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Advancing the free paper industry by providing resources for success and venues for sharing ideas. THE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER FOR THE FREE PAPER INDUSTRY Board of Directors The leadership of SAPA is in good hands. The board of directors, director, and assistant are listed with contact information. Page 3

How To Work With Advertising Agencies Everyone wants to know the secret of working with ad agencies. John’s article gives us some great tips. Page 3

Conference Schedule It’s not too early to start planning for a fabulous conference in Washington, DC. 6 associations join together for the biggest and best of everything. Page 8

MARCH 2013

Graphics Series There are new rules for graphics folks. Not the kind you get in trouble if you break, the kind that separate things. Read on. Page 5

Win An Oscar at Work Dr. Joey Faucette lists 5 ways we can work positive and “win an Oscar” for our performance at work. Page 4

USPS Update The United States Postal Service has strongly recommended that Saturday delivery be eliminated. This article lets you know how it will change your business. Page 6

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The Tough Get Going

By Bob Berting

Shopper publication ad sales is a tough profession. Salespeople do everything possible to have a positive attitude, be very creative, help their customers in every way possible, and really care about the business community they serve. Because of the troubling economy, it’s important to focus on improving the performance of the sales team in 2013.

While many sales managers will lament about their sales force and their inability to dramatically build adver-

tising sales, the critical problem in most cases is that the salespeople are simply not motivated.

MOTIVATING THE SALES FORCE IN 2013 In my experience as a publication sales manager and marketing consultant, I find the following points to be valid in the growth of the newspaper sales team in 2013: TO BE ENTHUSIASTIC, YOU HAVE TO ACT ENTHUSIASTIC We always like to be around people

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who truly enjoy what they do. Your prospects and customers enjoy working with salespeople when they are enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is a sign of belief that people can sense. Many times a salesperson is down and the axiom ”To be enthusiastic, you have to act enthusiastic” can be applied with great results. The enthusiasm of the sales manager is important. If the manager is low-key, aloof, and too reserved, this can affect the enthusiasm of the sales team.

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continued from page 1 SELF ESTEEM CREATES GREATER SELF WORTH This is probably the greatest asset of a successful publication sales team. They believe in themselves and don’t worry excessively about what others think of them –but how they feel about themselves. Management has to always keep the self-esteem of the sales tram at the highest level. This can only be done by respecting the sales force as professionals and constantly working with them to help achieve their goals. The sales manager has to also instill a good team attitude every day. If he or she are constantly perceived as someone who is preoccupied with worry and negative beliefs, this could have a negative affect on the attitudes of the salespeople. INVESTING IN THE SALES TEAM Positive thoughts need to be projected to the sales team every day and this can be helped with the development of a reference library of self-help books, audio CD’s, and video DVD’s. Although a lot of instruction can be obviously gathered on the internet, it is more apparent to management when they see their salespeople handling the reference materials in person. Listening to audio CD’s while driving back and forth to work, as well as between sales calls is an excellent way to develop “spaced repetition”. HAVING MORE FUN Probably the most important point is the use of humor in advertising. This


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is powerful and the sales team needs to brainstorm how to effectively create more humor in their customer’s ad campaigns. The readership of a publication can be greatly enhanced by the overall strategy of more provocative and clever headlines in the ads. Readers gravitate to that type of advertising, because they are intrigued by that approach and want to see what will happen in continuing campaigns every week. Bob Berting is a professional speaker, newspaper sales trainer, and publisher marketing consultant who has conducted over 1500 live seminars, tele-seminars, and webinars for newspaper sales staffs, their customers, print media associations and trade associations in the US and Canada. Bob’s advertising sales record in the industry is impressive. For 15 years, he averaged two cold contracts a week and sold 20 shopping centers on yearly contracts. He is the author of the best selling E-Booklet “ Dynamic Advertising Sales and Image Power” which can be ordered on his website Contact Bob at 800-536-5408 or bob@ He is located at 6330 Woburn Drive, Indianapolis, In 46250.

