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SAP Partner Guide


4 SAP Ecosystem and Partners 4 Partner Program Focus 4 Partner Types 4 Partner Services and Benefits 4 Marketing Awareness, Branding, and Lead Generation 5 Incremental Business Development and Revenue-Share Programs 6 Software Integration and Co-Innovation 7 Implementation and Certification Services, Shared Process, and Industry Expertise

8 Partner Recognition Programs 8 SAP Pinnacle Awards 8 SAP PartnerEdge 8 Get Connected: Join SAP PartnerEdge 9 Introducing SAP

Overview SAP Partner Guide provides a quick overview of the benefits available to prospective SAP partners. It outlines the process for engagement as well as onboarding and marketing enablement services available through the various stages to attaining full member status in the SAPŽ PartnerEdge™ program.

SAP® Ecosystem and Partners

Partner Types

Partner Services and Benefits

At SAP, we recognize the vital role our partners play in our ecosystem – a community of organizations and individuals focused on a common goal – customer success. In this guide, you will learn how your organization can participate in our partner programs, which provide a strong foundation of support and collaboration that fosters unparalleled value and mutual business success for our customers, our partners, and SAP.

SAP offers global and local partnership categories for every strategic business area and customer need in all market segments. So no matter your area of expertise, we invite you to take advantage of an opportunity to grow your business by aligning with SAP.

The combined expertise, experience, and insights of the SAP ecosystem and partner network lead to better solutions for our customers. As an SAP partner, you can tap into resources that will help you grow and maximize business results. When you join our partner network, you gain access to more than 30 years of experience spanning 25 industry segments. SAP partnership also offers several opportunities for partners to engage in initiatives spanning market awareness, codevelopment, and technical certification as well as participation in diverse communityrelated activities.

Partner Program Focus Our partners share SAP’s passion for customer value. Together we create a thriving ecosystem in which our valued partners can be successful – a win-win situation for all. SAP is committed to supporting our partners through our award-winning partner programs, like the SAP® PartnerEdge™ program. These partner programs focus on: • Greater market exposure and expanded business opportunities • Rewards for sales success, solution development, and the ability to sat­ isfy our mutual customers • Joint sales and marketing initiatives • Access to a broad and growing customer base • Market development funding • Technical expertise on SAP software platforms and solutions • Co-innovation and codevelopment • Collaborative planning and execution

As an SAP partner, you will find a role at the level of commitment right for your business – from far-reaching global alliances to local, industry-specific collaborations. At every level, you can rely on SAP for intensive, back-office marketing support, sales support, technical services, training, and certification opportunities. Learn more about partnering with SAP and our partnership categories. See Figure 1 for a view of partner categories.



• SAP services partners – • SAP software solution Help SAP customers partners – Develop design, implement, and integrated applications that integrate SAP solutions have passed the certifica• SAP channel partners – tion or validation process Access new customers • SAP technology in the expanding SME partners – Provide market infrastructure for • SAP hosting partners – SAP® solutions Offer a portfolio of • SAP content partners – hosting services for Integrate data, intellectual SAP applications property, or information services Figure 1: SAP Partner Categories


Marketing Awareness, Branding, and Lead Generation Extend the reach to SAP customers with marketing awareness, branding, and lead generation: • SAP partner branding and logo usage: SAP partners can use SAP partner logos as well as relevant Support

• SAP education partners – Deliver high-quality, professional training for SAP solutions and technology • SAP support partners – Provide the best possible support throughout the lifecycle of SAP solutions

SAP channel partners

Business Process Expert community

SAP BusinessObjects community

Customers SAP services partners

SAP technology partners

SAP Developer Network

Enterprise Services Community

Industry standards

SAP® PartnerEdge™

SAP software solution partners

Communities of Innovation

Industry Value Network program

Trusted and Relevant Partner Solutions and Services

SAP EcoHub – Connecting for Success

Incremental Business Development and Revenue-Share Programs The following are incremental business development and revenue-share programs: • The SAP Referral program makes it easy for prospective partners to earn revenue on business opportunities you identify and share. Once you sign up for membership in the referral program, you can submit leads, track their status – and, ultimately, earn big returns on those that are converted to wins. Program membership is open and requires only a simple registration.

