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Thermal Design Solutions

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Added Value Design:


 Thermal simulations

 CNC machining

 Geometry optimization

 FSW, MIG welding, brazing

 Weigh reduction

 Anodizing, electro coloring

 Components integration Supply Chain Extrusion

 Delivery time – transportation

 High fin ratio

 Packaging

 Productivity enhancements

 Consumer stock

 Surface quality

 Turn key solutions

Why extruded profiles 

Heat and electrical conductivity;

Corrosion resistance;

Mechanical strength;

Low weight;

High efficiency due to high Fin Ratio*

Surface quality;

Easy to process and machine;

Low investments in dies;

Recycling (environmental friendly)

*Fin Ratio = Fin height gap width

Power dissipation

Thermal conductivities*

• • •

Pure aluminium: about 230 W/mK (difficult to machine) Extruded alloy 6060 HC (T6,T61): about 200 - 215 W/mK Cast alloys: about 120 -140 W/mK Copper (pure): 390 W/mK (much heavier and more expensive)

Thermal conductivities 250

thermal conductivity, W/mK





Extrusion alloy 6063

0 pure aluminium

extrude Al-alloys

cast Al-alloys

Die-Cast alloy AlSi10

* At room temperature

Our Capabilities For Thermal Design

3D Modelling 3D Modelling with parametric CAD (Solid Works ® Professional v.2010)  Interferences analysis;  Cinematic analysis;  Fabrication study;  3D Render;

Symulations with Sapa Software

Sapa Convection and Radiation The software makes suppositions about different orientations and bases the calculation on these suppositions. The input data are heat dissipation and requirements and operating ambient temperature.

Sapa Cool Quick and easy tool for simulating the performance of a cooling device. The program begins with the warmest point on a cooling device and designs the rest of the component on the basis of that point.

CFD and FEM Analysys

ANSYS Fluent: Computational fluid dynamic, particularly effective for carrying out detailed studies of new products at an early stage of the design process, such as simulating the flow of air, liquids and heat around cooling devices.

ANSYS Mechanical: Finite element method analysis for steady state thermal problems. Is it possible to perform very fast simulation in order to reduce both the development time and costs.

Experimental measurements

The Wind Tunnel* makes it possible to verify calculations carried out using Rapid Cool and/or CFD analysis, and hence check the actual performance of the cooling device. The tunnel can accommodate cooling devices measuring up to 500 x 500 mm.

FLIR*: Measurement with thermo element and IR photometer. The IR photometer helps in determining the emissivity of different surface treatments so that can be suggested a suitable, cost-effective surface treatment.

Prototypes and Tests We can support our customers in testing and prototyping: ● Mechanical: pull test, hardness, fracture toughness, pressure test; ● Dimensional evaluations and non distructive controls; ● Long term analysys: fatigue and corrosion; ● Prototyping: 3D printing – CNC machining – electro erosion ● Specific test requested by the customer.

Heat Sinks Extrusion Capabilities* w

Sapa Profiles Fossanova Max. Size (w x h) Min. Section Weight

700 g/m

Max. Section Weight

25.000 g/m

Min. Fin Thickness

1,2 mm

Max. Fin Ratio (R)

Guaranteed up to 8

w1 h1 R=

Sapa Profiles Feltre Max. Size (w x h)


420 x 40 mm

400 x 40 mm

Min. Section Weight


Max. Section Weight

28.000 g/m

Min. Fin Thickness

1.2 mm

Max. Fin Ratio (R)


h1 w1

*IMPORTANT All values are for reference only. For each RFQ, please ask for a feasibility study.

Success Stories inThermal Applications

Heat sink for inverters

LED Lighting

Liquid cooling / heating

Modular heat sink Different systems can be proposed, for assembly concept, fin shape and number of extruded parts. All the solutions will have to be improved and developed according to the customer feedback.

Thermal Design Sapa Profiles Italy  

Sapa Profile's Italy thermal design capabilities

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