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How To Work With

Ad Agencies cies and the media. In most case, the friction between these two key players by John Foust in the marketing world comes down With experience on both the ad agen- to two things: control and money. cy and media sides of the business, Both want more control of advertisers’ I’ve learned some lessons about rela- media placement decisions. And both are in business to make money. tionships between the two. There are often clashes between agen- Friction doesn’t help either side. And it certainly doesn’t help advertisers. Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association (931) 223-5708

Here are a few things that media representatives can do to strengthen relationships with ad agencies: 1. ENCOURAGE OPEN COMMUNICATION ALL AROUND No doubt, things are simpler when the media can communicate directly with a local advertiser. But once that advertiser employs an ad agency, things change. An ad agency is a lot like a sports agent. Just like an athlete does not deal alone with a team, an ad agency’s client wants the agency to be part of

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3. DON’T TRY TO BYPASS THE Agency B. There may not be much difAGENCY ference in the ways agencies crunch Work to build rapport with the agency. Keep them in the loop. After all, you numbers and place ads for clients. But Some media representatives – espehave the same goal: to generate cus- there’s a world of difference in their cially those with accounts who have creative philosophies. recently hired ad agencies – get frustomers for the advertiser. 2. BE CAREFUL WITH SPEC IDEAS The creative product is what you see trated with the new arrangement. on their web sites and in their port- They don’t like having additional deciI’ve lost count of the media folks who folio books and demos. Creativity is sion makers or longer approval times. have complained about ad agencies their bread and butter. It’s what catch- As a result, they are often tempted to not wanting to see their ideas for ad es the attention of potential clients. try an end run around the agency. campaigns. But that should be no They’re not about to let outsiders take Bad move. It’s not worth risking rapsurprise. The primary product of an over that part of their business. port to meet a tight deadline. agency is its creativity. That’s the one discussions with the media.

thing that differentiates Agency A from

Win An Oscar


This is the Perceive or mental core practice of your Work Positive lifestyle performance.

4. REMEMBER THAT MEDIA BUYERS ARE NUMBERS PEOPLE In most agencies, the media buyers are removed from the creative team. While the copywriters and designers are hammering out ideas, testing offers and measuring concepts against marketing strategies, the media department is analyzing audience statistics and comparing cost-per-thousand figures.

FRIEND AN ALL-STAR CAST You act with others on the stage of your work. You support at times and are supported at others. The production is more than a monologue.

Rarely the twain shall meet. Creatives are right-brainers who don’t spend time with spreadsheets and media buyers are left-brainers who don’t think much about copy.

Here are 5 Ways to Positively Win an Surround yourself with positive people as team members. Remove the Eeyore Oscar at Work: Vampires—negative people—as swiftFOCUS ON THE PART ly and decisively as possible. They deAs talented as you are, you have one stroy morale. Productivity follows mopart to play. Focus on that part and rale. Profits follow productivity. When make it your role despite the distrac- profits evaporate, the red carpet fades tions of a large cast of customers and to pink and then to nothing. teammates. Repeat the positive lines This is the Conceive or relational core of success over and over until you get practice of your Work Positive lifestyle them right. Filter out the negative experiences. continued on page 9

It’s all about getting in step with customers. Whether they’re on the advertiser or the agency side, it’s important to see things from their perspective.

How do you walk the red carpet at work and up onto stage to accept the Academy Award for increasing sales with greater productivity so you get out of the office earlier?

David C. Zeh Print Sales Consultant 402 Mayfield Drive • P.O. Box 966 Monroe, GA 30655 toll free: 800.354.0235 local: 770.267.2596 fax: 770.267.9463 Partners in Printing Since 1900

So when you’re selling to media buyers, talk about numbers – specifics not generalities. And be sure to send updates on your readership figures.

