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Systems – 30 systems that will help you use less resources yet produce greater profits. Marketing 1. Prepared 30 second commercials for introductions. 2. Referral tracking and reward system. 3. E-mail marketing promotion step by step process.

Sales 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Prepared sales script. Prepared sales presentation / workshops. E-mail copy templates with headlines. Customer online training videos. Customer online discussion forums. FAQ - customer frequently asked questions list.

Operations 10. Pre-approved forms and contracts (clients, new employees, ICs, vendors, etc.). 11. Standardized checklists or flow charts. 12. Quality of work checklists. 13. Monthly requirement checklists. 14. Step by step instructions for tasks or projects. 15. Form a database of key information. 16. Emergency procedures. 17. Preapproved vendor lists. 18. A timeline or Master Calendar. 19. Worksheets. 20. Pricing lists.

Financial 21. Cash deposit procedures. HR 22. Job or role descriptions. 23. Employee training manual/w common Q & A sheets. 24. Organizational charts. 25. Pre-meeting agendas. 26. Pre-meeting checklists. 27. Hiring checklist/ packet. 28. Employee Training videos. 29. Pre-established disciplinary procedures. 30. Hiring process from ad to interview. 1

30 Systems To Produce Greater Profits  
30 Systems To Produce Greater Profits  

30 innovative systems business owners can use to reduce their expenses and produce greater profits.