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                                                                                                                                           8  W.  38th  St.                                        New  York,  NY                                              10018        


Mission Statement:  “Our  mission  is  to  create   beautiful  handcrafted  pieces  that  are  unique  but   very  fashion  forward.  Our  company  strives  for   exceptional  customer  service  and  help  from  stylist   to  create  the  perfect  look  for  you.”  


Background/ History: As a designer Jessica Santos always had an eye for design even as a young child. Her inspiration always came from her background as a Hispanic women and her American lifestyle. She studied fashion design and got her Bachelors in a design school in Chicago. During her studies an internship helped her live the busy fashion design lifestyle, which was soon to become her own life. After graduation she moved to New York and began debuting in small fashion shows which lead to New York Fashion Week. Jessica designed for Oscar de la Renta for 5 years and her name and designs were well known between celebrities and fashion shows. Realizing it was time for something new she left Oscar de la Renta and took a new route. She began doing shows for her own line and a few sponsorships came along that gave her the opportunity to open a boutique in New York. The boutique grew exponentially with the beautiful and trendy designs that relocation to Manhattan. The expansion of the new boutique allowed for online shopping to be possible and the sales of products to be sold in high stores such as Niemen’s, Macy’s and Barneys. Santos is now a high fashion experience that gives many women the confidence and garments they need on a daily basis. Designs keep evolving and company keeps growing. New collaborations are giving Santos a growth and expansion worldwide.    


8 W.  38th  St.                                        New  York,  NY                                              10018                                 P P P & D: Price: $100-500

Placement: boutique and online shopping experience Product: ready to wear line for women Distribution: high department stores such as Barney’s, Niemen, Macys also internet sites such as Topshop                            


Interior and  products:      







SWOT : Strengths: Boutiques are placed in highly populated city areas where shopping and tourist are present. High motivated staff knows the product enough to sell it properly. Customer satisfaction rate give the boutique good word of mouth and online reviews. Weakness: High education level for staff, price point for items for some, locations Opportunities: Internships, design competitions that give a student an opportunity to design but boutique also gets a cut of the profits, media exposure Threat: competition, knockoff items made    


Fact Sheet:

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Graduates with BFA- Fashion design 2003 Moves to NYC and begins collabs with other designers NYWF debuts Santos SS 2005 Designs for Oscar de la Renta 2005-2010 Re-creates Santos line and opens first boutique with sponsorship 2012 2012: online store open- ships internationally Product sold as Niemen, Barneys and other specialty stores 2013: new boutique is opened in the center of fashion capital Current: expanding and designing for multiple styles and collabs with more high end designers  


Fashion marketing, 1st layout draft  
Fashion marketing, 1st layout draft