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Instyle August, 2010 Page: 128 General News Market: National Circulation: 61804 Type: Magazines Lifestyle Size: 1197.33 sq.cms Frequency: Monthly


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September 2), Brarhpry (out July 15),ASuiglr Man (out ncw),

EPIC LOVE STORY r,ge+ - eii.5;lyi Sai ita h,Aandanna

Trreftebgl:nd(out AugL:'st5).

Welcen'd & Nicolsor. -Sj2.99;

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= GEORGIAFAIR ' _a-dbac k Sydney duo

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"This duohails'rum Manchester Inthe UK. Their sound is dehnltely'8os ins¢ red.

'Blood,Tears& Gold'

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HISTORICAL DRAMA the l1pri rrt Sxrr by h'ari^a FiarBLo ,A- len & Unw,n. 532. )9;

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"A super-cGol group.


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Tiger Hills - In Style, Australia  

Tiger Hills covered in In Style magazine, Australia

Tiger Hills - In Style, Australia  

Tiger Hills covered in In Style magazine, Australia