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FOREWARD Trend forecast is a major component of growth and development of the handicrafts sector of today. Home decor and Trend Forecast are two important categories of the Indian exports. One of the constraints faced by Indian handicrafts sector today is the lack of access to new design trends and colour forecasts. The handicrafts sector needs major references to update the design needs of the thousands exporters and manufactures. There is a need to spread awareness of new designs and colour forecasts present in the world market, in the Indian crafts industry. This Trends book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 brought by National Centre for Design & Product Development(NCDPD), in cooperation with Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts( EPCH) and supported by Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India. Trends book is an important steps towards bringing in fresh ideas and energy into the handicrafts sector. The trend book comprises of the latest worldwide inspiration in design trends and forecast in Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories. The export market is trend driven and buyers are looking for exciting products. With the help of this book, Craft producers and exporters can explore new ideas, designs, colours, patterns, product finishes and customize them to meet market requirements. The book will also help the exporters and craftsmen to understand the national and international market better and use their creativity to develop the new designs in their crafts which are sync with the international market demand and the latest trends. Release of this book is a step towards development of new design skills and research and development in the handicrafts industry. Preparation of this product specific trends book is a very important segment of publicity and a step towards fulfillment of the new designs and innovative product in the handicrafts sector.

The Trend Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories for 2016-17 has been designed, developed and conceived by NCDPD

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Inspiration Fashion accessories are items that make a style statement and add to the overall appearance of a person. Fashion accessories like hats, jewellery, bags, belts, bandana, etc. are the inn thing these days amongst people of all age groups. They are available in different shapes, sizes and colours. Fashion accessories are in huge demand these days and the demand is expected to increase in future as well; so many people have entered into the business of selling fashion accessories which has added to the already high levels of competition. Thus to remain on top of the competition, it is necessary to sell unique and latest accessories at competitive prices. Technology has invaded fashion! Shoes, jewelry and even ready-to-wear fashions are experimenting with 3-D printing techniques. Gold, particularly rose gold was by far the preferred metal choice at Baselworld together with an explosion of colourful precious and semi-precious stones. Women's watches became more important at this year's Baselworld, tapping into colour trends emanating from the world of women's fashions. The race for smart watches intensified at Baselworld, the annual trade event for the watch and fine jewelry industry held in Basel, Switzerland. The unstoppable trend towards casual comfort-driven shoes seems to have peaked! There were still plenty of collections promoting comfort footwear at Micam, the international footwear trade fair presenting fall/winter 2016/17 collections in Milan. Italy's reputation for making the finest, most fashionable, trend-setting shoes in the world is more than justified, and Paris as an epicenter of fashion is on the same page. On a recent shopping trip to both places we found some exciting styles that would make a great addition to anyone's shoe wardrobe for a forward, very special footnote this season.

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AUTUMN-FALL 2016-17 A Unity of Strength, Confidence and Complexity The desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism have inspired a Fall 2016 color palette that is led by the Blue family. Along with anchoring earth tones, exuberant pops of vibrant colors also appear throughout the collections. Transcending gender, these unexpectedly vivacious colors in our Fall 2016 palette act as playful but structured departures from your more typical fall shades. Blue skies represent constancy as they are always above us. Grays give a feeling of stability, Red tones invite confidence and warmth, while the hot Pinkish Purples and Spicy Mustard Yellows suggest a touch of the exotic. Top ten colours for fall/ winter 2016 is as per below.











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# 1. RIVERSIDE | PANTONE 17-4028 Earmarking the importance of Blue in the palette, the new blue shade of PANTONE 17-4028 Riverside undeniably takes precedence in the fall collections. - Cool and calming, strong and stable - Displays a subtle vibrancy and sophistication - Borders on exciting, yet - Maintains a sense of constancy

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# 2. AIRY BLUE | PANTONE 14-4122 Pantone 14-4122 Airy Blue's lofty nature evokes feelings of lightness and freedom. - Designers seeking weightlessness in a world heavy with conflict - Blue tones appear in nearly half of the designs - Airy Blue nods to Serenity - Pair Airy Blue with Lush Meadow, Taupe or Dusty Cedar for fresh approach

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# 3. SHARKSKIN | PANTONE 17-3914 There's an edge to PANTONE 17-3914 Sharkskin, and yet it manages to remain neutral - Pair-able with almost any fall color, bright or muted - A color that the rest of the palette can literally and theoretically rest on - Showcases practicality through a dependable but contemporary lens.

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#4. AURORA RED | PANTONE 18-1550 In contrast to the stable backbone of the Fall 2016 palette, PANTONE 18-1550 Aurora Red adds a welcome punch. - A bold Red that is warm, sensual and immediately pleasing to the eye - Gets the metaphorical blood of the palette pumping - Exciting and dynamic, breeds unmistakable confidence

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# 5. WARM TAUPE | PANTONE 16-1318 PANTONE 16-1318 Warm Taupe is a hearty, pleasing and approachable neutral that pairs well with each of the top 10 shades of the Fall 2016 season. - Suggests reassurance and stability - Trusted, organic and grounded - Departs slightly from the foundations of the Fall 2016 palette - Timeless

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#6. DUSTY CEDAR | PANTONE 18-1630 Like Airy Blue, PANTONE 18-1630 Dusty Cedar gives a nod to the PANTONE Color of the Year 2016, Rose Quartz. - A fall and winter version of the Pinks we're used to seeing in spring - Dustier rose-toned Pink shade with some complexity - Exudes warmth and welcome

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#7. LUSH MEADOW | PANTONE 18-5845 PANTONE 18-5845 Lush Meadow brings to mind fresh botanicals and foliage. - Rich and elegant, vibrant and sophisticated - This shade displays a brightness, panache and depth of color that elevates it from more natural greens - Elevates the overall elegance woven through this season's collections