(c) Copyright 2013 by John Foust. All rights reserved. John Foust has conducted training programs for thousands of newspaper advertising professionals. Many ad departments are using his training videos to save time and get quick results from in-house training. E-mail for information:

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I subscribe to a variety of publications—both print and electronic. However, if you know me, that doesn’t necessarily mean I am always current in my reading of the articles in any of those publications. Especially now, when a lot of information coming my way is dedicated to epubs and digital publishing. Even my eyes glaze over... will I ever be able to make sense of it? Probably, since I am using my iPad more and more… and I don’t mean just playing “Words with Friends”! Anyway, I periodically review back issues as I look for ideas or articles that appear interesting and that I can use for this page. In the June/July 2012 issue of InDesign Magazine (electronic version) there were two articles that caught my attention. One was “100 Things Every InDesign User Should Know“ (I’ll share a few of them at the end of the column) and the other was “Everybody Wants to Rule the World“ by Nigel French (an expert in typography). Some of my first articles introduced you to the wonder (at last I think it’s an amazing feature) of the rule above and rule below features to create patterns used in background elements or other design elements in your ads. What I did not include in those previous articles was the fact that Rule Above and Rule Below were devised to make sure that paragraph rules would stay with the text and could also be formatted to make it easy to repeat this procedure. The type and the rule lines acted as an anchored object. So thank you Mr. French for reminding me of a more practical function for these rules.

Rules with Text

Whether it’s Rule Above or Rule Below, the rule is positioned on the baseline of the type. For a Rule Above a positive offset moves the rule up; for a Rule Below a positive offset moves it down. Remember, you are starting at the baseline! The simplest way is to make sure that Preview is on, put your cursor in the Offset field and press the Up or Down arrows to see the amount of offset. Make sure you’ve specified a color for the rule other than text color so you can see the changes. Also, if your type is set to Paper, your rule will be invisible. For best results when placing the text in a colored rule, set the weight of the rule to the size of your type, or possibly a point or two less, depending on how tightly you want the rule fitted around your text (my text size is 9.6). I would use all caps in this situation so that the spacing above and below the type appears optically even. Type choice is important because serifs don’t always reverse well at these small sizes. A bolder typeface will always be more effective as well.


W W W. S A P A T O D AY . C O M

The following are samples so you can see how the colored rule changes automatically with the amount of text that is used. Here’s the problem, I have to use a lot of words to describe how to do this technique when it would be so much easier to show you. Hopefully you can follow along by using the screen shots provided ( I work in InDesign 5.5 … at this point). RULES WITH TEXT RULES & TEXT RULES The samples above use two rules, the top rule is a one-point rule the width of the column and the second rule looks like a colored box surrounding the text. To achieve the effect, I use both the rule above and rule below features… this is where I hope the screen shots help!

Screen Shot Details

ANOTHER RULE ABOVE/BELOW JUST A RULE BELOW AND ONE MORE ABOVE/BELOW HERE IS WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF YOU HAVE A LOT OF TEXT HERE IS WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF YOU HAVE A LOT OF TEXT There are so many different ways to use this feature— just try. And in the bottom two examples, I was “trying.” The second last example had a hard return (it is in the paragraph rule palette). In the last example I used a soft return which left my text invisible, so I added color— and I actually like this heading a lot more!

How About a Highlight?

In the first column, I used a yellow marker to highlight the name of the articles. OK, not really, but it does present an alternate way of calling attention to those titles. In this case, you would not use the paragraph palette but turn to the character palette!

The very top rule is the width of the column so the attributes are a one point rule at 100% blue with the width choice being column. From a visual standpoint the text is less distracting if there is a little bit of space to either side. I put a left indent of -0p2 (to match my text indent) and I also offset the rule at 0p9 (my text is 9.6 but all caps makes a difference). In the character palette find the underline option (third grouping). I used a weight of 10 points with a -4pt offset and of course…yellow!

