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Easy ways to Weight Loss FITNESS!

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Car ds

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Summer tips



• First things irst. Start a food diary today to help refocus. Also it is a great way to exercise healthy habits and to refer back to when falling of the wagon • Go shopping. Ensure the cupboards are stocked with what you need, not want and get rid of any junk food that may be in the house. • Set your goals for the New Year ahead. What is it that you want to achieve next

with your weight loss? Did you want to start that new activity/exercise routine in 2014? • Ater setting your goals, think about how you want to reward yourself for succeeding. Working towards something is always more motivating, for example, having your hair done or a pedicure, buying something special when you achieve your irst goal! • Practice Impulse Control. If you are inding it hard to stick to your weight loss program, use impulse control to divert your attention and do something else, for example, have a glass of water if you feel hungry, walk the dog, do some gardening or fold the socks! • Refresh. Remind yourself daily why you are on this journey and what you want to achieve with it.



THE NEW YEAR 2014 Social events and eating out can sometimes be very daunting when on a weight loss journey, but it doesn’t mean we have to hide at home - there are plenty of ways to make wise choices and still enjoy a good time with family and friends as well as achieve weight loss

Handy hints when eating out: • Remember protein irst • Always ask for your ish/chicken/meat to be grilled • Order an entrée size protein portion with a green side salad

Family Pets

Dogs Barking One of the most frustrating problems Dog owners , or more their neighbours,face is unwanted barking. Its hard to label this a behavioral issue as the dog is just communicating,as it has been naturally equipped to do and it is only the annoyance of this on the human ear that is the problem. here are many gadgets and training methods to reduce unwanted barking in a dog, but perhaps one of the most least understood processes is to actually TEACH the dog to bark on Command.


Medium to small dogs loved and pampered in our home. Daycare, long stays and BOOT CAMP for the “not-so-thin-pooch�. Please call RECEIVE Charmaine or Tersia on: $5 DISCOUNT WHEN YOU USE 09 4437811, ANY OF OUR 021 185 0188 and SERVICES 021 027 44258

66 B Wilson Road 59 Sartors Avenue, Dairylat, North Shore, Auckland Browns Bay, Auckland

_ _ _motoring ________________________________________ NAMASTE INDIANS Armoured Car If you're job involves chauffering highly important dignatries around all day, or if you are really paranoid, then Audi has the perfect car for you. An amoured version of the Audi A8 L, the 'High Security,' is Audi's take on a amoured luxury car for trips to the shops, or nuclear apocalypse bunker.

With windows, Audi use special glass with a splinter‐inhibi ng polycarbonate layer on the inside. A loudspeaker system is incorporated into the car, so passengers can call out to bystanders outside.

standard set by the German Ballis cs Tes ng Centre in Munich. The tests proved the Security can with stand NATO sub‐machine gun fire, military hand‐grenades and even an explosive charge, while leaving the occupants unscathed. Buyers can choose from a range of op onal extras, including an emergency passenger exit system, fire ex nguisher, built in phone and emergency fresh air system. Though things like smoke screen.

While Audi have made a few subtle changes to the regular car for next year, the Security comes with op ons worth considering if you suffer from paranoia. A modified aluminium body with 'classified' armour pla ng takes workers 450 hours to make and fit in a secure produc on zone.

The A8 L Security complies with the class VR 7 ballis c protec on

Produc on is expected to start in the second half of this year.



NEW PARTS .Rotors (Discs) .Brake Pads TECHNICIAN .Drums .Brake Shoes PH: 021 0265 4772. CARLSCOTT3@YAHOO.CO.NZ WWW.SKIMMNGO.CO.NZ


____________________________________________________ Repair your Leather, Plastic or Vinyl with Fibrenew Northshore

Phone 021 966 569 www.



the importance of

outDoor plAy he sight of children playing in the streets seems to be long gone in many parts of New Zealand, but the wane of outdoor play also means losing many of the learning beneits.

