be flowing freely and copious German food will be supplied. Expect much singing and making merry as the event wears on. Strictly limited to 50 people – first come first served. Tickets are 5,000 yen in advance or 6,000 on the door, and the whole thing kicks off at 3pm. It’s the closest thing to catching a plane to Deutschland.



Marathon Man As Harry Bissell discovered, it's one thing to enter the Hokkaido Marathon, but finishing is another thing altogether. Did he make it? Read on...

It’s the day after my first ever marathon. I’m starving hungry, half asleep and I can’t bend my knees. Jerome Drayton, Canadian Olympian and three-times winner or the Fukouka Marathon, once said, “To describe the agony of a marathon to someone who’s never run it is like trying to explain color to someone who was born blind.” That of course is impossible, but then, so was me running 42Ks… Standing around in my designated block at the start wasn’t the best way to get underway. Stuck there for around an hour, constantly looking at my watch, I felt my confidence leak out of me with every passing minute. Why had I not trained more? Why did I not invest in the most expensive running shoes?, Why did everyone else

here look better prepared than me? When the gun for the start went I was relieved; now I all I had to do was run. The race started slowly as there were seven thousand people ahead of me before I even crossed the start line. But my confidence was high and for the next few kilometres I didn’t even look at the signs that showed us how far we had come. I thought I would try and get into my own zone and just pound it out, but looking at the people who had come out to cheer us on was a much better way of forgetting about the distance that was yet to come. Things went well for the first 10Ks. We were already leaving the city centre and before too long would arrive at North 24, where I’d pass my house, with my family waiting. After that it was just a case

of running through Teine and back into town. What could be easier? At around 20 kilometres the sights became more familiar. Some of the people on the side of the road knew who I was and cheered me on. I sped by my house at such a pace, my family didn’t see me until I was almost past them. At the top of that road more friends greeted me and I felt so strong I upped my pace further. “The faster I run, the faster I will get home,” I thought. That was my first big mistake. The road ahead was long and straight and monotonous. I knew at some point we would turn around and run down the other side of the road but there was hardly anyone coming in the other direction. I could feel myself starting to become fatigued, and for the first time in the race






お腹がすいている。まだ半分寝ているような ック選手で、福岡国際マラソン3度の優勝を

が鳴って、ほっとした。そう、あとはただ走る 最初はスローだった。私の前には7,000




たのだ。ラインを越え、 マラソンが正式に始

た。 「マラソンを走ったことがない人にマラソ に色を説明しようとするようなものだ。」全く その通り。私も、42キロを走ってそう痛感し ている・・・。



最善ではなかった。1時間同じところで何度も 腕時計を見ながら、1分、また1分とスタートが

近づくにつれ、自信が無くなっていくのが分か る。どうしてもっと練習しなかったんだろう? どうして一番高いシューズを買わなかったん








手稲を走って戻ってくるだけだ。これほど楽な ことってあるだろうか?






数キロを走った後、初めて時間を確認した。 な気分になった。自信にあふれ、その後数キ

ロは距離を示す表示を見るのをやめた。自分 の走りだけに集中し、淡々とラップを刻もう

とも思ったのだが、沿道で応援する人たちを 見ている方が、これからの道のりを忘れるた めにはずっと良かった。どこを走っていても




増え、声援を送ってくれた。その声に勇気づけ られ、ますますペースが上がった。 「速く走れ ば家に早く帰れる」と思ったのだ。しかし、そ れがそもそもの間違いだった。






I felt the discomfort of having no idea where I was, how far I had come, or had left to go. I was slowing down, and people had begun to pass me. Then I saw what I wanted to see –people going in the other direction– but they looked terrible! All mouths open and wide eyed, like they’d all witnessed some unknown horror in the direction I was going. For the first time I really want to stop and walk. The road seemed endless and I was beginning to hurt. I’d read about hitting the infamous “wall” so I was expecting it. I’d even tried to talk myself into looking forward to it. “Once it’s over you feel fine and you’ll definitely finish,” a friend had told me. Sure enough it came, but not suddenly like I expected. It felt like my body was shutting down one piece at a time, starting with my legs and working up, and I felt heavier with each stride. There were no people on the side of the road, no other runners, no cars, no noise. I wasn’t even 100% sure I was still moving at all. I tried hard to focus, repeating over and over in my mind “just keep running”, and

suddenly the sound of cups hitting the road brought me back into the real world. “Water!” I ran over grabbed two cups and downed them both, then grabbed two sponges and pushed them both hard over my face, and suddenly I was back! I’d come through the worst of it and I was going to finish. I stopped running and walked for the first time at around 35Ks and I regretted it straight away. Walking it turned out was more painful that running. I started back up and felt good, coming up to Hokkaido University for the closing stretch. I met another foreign entrant and the brief chat we had was a huge relief from the isolation that had been the last three and a bit hours. “Why are we doing this?” he asked. It was another 40 minutes before I knew the answer. After four hours I was finally in Odori. The finish line was no more than a couple of blocks away. I rounded one last corner and could see it. In a couple of minutes I could stop running and sit down! I picked up my pace and ran faster than I had at

any point in the race. When I ran over the mat at the finish line and heard the beep of the microchip around my ankle recording my time I was too tired to be emotional but felt relieved and proud that I had finished. I collected my medal and spent a moment to think about the day I’d had. There were 3,665 people that finished in front of me that day, but then to quote legendary distance runnier Emil Zatopek, “If you want to win something run 100 metres. If you want to experience something, run a marathon!” Finally I couldn’t complete this account without expressing my gratitude to everyone that helped me along the way: all my friends and family for their encouragement; Mitsufumi Nishio whose advice and help in the weeks leading up to the run was so important, and the countless people whose names I will never know who lined the route to hand out drinks and sponges, or just shouted, “Ganbare”. My single most prominent memory of that day won’t be the pain, or even the finish. It will be the good spirit of the people of Sapporo.







ってくる人はほとんどいなかった。都心にある ランナーをどうしても見たかったが、トップ集 団との間は離れていた。 「折り返し地点まで





見あたらなかった。車も走っていなかった。何 うかも定かではなかった。とにかく一所懸命




の中で何度も繰り返した。すると突然、コップ みがえってきた。





かし、その姿はおぞましかった。まるで行く先 で何か空恐ろしいものでも見たかのように、

らスポンジを2つわしづかみにし顔に強く押 り切ったんだ。ゴールするぞ!






な状態でここを走ったのだろう。彼らを見て、 た。中間地点を過ぎ、心の底から止まりたい、 歩きたいと思った。


辛くなってきた。マラソン中、忌まわしい「壁」 にぶつかるというのを何かで読んだことがあ ったので、想像はしていた。その「壁」を楽し みにしようと言い聞かせてもいた。 「これが 終われば気分爽快、ゴールできるよ」と、友

ったが、この辺には知り合いがいるはずだ。 かった。このあたりは毎日自転車で走ってい るよく知った通りだったが、目の前の道路に


た。時々後ろを振り返っては、まだランナーが いることを確認した。ゴールできそうだとい

いいんだ!!ペースを上げた。今日一番早い、 軽やかな走りだった。ゴールラインを切ると

終わったという興奮が押し寄せ、今までの辛 さが全て吹っ飛んだ。ゴールのマットを踏む

と、足首に付けていたマイクロチップが自分の タイムを刻む音がした。疲れが頂点に達しぐ

ったりだったが、安堵感もありゴールした自分 が誇らしかった。メダルを受け取った後、ふと

この1日のことを考えた。結局私が着くまでに 3,665人がフィニッシュしていた。伝説の長

距離ランナー、エミール・ザトペック曰く、 「も し勝ちたいのなら100mを走りなさい。経験 をしたいのなら、 マラソンを走りなさい。」

最後に、励ましてくれた家族や友人、 マラ
















集中しようと努力し、 「走り続けるんだ」と心




かったのだ。また走り出すと楽になった。北海 の参加者に会い、軽く言葉を交わすと、3時間 以上も闘っていた孤独から解放された気がし

てくれたニシオミツフミさん、当日沿道で水や と声援を送ってくれた、名前も分からない多


っぱいだ。この日の最大の思い出は苦しみで も、ゴールしたことでもない。札幌の人たち の良心だ。



What: Festival showing 103 short films from around the world . When: 14-18th October, 2009 Where: Cinema Toho & Theatre Kino, Tanukikoji, Chuo-ku More info:

Short Films There’s something magical about short films. In the modern world where box office returns often seem to count much more than creativity, and the major Hollywood studios seem content to churn out sequels, prequels and spin-offs with little in the way of originality or invention, shorts are where the real craft of filmmaking is still practiced. Made for a wide variety of reasons, usually more artistic than financial, shorts serve a number of purposes for those that are involved. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly they are an opportunity for the next generation of up-andcoming talent to showcase what they can do. You can be pretty sure that Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott and Peter Jackson didn’t get handed a hundred million dollars and get told to “go make a blockbuster” when they first started out. So unless you happen to be the daughter of a legend (yes I’m looking at you, Sophia Coppola) 8


About the festival you’re likely to be helming a short as your first real project. On the other hand, there are those that simply enjoy the process of filmmaking for its own ends. And that’s another beauty of the short film medium – there’s so much variety of expression and personal input into each and every project. Shorts can range from an amateur animator working out of his or her bedroom with little more than pencil, paper and a domestic video camera to highly experienced industry professionals and everything in between. It’s this diversity of talent and the creative freedom it brings that make short film such an appealing proposition for the viewer. But given the commercial realities of cinema today there are relatively few opportunities to experience these films at proper screenings, especially in Sapporo. Make the most of the festival – it’s only here for a five days.

This year is the fourth year of the Sapporo Short Fest. Established in 2006, it has quickly gained an international profile and this year for the 2009 festival, the examining committee received a staggering 3,411 film entries from 97 countries. Eventually after watching every single film received (no mean feat in itself) the list was whittled down to 103 films, representing 28 different nations. The international section of the festival is highly competitive with the 55 selected films vying for a number of awards. The most successful exhibitor this year is the United Kingdom with seven films being shown, followed closely by the USA with six and France with five. There is also a secondary “off-theater” fringe-festival, taking place at Theater Kino (see map for details) concurrently with Sapporo Short Fest. Due to space constraints we can’t provide too much information about this, but more details should be available from the festival website. Due to the international nature of the festival, virtually all films are subtitled in both English and Japanese where necessary, so you shouldn’t have any problems understanding the dialogue.

International Programs

Viewing the Films Short films generally last somewhere between 10 and 30 minutes, however they can be as brief as 60 seconds or close to an hour. This makes showing them individually somewhat troublesome. Few people are going to expend the effort to go to the cinema, simply to view a film that lasts less time than the subway ride to get there. For this reason, the films exhibited at Sapporo Short Fest are grouped into themed “programs” each of which lasts roughly an hour-and-a-half and during which you will view 7 or 8 different titles. These programs are then in turn grouped into several categories: International Programs for films originating outside Japan, Filmmaker Programs in which several films by a single director are shown, National Programs for films made by Japanese directors, and the Children’s Program, which needs no further explanation.


For Women

Films that are considered to have a broad appeal for the ‘fairer sex’. That’s not to say they won’t be a worthwhile visit for men too.


Human Interest

Emotional and morally challenging tales, often with a deeply personal element.


Music & Fantasy

Surreal shorts and music videos with a great degree of creativity or imagination.


Sense of Wonder

Artistic and experimental works, with a strong emphasis on the aesthetic.



High production values and engaging stories, with some very polished results make these films very approachable and easy to enjoy.


Spice of Life

A potpourri of styles and genres, with something that’s bound to please, whatever you’re into.

Filmaker Programs F-A

Mai Yoshida (Japan), Alexandre Phillipe (USA), Anna McGrath (Australia)


Erik Rosenlund (Sweden), Michael Wolf (Germany), Reiko Yokosuka (Japan)


Natalia Kuzmina (Ukraine/Russia), Terry O’Leary (Ireland), Kamikaze Doga (Japan)

National Programs N-A

A selection of 7 films by Japanese filmmakers


A second selection of 7 films by Japanese filmmakers

Children’s Program A Range of short animated films suitable for younger viewers. One-off Programs Asia

Several non-competition invited films from around Asia


Guest films from the California Independent Film Festival


Films personally invited by the Festival Jury members.