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#8. SPICY MUSTARD | PANTONE 14-0952 Bounces elegantly off other colors in the palette, PANTONE 14-0952 Spicy Mustard is an exotic addition. - Adds another splash of uplifting vibrancy - A spicier, zestier Yellow than previous seasons - Unexpected and unusual - Comes through in both the abstract and geometric accents that designers employed

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#9. POTTER'S CLAY | PANTONE 18-1340 PANTONE 18-1340 Potter's Clay has an added degree of sophistication and layering. - Elements of russet Orange in its undertones, gives a grounded feeling that's anything but flat - Neutral earth tone; expected for fall and winter palette - A shade with real substance; a strong foundation

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#10. BODACIOUS | PANTONE 17-3240 PANTONE 17-3240 Bodacious speaks to the gender fluidity we continue to see. - Lends itself to vibrant color combinations - Unexpected in fall - Versatile; can be used with Pinks and Reds - Bright, rich Purple, with hints of a more sophisticated Pink - Turns fashion accents into fashion statements

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AUTMN/WINTER 2016-2017 After Spring/Summer's Nineties style tsunami, a wind of fresh innovation blew through the ranks of jewelry designers for Fall/Winter 2016-2017, with cuffs and bracelets over sleeves, strings of pearls, single earrings, layering and safety pins all hitting the runway. Our new jewelry obsessions from New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks.

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STRINGS OF PEARLS The pearl has been emerging from the cocoon of its rather staid and traditional image for the past few seasons, revisited as ear cuffs and graphic chokers by a new generation of inspired young jewelry designers. But this winter sees a return to its Parisian roots, albeit with a vintage twist, as if it’s been borrowed and paired with denim patches, military jackets and the sports sweaters that are so very now.

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SINGLE EARRINGS Long, graphic, hoops or earcuffs, the only way to wear earrings right now is on their own. The single earring was one of the biggest trends of the season, first emerging on the runways in New York and London and confirmed as a trend in Paris.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 22

PUNK IS NOT DEAD After emerging as a trend for Spring/Summer 2016, the Nineties revival has taken firm hold, producing rebel jewelry to match. With piercings at Dior and elsewhere, chokers with silver-dipped chains and layers of necklaces worn between leather jackets and hoodies, it was chrome and black as far as the eye could see.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 23

ASYMMETRIC EARRINGS Earring mash-ups was another bold statement backed by designers this season, taking in several styles in one look.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 24

RAW STONES After uncut necklaces and pendants appeared on the Spring/Summer 2016 runway, crystal mania took hold with raw stones featuring again on the catwalk for winter. Radically different stones appeared as earrings at Proenza Schouler and provided an anchoring detail to strengthen the impact of clothing at Dries Van Noten and Calvin Klein.

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BRACELETS OVER SLEEVES It's the killer detail that makes all the difference. First spotted in J.W. Anderson pre-Fall/Winter 2016-2017, bracelets and cuffs worn over sleeves gained ground during the collections, worn just above the elbow or over gloves.

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ACROSS-EAR EARRINGS After ear jackets that hang under the lobe and ear cuffs on the cartilage, the earring's latest incarnation cuts right across the ear itself in a balanced and original piece with plenty of character.

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OVERSIZED CHOKERS A Spring/Summer 2016 stand-out, the choker stepped into the light for winter, in sunny gold at Loewe, looking regal at Chanel and as a veritable piece of body armor for the Balmain army.

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STATEMENT NECKLACES Unusual details stole the spotlight at the Fall/Winter 2016 shows. Worn on minimalist dresses at Loewe, these surrealist necklaces signaled a stylish shift in the jewelry on the Paris runways. A special mention goes to the double padlock necklace, expertly reinterpreted by Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga.

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BAG TRENDS FROM THE FALL/WINTER 2016-17 Catwalks The fashion industry head to Paris for the final leg of the Fall/Winter 2016-17 ready-to-wear shows, as influential designers present their latest womenswear collections on the runways. Following our article on footwear, the Trendstop team have compiled an exclusive first-look feature on F/W16-17 Catwalk Bags, drawing on their expert analysis of the latest shows as they happen. These accessories trends are predicted to influence directional and fast fashion ranges going into Fall/Winter 2016-17, and would also prove suitable for more mainstream collections in Fall/Winter 2017-18. Hot off the catwalks at the world’s fashion capitals, see how designers are updating women’s bags with fresh plays on shape, structure and detailing, creating fashion-forward looks with an inspirational appeal.

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The Structured Bucket Bag Bucket bags are revisited with structured designs for added sophistication, on show with sturdy textures that hold their forms like glossy leather and luxe snakeskin. Drawstring closures add a sportive twist, while textured finishes and fashion colour blocking makes for a directional look.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 31

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 32

THE SADDLE BAG The saddle bag emerges as a key accessories style for fall, characterised by a rounded silhouette, flattened profile and single shoulder strap. Leather textures add structure in matte or shine finishes, as seen in stark monochrome or warm neutrals. Contrast straps stand out with woven details or patterning, as furry panels add a tactile interest.

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Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 34

The Thick Strap Handbag Feminine handbags express a quirky twist with a play on detailing, as straps are reinforced in thick new shapes. Applied to satchels and cross-body styles alike, wide straps are highlighted by contrast colours, oversized studs or heavy embellishment. Luxe materials and directional prints keep designs looking sophisticated.