· Understand complex speech and language patterns like phonology, lexis, grammar and syntax · Develop more complex skills around friendships and social engagement

he great outdoors is one of the oldest play places in the world, where children play some of the most interesting games. Playing outside today is rare as children:

How parents can encourage their kids to play outside

· Spend more time indoors in front of the television or computer and being ferried everywhere in the car. · Parents worry about stranger danger and playing on roads (rightly so!) and tend to prefer our kids to be supervised indoors. · Some experts say this “over-sanitised” approach is leading to the rise in learning and health conditions such as dyspraxia, asthma and obesity. · Parents should, of course, protect their children by teaching them about stranger danger and road safety, but also ind ways of making outdoor ‘free’ play safe.

he fun of outdoor play Besides being out in the fresh air, one of the big beneits of outdoor play versus indoor play is being free from parental and adult constraints. One theory says all the jeers, taunts, calls, rhymes and teasing that go on when adults aren’t around actually give children the chance to:

Try these ideas to encourage outdoor play: · Encourage young children to play outside at least once a day - even when the weather is bad. Children need to experience all types of weather, so don’t allow bad weather to stop. Just dress appropriately. · As your child gets older, teach them road safety skills and walk around your suburb with them to help them become streetwise and get to know people. · Talk to your child about stranger danger and teach them what to do in an emergency. · Look for places where your child can play outside, even if you don’t have a backyard. hink about local parks or even on the footpath outside home if the street is generally free of traic. · Make sure your child knows how to travel by bus, tram or train by doing it regularly together. · When children are old enough to go out alone develop a protocol: they should always let you know where they are going and with whom; check in regularly with you or other trusted adults. · As children get older encourage them to go on ‘everyday adventures’ and to take ‘safe risks’.


tantrums in olDer kiDs Yes, tantrums are meant to be a feature of the terrible twos but now here you are with a kindy kid and you’re still getting some tantrums. Don’t despair – you’re not alone! Why do tantrums happen? Tantrums usually occur when your child is frustrated, stressed or tired, and with limited means to communicate how he’s feeling, he vents all his strong emotions in one long tirade that is a tantrum. As your child matures, he will develop better ways of communicating how he feels – mainly through language – and so tantrums naturally tend to decrease with age. If, however, your child is still tearing into a tantrum on a regular basis, you should consider whether he has developed the right vocabulary to express how he’s feeling. · Ensure that she understands that she can talk to you about how she feels.

Perhaps ask her questions that may open the door to this type of self-expression. · Don’t reward his behavior. Your preschooler may view throwing a tantrum as a tool to getting what he wants, so be sure that you don’t give in to his demands while he’s displaying out of control behavior. · Try putting a reward system in place that may encourage calm and appropriate behavior in situations that would ordinarily result in a tantrum. · Oten kids react strongly to situations that they don’t feel prepared for, so give timed warnings when you are about to do something that might result in a tantrum.

sKids out of school care Chrissy: As a working grandparent, it was hard to ind somewhere for my grandson to go to after school. I needn’t worry though, all my prayers were answered at Skids. The one thing I notice irst, when I arrive there is that he is happy and part of whatever is happening at the time. Staf is very friendly, they care about your child & have made my family feel so special. Skids interest in your child’s learning is so helpful and they encourage your child to do their best. So, while I am at work, I know my grandson couldn’t be in better hands Jordan: “I love going to Skids after school because I like that I have someone to help me with my homework and there are lots of fun activities. Bex and Jordan make me feel happy and nice inside. I love how they make us laugh and I always ask Nana to come and pick me up later cause I want to do all the fun things before she comes. This is the best place I have been in after school and think it is a cool place.”


_ _ _health ________________________________________ massage can improve your health! Here’s what a local massage could do for you: Relieve muscle soreness‐Massage helps muscles return to their normal res ng state Help manage your pain‐ Massage releases the body’s own natural painkillers Relieve the effects of stress‐ Massage helps calm the mind as well as the body Improve blood circula on‐ Massage helps with both blood + lymph flow Assist with posture‐ Massage is great a er a visit to the chiropractor Strengthen your immune system Improve your ability to sleep, and to concentrate Massage helps you take care of one of your greatest assets YOUR OWN HEALTH

. . . . . . .