Figure 2: SAP Ecosystem and Partners

SAP partner demand-generation templates. The SAP partner logos correspond to the three partnership levels within the different partner programs: SAP partner, SAP gold partner, and SAP global partner. For partners, logo usage provides branding credibility especially relevant as they attempt to reach the SAP customers. Partners also have access to a number of ecosystem thought-leadership articles, white papers, and videos – content that partners can leverage as they approach the SAP customer base. • SAP EcoHub: An online marketplace of SAP and partner solutions, The SAP EcoHub site allows customers to discover, evaluate, and buy the right solution, and then find the right deployment partners based on industry,

geography, or line of business. For partners, SAP EcoHub provides easy reach to customers and branding credibility, as well as several opportunities for comarketing their solutions. For additional information about SAP EcoHub, please visit • SAP events: SAP partnership status is one of the most important tickets to SAP events. Guidelines for participating, exhibiting, sponsoring, advertising, and networking vary according to the event and depend in most cases on event-specific topic areas. SAP participates in and hosts a variety of events worldwide. For partners, these events provide an opportunity to raise the visibility of their offerings to a qualified SAP customer audience.


• SAP solution extensions are developed by independent partners to integrate easily with SAP software – offering cross-solution and crossindustry functionality that complement SAP solution functionality. To help ensure the highest quality, SAP tests, validates, approves, and supports partner-developed solutions – assuring customers of SAP quality, commitment, and support, and greater return on investment. SAP solutions extensions require a re­ seller agreement and are branded as an SAP solution, as well as listed on the SAP price list. For partners, this represents the highest level of engagement with SAP sales – leveraging an effective channel for selling to the SAP installed customer base. Note: this program is by invitation only. • Endorsed business solutions are complementary to SAP software offerings, are developed in accordance with SAP development guidelines, and provide additional choices and flexibility for businesses running SAP software. The SAP-endorsed


business solutions require a co-sell agreement and are sold by SAP partners in close collaboration with SAP. For partners, this endorsement helps validate the solutions. This is clearly reflected through the solutions’ integration into the industry solution maps. Note: this program is by invitation only. Software Integration and Co-Innovation SAP promotes software integration and co-innovation for holistic, value-added customer solutions: • Software solution integration certifications: To help ensure the quality of integrations, we provide integration certifications along with guidance and support to help you get your products to market quickly. An SAP integration certification ensures customers that a third-party solution truly integrates with an SAP product or technology. For partners, SAP’s certification process guarantees highquality integration of partner products and demonstrates to customers that the solution allows a smooth flow of

business data through SAP software via open interfaces. • Co-innovation labs: SAP has established co-innovation labs in Palo Alto, Bangalore, and Tokyo where software vendors, integrators, and technology partners work with SAP on a variety of projects that may be initiated by an independent software vendor (ISV) or an internal SAP group. Participation in these labs is open to all prospective partners, who can contact the SAP Co-Innovation Lab for more information or to submit a project proposal. For partners, the lab presents an exciting opportunity for co-innovation as well as demonstrating thought leadership in their area of expertise. • Industry Value Network: The Industry Value Network program forms an integral part of the SAP ecosystem. These industry-specific networks create a platform that strives to identify and discuss business trends as well as industry needs. The objective of the program is to facilitate and market the delivery of integrated, multivendor solutions through collaboration and co-innovation. For partners, participation in the Industry Value Network program creates mutual benefits through sharing information and combining industry and domain expertise of all participants. • Enterprise Services Community: The Enterprise Services Community program is a dynamic network of customers and partners from diverse industries who collaborate to define new enterprise services and share ideas and innovations. This collaboration yields an evolving set of enterprise services that SAP packages

and makes available to partners through Enterprise Services Repository in SAP NetWeaver. By participating in this community, partners can play a significant role in helping define enterprise services created by SAP and partners. For more information, please visit the service-oriented architecture (SOA) section in the SAP Developer Network community site. Implementation and Certification Services, Shared Process, and Industry Expertise SAP provides enhanced implementation and certification services and promotes shared process and industry expertise to establish thought leadership: • SAP certification for individuals: SAP offers training and certifications for individuals focused on SAP technologies across a number of disciplines. Certification is offered to

in­dividuals who have demonstrated their abilities by passing demanding process-oriented exams. Whether you are a customer, partner, or user, SAP certification gives you a distinct competitive advantage. For additional information about the SAP certi­ fication, please read about the certification program on the SAP partner portal. • SAP certification for services: The training and certification that leads to becoming an SAP-certified provider of software integration services for ISVs aims to enhance the scope of the technical enablement of services provided by consulting companies to software vendors pursuing integration certification in any of the integration areas including Java development, ABAP™ programming language development, SAP BusinessObjects™ XI solutions content development, and SOA-based development. For