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FALL/ WINTER 2016-2017 SHOE TRENDS Shoes are the most requested type of footwear for women. This may be attributed to both the cold and warm season of the year. Many fashion experts consider that shoes are a kind of standard of feminine taste. That is why from season to season, they give them all the attention and interest, creating impressive designs from different materials and in accordance with the latest trends. Think classy and trashy at the same time, multiple decades blending into one. There are few entirely new looks and many which have been recycled and redone to match the year's needs and general mood, one which has moved away from the 1970s Western for the most part, but still retains residues, and incorporated the '80s and '90s a whole lot more, while focusing on the futuristic as well. Let's see what shoes are in style in Fall-Winter 2016-2017 seasons.It is a season of intriguing creations and the fall generally sets the stage for the coming year, which meant the pointy shoes will be giving way to something more on the rounded square feel we can assume. Platforms, straps, buckles, and lots of texture are all to be expected. It is not only interesting but also quite appealing altogether. The top fall/ winter 2016-2017 trendy shoes to look out for when shopping include:

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#1: Pointy Toes One of the biggest fall 2016 shoe trends is the use of the pointy toe, though we did notice some rounding off in a few places. The pointed aspect is much more on the chic side, despite being more painful to your feet over time. It appears throughout, from plain black boots seen at Emilio Pucci to the suede ankle shoes with the lacing on top as seen at Alexander Wang. The pointed toes exist just about everywhere really, from sequined shoes to leather pumps, Western styles to futuristic designs. It is the top trend of the fall and winter seasons! Pointy toes and rounded heels with some ankle straps added to the ankle boots at Narciso Rodriguez are simply delectable and we can officially agree that plain white with pointy toes is the best footwear route for the fall and winter!

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 39

#2: Open Toes If the footwear has closed toes, chances are it is pointy. But then again, apparently it is rather normal to be wearing multiple layers and have on some warm tight as well, but keep the toes open. As such, the sandal looks stay in style for the fall and winter seasons, despite the chill, requiring a good long vacation to a really warm country instead. Prada comes in with a colorful piece that includes aqua straps, a large golden buckle, and a black body, the only piece of skin shown other than the neck and the hands being the toes. Shimmering aspects were added at Alexander McQueen to add to its evening perfection and match with those darling shimmering see-through dresses, while there were some rather interesting open toe combinations, including with socks, at 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 40

#3: Shoes with Multiple Buckled Straps If you like the gladiator look, love the strappy shoes and are all for the silver hued hardware added everywhere, you will absolutely adore the rather stripper-like 8-inch-high heels with the platforms from Marc Jacobs, appearing in blacks and greys and some lovely reptile skin textures. Multiple buckles come into play at Nicopanda, details over the lace-up shoes with the ribbons out back and the red suede body. Multiple buckled straps appear to make for the loveliest in evening pumps for fall 2016, complete with playful patterns at Altuzarra, effectively transitioning one from the summer months to the closed fall without sacrificing on the beauty of fashionable footwear. Furthermore, instead of the traditional buckles you can opt for the clickable designs that would make a four strapped mid-calf height partial boot quite the look to invest in.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 41

#4: Big Buckles If you love metal hardware in any sense of the word, you will adore the use of large buckles or buckles in general that are pretty much a top footwear trend for fall 2016. From Prada's open-toe looks to the rather intriguing over-the-ankle boots at Burberry, the appearance of large buckles, especially in gold colors, was satisfying. There is something extremely gorgeous about seeing the triple buckles along the side of the Temperley boots that are a cross between over the ankle and mid-calf, the pointy toes adding to the attractiveness of the piece, while its combination with the clothing worn is superb. There are some interesting big buckled details on some of the Anna Sui thigh-high boots as well, which lend the velvety look an even richer background.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 42

#5: Wear Your Shoes With Socks Shoes and booties worn with socks might not be the first style you think of, but it is one of the most common fall/ winter 2016-2017 shoe trends on the runways, no matter what type of creation adorns your feet. That includes the Tommy Hilfiger chunky heels versions of a rounded toe metallic hued shoe, the over-the-ankle rocker piece with the lacing and Western stylization, the checked stockings that are seen with the low heeled old timer pieces from Thom Browne to the golden ankle hugging sandals at 3.1 Phillip Lim. There are too many designers using this particular trend to count right now, but perhaps a good favorite is the T-bar d'Orsay pairs with the chunky heels and the white bodies from Edun, worn with white socks that scrunch around the ankles, appearing as a modern version of our childhood footwear when we visited church on Easter holidays.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 43

#6: Lace-Up Footwear We see a whole lot of the lacing on the clothing as well as the fall 2016 footwear. When it comes to the latter, boots are the more prominent creations using this trend and definitely looking lovely. We thought that the gladiator pieces would be going out of style soon but we were mistaken it appears. With a few updates to the overall looks of the footwear, we can easily say that gladiator boots are here to stay for quite a while longer. In the meantime, picking up a black suede rounded pointy-toe pair from Prada should do the trick. Add in some over the ankle laced-up looks and some sneakers with the lacing, the former spotted at Thom Browne and the latter at Nicopanda, and you have some lovely warmer day pieces to wear out while still looking quite casual. Casual chic takes on new meaning at Rag & Bone though, where the white merges with black and the golden hardware adds an air of wealth to the style. We see some lovely lacing over the shimmering chunky heeled shoes found at Tommy Hilfiger, adding a touch of feminine grace to the design. As for the touch of medieval royalty to the suede creations, we have to put that all on Anna Sui, laced-up calf-length designs and all.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 44

#7: Shoes with Ankle Straps Single straps or multiple, the ankle strap look is huge for the upcoming colder seasons and there is no way not to love the style. It elongates the legs, shows off the ankle, slims out the feet and generally looks amazing. We see the style all over, from the sandals to the d'Orsay looks, the Marc Jacobs Spice Girl shoes to the mock Mary Jane designs seen at Gucci. At Lela Rose, the clear with black combination is superb, while the fringed toes add a certain sense of je ne sais quoi to the whole thing. Double ankle straps appear on ballerina shoes with shimmering golden heels at Kate Spade, making the whole thing appear divine, square nose and all. There are a few T-bar d'Orsay pairs as well, including those from Edun that come fitted with socks, looking so very perfect for Easter celebrations over the winter months.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 45