Media Arts

Invited films from the Japan Media Arts Festival

Hokkaido Selection

A selection of 7 films made by local directors based in Hokkaido



Past Winners

Sapporo Source caught up with two Sapporo Short Fest Grand Prix winners from previous years to find out about how they felt about winning, and what they’ve been doing since their festival triumphs.

Simon Ellis (UK) Winner, Filmmaker Grand Prix (2007) After graduating in with a BA in Fine Art, Simon Ellis began writing and directing his own independent short films. He has received numerous international film festival awards and worked both in music video and television direction. His short film “Soft” won thirty-seven awards worldwide, including the International Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, Best Short Film at the British Independent Film Awards, and a BAFTA nomination. Collections of his work have been presented at several film festivals worldwide and he continues to make shorts despite beginning a career in feature length productions.

dipped my toe into the world of advertising. I'm bursting with too many ideas at the moment, which could be a sure way to get nothing finished.

SS: Simon, please tell us little about what you have been doing since winning the Grand Prix at the Sapporo Short Fest.

SS: How do you think the Sapporo Short Fest ranks amongst other festivals, and particularly short film festivals?

SE: I’ve been writing new shorts and trying to write my new feature, plus lots of travelling to many other short film festivals as either a participant or jury member. I’ve also worked on some other short films as editor, and

SE: It's quite unlike the many other festivals I’ve visited. As someone who has only visited Japan for the festival, everything from the films to the unbelievable hospitality or the culture as a whole is an absolute breath of

SS: Do you think winning the award helped you in any way with your filmmaking career? SE: The award meant an enormous amount to me in terms of my own development and confidence because I had never watched my work in the company of an audience outside Europe or the USA. The fact that it was a varied collection of my shorts that won made it all the more gratifying as I was presenting a lot of myself to an unknown audience. To win the prize, so far away from home, was some kind of vindication that what I have been doing all these years has been really worthwhile and that kind of encouragement is increasingly rare.

fresh air to me. Despite the fact that it is a city-based festival, I find it incredibly relaxing. Usually at festivals I’m ready to leave after four days; but both times I’ve attended Sapporo Short Fest, I’ve been sad to go home and found myself wondering how I might get there the following year before I’ve even left. Remaining in contact with fellow directors after meeting them at festivals is something that's always intended but unfortunately doesn't often happen; yet I’ve remained friends with directors I met during both visits to Sapporo. SS: Do you have any advice for people who read this and would like to get started in filmmaking? SE: Only to know that short films can be about absolutely anything. Nothing is stopping you from doing it. You can make a film without dialogue or without actors. It is the easiest thing in the world to over-complicate a simple idea, and then decide not to make it. Do it before you find reasons to convince yourself not to. If you need inspiration, visit a festival and see as many other shorts as possible because even if you don't like anything you see, it’ll help you on your way to knowing what kind of thing you might want to do.

Reto Caffi (Switzerland) Winner, International Film Grand Prix (2008) Born 1971 in Zürich, Reto Caffi grew up in Berne, Switzerland. He graduated in English Literature and Journalism from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland and spent several years working as a film journalist for print, radio, and Swiss National Television. He then turned his attention to scriptwriting and direction. He has helmed 7 projects including several shorts, a TV movie and documentary. His short film “Auf der Strecke” (On The Line) gained him his first Academy Award® nomination. SS: So, Reto - what have been up to since winning at the Sapporo Short Fest? RC: I've been traveling some more with the film, but mostly I've been shooting some commercials and corporate films next to working on the development of my first feature length script.



SS: What were your impressions of Sapporo and the festival when you visited? RC: I loved it. It's a very personally run festival, with an incredibly charming crew and a group of visiting filmmakers that all ended up as some kind of family after a great week of sake, onsen and good movies. I've been travelling with my film to quite a lot of festivals all over the world - Sapporo might not the biggest one, but it certainly was one of the most charming. Also, I fell in love with Japan! After the Festival I stayed a little longer and went to Kyoto and Tokyo. I really want to come back to spend more time and get to know Japan better. SS: Do you think Japanese audiences are different to other countries? If so, in what way? RC: There's undeniably a great difference of cultures between Japan and Switzerland. I showed five films of mine in Sapporo, two of them comedies. All throughout the screening, it was quite silent in the cinema. Or - if people reacted - it was at other moments than they would react in Europe. I sat there in the dark and thought, "shit, this does not work at all

here". However, after the screening, some people came up to me and said that they found it very funny. SS: How would you describe your approach to directing? RC: I try to make films that I would like to see myself. The stories are often very closely connected to my own life. Still, they're not autobiographical - I look outside myself for characters and situations; at the lives of friends, or stories that they tell me. I'm attracted to someone's story because their circumstance resonates with something stewing in me that I haven't resolved. Then I try to tell that story in as focused and emotionally capturing way as I can. SS: What has been your greatest or proudest moment in your filmmaking career so far? RC: My Oscar nomination for my short "On The Line". SS: What would you say to any aspiring filmmakers reading this? RC: Be passionate. Be personal. And don't be afraid to make mistakes!

Film Schedule There are a number of chances to see each program during the festival. Films are shown back to back in 90-minute slots throughout the day with a short break between showings. The All Night Showing is a special event popular with insomniacs, and shows the entire international competition program category in a single night. For up-to-the-minute information about the one-off program schedule please check the festival website:

Ticket Information

Tickets come in a wide range of types depending on how much of the festival you want to participate in. Tickets are available from: Lawson Convenience Store (L Code: 18875); Ticket Pier (General tickets, P code: 461-153, Awards A & B and Ceremony, P Code 555-581);E-Plus (online); Pivot Information Counter; Toho Plaza; Theatre Kino; 4-Pla § Hoka Shinai Playguide. In most cases you may need a Japanese speaker to help you obtain tickets if you don’t speak much Japanese.

Locations Market


Main Screen

Off-theater site



I-A | For Women The Idol Sanna Vilmusenaho (Finland) 2008 / 4:08 Language: N/A Genre: Animation

Round Kirk Hendry (UK) 2008 / 5:27 Language: Musical accompaniment with English lyrics Genre: Experimental

Un Grain de Beaute Hugo Chesnard (France) 2008 / 11:40 Language: French with English subtitles Genre: Drama

Passages Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (Canada) 2008 / 24:40 Language: French with subtitles Genre: Animation

The Ballad of Betty and Joe Martha Ansara (Australia) 2008 / 12:10 Language: No dialogue, English titles Genre: Musical Comedy

The Scarecrow Girl Cássio Pereira dos Santos (Brazil) 2008 / 13:00 Language: Portuguese with English subtitles Genre: Drama

The Broken Heart of Gnocchi Bolognese Katherine Vondy (USA) 2009 / 18:12 Language: English Genre: Romantic/Drama


Oct 14 10:00 - 11:30 Oct 15 18:00 - 19.30 Oct 16/17 All night program

A young woman transforms herself and all those around her in this charming animation with a subtle environmental message about the effects of our actions on the world around us.

Born in 1984, this is Sanna Vilmusenaho’s second exhibited short, and her graduation film from Turku Arts Academy in Finland.

This ingenious short film features the work of Argentinean magician Serpico, and examines man’s position as a chapter in earth’s long story, told entirely through the medium of hand shadows.

New Zealand-born, London-based Kirk Hendry works in both live action and animation. His work has garnered a number of award nominations including MTV Music Video of the Year.

An entrancing story of reminiscence and coming of age set in the idyllic French countryside.

Following the highly regarded documentary Le Bal des Familes, Un Grain de Beaute is Hugo Chesnard’s first professional fictional film as a director.

The joy of childbirth descends into a bitter nightmare and near tragedy in this moving and deeply personal account of one woman’s experience.

With over 20 international awards and commendations for her previous film (McLaren’s Negative) French-Canadian filmmaker Saint-Pierre has a style that blurs the line between documentary and drama.

In this touching and light-hearted musical comedy, Betty makes her daily trip to the underpass where she joins her fellow buskers to plays violin, much to the chagrin of Joe, the new security guard.

Best known as a documentary filmmaker, Martha Ansara is a past winner of the Bryon Kennedy Award at the Australian Film Awards.

A girl from a rural farm in Brazil, works to convince her father that she should be allowed to go to school, and in doing so, brings her family closer together.

Cássio Pereira dos Santos is riding high having recently won the international audience award at the Tokyo Short Shorts Festival for Scarecrow Girl.

What’s in a name? On the eve of her 25th birthday, Gnocchi Bolognese searches for romance, and the origins of her unusual name.

Los Angeles resident Katherine Vondy has worked on a number of independent films as producer and production designer. Gnocchi Bolognese, for which she also wrote the screenplay, marks her second outing as a director.

SAPPORO SOURCE OCTOBER 2009 Special Edition - Festival Film Guide

Oct 14 12:00 - 13:30 Oct 15 22:00 - 22.30 Oct 16/17 All night program

Atlantic Conor Ferguson (Ireland) 2008 / 3:40 Language: English Genre: Drama

Reborn Fabian Driehorst (Germany) 2009 / 3:50 Language: N/A Genre: Documentary

Girl Sunghoon Hong (South Korea) 2008 / 17:30 Language: Korean with English subtitles Genre: Drama

Cost of Living Larry LaFond (USA) 2008 / 14:38 Language: English Genre: Comedy

The Fading Light Thien Do (Vietnam) 2008 / 22:00 Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles Genre: Drama

Paradise Cafe Alonso Ruizpalacios (Mexico) 2008 / 10:00 Language: Spanish with English subtitles Genre: Drama

The 8th Samurai Justin Ambrosino (USA) 2008 / 28:29 Language: Japanese with English subtitles Genre: Drama

I-B | Human Interest

A lonely old farmer in the rugged countryside receives a letter from a woman he once loved.

Atlantic is Dublinbased Conor Ferguson’s second film, following the award winning success of Wednesdays. He currently works as an advertising copywriter and is preparing his first feature length screenplay.

A slightly eerie glimpse into the creation of “reborn” dolls, so lifelike that they can barely be told apart from living babies.

Driehorst graduated from the HeinrichNordhoff-School in 2003 and has completed a number of films since 2006. He has experience as both a director and camera operator on a number of independent projects.

A factory worker receives a visit from a girl claiming to be pregnant with the child of his son who has left to serve in the army. (Some strong language).

Born in 1978, Sunghoon Hong graduated from the Korean Academy of Film Arts as a Film Directing Major in 2007.

A cautionary tale about life after global warming. Three strangers move into their government housing unit on the Island of Pittsburgh.

Larry LaFond attended film school in Orlando before moving to Los Angeles to work for Nickelodeon. Cost of Living is the second film made through his award winning collaboration with actor/ producer Terry Ray.

Returning from America to his childhood home in Saigon, a former refugee is confronted with memories of his boat escape from Vietnam.

Thien Do is a Vietnamese American filmmaker and artist currently living and working in Hochiminh City, Vietnam. Born in 1963, he moved to the United States as a refugee in 1975, and then later returned to Hochiminh City, Vietnam.

Two Mexican immigrants working at the Paradise Café have had enough. The younger of the two rehearses his resignation speech through which he hopes to gain freedom and win the love of a waitress.

Alonso is an experienced director, having worked both for television and the stage before turning to film. He also works as a screenwriter and has a BA in acting from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

In 1953, a small time actor lands a lead role in Kurosawa’s next big period epic, but how many samurai does the director really need?

Justin graduated from the American Film Institute Conservatory and has worked as a production assistant on numerous feature films including The Departed and The Producers

Special Edition - Festival Film Guide OCTOBER 2009 SAPPORO SOURCE


I-C | Music & Fantasy Dahlia Michael Langan (USA) 2008 / 3:00 Language: N/A Genre: Experimental

No Place Like Home Rosto (Netherlands) 2008 / 6:10 Language: Music (English lyrics) Genre: ‘Not a music video’

Muto Blu (Italy) 2008 / 6:45 Language: N/A Genre: Environmental Animation

Brainstorming David Freymond (France) 2008 / 12:23 Language: French with English subtitles Genre: Romantic Comedy

The Control Master Run Wrake (UK) 2008 / 6:45 Language: N/A Genre: Animation

Afterville Fabio Guaglione, Fabio Resinaro (Italy) 2008 / 30:00 Language: Italian with English subtitles Genre: Science Fiction

A Cigarette For Two

Oct 14 14:00 - 15:30 Oct 16/17 All night program Oct 17 20:00 - 21.30

Dahlia paints a portrait of the bustle and permanence of a city, juxtaposing the stable forms and patterns of life with the frenetic behavior of humanity, set to a driving score of vocal percussion.