InDesign Magazine

For the rule below (which will contain my text) I used a weight of 12 points. This varies depending on type and look. I used a 25% tint of my blue color for contrast (and readability). I put a left indent of -0p2 (so the text doesn’t “bump” right to the edge of the rule).This offset is -0p9 (remember, the rule below starts at the baseline, so I have to give it a negative number to move it higher). I also added a right indent of -0p2 to keep the type away from the right edge of the rule.

Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association (931) 223-5708

This magazine has been on my subscription list since its inception. It’s all about InDesign… facts, features and future…including the article “100 Things Every InDesign User Should Know.” Sign up to have InDesign tips sent to you. Go to Here are some items I found interesting… Mike Rankin, a major contributor to this magazine and website had these “things” to say: 1) You can share color swatches between InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator by saving the swatches in Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ASE) format. To share InDesign swatches, select them in the Swatches panel and choose Save Swatches from the panel menu. 2) If a document is acting strange and you can’t tell why, you might want to take a look at its history. Hold Command/Ctrl and choose About InDesign from the InDesign menu. In the dialog box, you can see if the document was converted from another application, if it was recovered from a crash, which versions of InDesign have been used to edit the document, which plug-ins were used with the document, and more! I welcome your input and suggestions. I was a high school art teacher, but entered the free paper publishing business in the 80s. I write articles for The Independent Publisher, and I’m still learning. E-mail: Ellen Hanrahan ©2013

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USPS Update: Changes that Matter 5 DAY QUESTIONS As the Executive Director for the Saturation Mailers Coalition (SMC), I exchange emails and calls with free paper publishers and SMC members on a regular basis. I thought it would be helpful to summarize some of the common questions and discussions I have had about the 5-day proposal and SMC’s position on that issue and on postal reform. Here are some of the common questions that have been raised: IS 5-DAY A DONE DEAL? IS THIS TOTALLY UP TO THE POSTMASTER GENERAL AND THE USPS? This is not a “done deal.” Much will be deliberated and debated between now and August. The USPS announcement is just one piece of a larger debate that will unfold on Capital Hill in the coming months. The USPS has, however, made it clear that it would like a 5-day

delivery schedule as part of its overall business and cost reduction plan. On the other hand, most elected officials, and certainly elected officials in rural areas, have consistently maintained that a 6-day delivery schedule is preferable. IS THIS ACTION BY THE USPS “LEGAL?” In the past, the Postal Service maintained that it would not change delivery schedules without Congressional approval. For years, the Postal Service has received an annual appropriations payment that has covered the costs of reduced or free mail service, such as mail for the blind. The appropriations bill have tied the federal payment to an obligation by the USPS to deliver mail 6 days a week. At the present time, the old appropriations bill has expired and Congress is acting under a continuing resolution that will continue until March. In March, the issues

of the federal budget and appropriations will come up again. If Congress wanted to tie a 6-day delivery schedule to the payment of the approximate $100 million sum that covers reduced or free mailing services, it could do so. If the Postal Service chose to not take the money, and move forward with its 5-day plan, it would be free to do so. As a practical matter, the Postal Service’s willingness to continue a 6-day delivery schedule would most likely be part of an overall, negotiated postal reform law that gave the Postal Service the relief it has sought from the fixed prefunding schedule for retiree health benefit payments, a refund of FERS overpayments, the authority to control and operate its own health plan, and reforms and flexibility in some of its labor requirements, such as the laws relating to arbitration, workers’ compensation, and additional flexibility in the products and services the Postal Service can offer. The Senate bill that was passed in 2012, but did not survive the adjournment of the 212th Congress, did not eliminate the continuation of 6-day service but provided a mechanism for 5-day to be considered as more of a “last resort.” continued on page 7

