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C onte n t s DENTAL HEALTH......................................7 WIN WITH PELICAN PRINT........................9. FREEME.................................................. 11 THE ORIENTAL CAT................................ 12. TY KEOGH INTERVIEW........................... 17 THE POODLE.......................................... 18 EVENTS.................................................. 15 BEHAVOURISTS AND TRAINERS............. 26 GROOMING PARLOURS........................... 26 PET FRIENDLY ACCOMMODATION......... 26 CAT BREED CLUBS................................. 27 DOG BREED CLUBS............................... 27 PET SITTERS........................................... 27 WELFARE DIRECTORY............................ 27. VETERINARY DIRECTORY....................... 28. EDITORS NOTE Summer, my favourite season. It evokes feelings of carefree happiness, images of crystal clear water and the smell of happy, damp dogs fresh from the pool. Our Australian Shepherd, Kira, lives for the water and loves summer as much as I do. Summer does bring with it some added concerns for pet owners. It is essential that we protect our pets from the annoyance and danger presented by the flies, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. It’s time to ensure you keep up with your flea control and clean and deflea all bedding and sleeping areas. As the weather heats up your pets will all require more water than usual so remember to be sure that it is available all day, preferably in a shady area. Please do not leave your pet in a parked car as the heat kills. I can only hope that this past year has been as good to you as it has been to us. I would like to wish all of our loyal readers a happy, fun-filled festive season. Best wishes for 2013, see you in the New Year!

Helen Lilienfeld KZN Editor



The Wild’s Ty Keogh with Jackal puppies at Free Me Gauteng. Photographs by Emma O’Brien. Craig Millar 074 125 9114 Laura Wright 072 342 1437 SA Pet Pages Team Craig Millar Helen Lilienfeld Karen Seoighe Laura Wright Dr Derrick Lilienfeld Contributors Dr G. Steenkamp Krystle Callaghan Marian Beuchert Graphic Design Imp Studios Distribution LAKATO (PTY) Ltd Photography Emma O’ Brien Krystle Callaghan

COMPETITION WINNERS Angel Eyes Desiree van Riet

The Retreat at Groenfontein Lyn Walters

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Give your Pet a Healthy Smile! In my final year at Onderstepoort many years ago, I had the privilege to work on a Maltese poodle that had bad breath and some loose teeth. After cleaning its teeth I extracted a premolar tooth that was very loose – and that was it. Strange that often major changes in our lives come about by a small or sometimes insignificant event. Today I know that dog suffered from periodontitis, just like so many patients we see do. Being the son of a carpenter and bricklayer I was possibly always destined to do something with my hands. Surgery varies from brutal carpentry sometimes to pure art at other times. Within this realm I found that I could express myself and get fulfillment in what I do. Being a surgeon also means that we make an instant impact and never is this truer than with dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. When Mrs. Ellis drops her doggie off, she was horrified at the awful smell emanating from his mouth. “He sleeps between me and my husband and we just cannot stand his breath anymore” is a common complaint I get. The joy of uniting patient with owner in the afternoon and seeing the cuddles and yes… unconditional kisses because there are fresh breaths all around is very rewarding. What I do is not just looking after your pet, it is indeed fostering and enhancing the, oh so special, human – animal bond. Veterinary dentistry is slowly gaining ground and will in the very near future hopefully assume its rightful place in the holistic approach to caring for your pet’s health. Brushing your dog or cats teeth are as important as brushing your own. Plaque (containing lots of bacteria) is the white fluffy material that accumulates first on our teeth. This happens within hours after brushing your teeth. If left untreated (unbrushed) plaque will rapidly get incorporated with minerals (like calcium) and within 24 – 48 hours transform to calculus (the hard substance on the teeth that cannot be brushed away).