Michael Langan is an award-winning independent filmmaker and commercial director based in San Francisco, California. Over the past two years he has directed numerous short promotional films and documentaries.

Three Wreckers is an imaginary music band spawned from Rosto’s graphic novel Mind My Gap. A one-eyed has-been TV presenter hides away in a hotel room with his dead sidekick to watch reruns from their better days.

Rosto’s work spreads out over a wide variety of media including film, websites, print and sound and is garnering him an increasing international reputation.

Using the urban landscape as his canvas, Blu has created a unique and visually stunning art film. This work recently caused a sensation when spread rapidly around the Internet as a “viral video”.

Blu is a visual artist who creates both paintings and video works. He paints large, often outdoor surrealist images on buildings and walls. Recently his work was featured at the Tate Modern in London.

Alexandre and Lea are souls in search of love. Inside their heads, two teams are operating their brains and trying to try to steer their relationship in the right direction.

David Freymond has directed 2 shorts produced by Ecole Supérieure d’Études Cinématographiques (ESEC) in Paris. His previous film was Le Boss.

Created solely using images from the Charles S Anderson collection the film tells the story of a mysterious heroine and her unknown ally attempting to prevent the evil Dr. Moire destroying Halftone City, USA.

Run Wrake has made a significant contribution to the fields of short film, animation and music video. In the music field he has worked with artists such as U2, George Michael, Oasis and Paul McCartney.

Scientists discover a signal emanating from a craft which fell to earth. This turns out to be a countdown. Today, that countdown will reach zero.

Fabio Resinaro (27) and Fabio Guaglione (26) met in Milan in 1995 while attending High School. Prior to Afterville, they were commissioned by Sky to write, direct and produce sci-fi movie The Silver Rope.

In a relationship, sharing isn’t always fun.

Born in 1979, Simon Baumann has, as a director, writer, cinematographer and producer, co-developed two documentaries together with his filmmaking partner Andreas Pfiffner.

Based on the book Varmints, by Helen Ward and tells the story of the struggle of small, winsome creatures to preserve the beauty of nature against those who would fill the sky with grime and a cacophony of noise.

Marc Craste is a prolific filmmaker and has directed and designed a number of award winning commercials and a number of short films including Jojo in the Stars which won the 2004 BAFTA for Best Animated Short Film.

Simon Baumann (Switzerland) 2009 / 1:00 Language: N/A Genre: Experimental

Varmints Marc Craste (UK) 2009 / 24:00 Language: N/A Genre: CGI, Animation


SAPPORO SOURCE OCTOBER 2009 Special Edition - Festival Film Guide

Oct 15 10:00 - 11:30 Oct 16/17 All night program Oct 17 22:00 - 22.30

The Referee Paolo Zucca (Italy) 2008 / 15:40 Language: Italian with English subtitles Genre: Comedy, Drama

Wings and Oars Vladimir Leschiov (Latvia) 2009 / 5:57 Language: N/A Genre: Animation

Danse Macabre Pedro Pires (Canada) 2008 / 8:30 Language: Korean with English subtitles Genre: Experimental

The Game Vinicio Basile (Italy) 2009/ 24:00 Language: Italian with English subtitles Genre: Stop-motion, Drama

Next Floor Denis Villeneuve (Canada) 2009 / 11:34 Language: English Genre: Drama

Blowboy Michael Bamber (Germany) 2009/ 26:59 Language: English Genre: Experimental, Surreal

I-D | Sense of Wonder

A referee’s life is transformed after he is transferred to the hell of low division football where the lives of two thieves cross.

Paolo Zucca has 5 short films and 30 commercials to his credit. His work has won a raft of awards including the Jury Prize at the ClermontFerrand International Short Film Festival for his previous film L’Artbitro.

A former pilot reminisces about his earlier life - The Earth, the Sky, the Woman everything that took place on the journey from an air strip to an abandoned boat house.

Vladimir Leschiov teaches animation at the Latvian Academy of Arts and in 2007 he established his animation studio Lunohod in Riga.

In the contortions and spasms that mark the border between life and death, the body performs its final macabre ballet. (Contains adult themes and nudity)

Pedro Pires is an Emmy Award winning film maker who previously worked with Francois Girard on the Red Violin, and with Robert Lepage on the visual conception of the 2000 feature film, Possible Worlds.

After being struck down by a sudden disease, a man is admitted to hospital and begins a desperate quest to regain normality.

Vinicio Basile, born in 1960, began his work in documentary and animation at the University Federico II in Naples, Italy.

During an opulent and luxurious banquet, 11 pampered guests participate in ritualistic gastronomic carnage.

Denis Villeneuve has achieved public and critical attention on the international festival scene for his powerful approach to filmmaking. He has currently directed 2 feature films: 32nd Day of August on Earth and Maelström.

Nature-cycles and natural philosophical theories are examined via a mental journey through the surreal.

Michael Bamber has pursued a career in the areas of concept-film and animation, visualisation, graphic design and illustration. Blowboy is a showcase for his multidisciplined talent.

Special Edition - Festival Film Guide OCTOBER 2009 SAPPORO SOURCE


I-E | Cinephile Morana Simon Bogojevic Narath (Croatia) 2008 / 12:40 Language: N/A Genre: Animation

Ten BIF (UK, France) 2008 / 7:00 Language: French with English subtitles Genre: Drama

Premature Rashaad Ernesto Green (USA) 2008 / 14:48 Language: English Genre: Drama

Ma Bar Finlay Pretsell, Adrian McDowall (UK) 2008 / 11:48 Language: English Genre: Documentary

Flying Away Simon Wallon (France) 2008 / 22:50 Language: French with English subtitles Genre: Documentary

Pigeon: Impossible Lucas Martell (USA) 2009 / 6:12 Language: No dialogue, incidental English Genre: Animation, Comedy

2 Birds Rúnar Rúnarsson (Iceland) 2009 / 15:15 Language: Icelandic with English subtitles Genre: Drama


Oct 14 20:00 - 21:30 Oct 15 12:00 - 13.30 Oct 16/17 All night program

A lone hunter in a desolate environment shelters for the night on a cliff-top and begins to dream. Or does he?

Simon Bogojevic Narath has been working in the field of 2D and 3D computer animation for over 15 years and has directed a number of short films, winning awards in a wide range of international festivals.

Marc fears the cracks between the paving stones. Take a look inside his mind as he seeks treatment to confront his fears. (Contains graphic scenes of fantasy gore and human dismemberment).

BIF is an award winning directing trio comprising Fabrice Le Nezet, Francois Roisin and Jules Janaud who met during their time at renowned French animation school Supinfocom.

After Tisha, a streetwise teenager from the Bronx, discovers she’s pregnant and receives no support from her community, she has nowhere to turn and faces the most difficult decision she will ever have to make.

Rashaad Ernesto Green draws on his upbringing to inform the artist that he is today. After earning a BA from Dartmouth College and starting out as an actor he turned to directing to tell his stories.

Scotsman Bill McFadyen is a power lifter, world record holder, and has an iron will to win. Just one thing about him is different. He’s 73 years old.

Ma Bar is the second in a series of alternative sports documentaries. The duo have several BAFTA nominations and awards to their names.

A trip into the oneiric mind of a dying artist as he meets people from his life: his daughter, his lover and perhaps himself. (Contains brief nudity).

Simon Wallon directs music and corporate videos. Following the success of Flying Away he is now working on a feature length narrative script and two documentaries.

A hapless government agent is faced with a problem when a curious pigeon gets trapped inside his multimillion dollar nuclear briefcase and nearly triggers World War III.

Lucas Martell spent 5 years working on Pigeon: Impossible, a project which started out as a simple test animation in order to teach himself about 3D computer animation.

A coming of age story, following a group of teenagers on a summer’s night as they journey from innocence to adulthood. (Contains strong sexual themes and nudity).

Rúnar Rúnarsson rose quickly to attention by achieving an Oscar nomination for only his second short film, Síðasti bærinn (The Last Farm). He has since tallied a total of over 20 awards.

SAPPORO SOURCE OCTOBER 2009 Special Edition - Festival Film Guide

Oct 14 22:00 - 22.30 Oct 15 14:00 - 15.30 Oct 16/17 All night program

Wake Up, Freak Out, Then Get a Grip Leo Murray (UK) 2008 / 11:40 Language: English Genre: Animation

Mr. Rabit Hoppy Anthony Lucas (Australia) 2008 / 3:16 Language: English Genre: Fictional Documentary, Drama

3x3 Nuno Rocha (Portugal) 2009 / 6:00 Language: No dialogue Genre: Comedy

Orgesticulanismus Mathieu Labaye (Belgium) 2008/ 9:29 Language: French with English subtitles Genre: Animation, Experimental

Robin Hanno Olderdissen (Germany) 2008 / 20:00 Language: German with English subtitles Genre: Drama

Minami in Close Up - The “Boca” In Review Thiago Mendonca (Brazil) 2008/ 18:55 Language: Portuguese Genre: Documentary

Ting a Ling a Ling Richard Harris (UK) 2009 / 2:41 Language: No dialogue Genre: Drama

AgapE Slobodan Maksimovic (Slovenia) 2008 / 19:33 Language: Slovenian with English subtitles Genre: Drama

I-F | Spice of Life

A clear and concise explanation of the science behind global warming, and the tipping point at which we can no longer stop the effect, plus a stark warning about what to expect once this happens.

An animator with a conscience, Leo deals with social and environmental issues. His previous work includes the highly acclaimed documentary feature The Age of Stupid.

What starts out as a show-and-tell video about a young child’s Rabit (sic) ‘Hoppy’, quickly turns into a nightmare when curious things start happening to the animal.

Anthony Lucas’s animated short film The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello was nominated for an Oscar. This is his first live action film and was made entirely in his own back yard.

A security guard shows off his basketball skills to a gormless cleaner while the court is closed for the night. But perhaps the cleaner is smarter than he thinks.

Born in 1977, Nuno made his first short film Stone Crib as a student and was the inaugural winner of the ZON Multimedia Award.

A remarkable study in hand-drawn animation that re-invents how to look at movement, gesture and the possibilities they afford, especially when physical movement is taken away by disability.

Born in 1977, Mathieu Labaye has worked for Cameraetc, a Belgian animation workshop where children, teenagers and adults come to make their own animation shorts with the help of professionals.

8-year-old Robin returns to the unpleasantness of his dysfunctional family and abusive stepfather after 3 months in a foster home and finds himself lost, trying to cope with a difficult family situation.

Hans Olderdissen worked in various roles in film production units before founding the directing partnership Gentlemen’s Agreement with fellow director Markus Sehr. Robin is his sixth short film project since 1999.

A retrospective documentary about the Boca film movement in Sao Paolo, Brazil, in the 1970s featuring JapaneseBrazillian manga artist turned magazine publisher Minami Keizi. (Contains nudity and sexual themes)

Thiago Mendonça was born in São Paulo where he studied sociology and cinema. Before making Minami in Close Up, his first film, he worked as a cinema journalist for magazines and newspapers in Brazil.

What’s your worst fear? This short, but evocative film probably describes the nightmare that all of us have worried about and some time in our lives.

Richard Harris is a producer, writer and director with Australian and British TV publishing credits. He also runs Final Cut, one of the UK’s most successful short film screening groups.

In a remote convent, the resident nuns decide to install an internet connection, which leads to discoveries beyond those that they expected. (Contains brief nudity)

Since 2003, Slobodan Maksimovic has written and directed 7 short films. His first fiction film was exhibited at the 60th Cannes Film Festival. Before he turned to filmmaking he worked as a journalist in Sarajevo.

Special Edition - Festival Film Guide OCTOBER 2009 SAPPORO SOURCE


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F-A | Filmmakers

Oct 14 Oct 16

18:00 - 19:30 22:00 - 23.00

Mai Yoshida Mai was born in Northen Japan and moved to London in 2000 to study at Camberwell College of Art. While studying Illustration, she discovered a second interest in animation. Her first work, Alice’s Cave, gave her opportunities to have exhibitions and screenings in Paris, Kiev, Ohio, New York, and London, and achieved a bronze award at Columbus International Film & Video Festival. In her graduation year (2004), she continued her study at the Royal College of Art where she concentrated on creating short animated films. Since she achieved her Masters in 2006, she has exhibited her animations and prints in London, New Delhi, Tokyo, Osaka, Hakodate and Singapore. The animation Last Snow Before Spring won a Japan Media Plaza Award, 2008. She recently held an exhibition of her work in Liverpool, UK.

