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An Introduction to Sports Betting Picks: A “Must Make Me Rich and Win” Tip You do know that when a regular season comes to an end, a group of “on the verge of losing” teams will be hard-pressed to win a game as they want to be participants in the sport’s playoffs. It's called a must win attitude because teams would want to win and they will use all the tricks in the book, especially exploiting home town advantage games where the morale is high. So, the betting public will support teams that have huge chances of winning, but the more adventurous sports bettors will pick the underdog team, especially when they have home court advantage as the chance of support this sports betting pick may be favorable. However, here is a sports betting pick advice: picks of betting on teams that have odds against a betting disposition have really no tangible advantage. Why? Well, because sports betting odds will also be inflated by the bookies. So again, our sports betting tip is for you to do research and find out what the other team’s coach is stating about the imminent game. If that said coach says that it is a must win game for a team that

is already in the playoffs, then that team will probably be relaxed and not perform well since they are sure to be competing in the playoffs. So, in this instance, pick the “must win” team against the favored team as the chances of winning are huge for the “must win” team. Another competitive situation to observe is seeing a team play with a deserving opponent. Meaning, the teams that are competing in the “must win” games are likely to be rivals in the playoffs. These are good wagering times as the favored team will do its best to defeat the “must win” team to make a statement that they will have no chance in the post season match up. Both teams will be getting great wagers! The smart thing for bettors to do is look at these games from all angles and then proceed if they believe they have an advantage. And again, the best thing to do is research! Make a list of all the potential winning teams and make a list of all the teams that will be desperate to win games. Then, when you've made the list, research on the teams behind them and find out details that will mean a lot in choosing the right sports betting picks.

An Introduction to Sports Betting Picks: A “Must Make Me Rich and Win” Tip