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USPS Update: WHAT DOES 5-DAY MEAN TO THE DELIVERY OF MY FREE PAPER? The Postal Service has been talking to mailers about its 5-day plan for years. In response to concerns raised by SMC members, the Postal Service has promised our members that it will continue to receive and process mail, as it does today, with facilities receiving mail on Saturday and Sunday. The more challenging issue is for members and papers, or other mail programs that currently have delivery windows or in-home dates that land on Friday or Saturday. SMC has been telling the Postal Service, and will continue to tell the Postal Service, that program mailings, and the expectations of our customers, live and die with predictable, reliable, inhome dates. Although midweek in-home dates are probably the most common for the industry, there is a sizable volume of Postal Service delivered papers and advertising packages that are targeted for weekend promotions. The newspaper industry already “owns” Sunday delivery. If our wishes were granted, the Postal Service would offer all advertisers a 7-day platform so that advertisers and consumers had the largest number of choices. We understand and appreciate the Postal Service’s financial dilemmas and how the Service has worked with SMC members on

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our needs in the past. We have told the Postal Service that elimination of Saturday service will have a significant impact on mailers with a Friday and Saturday delivery window. Although our members can work to adjust their production schedules to bring papers to the Postal Service a little earlier, the achievement of an in-home date by Friday, and not bridging the weekend with a Friday or Monday delivery, is essential. WHAT IS SMC’S POSITION ON REFORM? SMC’s mission statement and goals since its 1997 formation is to maintain fair and reasonable postal rates and regulations, laws and postal policies that promote a viable, competitive and customer focused Postal Service, and a positive public image and response to mailed print advertising. SMC has worked with the USPS to improve the postal partnership. SMC would prefer that the Postal Service maintain its 6-day delivery platform. However, we will not criticize or attack the USPS in its understandable efforts to control the costs it can. SMC supports postal reform that would give the Postal Service relief from the prefunding mandates, would return overpayments for pension funds to the USPS, and that would give the Postal Service more control over its workforce including the right

Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association (931) 223-5708

to assume and control responsibility for its own health care plan. The changes the Postal Service has sought in the rules of arbitration and its workers’ compensation plan, to make its obligations more consistent with other businesses and other federal agencies, are also supported by SMC. SMC would like to see steps taken to give the Postal Service more pricing and product flexibility with the lessenings of these restrictions tied to a continuation of the 6-day delivery network that benefits Postal Service customers, consumers, and helps maintain the Postal Service’s relevance and desirability as a distribution platform. Postal rates and concerns about the devastating impact of higher costs or rate uncertainly remain a number one issue for SMC and all of our members. We support the maintenance of the current price cap mechanism that limits rate increases to the CPI. Outside of Congressional action, we have urged the Postal Service to recognize the price sensitivity of our mail, the high mark-up and contribution already paid for postal delivery of saturation mail like free papers and advertising packages, and to create additional financial incentives, and more competitive pricing, that reflects the value of regular, predicable, program mail. Whether it is a loyalty program, a frequency discount, or recognition that the customer that is in the mailbox every week or every month is a customer that deserves both predictcontinued on page 8

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Conference Schedules SA PA A n n u a l C o n f e r e n c e : Washington D.C.: SAPA, IFPA, CPF, CPNE, MACPA, CPOWV, and a whole bunch of other letters will be joining together at the Ritz-Carlton in Pentagon City on September 19 - 21, 2013. This will be one of the largest assemblies of free community papers to ever come together. Plan now on

joining your friends from across the Eastern United States in what will be an unforgettable conference. Top-notch speakers, exciting activities, friendships, and time to network will be some of the things you will remember most about the conference. Call Douglas Fry at 931.223.5708 for more information.

Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more of yourself by giving it away to others.

Brian Tracy What is powerful is when what you say is just the tip of the NEWSPAPER PRINTING COMPANY iceberg of what you know.