One’s (2006)

Last Snow Before Spring (2007)

The Monster and the Right Hand (2005)

A heart-warming fantasy about May and her mother visiting Hokkaido for her grandfather’s funeral. One last chance to talk to the old man stirs emotions and gives her lasting peace.

A story of trust, loss and lust about a monster who is missing his right hand.

The Fish’s Wish (2006)

Alice’s Cave (2004)

Colours (2008)

An animation about the relationship between a young girl and a fisherman. The girls starts to fantasize about herself being a fish.

The diversity of relationships from victim to killer, and from love to hatred.

A village where people of different colours live (red, yellow and blue) and the conflicts that arise between them.

Left (2006)

The Spot (2008)

inside (2009)

An impressionistic examination of the heartbreaking separation between a woman and the man she loves.

A documentary about the strange happenings taking place at the location of President Kennedy’s shocking assassination.

inside explores the subtle emotional damage caused to an innocent child by a reckless extramarital affair.

Small Change (2007)

The Waltz (2007)

A man struggles without his wife, a little girl loses a tooth and a boy reacts the only way he knows how. Small change can make all the difference.

After sixty years of marriage, what does it take to wake a slumbering romance?

Swings and Roundabouts (2008)

A sweet story about One’s life.

Alexandre Philippe Swiss-French filmmaker Alexandre holds a Masters Degree in Dramatic Writing from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he won the Founder’s Day Award and the Senior Achievement Award. Recent shorts include Left and The Spot. Left premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival, has screened at 36 international film festivals and won the Saga Prefecture Governor’s Award at the Akira Kurosawa Memorial Short Film Competition (Japan), and the Special Jury Prize at the Cinema Jove International Film Festival (Valencia, Spain). Currently, Alexandre is busy directing The People vs. George Lucas, a high-profile feature-length documentary slated for release in the Spring of 2010.

Anna McGrath Anna McGrath is a film writer and director based in Melbourne, Australia. She focuses on stories that resonate with universal experience. Through a lens of curiosity and wonder, her films investigate the vagaries of humanity, the ebb and flow of understanding and the strangeness of the everyday. Anna has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Film Narrative and a Masters in Film at the School of Film & TV, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. Her work has appeared at festivals around the world and her short film Small Change (2007) has garnered a number of international awards.

20 SAPPORO SOURCE OCTOBER 2009 Special Edition - Festival Film Guide

It’s hard to find love, especially when you’re not even looking for it. Through a chance encounter, Ian and Flora give each other an excuse to smile.

Oct 15 Oct 16

F-B | Filmmakers

20:00 - 21.30 16:00 - 17.30

Erik Rosenlund Born in 1975, Erik worked as an illustrator and a maker of comics before learning animation. His films have won several awards and been shown around the world at some of the world’s most prestigious festivals, most notably two selections at the Cannes Film Festival.

Compulsion (2003) Compulsive behavior makes everyday situations seem potentially life-threatening. One day, a man is forced to confront his fears in order to survive.

The Dark Side of the Morning Redux (2009)

Looking Glass (2007)

She should have stayed in bed.

On a dark stormy night. A little girl is home alone watching television, but is she really the only person there?

Butler (2005)

Checkoo (2008)

Smalltalk (2009)

In this light-hearted comedy, a couple find the spark has gone from their marriage. That’s when the butler comes in handy!

An underperforming office worker does everything he can to fit in.

How do everyday conversations sound to others?

Externum (2005)

The Alchemist’s Book (2008)

Kontamination (2004)

Michael Wolf After graduating High School and completing civilian service, Michael Wolf worked in several media-related fields. In Kassel, Germany he was employed as an editor and assistant for news, reportages, and documentaries. He went on to work for several Munich production companies in the fields of story development, pre-production, editing, and soundmixing. Since October 2002, he has been enrolled at the University of Television and Film Munich. His films demonstrate his taste for the eerie and absurd.

It is already very late, when Kathrin comes home. She is tired, but something is wrong. As she tries to open a pillbox, she cuts herself with the kitchen knife. Suddenly, she hears eerie noises coming from the first floor. Something has happened…

As a little boy Severin believed in an evil book. Tonight, he will believe again.

On his way home, an office worker witnesses a horrific event in a parking garage that he will never forget.

GAKI Biwa Houshi (2005)

A Piper (2007)

Movement (1987)

When GAKI starts to play “biwa” on the veranda, the surroundings transform.

An abstract and stylish exploration of line and character.

Lines and pictures drawn on Japanese paper with Chinese ink begin to move according to music.

Reiko Yokosuka Reiko’s philosophy is “not to draw,” but to “cherish what’s created in the parts you don’t draw.” It’s more important than to fill every empty space with detail.
She is originally from from Hitachinaka City in Ibaraki Prefecture and grew up reading manga by Ryoko Yamagishi and Omoto Hagi.
She attended a specialty school during which she developed a fascination with ink animation, in which she could blur or smear lines. “I knew that was it” she says, and set out on a path toward becoming a professional animator, working during the day and started drawing when she got home; often continuing late into the night.
One thousand five hundred paintings are needed to create an average five-minute ink animation. Despite this being an exhausting process for a solo artist. She aims to produce a new animation every six months.

Special Edition - Festival Film Guide OCTOBER 2009 SAPPORO SOURCE


F-C | Filmmakers

Oct 16 Oct 17

12:00 - 13:30 16:00 - 17.30

Natalia Kuzmina Natalia was born in 1975 in Lvov, Ukraine, and since 1992 has lived in Voronezh, Russia. She has worked as a camera operator, a news journalist, and a director at a local tv-station. From 2004-2005 she studied at the Independent School of Cinema and Television (Internews, Moscow). She has directed several short films, and worked as an assistant director on a number of feature length film and television productions.

G Minor (2005)

The Hands (2008)

Housewife (2006)

The emotional blindness of a music composer makes another person near him miserable and lonely. But the musician is too occupied to look outside his own world.

Two unacquainted and different people manage to break the barrier between them and feel spontaneous attraction thanks to a dance.

A housewife, tired of domestic occupations, finds herself having strange and ominous visions.

MONA: A Ghost Story (2008)

Greenfingers (1999)

Terry O’Leary Terry O’Leary is an Irish writer and director of 5 short films, and the producer of several more. His work has been featured at over 100 festivals around the world, and has won numerous awards. His approach is often characterized by plots in which the audience are able to add their own interpretation to what they are viewing.

A haunting ghost story that crosses the thin line between passion and obsession.

In a role-reversal, an old man goes from house to house offering to cut the grass for the young inhabitants. But does he have a hidden purpose, to find love?

Maelstrom (2002)

Da Quixote (2005)

A surreal film in which a man’s spirit is severely tested, and all he can rely on is the eternal struggle to survive.

A son takes his Da’ fishing on the back of a brightly painted model cow in a story of relationships and the onset of aging.

Amanatsu (2009)

The Last Piece (2009)

Dr. (2009)

A morbid, but striking science fiction film about a young girl (Japanese dialogue only, no subtitles).

A man sits idly in his living room watching television, when suddenly he becomes hunted by a strange creature.

Namie and Dr. Cronus, wake up from cold sleep in 3000 A.D. and try to send warnings to the citizens of the past about abuse of the environment and weapons of mass destruction.

Kamikaze Doga Kaimikaze Doga are a collective of multi-disciplined Japanese filmmakers and animators focusing on both 3D computer generated animation as well as the more traditional 2D genre. They have produced a number of short films and commercials.

22 SAPPORO SOURCE OCTOBER 2009 Special Edition - Festival Film Guide

Oct 14 Oct 17 Oct 18

The Children’s Tree Abel Ruiz-Vazquez (Hungary) 2008 / 2:40 Language: N/A Genre: Animation

A Drop In The Ocean Theodore Veneris, Dimitris Cheliotis (Greece) 2008 / 3:08 Language: N/A Genre: Animation

Humming Bird Paolo Zucca (Italy) 2009 / 1:00 Language: Italian Genre: Animation

Curious Todd and the Mysterious Dream Ganesh Gothwal, Rahul Jogale (India) 2009 / 7:28 Language: English Genre: Animation

Sea and Life Sebastien Godard (Japan) 2008 / 8:16 Language: Japanese with English subtitles Genre: Animation

Josue E O Pe De Macaxeira Diogo Pereira Viegas (Brazil) 2009 / 12:00 Language: N/A Genre: Animation

Me and My Monster Claudia Rothlin (Switzerland) 2008 / 3:21 Language: N/A Genre: Animation

Makuma’s Foreign Journey Tsuneo Goda (Japan) 2007 / 10:00 Language: Japanese with English subtitles Genre: Animation

16:00 - 17.30 12:00 - 13.30 10:00 - 11.30


A tale of an imaginative young girl who tries to climb onto a swing that is too high, with the help of a beautiful butterfly.

Abel Ruiz-Vazquez was born in 1982 in Ulm, Germany. He was awarded scholarships from the Leonardo da Vinci Foundation and the DAAD Foundation and studied under Hungarian director Lajos Nagy.

A droplet of water escapes from a basin and makes an epic journey to be reunited with the sea.

Born in 1972, Theodore Veneris has worked as an assistant director on over 100 television commercials and has directed a number of previous short films and documentaries.

A little humming bird faces the mighty King of the Jungle and his gang.

Paolo Zucca has an MA in screenwriting and co-wrote the 2003 feature film Borsellino’s Angels. In 2004 obtained a Masters in Direction and has now directed five short films and about 30 commercials.

Exploring our ignorance intolerance as individuals towards the environmental problems facing the world.

Emantras MLab, the creators of the work are stop-motion and animation specialists with offices in Chennai, India and California, USA.

Based on the traditional Japanese fairytale “Urashima Tarou” in which a boy and a turtle venture into the ocean and discover the problems we face due to pollution and damage to the marine ecology.

Sea and Life was made by a group of 10-year-old Japanese school children in a workshop run by experienced Belgian Director and Animator Sebastien Godard.

Josue trades his donkey for a “magic macaxeira” (a type of plant); an act that leads to a fantastic adventure.

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1981, Diogo Pereira Viegas studied animation before embarking on a career as a director of several short films and a number of commercial projects.

A little girl is terribly afraid of monsters. They are everywhere: in the cellar, out on the street and under her bed. They even look over her shoulder when she does her homework.

Claudia Rothlin qualified as a graphic designer before studying animation at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

A little girl’s toy bear “Makuma” dreams about what it would be like to go on an overseas trip.

Amongst his work in the the animation field, Tsuneo Goda was previously the director of the popular animated series “Domo-kun” for NHK Television.

Special Edition - Festival Film Guide OCTOBER 2009 SAPPORO SOURCE


Children’s Jiro and Miu Jun Nito (Czech Republic) 2007 / 7:50 Language: N/A Genre: Animation

Nicolas & Guillemette Virginie Taravel (France) 2008 / 9:34 Language: N/A Genre: Animation

Yans! Gans! Kitune Akimoto (Japan) 2009 / 1:30 Language: N/A Genre: Animation

Lost and Found Philip Hunt (UK) 2008 / 24:00 Language: Genre: Animation

National Program The National Program features films selected from around Japan. Sapporo Source decided to ask our own Japanese film expert, Joaquin da Silva to cast his eye over them and give us his thoughts.

Oct 14 Oct 17 Oct 18

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The story of little Miu and her friend Jiro, who through his crazy ideas sometimes makes life difficult for both of them.

Jun was born in Japan in 1981 and studied at Film School Zlin, majoring in animation, from 2005 – 2007. Jiro and Miu is his graduation film.

A fantasy set in a shop selling small characters made from plastic cords, Nicolas the little musician” is the only one fully finished. He wakes up one day and decides to build “Guillemette the little dancer”.

Virginie graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs (ENSAD), Paris in 2001 and worked for 6 years as a 3D graphic designer. Nicolas and Guillemette is her first animation short.

A fast-paced, frenetic and surreal tale featuring an unsuccessful hunt by the last two stupid carnivorous dinosaurs on the planet!