Get Skin Con idence Reverse sun damage with Reformaskin A revolutionary 48-week skin treatment program that combines world renowned, evidence-based techniques to achieve results. Designed to your budgets, Reformaskin has a smart payment plan to spread the cost of the treatments over a year. When we have great looking skin, we feel so con ident. Call Caci today.

phone now 0800 458 458

Caci Clinic 33A Florence Avenue Ph: 09 426 7423

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just type in showcasemag in the search box 


 Corporate Identity - Photography - Design & Printing - Promotion Materials Graphic Designing - Business StartUp Designing - Website Designing

Hash Code Lab Design . Code . App

  

  

feature Wedding Hair & Make Up A bride's final look is defined and completed by her wedding hair and make‐up. However natural your everyday look, or however skilled you are at doing your own make‐up, on your wedding day professional hair and make‐up is essen al. A hair and make‐up ar st who specialises in weddings will know exactly the best styles and colours that work with your chosen wedding dress. She will know exactly what is needed for the bride to shine with a perfect glow in the wedding photos. She will also use professional hair and make‐up products that are superior to most products you can buy. Expect an ini al consulta on to discuss ideas, followed by a trial run one week to one month before the wedding. If you are planning a pre‐wedding photo shoot, it is a good idea to use your wedding hair and make‐up ar st for that too. To start searching, check out our lis ngs of hair and make‐up ar sts in Auckland

Ladies & Gents Hairdressers

Lobi’s Hair salon Unbeatable Prices, Open 7 Days

Only $140

4 Colours from dark to blondeOmbre Hair cut treatement Blow dry

Specialising in

Bridal Packages Pre-Bridal

170 Wairau Road, Glenfield, North Shore, Auckland. Ph: 021 217 8274, 09 442 0915 Contact Jo Brodie for your next special occasion or To enquire about any of her other artistry services and workshops

Website: Email: Mobile: 021 0288 1997 Phone: +64 (9) 817 7888 Studio Address: 88 Woodlands Park Road, Titirangi 0604

feature Wedding Loca ons The Top 10 spots to get married in New Zealand Known for its spectacular landscapes and adventurous spirit, New Zealand is a special des na on for a special occasion.Whether you're looking for an in mate ceremony or an exclusive func on with a large circle of friends and family, there are many stunning se ngs to choose from. You can shout your love from the mountain tops or clink your glasses at one of the country's finest vineyards – and then take off for the honeymoon of your dreams. Add to this the country's luxury lodges, gourmet food and exo c wines – and you have a match made in heaven. When you plan your wedding in New Zealand, make sure you consider these Top 10 spots to get married. 1. Tie the knot in the Church of the Good Shepherd at Lake Tekapo, one of the world's most idyllic churches – all you can see for miles is magnificent mountain scenery.

2. Wellington and weddings are a match made in heaven. Make your vows on the stunning marae at Te Pa p a , N e w Z e a l a n d ' s n a o n a l museum. Or, choose the glorious Gothic‐revival surroundings of Old St Paul's. 3. Invite Mount Cook to be your witness – a heli wedding will take you to the top of the Tasman Glacier, where you can exchange your vows surrounded by stunning snow‐capped peaks. 4. Get married on a luxury catamaran – sail from bay to bay on roman c Lake Rotoi in Rotorua or charter the Ipiriri and cruise the sparkly waters of the sub‐tropical Bay of Islands. 5. Toast your future at one of the picturesque vineyards in 'Hawkes Bay or onWaiheke Island – sampling tasty local vintages is an experience in itself and gives your celebra on a special flavour. .6. Spoil yourselves with an exclusive wedding at one of

New Zealands luxury lodges – with four course meals and matching wines served in some of the country's most beau ful se ngs. 7. Take pampering to the next level and say “I do” in a mud bath at Hell's Gate in Rotorua – the geothermal wonders of New Zealand are a pleasure for body and soul, and create a unique backdrop for your ceremony. 8. Rise to the occasion with a hot air balloon wedding – but don't let the unfolding landscapes of the Canterbury plains or the rugged mountain ranges of Queenstown take your breath away. 9. Celebrate your wedding at a world‐class golf course such as Kauri Cliffs orCape Kidnappers – walk on lush green grass, soak up the scenery and indulge in pure luxury. 10. Mark the start of your lives as a married couple in the roman c Marlborough Sounds as you overlook ancient sunken river valleys, secluded bays and sandy beaches.