Starting to do this is never too late. I am the first to acknowledge that it may not always be the easiest thing to do, especially if you are a cat owner. However, think back to when you first tried to brush your pet’s coat. Since it was quite foreign to your pet, it probably went hand-in-hand with some kind of treats, cuddles etc. Toothbrushing should be approached in a similar fashion. Do not force the pet to do anything, they will resent it and never come back for more oral hygiene. Find a place that is comfortable for you. Trying to crawl all around the floor and brushing cats teeth under the couch is not a good idea. Put your pet either on your lap, or on the grooming table. Gently lift the lip while holding the head firmly, do not try to wrench the mouth open-wide!

Their tongues are rather coarse and normally the inside of the teeth are quite clean. You just need to clean the outside. Initially you can use anything on the toothbrush that tastes nice for the pet, beefstock for dogs and maybe even tuna oil for cats. Clean one tooth the first day and let the pet go. They are learning a few things: • • •

Even though you are fiddling in their mouth, it is not painful What the toothbrush feels like rubbing on their gums and teeth And as a bonus that it tastes nice

So the more pleasurable the experience the bigger the chance of repeating this tomorrow. By doing this and taking about 3 weeks till you eventually can brush all the teeth, you are giving you and your pet the biggest chance of success. If you unfortunately have a pet that just will not allow it, you need to consult with your veterinarian to find ways, excluding tooth brushing, to look after your pet’s mouth, but remember if there was an easy way of looking after teeth – you and I would be doing it! Gerhard Steenkamp -

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W i n a P hotoB ook from Pel i c a n Pr i nt Wi n a 24 p a g e p h ot obo o k f r o m Pe l i c a n Pr i n t . V i si t w w w .p el i ca np r i a t o see th eir w id e r a n ge o f pe r s o n a l i s e d pr i n t e d p r od ucts. How to Enter Load a photo of your pet onto our facebook page to stand a chance of winning a 24 page standard photobook from Pelican Print. Competition closes 15th February 2013. Competition open only to South African residents. The prize is not transferable and the judge’s decision is final, no correspondence will be entered into.

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FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre From bullfrogs to honey badgers, Nicci Wright and the dedicated team at FreeMe, care for them all. FreeMe’s core belief is rescue, rehabilitate and release. Their goal is to see all their patients back in the wild, thriving where they belong. FreeMe opened its doors in 1997 and they stay open from 8am to 5pm, 365 days of the year. There is just a small team of permanent staff who work hard to help the 10,000 or so animals admitted each year. They are assisted by a large squad of well trained volunteers. FreeMe’s volunteer program is one of the best and dedicated volunteers are embraced and treasured. Walking through the centre is an uplifting experience. It is heart-warming to see the same high level of care being afforded to the demanding dove fledglings, whistling as they get fed, as to the beautiful barn owl, being nursed after eating a poisoned rat. Most of the animals need help as a direct result of urbanisation. Many are injured by cars, pellet guns and pets. Others are victims of the wildlife pet trade. Many “animal lovers” purchase wild animals as pets. Baby meerkats, monkeys, chameleons and snakes are captured from the wild and sold over the internet or on the side of the road. Wild animals do not make good pets. They require highly specialised care and do not survive well in captivity. Many “cute” baby meerkats and monkeys end up at FreeMe when their owners can no longer cope with their biting, marking and destructive behaviour. FreeMe has perfected the difficult task of turning a mob of feisty meerkats into a well-functioning colony with all the skills required to survive in the wild. FreeMe shares their interesting stories through their magazine and Facebook page. Just search for “FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre” on Facebook or go to their website for details on how to become a member of FreeMe in order to receive the magazine. Website: or Telephone: 011 807 6993. SMS ‘FREEME’ to 38079 to Donate R10 to FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