Kitune Akimoto numbers amongst his many talents console game planning and techno-pop music. His animation work is frequently featured on Japanese television.

An enchanting tale of loneliness and friendship based on the award-winning book by Oliver Jeffers. One day, a boy finds a penguin on his doorstep and decides to take it home…

Philip Hunt is an accomplished filmmaker with an extensive resume of high profile commercial work and short films. He works as Creative Director for Studio AKA in London, UK.

We can discern two major themes running through this year’s National Program, namely ecology and family conflicts. Some of the shortest works belong to the first area. 2D animation Frog Seed tracks the tragic trip of a frog from its home deep in the jungle to the dirty canals of the big city, and its consequent revenge on urbanization. Round Road, on the other hand, takes a full circle journey that starts inside a train carriage. Local production The Song of the Red Forest features two fox-like fortunetellers singing a traditional folk song. And Sho Kataoka’s live short film 28 disguises itself as a horror film to alert us to the perils of global warming by showing the difficulties of a young woman trying to keep her air-conditioner under control despite a strange presence in her home. Returning to non-live action works, Tsukumo no Kimuchi is an extraordinary graduation project by Hideki Miyazaki , who fills the screen with images of surreal perspectives and human-like insects and fish. Surrealism, mythology and lack of communication between a father and his son make up the story for Kudan, a fascinating and disturbing short, which sees the father transformed into a mythological Japanese creature of a cow with a human head, while trying to save his son’s life and his own. This along with Cencoroll and Tailenders is perhaps the most accomplished anime in the Japanese section. Something of a cult internet phenomenon, Cencoroll is an achievement in all senses as Atsuta Uki single-handedly wrote, designed and animated his awardwinning manga of the same title. Fans of Katsuhiro Otomo will be deeply satisfied with this tale of a high school girl who befriends a boy and his monster, able to transform itself into anything. Kei Shozuzawa produced Tailenders presents a classic, outlandish tale of a brilliant racing driver, who after suffering a near fatal accident has his heart replaced by the engine of his beloved car. Family conflicts arise in Potato Mayonnaise, a Sapporo production by veteran local director Eiji Shimada. When

24 SAPPORO SOURCE OCTOBER 2009 Special Edition - Festival Film Guide

a young girl harbors personal desires of serving as an international aid volunteer, she clashes with her mother’s wishes for her to remain at home and help with the running of the family bakery. Also exploring family problems in a more dramatic fashion is Rapunzel, a chilling and ironic take on the story by the Grimm Brothers, where a mother keeps her beautiful daughter in captivity and uses her as a humanmirror, their life being interrupted by the appearance, not of a prince, but an officer from the family registry department. Ferris Wheel at 3:03:15PM is by Hiroyuki Nakano, perhaps the most well known Japanese director in the mix, and features masterful use of chiaroscuro. Actor Tomorowo Taguchi, of “Tetsuo’s” fame, stars as an unemployed family man on his final ride on a Ferris wheel where he will has an unexpected encounter. Nakano also produces the comedy Mt. Fuji and Doughnuts, with TV talent Lou Ohshiba in the only role as a golf enthusiast, who perseveres despite his excruciating hemorrhoids! Masaya Kakehi, best know for his previous work Canned Beauties, demonstrates how even with a super shoestring budget you can still tell an interesting story. The Love Story of Fingers, literally consists of four fingers, two brothers and two sisters, who fall in love, get married and have little fingers. A Stop, by Yukuse Takubi, is my personal favorite. A young man teaches his unlucky-in-love friend an infallible technique for picking up girls in the street, which he tries immediately with enormous success. This surprisingly wellacted comedy drama presents some of the best Japanese slice of life scenes that I have seen in a long time. National Program N-A: Frog Seed, A Stop, Round Road, Rapunzel, The Song of the Red Forest, Love Story of Fingers, Taildenders National Program N-B: 28, Mt. Fuji and Doughnuts, Tsukumo no Kimochi, A Ferris Wheel at 3:03:15 p.m., Kudan, Potato Mayonnaise, Cencoroll


A Halloween defense of the Zombie Movie Following last month’s musical excursion, Debito turns his attention to f ilm Although I am a fan of a good chilling book or movie, I wouldn’t call myself an aficionado of horror flicks. Most boil down to the same old thing: something off-camera stalks people we’ve gotten to know and inflicts shock-horror. Although sometimes interesting in execution, most horror shares something with one-note genres like porno – characters in a hurry to do the same thing over and over again. But one segment of the genre enjoying a deserved revival is the zombie movie. It is far more chilling because it goes beyond the lurking lunatic in the shadows. It offers us a view of society itself. Zombies as a concept did start off one-note. Combining the undead and reanimated elements of vampire and monster flicks, our first golems were shambolic – basically shuffling assistants with arms outstretched, commanded to absorb bullets and carry the fainted girl. They were also limited in scope. Run fast enough, or just “don’t go into that dark place” (be it graveyard, haunted house, chamber of horrors, or room with creaky door), and you could escape the horror. The threat did not affect society in general. That changed somewhat with the first prototype of modern zombies: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956). Famous for its allegory of infiltrating communism, people were being stealthily replaced by soulless copies. What made it scary was no one controlled them. All they had to do was keep increasing their ranks, and there would be no escape. (That is, until they were found out and were stopped; after all, this was Hollywood under the Hays Code.) But then came the classic and groundbreaking Night of the Living Dead

(1968), taking all the elements of hitherto horror (invulnerable male leads rescuing screaming girls at the last minute, resolved endings) and turning them on their head. All our characters made mistakes, followed the wrong advice, and met gruesome ends – with a lot of gore camouflaged by black and white photography. The most chilling thing: an ending where humanity might not be able to save itself. The next notable was the full-color Dawn of the Dead (1978), giving us more of what we now expected (creative ways to blow up and rend body parts) with an actual plot: We hid in a safe haven of plenty (a mall) and waited for the storm to pass. Except that it doesn’t. This is where the genre was brought full circle: the zombie movie as a vision of the apocalypse. Human society was as fragile as the next panic, breaking down as easily as a person could revert to an animalistic state, dooming others with an infectious idea, or bite. It offered the vision of dystopia as clear as any threat or fear of nuclear annihilation. I of course didn’t think this deeply about zombies as a teen. I was just there to hide my eyes through split fingers and hope to be put off my popcorn. But as the years passed, I realized that the zombie movie infiltrated my dreams like no other. I found myself scoping out any living quarters for escape routes, in case of possible maniac attack. It was pretty simple: There were places you could hide from Michael Myers. You could wake up from Freddie. You could ward off a vampire with two pencils crossed, or even use garlic salt. In any case, as soon as the sun rose, you were safe from most monsters.

But not from zombies: the enemy was time, and sheer numbers of infected. And the more you thought about it, the more zombies chilled and inspired your imagination. The next quantum leap in the zombie universe (after years of crappy copies) was 28 Days Later (2002). Here the new and improved zombies did not walk with their shoulders. They ran. At you. In broad daylight. And once infected, you didn’t take a while to wither and die: You joined their ranks in seconds and could decimate a safe haven in minutes. That was ramped up even further in a (rare) worthy sequel: 28 Weeks Later (2007) and a great remake of Dawn of the Dead (2004). All movies ended with the ultimate horror – the lack of hope. Back to Halloween. If you want to give the genre a try and see how profoundly they creep into your nightmares, here’s Uncle Debito’s guide to the best zombie flicks: Night of the Living Dead (1968 -- avoid the 25th Anniversary version), Dawn of the Dead (1978), 28 Days Later (2002), 28 Weeks Later (2007), Dawn of the Dead (2004), Evil Dead (1981) and its silly splatstick remake Evil Dead II (1987). Then watch the genre parody itself: Shaun of the Dead (2004), From Dusk ‘Til Dawn (1996, technically a vampire movie, but geeky about monster countermeasures), Fido (2006, aka Zombino in Japan), Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson’s queasy Braindead (1992 aka Dead/Alive), and finally Re-Animator (1985). Then sink your teeth into the fiction book World War Z, a diary about the Zombie Wars that engulfed earth. See them unflinchingly and uncompromisingly in this order. I dare ya.

■ Arudou Debito is a columnist for the Japan Times and published author of three books: Japanese Only: The Otaru Hot Springs Case and Racial Discrimination in Japan (English and Japanese versions), and Handbook for Newcomers, Migrants, and Immigrants to Japan (co-written with Akira Higuchi). He is also an associate professor at Hokkaido Information University and a naturalized Japanese citizen. His website, updated daily, is at




Bradley Callaghan talks to the Cross Hotel's Richard Robbins リチャード・ロビンス  クロスホテル

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” – perhaps, but not in Sapporo and certainly not for busy chefs. The city is a lunch paradise. Next time you’re in town around the middle of the day, I suggest that you pass on the pickled fish guts, embrace your hangover and have lunch, which - by the way - is eaten between 11am and 4pm. I’ve seen svelte office ladies in their neatly pressed trouser suits put away some hefty lunches here and I’ve all but passed out after a liquid lunch with local businessmen who hardly touched their pasta or dessert. (You did pass out - Ed). Not so long ago, a certain forerunner to this magazine regularly gave the impression that thriftiness was more important than to have enjoyed a great meal; that the quest for a bargain lunch (including if possible, the shirt off the chef’s back) took precedence over quality. While not cracking a 1,000-yen note is all well and good, I think they missed the point. Our guest chef this month is American Richard Robbins from the Cross Hotel in downtown Sapporo whose Agora Restaurant has already gained a healthy reputation for the quality of its food under his direction, and in particular its lunch buffet.


「朝食は1日のうちで最も大切な食事である。 」おそらくそうだろうが、札幌ではさにあらず。 多忙なシェフ達にとってはなおさらだ。この街


いることがあればランチを食べることをお勧め する。ところで、このランチとは午前11時から

午後4時の間に食べるものだ。ここではきちん とアイロンのかかったパンツスーツに身を包ん

だ洗練されたOL達がボリュームたっぷりのラ ンチを平らげるのを見たことがあるし、パスタ やデザートにはほとんど手を付けない地元の


ンチを食べて酔いつぶれる寸前までいった*こ ともある。 (*編集者注:というより完全に酔 いつぶれてました。)




(店からいただけるものは何でもいただくこと など)が優先されている、といった印象をいつ も受けていた。千円札を崩さずに済むのは結 構だが、それでは的外れに思える。



ド・ロビンス氏。同ホテルのレストラン『アゴー ラ』は、彼の指揮のもと料理の質、とりわけラ ンチビュッフェがすでに好評価を得ている。


テルに入る時のいいバロメーターとなるのが、 周りに座っているオーソドックスな装いの舌の


As always, a good barometer when you walk in to enjoy lunch in a hotel here is the amount of discerning, conservatively dressed ‘ladies-wholunch’ seated all around. When these seasoned punters make up a large proportion of the dining room then you know your yen is going to get you value and great quality. The food is Italian-inspired and Richard and his team should be commended for the excellent menu they’ve created. The attention to detail is an indication of the passion and love for food by all involved. At a very modest 1980 yen per person, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more bang for your buck anywhere in the city, and all within the elegant, contemporary surrounds of the Cross Hotel and its cutting-edge interior design. Richard himself has spent time in Italy, initially for post-graduate training in Piedmont and then working at the five-star Hotel Bellagio in Milan, having started out in Chicago and Portland back in the States. Now he finds himself inspired by the quality of the produce available to him in Hokkaido. “The quality of ingredients here is excellent, seafood and vegetables particularly”, says Richard. “Japanese customers seem to demand that little bit of extra quality, compared to the US and Europe, they’re very keen on that. Japanese people are extremely passionate about food but I guess they express themselves a little differently here”.

が店内の大半を占めていれば、支払いに見合 う価値と高品質が得られるというものだ。


ドと彼のチームが創り出した素晴らしいメニュ ーは賞賛に値する。細部に至る配慮は関係者 全員の食に対する情熱と愛情の表れだ。1人

1,980円という非常に控え目な料金で、この街 のどこを探してもなかなか見つけられない値

段以上の価値というものを、このクロスホテル の上品で現代風な環境と最先端のインテリア デザインの中に見つけることができる。



ピエモンテ州で働き、その後ミラノの五つ星ホ テル『ベラッジオ』に勤め、アメリカに戻ると


は北海道で手に入る生産物の品質に触発を受 けている。

"If you have good quality ingredients and cook them correctly, you don’t need to make too much of a fuss about it."