partners, this certification serves as a confirmation of the necessary expertise to deploy the associated solutions – with potential for new business from customers deploying the related solutions. • Community network at SAP: The community network at SAP provides a vibrant community of SAP developers, consultants, integrators, business process experts, and business analysts that allows all partners and users to gain and share knowledge about subjects ranging from technical topics to business process models, as well as analytics applications used by business users. Some examples of various communities are listed below: – SAP Developer Network: The SAP Developer Network (SDN) site is a vibrant development community that can help participants gain and share knowledge about technical topics like ABAP, Java, .NET, SOA, and other cutting-edge technologies. By participating in SDN, partners can leverage the combined expertise of the community through blogs, discussion forums, exclusive downloads and code samples, training materials, and a robust technical library. – Business Process Expert community: This rapidly growing community of 500,000 members includes systems integrators, business analysts, functional consultants, and business process owners. The members of the Business Process Expert (BPX) community have access to specific benefits such as process modeling, change management tips, best practice methodologies, and virtual roundtables.


– SAP BusinessObjects community: The SAP BusinessObjects community is a powerful resource for developers, IT users, partners, and business users who are building or extending solutions that enable business users to access, analyze, and share data within and outside their organizations.

Partner Recognition Programs SAP and our partners have the top minds and top solutions for software, hardware, consulting, or services to serve the ever-growing global business software market. Our vision is clear – leverage our ecosystem to deliver the best technology, best services, and best solutions to our customers. Part of the SAP partner recognition programs, the SAP Pinnacle Awards are awarded annually at the SAPPHIRE® conference to recognize those partners who have excelled in working with SAP to help ensure our customers’ success. SAP Pinnacle Awards The SAP Pinnacle Awards recognize those services, technology, outsourcing, and software partners who have excelled in developing the partnership and mutual business with SAP by providing quality products, solutions, and services to customers. Winners are selected from nominations received from partners and SAP employees. Read the following for details: • Most recent categories and winners • Selection criteria, categories, nomination and selection process, and benefits


SAP PartnerEdge SAP PartnerEdge offers an innovative partner program designed for organizations that develop complementary solutions and services offerings based on SAP solutions and technologies. As you strive to meet the highest level of customer satisfaction, we are committed to help you succeed in that endeavor and have several enablement services offered through the SAP PartnerEdge program. For additional information, please visit the SAP PartnerEdge program that supports software solution partners or service partners. SAP® PartnerEdge™ Technical Enablement

Marketing Enablement

Sales Enablement

Figure 3: SAP PartnerEdge Program Provides Enablement Services to Partners

Get Connected: Join SAP PartnerEdge The SAP PartnerEdge program is your gateway to all services and benefits outlined in this document. Below is a typical process to becoming an SAP partner.

Step 1: Apply • Complete the online application at • Provide information about your company, solution, industry, key contacts, and other information Step 2: Qualify • Provide additional information, as required by market unit or region • Receive the legal agreement from SAP to sign • Complete all membership requirements Step 3: Sign • Return signed legal agreement • Pay the annual program fee • Receive the official SAP partner status Step 4: Onboard • Complete SAP PartnerEdge overview training • Meet your assigned SAP partner support advisor • Get access to the SAP PartnerEdge portal • Complete online partner profile, including solutions and services Step 5: Leverage • Enable your personnel on SAP solutions • Access and leverage SAP tools, methodologies, and your advisor • Engage with the right SAP personnel to create win-win situations • Leverage the SAP PartnerEdge portal to manage your activities with SAP

Introducing SAP As the world’s leading provider of business software,* SAP delivers products and services that help accelerate business innovation for our customers. Our vision is for companies of all sizes to become best-run businesses. In today’s challenging business environment, best-run companies have clarity across all aspects of their business, which allows them to act quickly with increased insight, efficiency, and flexibility. By using SAP solutions, com­ panies of all sizes – including small businesses and midsize companies – can reduce costs, optimize performance, and gain the insight and agility needed to close the gap between strategy and execution. Today, over 85,000 customers in more than 120 countries run SAP applications – from distinct solutions that address the needs of small businesses and midsize companies to enterprise offerings for global organizations. SAP solutions address the unique business process requirements of more than 25 industries. Founded in 1972, SAP has a rich history of innovation and growth as a true industry leader. SAP currently has sales and development locations in more than 50 countries worldwide and is listed on several exchanges, including the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and NYSE under the symbol “SAP.” For additional information about SAP, please visit * SAP defines business software as comprising enterprise resource planning and related applications such as supply chain management, customer relationship management, product lifecycle management, and supplier relationship management.


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SAP Partnering Guide  
SAP Partnering Guide  

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