Jim Rohn Doug Schwenk A c c o u n t E xe c u t i ve NEWSPAPER PRINTING COMPANY

5 2 1 0 S O U T H LO I S AV E N U E / TA M PA , F LO R I DA 3 3 6 1 1 (813) 902-1196 / CELL (561) 239-2495 P ro d u c t i o n : ( 8 1 3 ) 8 3 9 - 0 0 3 5 / FA X : ( 8 1 3 ) 8 3 9 - 7 2 9 5 E M A I L : d o u g s @ N P C p r i n t i n g. c o m w w w. N P C p r i n t i n g. c o m

USPS Update: ability in price, and a discount or incentive for loyalty, are steps the Service should pursue.

WHAT SHOULD I BE DOING TO HELP ACHIEVE POSTAL REFORM THAT WILL BENEFIT MY BUSINESS? There is a saying in politics. The world is run by those that show up. Are you in touch with the State Senators and House Representatives that influence your business? Whether you are in one area, or multiple states, the elected officials for your home and business area has an impact on your future. Regrettably, the survival and financial health of the Postal Service have not been an issue on the “radar screen” of many elected officials. Contact your Senators and Representatives, and their staff members that work on postal issues, to let them know that your business and the Postal Service is facing a critical time. This is a bipartisan issue

advocated, for many years, a shift to 5-day and packagN E W Sdelivery P A P E R P R I N T for I N G Call O M P mail ANY continued from page 7 es. In this announcement, the Service where elected officials will need to do stated that its recent strong growth in what is right and necessary to provide package delivery would cause it to rea viable, and most importantly, afford- vise its approach to maintain package able postal system for your business delivery 6 days a week. and customers. The Postal Service has included the N E W S P A P E R P Rof I N TSaturday I N G C O M P A N Y service as part elimination USPS ANNOUNCES PLANS TO of its operational plan and goals for STOP SATURDAY SERVICE On February 6, 2013, the Postal Ser- many years. Up until this announcevice made an announcement – that ment, the Service had suggested it came as a surprise from everyone to would not eliminate Saturday service elected officials and mailers. The without Congressional approval. The Postal Service announced that it Service estimates that the new delivwould transition its delivery schedule ery schedule will help it achieve costs during the week of August 5, 2013 to savings of approximately $2 billion a eliminate Saturday service for mailed year when fully implemented. In a delivery of regular mail to street ad- report and opinion on the 5-day prodresses. Mail addressed to PO Boxes, posal conducted by the Postal Regulaand package delivery, would be con- tory Commission and issued in March tinued on Saturday. Post offices cur- 2011, the accuracy of the USPS savrently open on Saturdays will remain ings estimates were questioned. The Service justified its action as a step In the press release that accompanied that is necessary to help the Postal Serthe announcement, the Postal Service vice be financially responsible. explained that its business plan has open on Saturdays.

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FIND THE CHARACTER Believe you are the role you play. Live into it. Know that you were born to play this role. Think of it as your unique contribution to make to the world.


W W W. S A P A T O D AY . C O M

continued from page 4 FINISH WITH “THANK YOU!” Be a gracious winner. Say “thank you” to the many players involved in your achievement—the customers and clients who bought tickets and voted for you, your fellow cast/team members, the screen writer, director, and producer aka your suppliers. They all contributed to your success.

This is the Believe or emotional core practice of your Work Positive lifestyle And be sure to thank your Mom! performance. FIXATE ON THE PERFORMANCE This is the Receive or ethical core practice of your Work Positive lifestyle perSet a goal based on your metrics that formance. spell Academy Award. Go win your Oscar today as you PerDaily see yourself walking the red ceive, Conceive, Believe, Achieve, and carpet at work, up onto stage, and accepting the Oscar for increasing sales with greater productivity while getting out of the office earlier to do what you love with family and friends.

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Then do the long hours of daily filming that leads you to completing your dream. This is the Achieve or physical core practice of your Work Positive lifestyle performance.

Will the Internet kill your free community paper? Did instant potatoes kill potatoes? New technologies change many things. But not everything. You may tweet, blog, surf, shop, or search online but you continue to read your free community paper. You just proved it.

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Justin Gerena, President, Director of Sales p: 888.592.3212 x710 e:

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