#8: Chunky Gothic Shoes Normally just seen on Alexander Wang, the chunkier boots with a punk rock or Gothic feel to them had a rather interesting place on the runway, appearing all over, even with sequined dresses worn on top as per Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. Open toes also appear on the chunky lines at 3.1 Phillip Lim, not really the loveliest of designs, but somehow taken as a stylish trend. We will probably keep away from that particular one though. Red suede with black detailing is what we see at Nicopanda, the platform of the heels really attractive when combined with the multiple buckles and ribbons out back. Edun mixes black and white to get the laced-up Western over-the-ankle booties that remind us of a restructured Converse shoe.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 46

#9: Leather All Over Since we have seen the leather boots so much on the runways, it rather gets redundant to even mention on this list. It is one of the top fall 2016 shoe trends. Period. From pointy toes to slightly squared or rounded pieces, embellished pieces or plain boots, pretty pumps or laced up creations, ankle heights or knees, about three quarters of the fall 2016 shoes appearing on the runways were indeed in leather. Boss brings in leather with silver zipper hardware, Opening Ceremony is all about the plain and the platform, Edun is chunky and wild, Rag & Bone brings in black and white combinations and lovely lacing, while Thom Browne rejoices in having leather for the laced up shoes.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 47

#10: Suede Shoes Lovely camel or beige colors on suede shoes are a personal favorite really, especially when you add on some laces and have the whole thing stop at the ankles, much as is done at Alexander Wang this year. With platform heels, the look is similar to one that existed a few years back as well, with the possibility of a few having kept their old shoes. The differences with my own? The lacing is at the front instead of the side and the toes are pointed instead of square. There are suede feet with mesh legs at Diane von Furstenberg, laced up designs with high, chunky heels at Ralph Lauren, and it all comes in red with black leather detailing at Nicopanda with those awesome rounded toes and multi buckled looks. As for some of the loveliest suede pumps on the Fashion Week shows spotted, we would have to say those suede pretty stiletto heeled versions are definitely something to look out for. Anna Sui has a special love for the suede, having it appear on everything from the multiple strapped shoes to the mid-calf booties to the laced up royal designs and so much more.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 48

#11: A Touch of Velvet on Shoes The three main materials that are in style for the fall, whether in the clothing ensembles or the shoes, are leather, suede and luxurious velvets. The velvet also happens to appear in rather feminine fashions, including a gorgeous diver green slingback with a Mary Jane banded bow at Jason Wu, a kitten heeled d'Orsay pair looking even lovelier for the older ladies in the crowd. There is pink velvet on ballerina shoes at Kate Spade, with double straps around the ankle and shimmering gold heels, while it is all we can see at Jenny Packham with her ankle booties. Velvet in the 3.1 Phillip Lim boots is simply to be admired, especially as it turns a dual tone pair of over the ankles into a dual texture one as well, the feeling of the velvet body too good to pass up. Some also come in full velvet, which makes the designs stand out on the runway even more so.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 49

#12: Sequin Textures on Shoes Sequins were huge on the clothing themselves, let alone the fall/ winter 2016-2017 shoes. For the crazier creations with the ruffles and frills and strange collars, the use of colorful sequins on the footwear was not at all abnormal. On the contrary, it matched the clothing textures perfectly at J.W. Anderson. Gorgeous pumps with atypical stiletto heels and platforms at the soles appear with sequins added to the nude body on the Oscar de la Renta runway, while we get to enjoy the addition of sequins on multiple pieces throughout. This is a mini trend though and has a hard time competing with some of the more prominent looks on the runways.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 50

#13: Reptile Skin Textures Textures are a big thing for the fall season all over, especially when it comes to reptile skin lookalikes, appearing all over the runway. We see them with extremely high platforms and multiple buckled straps at Marc Jacobs, in gorgeous pointed-toe ankle boots from Mulberry, with wooden heels and 1970s looks at Ralph Lauren, and snakeskin with steel caps on the toes and an open backing at Proenza Schouler. And have you seen Rodarte's colorful knee-high boots with the ruffled body and sculptured heels? The combination of reptile skins, particularly snake, here are definitely worth every penny. Erdem's scarlet with black combinations are certainly lovely, while Opening Ceremony's mules come in silver hues and with kitten heels, the body of it looking like a lizard's. Add some fur onto snakeskin shoes as crossing bands and heel accents such as that at BCBG, and you have a pair that is simply delectable.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 51

#14: Shoes with Sculpted Heels We have been seeing the sculptured heels since 2015 really and while they are more of a mini trend, they are still rather lovely to look at and even lovelier to own. We see wooden inserts to the heels at Marni, low and in tune with the pointy-toed look. The heels at Proenza Schouler appear with slight curves and mirrored chrome, giving the creations a rather artistic feel. Oscar de la Renta's crystal encrusted stiletto heels are simply divine, especially with the rest of the shoe being in a dusty pink satin finish. Rodarte's heels are pretty fun coming in a cone shape and literally taking you from chunky to stiletto, adding strength to the heel that carries the rather heavy looking boots, which are all about colors, ruffles and snakeskin textures. Sculptured heels can be quite simple as well as Michael Kors puts it, making the ball design of the kitten look really pretty, particularly as a comfortable professional office pair of not-so-flat flats.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 52