North Indian Sweet & Snacks Indian Restaurant

EVERYDAY Makki Di Roti + Sarson Da Saag Ladoo $10/Kg Hot Jalebi Available

Best Catering Call us for all your catering needs We will give you the best price in town Contact: Kailash 021 187 0746, 09 268 6913 Kavit 021 073 6740

4/205 Great South Road, Manurewa, Auckland Email:






INDIAN CUISINE & TAKEAWAYS Also contact for Parties, Catering or Big Functions Shop No. 615, Lynn Mall, New Lynn. Ph: 09 826 1380 155 Lincoln Rd,Henderson. Ph: 09 835 4962.

feature Wedding Catering For the best day of your Life Caterers that specialise in weddings and special events offer a huge amount of choice for your wedding recep on. Do you want beau ful plates of gourmet cuisine, served at elegant tables, or a more informal buffet, or perhaps a stylish picnic?

func on you know they will be catering. Insist on a signed contract with your wedding caterer. This document should specify amount and types of food and beverages, the number of waitresses who will be on duty and of course the cost per item per person.

Your wedding caterers will be responsible for the focal point of your recep on: for preparing, cooking, decora ng and serving the food. They can also take charge of beverages and cleaning up a er the event, some mes even co‐ordina ng the venue too. Before selec ng your wedding caterers, ask for references or photos of previous work projects. Or, even be er, pop in at a

Our menus are based on simplicity, style and perfectly balanced avours that you can feel truly great about eating.

11-15 Great South Road, Newmarket, Auckland. ph: 09 968 7809 mob: 021 472 283

feature Wedding A re & Accessories Bridal Bou ques|Bridal Shops Bridal bou ques are a great star ng point for brides searching for the perfect wedding dress. Visi ng a bridal shop you can try on various different styles to get an idea of what suits you best. Decide between well known designer names or less exclusive but equally beau ful brands. Consider roman c lace, flowing chiffon or gorgeous silk, floor length with flowing train or shorter length skirts. Most wedding shops in New Zealand work on an appointment system for trying on wedding dresses, which means you have the full a en on of experienced staff to help you find your dream dress. Some bridal bou ques also offer a wedding dress hire service, perfect for those looking for an eco‐friendly op on or a budget‐friendly one.

Gowns     Jewellery Veils

326A Patumahoe Road, Pukekohe. Ph: (64) 21 1421028

2 White Swan Rd 129 Great South Rd Mt Roskill Papatoetoe Ph: 09 627 6404 Ph: 09 277 6404 Email: Facebook: Like us on Facebook for Specials & Updates

Come for a Huge range of Wedding Dresses


how parents can prevent

Bullying here are many ways parents can help reduce the likelihood of bullying, or at least make their children aware of acceptable behavior. How oten do we hear that behavior starts at home. In the case of bullying and society’s attitudes to it, these oten stem from the home environment. So the parental role in preventing and reducing bullying is vital. Some of the actions parents can take, whether bullying has impacted on you or your child’s life or not, are: Explain bullying Tell your children regularly how much you disapprove of bullying and why. Tell them you don’t want them to take part in mistreating another student at any level, however small. Students who come from families that oppose bullying accept that bullying is wrong and are less likely to bully others because they know their parents would disapprove.

Forbid bullying

Talk about respect and help children distinguish between people who care about their wellbeing and those who don’t. Explain rights of others Emphasise seeing things from another’s point of view and the rights of others not to be mistreated.

Report incidents

Do not allow any type of bullying at home and deal irmly with any attempts by siblings to bully one another.

Report all incidents of bullying that you are aware of, not just incidents that happen to your child. Don’t continue any child’s silent nightmare by saying nothing.

Encourage positivity

Encourage resilience

Encourage your child to see the positive side of other students rather than expressing contempt and superiority.