産物と野菜がね。」とリチャードは言う。 「日本 のお客さんは欧米に比べて少しばかり上質な

ものを求めているようだ。それに関してはとて も熱心だね。日本人は食に対して非常に強い

情熱を持っているが、ここでは自己表現の仕方 がちょっと違っているように思う。」


働観にも感心している。 「彼らは非常に明確 な目的意識を持っていて、解らないことにつ



ちでは北海道の特定農家から肉を仕入れてい るが、うちのスタッフはお客さんに説明できる ようにと、その過程をリサーチするところまで やる。」






Richard is also impressed by the work ethic of people in the culinary industry in Japan. “They’re extremely focused and they want to learn about what they don’t understand. They’re a little more dedicated to taking the time to do research. For example, we source our meat from a particular farm in Hokkaido. Our staff will go to enormous lengths to research the process so they can explain it to the customer”. Perhaps due to his Italian sojourn, Richard’s philosophy on food is simple: “Quality ingredients, proper cooking techniques and simplicity. If you have good quality ingredients and cook them correctly, you don’t need to make too much of a fuss about it. Of course we care about presentation but if you start out with those fundamentals, it will take care of itself”. With his hectic schedule overseeing service at one of the busiest hotel restaurants in the city, it’s not surprising that Richard rarely gets time to cook at home. When he does, it’s a simple nabe that does the job. Nor is it surprising that he seldom gets time to eat breakfast (two cups of coffee is the norm). Grabbing something quick to eat before dinner service is ‘lunch’ and that’s the inspiration behind this month’s recipe. “This is really quick to make, about ten minutes - breakfast, lunch and dinner in one sandwich!”


ば、あれこれこだわる必要はない。もちろん盛 り付けにも注意を払うが、こうした基本から始 めれば結果はおのずとついてくるものだ。」


とつで監督業務をこなす彼の過密スケジュー ルでは、家で料理する時間がほとんどないと

いうのも驚きではない。時間があれば簡単な‘ 鍋’で十分だ。






「これは本当に早く作れる。10分ぐらいさ。サ ンドイッチひとつで朝食にも、昼食にも、夕食 にもなる!」

■ 『アゴーラ』クロスホテル:〒060-0002 札幌 市中央区北2条西2丁目23 Tel: 011-272-0068 (朝食ビュッフェ:0700-1000 \1890 ランチビュッ フェ:1130-1500 \1980 ディナー:1730-2200)

■ Agora, Cross Hotel: 2-23 Kita 2 Jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060-0002. Tel: 011-272-0068 (Breakfast Buffet - 0700-1000, ¥1890; Lunch Buffet - 1130-1500 ¥1980, Dinner - 1730-2200)


Smoked Salmon and Mascarpone Cheese Sandwich

スモークサーモンとマスカルポーネチーズの サンドイッチ

Ingredients: 2 slices - Crusty bread, warm 10 grammes - Soft Butter, unsalted 50 grammes - Mascarpone Cheese 10 grammes - Capers, chopped 2 grammes - Dill, chopped 60 grammes - Smoked salmon 10 grammes - Red onion, sliced 30 grammes - Cucumber, sliced Salt & black pepper - to taste

材料: 皮が堅いタイプのパン(温めたもの):2枚 柔らかくしたバター(無塩):10グラム マスカルポーネチーズ:50グラム ケッパー(みじん切り):10グラム ディル(みじん切り):2グラム スモークサーモン:60グラム 紫タマネギ(薄切り):10グラム キュウリ(薄切り):30グラム 塩・コショウ:好みに応じて

Mix the mascarpone, capers, dill, salt and pepper in a bowl. Spread the butter and mascarpone on both sides of the bread. Layer on the smoked salmon, red onion and cucumber. Slice the sandwich in half; serve with a fresh green salad.

マスカルポーネ、ケッパー、ディル、塩、コショ ウをボールに入れて混ぜる。バターとマスカ ルポーネを両方のパンに塗る。スモークサー モン、紫タマネギ、キュウリを載せる。 サンドイッチを半分に切る。新鮮な野菜サラ ダを添えて食卓へ。

Welcome to Hamburg By Hiromi Takeda

Restaurant Review: Kamado Maruyama It wasn’t so long ago, in the 1960s during the Japanese economic boom, that hamburg (ハンバーグ, hanbāgu) steak was considered a luxury. Back then hanbāgu eaten with a knife and fork symbolized a modern westernized lifestyle that many Japanese aspired to. In fact it was only a very recently that I discovered that Hamburg (steak) was originally eaten by poor workers in Germany. And in the United States, it was a cheap alternative for beefsteak during the war, spawning the now infamous fast food. However, hamburg steak took a completely different route here in Japan. With keen craftsmanship and an inventive cooking technique, the Japanese raised up this pauper’s meal into the epitomy of the “yoshoku” menu, a Japanese interpretation of western food. Today hanbāgu restaurants are commonplace throughout Japan. Kamado Maruyama however is not your average hamburg restaurant. Located on upmarket Maruyama Urasando Street, it serves only 100% Tankaku beef from a single farm in Kita-Tokachi. It was first introduced to me by a magazine editor from Tokyo as one of his clients, a big hamburger chain owner in the Kanto area heard about

Kamado’s reputation and came all the way to Sapporo to investigate. They invited me to join them for the evening. Our reservation was at 7:30pm by which time the restaurant was almost full. We were directed to a back room with a nice fireplace. The famous signature Kamado or stone oven was located in the front area and visible from each seat. Ordering was relatively straightforward: a la carte or the course menu for 2,625 yen. The latter comes with soup, salad, appetizer, choice of hamburg steak, dessert and coffee. Homemade bread or Hokkaido white rice is an included option. The hamburg steaks are cooked to order and come with a choice of 13 sauces and in two standard sizes (160g or 190g) or larger if you’re willing to pay a little extra. Personally I went medium rare with horseradish sauce but “three cheeses” made with raclette from the famous Kyodo Gakusha farm in Tokachi was sorely tempting. Grated spicy daikon with chopped shiso leaves, Madeira sauce served with half a raw egg, and spicy habanero chili tomato sauce were among the other standout choices. The green salad was at first sight fairly standard, but leaves were crisp, fresh and tossed well with a fragrant virgin olive oil

house dressing. The focaccia and rice bread were also excellent accompaniments. When the the time came, the sizzling hot barrel-shaped hamburg hot from the Kamado oven was carefully placed on a iron plate and in less than 10 seconds, was in front of me, sitting on a wooden board. We paused for a moment while the waiter poured the sauce, causing sizzling juices to erupt from the plate (luckily we were wearing the bibs provided) and a cloud of steam to violently envelop my immediate vicinity for a short time. The smell was simply heavenly. The meat was cooked to perfection and the stone oven cooking method had successfully seared the outside while sealing in the meat juices to give a very satisfying and lingering taste. Although I tend not to eat a lot of beef when dining for pleasure, the tankakugyu (beef) used by Kamado is less fatty and in my opinion more flavorsome than the fattier shimofuri often used elsewhere. Kamado Maruyama has 22 seats. Lunch starts at 11:30pm and is set menu only for 1,260 yen. It’s a good deal and everyone knows it, so be early, make a reservation or be prepared to queue.

円山裏参道にある、レアで食べれる炭焼きハンバ ーグの店「」。北十勝ファームの短角牛100%を 遠赤外線の特製石窯で焼いてくれる。表はコン ガリ、中には肉の旨みが封じ込めてある。俵型の ハンバーグを石窯から出すと、熱々の南武鉄の鉄 板に載せて運んできてくれる。目の前でソースを かけてカットしてくれるサービスもいい。赤身の 多い短角牛なので、脂肪分は少ない。レアで食べ ると、肉本来の旨みが噛むほどに味わえる。荒挽 き黒胡椒、荒大根おろしと刻み大葉、辛味山ワサ ビ、共働学舎のラクレットチーズを使った3種チ ーズ、黒胡椒・温泉卵添えマデラソース、ハバネロ

の辛いチリトマトソースなど、ソースは13種類。サ イズは160グラムと190グラムの2種類だが、希 望に応じて30グラムずつ追加料金で増量。ラン チはセットメニューのみ。夜はコースほか、アラカ ルトも。肉の旨みで直球勝負。シンプル・イズ・ベ ストを実感させてくれる店だ。

■ Kamado Maruyama: 1-13, South 1 West 21, Tel: 011-623-5566. Closed on Monday.

■ かまどまるやま竃円山 住所札幌市中央区南1条西 21丁目1-13ベラクレエ裏参道弐番館1F Tel: 011-623-5566 営業時間11:30~16:00(15:30ラ





Farm to Table By Hiromi Takeda

Restaurant Review: NachuLa The KT 3Jou Building basement is one of those popular destinations hosting an assortment of small but attractive eateries. The wide variety and styles of food and entertainment, from homely izakaya to jazz bar means that salarymen and hip young things are equally well catered for. Recently I discovered another of its buried treasures: NachuLa, a casual restaurant and wine bar with a focus on garden fresh organic local produce. Upon turning up at 5.30pm, I didn’t see any fellow diners at all, but it was perhaps a little early for dinner anyway. However, distant laughter from an unseen location meant others were already here, hidden by the Indonesian drapes that hang loosely separating each table into its own little secluded area. NachuLa, although not a vegetarian restaurant, is sure to delight any non-meat eaters reading this review. “You don’t have to eat meat or fish here, but you won’t miss it,” explains Akihiro Sugawara, sommelier and owner of the five-year-old establishment. “NachuLa,” he continues, “takes a different approach. There are so many restaurants that specialize in serving great meat and fish dishes, but vegetables are always a side. I wanted to create a restaurant that specializes in cooking amazing vegetables”. And so he did. And for once, rather than taking their usual supporting role, the veggies are the stars of the show.


A farmer by day and a restaurateur in the evening, Sugawara is tanned and well presented in his working uniform. He sources most of his ingredients from local producers in Ebetsu, Eniwa, Wassamu and beyond, and the rest from his own small organic garden. He took up farming himself a few years ago, has become so passionate about his work that he often literally spends nights in sleeping in a tent, right alongside his vegetables! The menu changes monthly while some staples remain constant. It’s all in Japanese, but wave your copy of Sapporo Source and the friendly waitress will probably try out her English if the place isn’t too busy. Simply structured, the four page menu kicks off with “karui otsumami” or light appetizers including bruschetta with blue cheese and unpasteurized honey, Okinawa sweet potato chips, and home made panzanella. Page two features vegetable dishes, and should not be missed. Each month the restaurant features one particular vegetable in season, for example akinasu or autumn eggplant for September and kabocha pumpkin for October. Tomatoes, potatoes, leaves, and other seasonal vegetables then follow. All the vegetable dishes are equally priced at ¥600. If you’re having a tough time choosing, the Chef’s selection is a safe bet which three items for a very reasonable ¥1500. Page three is reserved for seafood and meat. Most dishes are priced at around ¥1000 to ¥1500 with Hokkaido Wagyu beef steak (150 g for ¥3800 ) being the most expensive item. A good tip would be to try the signature gnocchi made with choice of gorgonzola, tomato, or peperoncine sauce.

As a starter I had chopped Capri style green tomatoes carefully piled with basil and a small piece of mozzarella to form a tower, dressed with olive oil. With a hint of citrus is was light and refreshing, and went well with a glass of white. My friend who was dining with me finally arrived around 8 pm and we ordered some vegetable dishes to share. Our selection included chovicabe (cabbage and small pieces of chicken fillet sautéed in savory anchovy sauce), goya (a bitter melon dish), and quiche of the day. Do not miss the quiche! Strictly limited to only six servings per evening, allow around 20 minutes to be for it to be prepared – it’s worth the wait. If you’re hungering to increase the meat content, we’d recommend the Okinawa agu-buta (pork) dish, house-made sausages, smoked or boiled (¥1200), vegetable stew with tomatoes (¥1200), or pork confit served with spicy sauce (¥1400). For each course we enjoyed an excellent selection of wines by the glass, all recommended by Sugawara. As a veteran sommelier he takes pride in his wine selection, and with over 250 labels from France, Italy, Spain, and the New World including Japan who wouldn’t? Prices start at from ¥2800 and there are plenty of bottles under ¥5,000 and wine by-the-glass options are available with 15 labels to choose from. The selection changes daily and price ranges from ¥600 to ¥1000.