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The Oriental is a man-made breed that has its origin in the 1950’s in England. The Oriental was created by crossing breeds such as American & British Shorthair, Abysinnian, Russian Blues and domestic cats to the Siamese. These combinations resulted in non-pointed cats which were then bred back to Siamese. In just a few generations these cats were only distinguishable from Siamese by their coat colour. These non-pointed cats were the ancestors of our modern Orientals. Orientals are Siamese in designer jeans! They look the same except for the coat pattern and eye colour. Siamese only develop colour on their points (face, ears, legs & tail) and have blue eyes whereas the Oriental has colour and or patterns on their entire body and green eyes. You also get white and pointed Orientals that have blue eyes or even odd-coloured eyes. Orientals are tall, lean and elegant cats. They are easily distinguishable by their long svelte bodies, green oriental shaped eyes, long tails and large pricked ears. Orientals come in two coat varieties short haired or long haired. The short haired variety has a smooth and silky coat that lies close to the skin.

The Oriental has an equally colourful personality. They are active and intelligent cats that have been known to open cupboards, drawers and doors to get what they want or to get where they want to be. They can easily be trained to walk on a leash and have many times been referred to being very dog like. They are very social cats and therefore do not do well in an only cat household, they thrive with companions particularly those breeds similar to them. They also do well with other family pets and children. Orientals are extremely loyal cats that will try to help you with any task and but they will be equally happy to just share your warmth and love to cuddle during quiet moments. They require an interactive environment with toys, climbing trees and lots of playtime from their owners. Orientals are known to sulk when they feel ignored. Similar to their Siamese counterparts they have a very distinctive voice which they will use to get your attention, to show their dislike for something or to express their happiness. In summary the Oriental is an all round cat of physical beauty and high intelligence. If you are looking for a cat that will be part of every aspect of your life and a 24 hour a day companion then the Oriental is the right breed for you. Text and photos by Krystle Callaghan.

Orientals can be found in more than 300 combinations of colour and patterns. The above includes solid colours (white, black, blue, lilac, chocolate, red, cream, apricot, caramel, cinnamon and fawn), smoke (white undercoat to any of the above colours), tortoiseshell (red or cream mottled into any of the solid colours), tabby (mackerel, spotted, ticked or classic) and bicolour (any of the above colours or patterns with white added). 12

SA Pet Pages


SA Pet Pages

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Ty Keogh by Emma O’Brien

Thank you for doing the photoshoot for FreeMe and for being such a great sport. Was this one of your most unusual shoots? It was a great shoot and I’m blown away by the amazing work being done by the people at FreeMe. It was such a fun shoot and the caracal was my most beautiful co-star to date. You are best known as bad boy Jack van Reenen in MNET`s popular series, ‘The Wild’. How similar are you to his persona? Jack is a real guy, he’s not perfect, he screws up (often) and he acts on instinct. I relate to those qualities. How often do you get to act alongside wild animals in ‘The Wild’? My interactions with animals on the show have been minimal, but I’ve had close contact with a lion cub and a leopard. Before acting in The Wild I was lucky enough to assist my uncle as an animal wrangler on several advertisements and what I came to understand is that it’s always going to be on the animal’s terms. They dictate how it’s going to go down. We all know ‘The Wild’ and now the wild cats at FreeMe, but you are also dressed by Tiger of Sweden – that’s a lot of cool cats in your life at the moment… Haha, never thought about it, but that is a lot of cats..

ty keogh interview

paddocks for a long walk and a intense session of ‘fetch the stick’. Congratulations on winning YOU Magazine’s Sexiest Man Award in 2012. How do you keep so ‘fit’ – besides doing 208 push-ups on a Peugeot? Oh, you saw that? Coming from surfing and trail running in Cape Town to this city, I’ve had to find other ways of keeping fit. I train in the gym every day doing mainly Kettlebell workouts and crossfit type training, but I also swim, road-run, cycle and row. Which charities are close to your heart? I’m a big supporter of any charity that benefits children and animals. Those that cannot fend, speak, or do for themselves. Where are you originally from and who do you shout for on a Saturday afternoon? I’m from Cape Town. 100% Stormers.. What are your wishes for South Africa in 2013? Without sounding too much like I’m answering a beauty pageant question, I’d like to see less corruption of/by power and more care and protection offered to those in need. Often our reaction and outrage at what we deem to be injustices to our own ‘freedoms’ blind us to far greater issues that threaten the welfare of those less fortunate. Where will we find you most relaxed? I’m most relaxed at home in Noordhoek in the Cape, surrounded by family, friends and of course my dogs.