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 53

#15: Shoes with Chunky Heels Chunky heels are in! We see a whole lot of different heels on the catwalk as the different Fashion Weeks have rolled on by, but the chunky heels coming back to the stage were not unexpected. We knew it would dominate as well, which it most certainly did. We see the laced-up Western looks at Ralph Lauren, while the chunky look is predominant in general on the Altuzarra, Alexander Wang, Derek Lam, Hugo Boss and Proenza Schouler runways, with quite a few appearing in contrast with the dainty stilettoes at Oscar de la Renta. Crisscross straps and a rounded pointy toe is what we get at Tory Burch the femininity of it all offset by the chunkiness of those marble hued heels. Metallic chunky heels, on the other hand, are all Tommy Hilfiger.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 54

#16: Wooden Heels There are some wooden looks and real wood heels that we see on the runways, ranging from the lovely Marni kitten heels worn over stirrup tights to the mesh leg and suede-foot pointy-toe Diane von Furstenberg Western style boots. The Ralph Lauren over-the-ankle boots are pretty interesting themselves, with the reptile texture and the maroon coloring, the wooden heels and overall comfort feel. Boss has its own range of wooden heels, all in square form and looking quite lovely. They are decidedly gorgeous and well set to look great with just about any ensemble, for day or night.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 55

FALL/ WINTER 2016-2017 EYEWEAR TRENDS The fall 2016 accessories trends can never be complete without the addition of the gorgeous fall/ winter 2016-2017 eyewear trends, sunglasses really, or glasses as a whole, depending on what the latest styles are calling for. We have often found that the ladies donning on these lovely additions to their ensembles look more composed and confident, cooler in the words of the colloquial speakers. It adds a dab of sophistication to a look, a touch of chic to the style you wish to portray. A woman in sunglasses becomes infinitely more attractive due to the eyewear, catching the gaze of all who pass by and perhaps quite a few whistles of appreciation. As humans we love beauty and confident beauty is a must. Wearing the right shades to suit your features in shapes and colors that are all the rage? Well, that will only add to your own appeal among our societal members. When it comes to the fashion trends everything should be taken into consideration, from the way you style your hair to whether or not to include glitter anywhere; from the height of your heels to the fit of your clothes. Of course, this also means that the size and shape of your eyewear is equally as important, along with the lenses, the rims, the embellishments or lack thereof. Things look so much better when you know you are working with the flow of fashion instead of against it, which is where these reports come in. Which of these looks are your favorites from the top fall/ winter 2016-2017 sunglasses trends? For 2016, there are a few top trends and a few intriguing ones that also make the list. But there are a few things that need to be pointed out. Eyewear is not as big a trend for the fall season as we would expect, it is almost always worn with fringe, and there are no small lenses or frames to be found. The three facts become apparent rather quickly when sifting through the runway shows to find some awesome looks. While there are a lot of fun pieces, the fall 2016 sunglasses just don't seem to have much place within the ensembles shown.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 56

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 57

#1: The Oversized Sunglasses Somehow, the oversized sunglasses are here to stay. There is nary a small pair of glasses seen on the runways these days and we are not sure how we feel about that. Some faces simply cannot take the oversized designs and would look more attractive with a smaller piece. Nevertheless, it appears that covering up half the face with your glasses is quite normal, so experiment with everything from double rimmed aviators as seen at Carven to Michael Kors, where the frames are marble, the lenses are black and the bug eyes are really taking over. Prada's double wire rimmed glasses are also quite the retro classic with a totally artistic twist, taking up half the features on the face. Gucci brings in the oversized with its clear as well as colored frames, making the nerdy style look like a total blast. Yes, who does not want to pick up the Gucci oversized glasses anyway?

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 58

#2: The Funky Aviator Sunglasses Aviators have been big on the runways for a while now. Also one of the fall/ winter 2016-2017 eyewear trends, they are a classic that just does not seem to want to go out of style. Opening Ceremony brings in the funky looks with the red colored lenses and frames, making things all the more interesting with the fact that the clothing and the glasses are perfectly matching. Gorgeous double-rimmed aviators with brown lenses appear with the fringed hair at Carven, while Chanel's clear lenses looked absolutely chic with the rest of the totally Chanel styles on stage. Ombre shades appeared at Loewe with a rather intriguing aviator look to them, complementing the vinyl clothing and the total lab look it produced. And then, of course, there are those oversized, marble-framed Karen Walker aviators that we are going to immediately get our hands on.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 59

#3: The Round Lensed Cat Eye Sunglasses Huge on the spring 2016 runways, the fall 2016 eyewear trends also bring in this rather chic, utterly darling sunglass look, complete with dark lenses and bright rims, rounded in the former and rather feline in the latter areas. Max Mara appears in this style, the very feminine glasses complementing the rather masculine slouches of the pinstripe suits. Add in fringes and dark lips and you have sexy walking down that runway. At Fendi, the rounded lenses were all the more intriguing and quite the sexy '80s look that we have been enjoying for 2016.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 60

#4: The Bug Eyes Rounded frames often give off the feeling of things being pretty bug-eyed when it comes to this style on sunglasses and this year it might just be one of the top fall 2016 eyewear trends to look out for. Bug eyes appear all over the place, kept in place with double wire rims at Giorgio Armani (where things are super buggy), while Kenzo's bug eyes are pretty cool with the dual colors and darkest of dark lenses, the oversized frames really matching well with the clothing worn.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 61

#5: The Colorful Lenses Color is a great thing in general but looks often out of place in sunglasses. Some designers have opted to have fully colorful sunglasses appear though, often matching with the clothing as well, including the red aviators seen at Opening Ceremony. Colorful and ombre mix together for an interesting look on the Trussardi line in Milan, the upwards slant and colorful tints really adding to the eyewear's attraction. Oversized and gorgeous, it was nice to see the pinkish tint to the Banana Republic ombre glasses as well.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 62

