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Football Betting Trends: Other Easy Breezy Tips for an NFL Handicap Strategy So you want to learn more football betting trends? Well, we will give you some more of these football betting trends and more. First, we’ve already discussed with you NFL handicapping and even gave you a background and a few tips. Remember when we answered what handicapping means? For those of you who failed to read the previous article, here is a rehash: In the world of sports, the practice of handicapping is done by increasing the chances of winning of a certain “weaker� side by adding points to a score. This process compensates for various contestants or teams who want to somehow equalize the prospective chance of winning. Handicapping is also a method in which advantage is somehow counted and calculated. In theory, handicapping means the more experienced participant or player is given a disadvantage so that the younger, newer player can somehow compensate and still compete against the more experienced, maintaining a fair chance for everyone. Handicapping points is also a different way of how the audience could predict, as well as calculate the ending or outcome of a sporting event. Now here are few more tips we have about football betting trends, specifically handicap betting. One football betting trend is known as statistical handicap betting. These handicappers are the ones who dwell on statistics, like number crunching. These folks make their choices entirely based on numbers or statistics. As a football bettor, you will be happy to

learn that there are numerous statistics available for your football wagering purposes. You are given a choice of traditional stats; for example, the listing of points for/points against. There are stats with just the sport bettor in mind such as those that dwell on yard per yard point or what the pass attempt average is. If you are the type who doesn’t like betting through guesswork and manically just want statistics when it comes to handicapping, then statistical handicapping is the game for you. Another form of football betting trend when it comes to handicapping is situational handicapping. Situational handicapping is eerily similar to system handicapping in the context that you are focused on one team and directed to analyze how that team fares in that certain situation. An example would be a football team in college who are dubbed as the losing team – the underdogs. In situational handicapping, we are still curious to see how this team performs in a situation such as underdogs playing in their home town. Situational handicapping is a bit objective and trashes all the personal leaning we have. It removes the “fandom” aspect of team support. In the world of football betting trends, handicapping is an activity that works well in most cases. Incorporate the handicapping factor technique to some other football betting trends and you can get the advantage you need to win.

Football Betting Trends: Other Easy Breezy Tips for an NFL Handicap Strategy