By the time the last dish arrived on the table, we were quite full, and didn’t have any room for fresh ice cream or tiramisu (both made from scratch, in-house) or any of the other monthly specials. A dessert assortment plate is available from which you can enjoy three choices for ¥1000. NachuLa sets out to satisfy demanding Sapporina and Sapprorini with straightforward yet elegant flavors made with the freshest local produce and serves it in a relaxing, intimate space. The place opens till 2 am, so you don’t have to get there too early. But on the other hand, when the food is this good why not make an evening of it? ■ NachuLa: South 3 West 2, 6-1, KT 3Jou Building, B1F Tel: 011-281-1678

美味しい季節の野菜料理と250種類以上のワ インが楽しめるナチュラは、ちょっと個性的な ワイン・バーです。長い間フランス料理店にい

たソムリエの菅原さんが「北海道の野菜はおい しいのに、いつも肉や魚のサイドディッシュで


た店を作ろうと、誕生したのがこの店。近郊の 農家さんはもちろん、菅原さん自ら、自分の小 さな畑で作る野菜も楽しめます。お野菜のデ ィッシュはすべて600円。野菜の味を生かし

Mick’s Picks Wine expert Mick Nippard advises on what to drink this month. Back in 1990, the American current affairs show '60 Minutes' introduced what was termed “the French paradox”, which had a huge affect on red wine consumption in America and Japan. The French suffer a relatively low incidence of coronary heart disease despite a diet that has a high saturated fat intake and high red wine consumption. These days red

wine is widely known to help fight cholesterol but even as recently as 20 years ago, this was something of a revelation to most people. So drink up, but remember “everything in moderation”. One glass a day is plenty to get the health benefits of wine, so make sure you buy yourself a big glass! Here are my picks for October. Happy drinking!

Sparkling Segura Viudas Brut Reserve Shipped over from Spain, it is widely available around town. I got mine from Fujii Wine shop (see last month for the address). From memory it was around 1400 yen. Sparkling wines from Spain are not called Champagne, but Cava (cava is Spanish for cave, which traditionally was where the wine was made). Excellent nose with a lovely hint of freshly cut Granny Smith apples – a classic characteristic of good sparkling wine. Dry, clean and crisp with a traditional cork closure.

Red Coates Shiraz 2005 Purchased at Imamuraya in Maruyama Class for 3420 yen. This Australian wine is 100% organic, from McLaren Vale, the famous wine region in South Australia. The vintage (2005) is classified as a very good one and it shows in the taste. The wine’s colour is a very deep and dense dark red and vibrant for a 4-year-old. Lovely rich fruit characters hit you immediately away. Blackberries and ripe cherries come to mind, with great spice. A nice palate with flavour hitting you straight away and lingering on long after the wine is consumed. If you’re looking for a dish to go with this one, try anything rich. Venison would be perfect, or a strong flavoured cheese – try an Italian Pecorino. Not the cheapest wine but good value for the quality. Cork closure.

White Washington Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2007 This easy drinking wine comes from America, specifically Columbia Valley, Washington state. I bought this wine from Kotobukiya in Maruyama. It was around 1200 yen. The acid was soft and the fruit characters reminded me of fresh peaches. This wine was great value and made for drinking now. I would try this with a fresh garden salad. Screw cap closure.

た料理が並びます。日替わりのキッシュは1日 6人限定。ソムリエだけに「他の店で飲めるも

のはうちには置かない」とワインリストには自 信がある菅原さん。グラスワインだけでも常


ます。各テーブルはカーテンで分けられている ので、ほぼ個室感覚です。カウンター席もある ので、女性一人でも大丈夫。身体が喜ぶもの


たい-そんなときに最適な隠れ家的なワインバ ーかも。

■ NachuLa: 札幌市中央区南3条西2丁目 KT三条ビルB1 Tel: 011-281-1678

Fax: (011)281-1876 営業時間: 17:00~

深夜2:00 定休日: 毎週月曜日&第3日曜日



Gig Guide Thursday 1st October BESSIE HALL: QUASAR/HANAfesta 60'S/our favorite fab + more Open: TBC Start: TBC Adv: ¥1,500 Door: ¥2,000

Friday 2nd October COLONY: " 鶴「情熱ツアー2009 秋〜全国的にアフロ〜」" - 鶴 Open: 18:30 Start: 19:00 Adv: ¥3,000 KLUB COUNTER ACTION: "アシュ ラシンドローム" - アシュラシンドロー ム/NOISE MAKER/GAJAMADA/QHOTROOM/DJ KO→KI Open: 19:30 Start: 20:00 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500 PENNY LANE 24: "WE! GO LIVE!" - カーネーション/sleepy.ab/ + more Open: 18:30 Start: 19:00 Adv: ¥2,300 SOUND LAB MOLE: "MxVxH" PUNISHMENT FOR BARBARIAN / 鉞-mathakari- / LEOPARDEATH / Last Tragety Open: 18:30 Start: 19:00 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500

Saturday 3rd October COLONY: "2009 TRYCYCLETE TOUR" - CYCLE/ NIGHT WALKER/SUCIDE HAVEN Open: 17:00 Start: 17:30 Adv: ¥4,000 CUBE GARDEN: "NO HITTER [WHIY TOUR 2009 ファイナル]" NO HITTER / STOMPIN'BIRD (横浜)/ St.ELMO'S FIRE(札幌) / dustbox Open: 17:00 Start: 18:00 Adv: ¥2,500 KLUB COUNTER ACTION: "FRESH NOISE vol.1" - FIGHT IT OUT(横浜)/FORCE OUT(群馬)/ FROM ONE STEP(網走)/The FIVE VERSE/YUKIGUNI/HELLNE/DJ: DARK SIDE DSC Open: 19:30 Start: 20:00 Adv: ¥1,500 Door: ¥2,000 PENNY LANE 24: "フジファ ブリックデビュー5周年ツアー GoGoGoGoGoooood!!!!!" - フ ジファブリック Open: 17:30 Start: 18:00 Adv: ¥3,800

SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: "The Rock Show Vol. 3" - THE CHOOSERS / THE MARGARETTES /DIALS (Mito) / THE STAND BY ME (Tokyo) Open: 19:30 Start: 20:00 Adv: ¥1,500 Door: ¥2,000 ZEPP: "Mount Alive presents The future of live" - 曽我 部恵一BAND/毛皮のマリーズ/ RYUKYUDISKO/小谷美紗子/

MO'SOME TONEBENDER Open: 18:30 Start: 19:00 Adv: ¥3,000

SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: "METAL for METAL presents【仙田塚】 三 里塚 " - BATTLE SHRINE / SKILL ACTOR /BATTLE SHRINE / 猫砂 / ノーソンズ / ROCKARASS / DENO/ VEALZZ(富良野) / DIRTY MEN Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500

Jake Shimabukuro and his ukelele visit Zepp on October 14th

To submit a listing please email

Sunday 4th October

Friday 9th October

COLONY: "2009 TRYCYCLETE TOUR" - CYCLE/ 十手ジャパン/ JADESTER Open: 17:00 Start: 17:30 Adv: ¥4,000

BESSIE HALL: SCOOBIE DO Open: 19:00 Start: 19:30 Adv: ¥3,000

KLUB COUNTER ACTION: "SAPPORO FREAK SHOW DELUXE" - Capsules(東京)/髭楽 団/ハイカロリーズ/郎平 Open: 19:00 Start: 19:30 Adv: ¥1,500 Door: ¥2,000 PENNY LANE 24: "フジファ ブリックデビュー5周年ツアー GoGoGoGoGoooood!!!!!" - フ ジファブリック Open: 17:30 Start: 18:00 Adv: ¥3,800 SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: "Sun-drop & WEIRDY presents DROPING SUN ROCK Fes 2009 " - ハンバ ーガーおじさん / Domino Country / mimiz℃ / Sun-drop / WEIRDY Open: 14:00 Start: 14:30 Adv: ¥500 Door: ¥500

Monday 5th October KLUB COUNTER ACTION: "STK" - THE WORLD PEACE/ kioku(函館)/baB/supporting-me/ fault Open: 19:00 Start: 19:30 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500

Tuesday 6th October KLUB COUNTER ACTION: "OLD PUNKS 激闘市街戦 +CONFLICT FOR FREEDOM TOUR 2009" - THE CASUALTiES(USA)/TOM AND BOOT BOYS(東京)/EXTINCT GOVERNMENT(東京)/SLANG/若 葉/CHAOTIX/ABSURD SOCIETY/ KKG Open: 19:30 Start: 20:00 Adv: ¥2,500 Door: ¥3,000 ZEPP: "THE BOOM 20th Anniversary Live Tour 2009 My Sweet Home" - THE BOOM Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥6,000

Wednesday 7th October SOUND LAB MOLE: "ACOUSTIC 10×7" - オグロック(ムックリタッチ& ミー)/ 紗々 / H two / ...and more Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500 SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: "Turn Around" - the武田組 / Lab-Siva saki (佐木伸秀・東京)/ asunaRo / THE DONES /徳田雅紀(BAND)/ サイクリングリンリンズ / hopesign Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500

Thursday 8th October BESSIE HALL: SCLUM SIDE SLIVERS + more Open: TBC Start: TBC Adv: ¥1,500 Door: ¥2,000 SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: "Turn Around" - トランジスタBooDoo / Saliva gelee / アンブラッザグェノン / むラ / みちくさ日和 Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500



COLONY: "redballoon BEST 発売記念LIVE TOUR2009" redballoon / 月光グリーン / FAZZY CLOVER / Alvaro Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥2,000 SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: "Hello!" ゴンダタケシ(GriP)/ Cell the rough butch / Sail / jag / bright color section3 / The Velvetone Dance Klaxone Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥1,500 Door: ¥2,000

Saturday 10th October BESSIE HALL: Jackson vibe Open: 17:30 Start: 18:00 Adv: ¥2,800 CUBE GARDEN: "cube garden 1st Anniversary SHOW!!! " アアイドリング!!! / オクラホマ + more Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥2,000 KLUB COUNTER ACTION: "OVERKILL VOL.100" ETERNAL ELYSIUM(名古屋)/ SLANG/SILVERBACK/THE THANKS/JADESTER/薄野亜無亜危 異/DESORATOR/NO MORE PAIN Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥2,000 Door: ¥2,500 PENNY LANE 24: "おっさんだよ! 全員集合!" - 雲丹屋 / Project JAM / 哲犬屋 / はにぃべあーず / 機動戦士 YARANAIKA / DJ ちっぺ / DJ quim / MC MOC / ヲタケン Open: 15:00 Start: 16:00 Adv: ¥1,000 SOUND LAB MOLE: "oqioio" Piece Porter(東京)/ サムライザム ライ / 昨夜未明 / MYlessQ / ...and more Open: 17:30 Start: 18:00 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500 SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: "Dream Violence Vol. 18WE ARE MOD LUNG合同レコ発 札幌 編 " - WE ARE! (from Tokyo) / MOD LUNG(from Tokyo) / RO / Discharming man Open: 18:30 Start: 19:00 Adv: ¥2,000 Door: ¥2.500 ZEPP: "松浦亜弥コンサートツア ー2009秋〜想いあふれて〜" - 松 浦亜弥 Open: 14:30/15:30 Start: 18:00/19:00 (2 shows) Adv: ¥6,300

Sunday 11th October COLONY: "KANEKO Casual Planning Tour '09" - KANEKO/ Climber's Nash / The Violent Storokez / Lady=Goodman /NO REASON Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥1,000 KLUB COUNTER ACTION: "IT'S A FACT RECORDS presents DEMO CRAZY NIGHT vol.4" - ELECTRIC SUMMER (東京)/BAMbi(東京)/TWO LAYERS OF PAINT/SNATCH Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥2,000 Door: ¥2,500

PENNY LANE 24: "三国伝来玉面金 剛九尾の狐" - 陰陽座 Open: 17:30 Start: 18:00 Adv: ¥4,500 SOUND LAB MOLE: "OVER KILL vol.100" - JURASSIC JADE (東京) / DEATH WORM / 武尊 / GOD SUCK JAPAN / DENGEKI / FLOWER / YUKIGUNI / NO MORE PAIN Open: 16:00 Start: 16:30 Adv: ¥2,000 Door: ¥2,500 SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: "In The Air" - スーパーノア(京都)/My Blueberry Nights /naked / FLUKE / シガレットケース / 闇鍋 / color chord Open: 17:30 Start: 18:00 Adv: ¥1,500 Door: ¥2,000