#6: Sunglasses with Clear Lenses We saw a lot of clear lenses in the spring, playing second to the dark ones. For the fall/ winter 2016-2017 eyewear trends, it appears that the clear also has its space, sometimes with a slight gradient darkening at the top like at Anna Sui with her starfish topped lenses, or fully clear as with Gucci, the frames really playing on the animalistic approach. Somehow, many designers have paired the different glasses with fringes and that looks delightful. Perhaps some of the loveliest clear lenses appeared at Chanel with nary a frame showing and all the beauty of an oversized pair without the constraints of plastic and colors to the chrome wiring. The nerdy look is positively astounding on some lesser known designer lines as well, particularly Custo Barcelona and Hellessy.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 63

#7: Sunglasses with Super Dark Lenses During the spring, the dark lenses were king. With good reason too. For the fall, the sun won't be around as much as we suppose so that might be why it has given up its traction somewhat, but the dark lenses are forever awesome and the classics we simply cannot do without. Add in some really funky additions like not so chain-like chains to the mix, something noticed at Balenciaga, where the dark shades take on a whole new look. When it comes to the super dark sunglasses to ward off the sun, we see large round pieces from Dior, bugeyed double rimmed looks from Giorgio Armani, lovely chic and white rimmed glasses from Coach, extremely oversized and gently studded mock square cat-eye sunglasses from Gucci, embellished frames appearing on Miu Miu and circle lens with cat-eye ends coming into play at Max Mara. As one of the biggest fall 2016 eyewear trends, we see this included at Mulberry and Prada as well.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 64

#8: The Ombre Lenses They keep appearing season after season. They do not seem to want to leave the scene. The ombre lenses are a delight and very much to the liking of those of us who like to mix the dark and the light and sometimes the colorful with it all. We see classic ombre lenses on double rimmed sunglasses over at Roberto Cavalli, more yellowish tints to the ombre at Chanel, and colorful rainbows come Trussardi with the combination of yellows and pinks and blues and purples; it truly looks amazing as such. Banana Republic featured some rather lovely ombre glasses as well, which included oversized lenses and rims, reddish tints and truly attractive designs

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 65

#9: Sunglasses with Embellished Rims If you want to play up the fall 2016 sunglasses and are rather adventurous in that nature, deciding that the more is the merrier, going for the embellished rims is probably your best bet. It does not have to have too much, just a touch of floral additions as seen at Miu Miu over oversized and rounded lenses, or it could be cute and clear lensed like the starfish found gracing the red rims of Anna Sui.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 66

#10: Matching Sunglasses to Your Outfits Remember when we saw handbags matching clothing and nails matching makeup? We see the fall 2016 sunglasses match the clothing and the handbags these days as well, something that looks rather intriguing when you throw in matching shoes as well. In Opening Ceremony's case, it is all about the velvet, from zip up sweater to quilted skirt, thigh-high boots and a handbag all coming in red velvet, the red aviators only adding to the lovely effects of it all. There is something inherently strange about matching the clothing and the glasses but sometimes it just works out so well, including the black lensed and white rims pieces from Max Mara matching with the black and white pinstriped suits worn on the catwalk.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 67

#11: The Fun and Futuristic Sunglasses There are a few really fun and almost futuristic eyewear designs for fall 2016 that we see on the runways, including the lovelies by Marni, which show off colors, shapes, overlapping lenses with the rims and a slight cat-eye for added effects. It is a lovely look and one we find appearing in multiple shades, from Neo style black and white features that are all about the thicker rim as per Coach, or popping up on the runway in wavy striped patterns on a circle lensed cat-eye, complete with matching clothing, at Fendi. A favorite, more futuristic look is definitely the Tory Burch glasses with the navy blue lenses and butterfly wing designs, the frames etched with silver lines to offset the black and give it a more overall sophisticated appeal. And then, of course, there are the very geometric Neo style glasses that were also available for the spring and now come with thick frames and dark red lenses at Mulberry. The future truly does look fun with so many different designs.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 68

#12: The Double Wire Rimmed Sunglasses We have been seeing double rims on the sunglasses for a while now, the appearance of which has not always been unwanted either. On the contrary, it is quite lovable, especially since it offers extra support for the larger pieces without increasing the size of the rims. At Roberto Cavalli, that takes on a lovely effect with the aviators appearing with thin rims that are accentuated by golden bars. This top look is seen in multiple colors and styles on the Prada line as well, playing with the frames as a whole and giving it a truly retro meets future feel. One of the loveliest fall 2016 sunglasses when it comes to the double rims though is totally Trussardi, complete with marble frames and ombre lenses that bring in all the colors of the wind.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 69

#13: The Marbled Frames Remember when marble looks were all the rage? It appears that the fall/ winter 2016-2017 eyewear trends have brought them back lovingly and enjoying playing with them in a mixture of dark and light on the different styles of eyewear. Trussardi gives us a colorful design for this, while it all takes on a wild feline feel when we turn to the square butterfly wing eyewear along with the large bug-eyed pieces as seen at Michael Kors. Karen Walker's dark lensed oversized shades are exactly what the marble frame doctor ordered it seems and they look delectable. However, it is the marble framed cat-eye pair that matches with the pantsuit from Christian Siriano that we keep on falling in love with.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 70

#14: The Clearly Plastic Frames Translucent and plastic is what quite a few frames look like when we start checking them out on the different runway shows. They are literally all over and often look pretty amazing, such as the lovingly jeweled Miu Miu suglasses that we all certainly want to get our hands on. More often than not, these frames are also translucent, clearly showing off the other side as well, coming in different colors, the red garnet looking especially good on the Gucci butterfly wings. At Phillip Lim, it was not even the whole of the glasses covered with the plastic frame, but it sure was clear and slightly cat-eyed as well!