Develop protective behaviors and resilient social skills in your child, such as speaking assertively, negotiating, expressing their own opinion, using a conident voice and using irm eye contact. Practice regularly using dinner conversations and social encounters with acquaintances and new people.

Model and encourage respect Model and encourage respect for others as well as behaviors and values, such as compassion, cooperation, friendliness, acceptance of diference and respect.

Respect and conidence are key


Talk about respect and help children distinguish between people who care about their wellbeing and those who don’t. Children require the conidence and skills to avoid people who don’t treat them with respect.

Help build friendships Help your child build and maintain caring and genuine friendships. his may mean taking an active role in encouraging social activities such as ater school plays and sleepovers.

Deal with fear and anger Assist them to develop efective ways of dealing with fear and anger instead of internalising their feelings, taking them out on others or losing face in front of the peer group by allowing them to spill over.

sKids out of school care As a working parent, the safety and welfare of your child is essential when looking for great before school and after school care. At sKids the safety and care of your child is our number one priority. We offer affordable, supervised care, with qualified teachers. After School Programmes run at the Gordonton School Hall, Puketaha School & St Joseph’s Catholic School from 3pm – 6pm daily. Holiday Programmes from 8am – 6pm at St Joseph’s Catholic School Learning Centre/Library. For more information, please go to or contact Rose (Franchisee) via email at or phone 07 859 3648

“where kids love to be”


Burn 100 calories each day by doing one of the following: 1. Take a brisk walk for 20 minutes 2. Was your car for 20 minutes 3. Do housework for 30 minutes 4. Jog for 10 minutes 5. Mow your lawn for 20 minutes 6. Wash your windows for 20 minutes

easy ways to



weight loss When planning your weight loss journey, add one of the above to your daily exercise routine. If you do a quick calculation, it adds up to 36500 calories for the year.

10 minute workout A o plete od o kout i o po ai g the ajo us le g oups e ui ale t to a hou of eight t ai i g FIRST at the g

Health Beneits St e gth Pai edu io i joi ts Muscle tone I eased i ulaio Fat loss


Bone density Cellulite edu io L phai d ai age Bete sleep Good the ap fo MS, a th iis et

The Vi a-T ai p og a is e te si el esea hed a d desig ed the pe so ho i t odu ed Vi aio T ai i g to Ne )eala d. The est ualit a hi es desig ed a d ade i Ne )eala d, o l a aila le at a li e sed Vi a-T ai Studio. Pur hase a on ession ard ithin a eek of your free session and re ei e a % dis ount Please e io this ad e ise e t he

ou isit ou studio at

/ 0 Paul Mathe s Rd, Al any Ph:


/ 0 Paul Mathe s Road Phone: 0 0 info@ i ra-trainal any. . i ra-trainal any.

To burn 1kg of fat, you need to burn 7700 calories, so this means by just making a daily habit of any of the above (or a combination), you will lose 4.74kg!!! Obviously you will need to follow your meal program and do your other exercise as per normal. here are roughly 60 days till Christmas, that means 6000 calories extra can be burned till then and you will have a more tidy home amongst other things. Give it a go!

Red Melon


Receive a FREE Educational Activity pack valued at over $50 if you spend $70 on educational toys and games on RedMelon’s website. Educational Activity Packs include:


a wooden puzzle picture and/or activity books perceptual game educational toys fun games and activities

Buy any Look & Listen puzzle and CD set and get $10 off the already discounted price of any Lynley Dodd (Hairy Maclary) hard cover book. (Use promo code LLL10 at checkout to redeem)

Receive a FREE Teacher’s Pack of classroom supplies valued at over $30 when you purchase $50 or more of decorations and resources from RedMelon’s website. Teachers Pack includes: 15 accent cards (various designs) 15 award certiicates

Bonus A 10 % discount voucher will be included with your free pack for use on your next purchase of $50 or more on any products on RedMelon’s website.

500+ reward stickers encouraging stamper set of numbers charts and whiteboard marker magnets and lanyard

Got a deck that needs shade? Then go ahead and give Canvas Crew a call well get you covered!

