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Fantasy Premiership 101 You want to know what fantasy premiership is? Before you know what fantasy premiership is, you have to know where fantasy premiership is based on. Here are some facts about the Premier League which is the foundation of the fantasy premiership game. The premier league is actually a club or association of English football clubs. There is an English football league system and it is England’s primary football competition. In this Premier League, there are 20 clubs. What it does is it operates in a way of promotion and regulation with another famous English institution called the Football League. So basically, the Premier League is a corporation with 20 members, with the members acting as the shareholders. The games in the Premier League have a season run that runs from August to May. There are 38 matches in total and in one season, a person can watch as many as 380 matches. If you plan to see one and you are working, it just so happens that the Premier League sets the games on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). There are just a few games played during the week and usually, these happen in the evenings. The Premier League was known as the Premiership and this was its name from the year 1993 until 2007. The main sponsor of the Premier League is Barclays Banks, which means its official and full name is Barclays Premier League. Now, it has competition and that competition is in the form of another league called FA Premier League which was formed in 1992. The FA Premier League was formed when some clubs that were part of the Football League First Division decided to be cut from the league (founded in 1888). The reason for the separation is the clubs wanted to take advantage of the television deals which were offering a lot money. The Premier League has turned to become the most watched football league in the entire world, and it has the most lucrative deals amongst all the football leagues. The Premier League is dubbed by its promoters as the “Greatest Show on Earth“ and is said to have the biggest following. There is an estimated half a billion sports fans watching the football games, and these fans come from all over the globe, with the show televised in many stations in different countries. It is said to be the most widely distribute TV sports show in the whole of Asia. In India, two television and cable channels broadcast it live. It is gaining popularity even in China. Figures even suggest that there are 100 million in 2003, but now has reached 500 million in viewership.

Fantasy Premiership 101