Monday 12th October COLONY: "AIR-G' FM ROCK KIDS Naked LIVE Vol.5" raufen / live a little / atari / melowdeux / Marll stone Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥1,000 CUBE GARDEN: "cube garden 1st Anniversary - NOISE MAKER presents MEGA GODZILLA vol. 2 " - SNAIL RAMP / NOISE MAKER / アシュラシンドローム / 海坊主 / fault Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥2,000 KLUB COUNTER ACTION: "HOPPING NITE" - NON-SENCE (宮城)/BLAST(函館)/QUICK(函館)/ AIGHT/supporting-me Open: 19:00 Start: 19:30 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500

KRAPS HALL: "ブタは太らせてから クエTOUR2009 ドラネコさんバー スデーSP!" - 新宿心音会板谷祐(ex. SLUT BANKS/ex.CRAZE/ex.Zikill) / JOLLY PICKLES / Mega8ball Butterfly / nine chord Open: 17:30 Start: 18:00 Adv: ¥2,500 SOUND LAB MOLE: "soundgraph vol.3" - Far France(東京)/ スーパーノア(京 都)/ Jake stone garage / spirit page / mondaysick Open: 17:30 Start: 18:00 Adv: ¥1,800 Door: ¥2,300 SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: "THE FACE IN LIVE TOUR - COYOTE" - THE FACE / TURKEY / SOW / ROSALYN / The CHEVY / THE BULLET VICTIM'59 / ヘル★ダ イ Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥1,500 Door: ¥2.000

Wednesday 14th October ZEPP: "Music Is Good Medicine”JAPAN TOUR 2009" Jake Shimabukuro (ukulele) Open: 18:30 Start: 19:00 Adv: ¥6,500

Friday 16th October COLONY: "春木爆発ツーマンライブ ザ・ホームシックス x the武田組" The Homesicks / the武田組 Open: 18:30 Start: 19:00 Adv: ¥2,000 KLUB COUNTER ACTION: "CRASH and BORN" - NUBO (横浜)/THE WELL WELLS(東京)/ SERVICE ACE/fault Open: 19:00

Start: 19:30 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500 SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: " 生 きゴミ って変換されるパソコン" - Bibsel / BURNING BLOOD's / ラスタ / JET LAG HEAD / Beautiful Sundaze Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500

Saturday 17th October COLONY: "俺達いつでもロックバ カ!ワンマン!" - ニューロティカ Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥3,000 KLUB COUNTER ACTION: "アクメ ナイトvol.15 しっぱいまん誕生日記念 2DAYS" - バックドロップシンデレラ (東京)/SPY BOY/THE CASSADYS/ king star field/PISTOL BOOGIE SUICIDE/JET THUNDERS Open: 19:30 Start: 20:00 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500 PENNY LANE 24: "Aoワンマンラ イブ〜space"A"opera〜" - Ao (ex. raison d'etre) Open: 18:00 Start: 19:00 Adv: ¥2,000 SOUND LAB MOLE: "DOMINANT LIVE" - DOMINANT Open: 19:00 Start: 19:30 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500 SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: "Turn Around" - bright color section3 / RESISTANSE / Unity sQuare / K.O.SPIKE / アイソトニック / クリハ シタクヤ(エレキ、火星の声)Open:

Crazy Osakan rockers Watusi Zombie are in town on Monday October 19th at Spiritual Lounge to promote their latest LP 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500 ZEPP: "アップステージpresents コ コペリ亭7th Anniversary TOMMY EMMANUEL C.G.P JAPAN TOUR 2009 札幌公演" - トミーエマニュエ ル Open: 16:00 Start: 18:00 Adv: ¥7,350/¥5,250/¥4,200

Sunday 18th October PENNY LANE 24: "SEX MACHINGUNS 2009秋ツア ー「45°〜上昇指向〜」" - SEX MACHINGUNS Open: 17:00 Start: 18:00 Adv: ¥4,200 SOUND LAB MOLE: " ハーモニク ス Vol. 4" - トランジスタBOO DOO / Wind Rip / Original Hand Made

Fluke play Spiritual Lounge on October 11th



/ Nine Soul Cafe / Jag / e-style act / ...and more Open: 17:00 Start: 17:30 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500 SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: "JET THUNDERS企画 アクメナイトvol.16 〜しっぱいまん生誕記念2DAYS〜" バックドロップシンデレラ(fromTokyo) / JET THUNDERS / アシュラシンドロ ーム / CELL THE ROUGH BUTCH / + more Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500

Monday 19th October SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: "WATUSI ZOMBIE NEW ALBUM 『WE ARE THE WORLD!!!』RELEASE PARTY IN SAPPORO" ワッツーシゾンビ(大阪) / 角煮 / THE LUMDEES / F.H.C.with VJ ReguRegu / Open: 19:30 Start: 19:30 Adv: ¥2,000 Door: ¥2,500

Tuesday 20th October CUBE GARDEN: "極東最前線/巡 業〜一切合切太陽みたいに輝く〜" イースタンユース Open: 19:00 Start: 19:30 Adv: ¥3,500

ーズ Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥1,500 Door: ¥2,000

Saturday 24th October BESSIE HALL: THROW Bit + more Open: TBC Start: TBC Adv: ¥1,500 Door: ¥2,000 COLONY: " TOUR09 X-RAYS OF SCREW" - SCREW Open: 17:00 Start: 17:30 Adv: ¥3,150 CUBE GARDEN: " TOUR09 X-RAYS OF SCREW" - SCREW Open: 17:00 Start: 17:30 Adv: ¥3,150 KLUB COUNTER ACTION: "TEDDY BOY NITE" - SIDE-ONE (東京)/THE BOTS(大阪)/YOUNG PARISIAN(東京)/GREASY (ex THE ROCK)/TURKEY/鬚楽団/BRAIN STORM(名寄) Open/Start: 20:00 Adv: ¥5,000 Door: ¥5,500 Lostage

New York punk rock outfit The Casualties play Klub Counter Action on October 6th Catch The Homesicks at Colony on October 16th

Wedensday 21st October KLUB COUNTER ACTION: "SET YOU FREE" - RADIOTS (東京)/SNATCH/St.ELMO'S FIRE/ supporting-meOpen: 19:00 Start: 19:30 Adv: ¥2,000 Door: ¥2,500 PENNY LANE 24: "キマグレン TOUR 2009 -KID IN THE SKY-" キマグレン Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥4,500 SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: "LOST WEEKENDER Do You Know NITEHEAD? tour" - LOST WEEKENDER(東京)/ JANE ANDROID LADY / Alvaro / オレオ / Sail / Strawberry Fields Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥1,500 Door: ¥2,000

Thursday 22nd October KLUB COUNTER ACTION: "SMASH" - SERVICE AGE + more Open: TBC Start: TBC Adv: ¥TBC Door: ¥TBC SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: "In The Air" - Sorrys!(東京)/ Wanderlust / モンシロチョウは胃 の中 / 4points / The last bus to London(室蘭)/ GALEGA Open: TBC Start: TBC Adv: TBC Door: TBC

Friday 23rd October BESSIE HALL: APOGEE Open: 18:30 Start: 19:00 Adv: ¥3,000 PENNY LANE 24: "The Birthday TOUR 愛でぬりつぶせ" - The Birthday Open: 18:30 Start: 19:30 Adv: ¥4,500 KLUB COUNTER ACTION: "SONIC WAVE" - FURS(東京)/ theDrownerz/REVOLVER AHOSTAR/若葉/Oi!VALCANS Open: TBC Start: TBC Adv: ¥TBC Door: ¥TBC SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: "Kurofune" - 西川進(東京)/ RoomNumber / ザ・チャイムズ / ネ コライダー /ロジェ / 無重力スキッパ

PENNY LANE 24: "BKTS 2009" - ASPARAGUS/the band apart/ COMEBACK MY DAUGHTERS/ lostage Open: 16:30 Start: 17:30 Adv: ¥3,000 SOUND LAB MOLE: "リンダリンダ ラバーソールワンマンライブ「JPOP vs 人間's MUSIC」" - リンダリンダラ バーソール Open: 18:30 Start: 19:00 Adv: ¥1,000 Door: ¥1,500 ZEPP: "SUGA SHIKAO "FUNK FIRE '09" - スガシカオ Open: 18:00 Start: 19:00 Adv: ¥6,000

Sunday 25th October COLONY: "cube garden 1st Anniversary MEN☆SOUL Presents 『しゃべくり006 ジョイ ントコン" - MEN☆SOUL / サンプラ ザ中野くん / m.c.A・T Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥2,500 KLUB COUNTER ACTION: "EAST WEST HARDCORE vol.6" - 奇形児(東京)/AKUTARE(東京)/ CRUDE(函館)/SLANG/ANSWER/ BUTTERFLY Open: 19:00 Start: 19:30 Adv: ¥2,000 Door: ¥2,500 PENNY LANE 24: "ONE OK ROCK 2009 Overcome Emotion TOUR" - ONE OK ROCK Open: 17:00 Start: 17:30 Adv: ¥3,000 SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: THE RODEO CARBURETTOR Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30 Adv: ¥2,500

Tuesday 27th October BESSIE HALL: THE TRAMPERS + more Open: TBC Start: TBC Adv: ¥1,500 Door: ¥2,000



KICK/BASEBALL KNUCKLE/ BARIKAN/SNATCH Open: 19:00 Start: 19:30 Adv: ¥1,200 Door: ¥1,500 SOUND LAB MOLE: "Under The Bridge" - a flood of circle(東京)/ 月光グリーン / Cell the rough butch / mondaysick / Boys Don't Cry / ...and more Open: 17:30 Start: 18:00 Adv: ¥1,800 Door: ¥2,300 ZEPP: "GARNET CROW livescope 2009 〜夜明けの Soul〜" - GARNET CROW Open: 18:00 Start: 19:00 Adv: ¥6,000

Saturday 31st October COLONY: "20年だョ ワンマン2デ イズシリーズ〜被り曲なしの2日間〜" - フラワーカンパニーズ Open: 17:30 Start: 18:00 Adv: ¥3,300

LIVE HOUSE INFO Bessie Hall 011-221-6076 Colony 011-532-3329 Cube Garden 011-210-9500 Klub Counter Action 011-222-1413 Kraps Hall 011-518-5522

KLUB COUNTER ACTION: "Third eye creation tour09'10'&MATCH AT MOMENT vol.3" - TRIBAL CHAIR(埼玉)/Anti Social Student(八王子)/THE LOCAL ART (東京)/fault Open: 19:00 Start: 19:30 Adv: ¥1,500 Door: ¥2,000

Penny Lane 24 011-6441-1911

SPIRITUAL LOUNGE: "Travelling Spoon Release Tour" - tokyo pinsalocks(fromTokyo)/Jake stone garage / ナナイロマン / アシ ュラシンドローム / blue light Open: 17:30 Start: 18:00 Adv: ¥2,000 Door: ¥2,500

Spiritual Lounge 011-221-9199

ZEPP: "Zeppyramid tour" - Base Ball Bear Open: 16:00 Start: 17:00 Adv: ¥3,800

To submit a listing please email to:

Sound Lab Mole 011-207-5101

Zepp 011-532-6969

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10月5日より、 レストランボルドー のランチが生まれ変わります! 新たにデザートブッフェやチョコレートフォンデュも加え、 45種類以上のランチブッフェをご用意しております。 肉料理、魚介料理のメインディッシュも一皿ついて1980円! メルキュールホテルでしか味わえない、 新感覚フレンチスタイルブッフェです。 この機会にぜひボルドーにお越しくださいませ。 【期間限定キャンペーン】 10月末日まで、 ご予約特典といたしましてお食事を10%OFF とさせていただきます。 お電話にてご予約の上お越しくださいませ。 • • • •

フランスパン ソシソンと生ハム 種類豊富なチーズ フレンチスタイル前菜

• • •

フレンチスタイル温野菜 とサラダブッフェ デザートブッフェ チョコレートフォンデュ


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Sapporo Source - Issue 4 - October 2009  

Film Festival Special Edition

Sapporo Source - Issue 4 - October 2009  

Film Festival Special Edition