Free installation on all shade sail orders, ordered before the 23 of December 2013. Quote the promo code and you will quallify for free installation on all shade sail orders, ordered before the 23 of December 2013. You must be quoted when arranging site visit to qualify for the promo. Strictly no code no promo. Phone: 021 937 363 0800 CREW4YOU (0800 273 949) Promo code: SHADES FOR AFRICA

West Auckland

get your rAnDs out of south Africa South Africa is a beautiful country with a long and storied culture. However, political and other troubles these past several decades have resulted in a great many of their citizens being disbursed all over the world. Many of these people have had serious issues trying to access and transfer their funds and assets out of South Africa, due to their overly onerous regulatory environment. hat’s where Rand Rescue comes in; we help South African expatriates access their rands from their new homes. We work with the taxation authorities, the banks, and the government to open blocked accounts and

disburse funds. Rand Rescue is the right choice to make for assistance in this regard for three reasons: Knowledge – Rand Rescue stays on top of all changes to pertinent laws and regulations involved in this area, making them true experts on the requirements. Experience – hose behind Rand Rescue have decades of experience within the banking industry, meaning they know exactly how the system operates, and they can use this knowledge for your beneit.

Are you running into a brick wall - trying to get your rands out of south Africa?

Part of the Rand Group Retirement Annuities Pension

Rand out

Pay an invoice in SA?


Transfer in 16 currencies!

0800 726 373

Call today to claim what’s yours!


Family Vacations SCUBA DIVING Divers comes from all over the world for Vanuatu’s superb visibility, warm water and world class dive sites, for kids and parents. he underwater world ofers plunging clifs,grottoes and overhangs plus huge caves and intricate tunnels and life abundant over all this making for a visual feast.

VAnuAtu on speCiAl for $699


FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT Enjoy family time with the kids in a lovely environment. At Eco travel we look ater all your travel arrangement...

Air Ticketing I Cruises I Tour Package I Medical Tours I Money Transfer

Heading Back to

south Africa for Christmas? Book Now and PAY IT OFF, Go Home DEBT FREE!!! With ECOTRAVELS BROWNSBAY, pay a small deposit of $200, Choose your dates, Pay off the tickets weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Call our team on 09 475 5801

Story One evening, an old Cherokee Indian told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, “My son, the battle goes on between two wolves inside us all. One is evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego.” “he other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth,

compassion and faith.” he grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?” he old Cherokee simply replied, “THE ONE YOU FEED.”

Children’s Safety

summer safety tips for kids Sun Protection

Avoid sun exposure during peak sun hours (10 AM – 6 PM). Wear protective clothing and a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses (with 99-100% UV protection). Sunscreen is a must (on sunny and cloudy days)! Look for products with UVA and UVB protection and an SPF of at least 15. Sunscreen should be applied liberally 30 minutes before going out in the sun, and reapplied every two hours or sooner if swimming, sweating or toweling of. Look for shade whenever possible.

Water Safety

Adult supervision is of paramount importance. Parents need to focus on their children 100% of the time. No distractions! Remember, no child or adult is “drown proof.” Keep in mind that children can drown in many diferent

water sources including: bathtubs, toilets, buckets, baby pools, backyard swimming pools, community pools, streams, creeks, lakes, rivers, oceans and other places.

Rosedale Hair Salon • • • •

Wedding hair and make-up Party hair and make-up Nails from $20 Eyelash extensions $50 for 60 lashes each eye

09 478-7088 | 021 565 102 | 021 203 1197

KIMARIE hair salon


Dog Grooming Parlour

Lisa Phillips Professional Dog Groomer

PHONE: 09 476 7659 MOBILE: 021 124 9448


18 30


Shop S, 6 Rosedale Road Albany Closed Sundays and Mondays

6 Rosedale Road Albany

Ph 479 5171


trAVel ON


JOHANNESBURG Special fares to Johannesburg with Emirates. Starting from $2180.00* Travel Dates: 16th January 2014 - 30th November 2014 Sales Expiry: 4th February 2014

Call us today on 02102647178

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