Please tell us a little about your own pets I was lucky enough to share 16 years with an incredible soul named Dexter. He was a border collie cross with incredible personality and attitude. I also had a beautiful Jack Russell bitch named Daisy who made it to 14, and currently my family have another beautiful 12 year old border collie named Xerox and a rescue named Tessie. I love my dogs and first thing I do when I’m home is take them to the To advertise - 074 125 9114


The Poodle - One Size of Dog Need Not Fit All By Marian Buechert

Will that be a tall, grande, or venti? Ah, choices, choices. Where would we be without them? Some choices are dictated by our lifestyles and some are just a matter of delicious preference, but what we choose and why makes the world go round. In the world of Poodles, there are more options than you can shake a leash at. The three size varieties—Standard (over 38 cm at the shoulder), Miniature (28 to 38 cm), and Toy (under 28 cms). If colour is your thing, the Poodle also aims to please with a palette of coat colours that includes white, cream, café au lait, chocolate brown, apricot, red, silver, blue and black. On top of all this, you’re allowed a multitude of choices as to your Poodle’s hairstyle: corded or curly, continental or English saddle, Dutch clip, puppy clip, sporting clip, kennel clip…. However, regardless of what “package” you choose, however, you will always get the unique Poodle heart, soul, and character that make enthusiasts claim the breed is “the best of the best.” Although debate is lively about the unique temperament attributed to each size, it is probably fair to say that Poodles of all sizes share more in personality traits than they differ from each other. Those tiny Toys think they can do anything the “big guys” can do—and do it better—while a lot of “dignified” Standards would secretly love to be tucked under your arm and accompany you everywhere, if only designer dog carriers came in XXL size. And just like its bigger and smaller cousins, the versatile Miniature easily makes the transition from snugly couch dog to energetic outdoor companion with a yawn, a stretch, and a tail wag. 18

All Poodles are lively, fun-loving, affectionate, and intelligent and many owners say the breed has a sense of humour to rival Seinfeld’s. S. Meyer Clark, author of Poodle (Kennel Club Books, 2004), writes, “In addition to loving life in general, Poodles love people.” And people love Poodles, for 22 years, from 1960 to 1982, the Poodle was the most popular dog in the U.S., holding the number-one spot longer than any other breed. A glance at the history books will show that curly-coated dogs of all sizes have been pleasing people for a long time. Poodle pundits argue endlessly about where and when the breed first emerged, some saying Germany, others insisting on France or Russia; some saying the breed reaches back into the mists of ancient times and still others pointing to the Middle Ages as the starting point. The French have staked their claim to creating the Poodle and made it the national dog of France. On the other hand, it seems clear that the name Poodle arose from the German word pudeln, meaning “to splash,” something at which the early Poodles excelled when going about their business of retrieving waterfowl from water. Despite its reputation as a “frou-frou” dog, the Poodle actually features a squarely built, athletic,

SA Pet Pages and efficient physical design; again, part of its heritage as a working retriever. This is again due to its heritage as a working retriever. When buying a Poodle, as with any breed, you should be aware of health problems associated with the breed. Most notably, in the case of the Poodle, sebaceous adenitis—a skin disease—and hip dysplasia in the Standards and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) generally found in Minis and Toys. Conscientious breeders are working to reduce the incidence of all genetic health problems so your best defence is to make sure you buy a Poodle from such a breeder. Whatever your decision about the type of Poodle you want to own, there’s one choice you won’t have to make: all models come with immeasurable love and joy to share— no option on that.

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