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 71

#15: The Butterfly Wing Sunglasses One of the best fall/ winter 2016-2017 trends on the Fashion Week runways has been the butterfly wings that take on intriguing designs and just look plain awesome with the cat-like demeanors and overall larger span of the frames. Sometimes they also come in clear lenses as seen at Gucci, with translucent plastic frames and a nerdy attitude that all but screams that it is perfect for 2016. Since the year is about individuality, this is a style trend that we can truly appreciate. Things take on a distinctly dark look at Prada as well, adding to the loveliness of the style with a rather retro twist. And then, of course, there is the futuristic loveliness of Tory Burch, with the chrome metal framing the true butterfly effect on glasses that are not so oversized as some other seem to be.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 72


Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 73




























Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 74

INSPIRATION Last season’s maximalism themes ease off as the focus shifts towards more casual dressing, led predominantly by baseball caps and the resurgence of hoop earrings – which nod to retail’s current obsession with 1990s culture. 1970s influences track through from S/S 16, but Wild West accessories, such as the bolo tie and cowboy belt, adopt a more contemporary slant, which toughens up previous seasons' bohemian looks. Souvenir bags, turbans and other items typically associated with holiday gifts find new relevance through midseason styling, extending product shelf life and allowing for earlier season drops. Pendant necklaces continue to gain momentum through to S/S 17, with a strong focus on heirloom and layered styling, which will undoubtedly be a key volume driver for festival deliveries.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 75





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Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 76







Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 77







Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 78







Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 79







Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 80















Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 81





















Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 82









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Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 83

HEIRLOOM PENDANT A key item on the S/S 16 and Pre- Fall catwalks, the pendant necklace looks set to continue through to S/S 17, with heirloom pendants creating a feeling of nostalgia in line with the Edgelands macro trend. This is a favourite at editorial level and has been picked up by some early adopters, but also has the commercial mileage to span markets and ages throughout the season. Gold is the preferred metal, with antique coins, lockets and floral motifs driving pendant design, while chains are fine and delicate, hanging low on the chest.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 84

SOUVENIR BAG The fashion crowd reappropriates the holiday bag for S/S 17, expanding its appeal from beach casual to everyday wear. Brightly coloured woven and raffia constructions create a souvenir feel that will undoubtedly be an easy sell for juniors' holiday and festival shops, but what looks newest here is the contrast against contemporary and mid-season styling. Handheld clutches are favoured by street stylers in a mix of structured, boxy and soft styles, while shoulder straps and tassel detailing are key areas for development.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 85

TIED CHOKER Already making an appearance at retail this season and called out as a must-have from the A/W 16/17 catwalks, the choker is expected to track through to S/S 17 in a variety of different guises. Wide-cut styles offer the most directional approach for younger markets, but hand-tied string chokers are gaining traction across street stylers – offering a commercially viable way of adapting the choker for other markets. This offers an easy sell at the mid-market level, driving volume at entry-level price points and offering plenty of scope for add-on purchasing with blouses and tops.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 86

REFINED DUFFLE The minimalist influences trending for the past few seasons look set to continue, with many brands looking to the likes of Mansur Gavriel for design inspiration. The popular duffel shape lends well to this aesthetic, with refined but structured shapes in one-colour designs devoid of detail leading the surge. Black and caramel tones work well for transitional deliveries, but expect to see the palette lightening up as the season progresses with taupe, putty and barely there pink neutrals reinforcing the quiet mood.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 87

STRUCTURED SHOPPER The shopper looks set to be revamped in boxy silhouettes and structured shapes for S/S 17, following a strong presence on the A/W 16/17 catwalks. Large-scale and practical, this shape is an important push for contemporary and luxury markets in a variety of singlecolour matte leathers. A minimalist feel and a focus on practicality prevail, so consider subtle hardware detailing, cutout handles and embossed logos to add interest throughout the season.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 88

SINGLE STATEMENT EARRING Focus shifts from multiple earrings to statement earrings for S/S 17, with mismatched sets and single ear styling leading the surge. This is an important editorial look that translates well for in-store mannequin styling, with single earrings offering an important selling opportunity for resort looks and holiday deliveries, and resonating particularly well with the luxury market. Oversized proportions have a Modernist feel while drop earrings will likely drive volume commercially, with plenty of scope for pendant updates throughout the season.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 89

KNOTTED BELT Neutral-coloured rope belts are currently trending among influential street stylers and emerging as an important shape for S/S 17, in line with the homemade aesthetic of Edgelands trends. A key item for casual styling, rope belts appear either neatly finished or knotted and frayed, which allows for plenty of versatility across markets. This is a true commercial item that looks set to span the season. Consider dropping in-store for transitional nautical deliveries and updating through to summer resort looks.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 90

STACKED COSTUME RINGS Multiple ring styling shows no sign of slowing down at editorial level, but for S/S 17 focus shifts away from layered minimalist rings, moving towards stacked costume rings. While not a key volume driver, this is an important direction to consider for press material and mannequin styling, with plenty of opportunities for multi-purchasing and mixed packs in-store. Antique casts and multicoloured stones were favoured on the A/W 16/17 catwalks and this looks set to continue through to S/S 17, creating a discovered or passed down appeal that aligns with the Edgelands macro trend.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 91

CONTEMPORARY SADDLE BAG Structured shapes remain key for shoulder bags with saddle styles gaining momentum in line with S/S 17's Wild West and 1970s undertones. Classic detailing adopts a more minimalist approach with the focus firmly placed on tonal stitching and placement tassels as opposed to overly embellished looks. While oversized styles represent a practical sell, this is a key shape to work into the miniature bag trend currently permeating retail, offering plenty of opportunities for luxury brands to lower entry price points and appeal to new markets.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 92

OVER VIEW Warm sunset hues open the season, championed by saturated yellows, peach and amber tones. These colors lend themselves well to a season centered around global traveler and artisanal themes, embodied by natural woven leathers, placement tassels and pompom embellishments. Wild West styling complements these trends, offering a key direction for festival styling. Decorative detailing is led predominantly by silver concho details and whip-stitch techniques, which provide a seasonal update to core leather items from the saddlebag to the rodeo boot. Hardware has a key role to play in S/S 17 deliveries, with both delicate and toughened-up guises driving jewellery directions throughout the season. Metal hoops double up as both a functional and design detail for bags and small accessories, continuing last season’s eyelet trend.





Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 93

PEACH - THEME Offering a compelling new story to further both russet and cosmetic tones, peach provides a fresh feeling with a slightly vintage twinge that feels at home with the dusty blues, saturated yellows and warm ambers of S/S 17. Tones vary slightly in depth, ranging from orange-based hues at ChloĂŠ to pink-infused shades at oneto-watch Mansur Gavriel. For a high-summer twist, incorporate traditional vacation themes such as pineapple prints and huarache leather in peach for a vintage vibe. Street and activewear should not be excluded, as peach offers an unexpected contrast against grey or black that updates active accessories for a new season.

:( ChloeÂ

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 94

AMBER - COLOR Rich shades of amber, caramel and nectar warm up the palette, evolving traditional chocolate brown and tan. This is an important colour level to work into Wild West and 1970s themes throughout the season, but one that especially drives festival and summer holiday deliveries. Sunglasses offer the newest application for these warm tones, which appear on both lenses and frames, offering an update for classic tortoiseshell and working well on this season’s gentle cat's-eye shapes. Try rich materials on leather goods, with tactile suede and dimensional metallics showcasing the depth of these warm amber hues.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 95

BOLD YELLOW - COLOR These saturated tones of bold yellow carry over from A/W 16/17 assortments and feel at home against a backdrop of warm chestnut browns, peach and dusty blues. Popping on both accent bags and footwear, allover colour remains important to punctuate both early season and high-summer drops. Design details such as bows and bag charms work to soften the bold colour choice for a more commercial audience. Statement jewellery offers a key transition into summer vacation deliveries, looking fresh in stacked iterations paired with neutral or black costume pieces. To further the exotic feel that works well for both resort and holiday offerings, look to woven leather or colourful straw materials to add an element of handicraft.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 96

BLUSH BEIGE - COLOR A key cosmetic tone to work into S/S17's saturated assortments, warm nude shades feel at home with bold pops of yellow, fiery orange and amber hues. Balletic influences are a key theme for footwear, factored in on a range of flats from slippers to mules. Bags retain the delicate tone, embracing folded, wrapped and tied styles that fall in line with overarching themes in themaccessories market. Sunglasses feel new in blush tones, with these colours appearing on a range of frames from enamel to tinted Lucite. The colours work in tonal pairings for early spring drops and also as a neutral base for pop mid-tones going into high summer

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 97

CERAMIC BLUE - COLOR Indigo and denim-influenced tones continue to drive volume at retail, but these tones soften for S/S 17, with dusty cornflower and ceramic blues coming to the fore. Delicate and powdery tones are a key sell for high summer, but the mid-tones feel newest, with teal undertones and greyed-off shades adding a premium feel to the colour level. Stick to solid tones and team them with neutrals or pale shades of pink for the most commercial styling direction, a look that has seen initial success at the juniors level for S/S 16 and is set to influence coming seasons.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 98

BUBBLE GUM PINK - COLOR A strong 1980s feel permeates pink assortments, opting for playful bubblegum shades that carry over from S/S 16. All-over tones work for simple shapes such as the must-have mule sandal or the wide-brimmed hat. For a youth-centric twist, play into the 1980s vibe, embellishing bags and hats with emojis, charms and decals. Sunglasses, Lucite heels and bangles offer an opportunity to infuse pink into clear materials, looking just as fresh for the premium markets as it does for juniors. Activewear elements such as dad caps and sneakers embrace pink hues, playing into gender-equal themes that impact retail on a larger scale.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 99

DARK DENIM - MATERIALS As denim accessories see a massive uptick at retail for S/S 16, look to deeper hues to update current faded and love-worn finishes for next year. The high-low juxtaposition of denim accessories from premium brands plays a major role in this shift, with Chanel and Miu Miu working deep denim tones onto baseball caps and luxury handbags. Streetwear is also influential, with global brands from Copenhagen's Wood Wood to Tokyo's Moussy outfitting bucket hats and caps in raw denim hues. Footwear follows suit, looking polished in ontrend silhouettes such as the ghillie sandal or the babouche. Use classic red, white and blue colourways for embellishments via varsity logos, braided cords or badges

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 100

FROSTED METTALIC - MATERIALS Metallics remain a key focus, with a noticeable shift from mirror-shine to more matte and frosted finishes which feel more wearable and broaden customer appeal. Metallics adopt a more worn-in feel overall, with leathers appearing crumpled and textured, creating a thrifted feel that works into S/S 17’s 1980s undercurrent. Experiment with matte glitters and subtle reptile skins to add depth and texture.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 101

WOVEN LEATHER - MATERIALS Woven leathers further the handcrafted feel that runs throughout S/S 17 offerings, employing a range of natural tones against white and black for a statement that looks both graphic and organic. Edges are often left frayed to enhance the crafted appeal, jutting out from bags and shoes as part of the design. Save these items for high-summer deliveries, signalling a distinct holiday flavour. Tribal-inpsired shapes are preferred for footwear, opting for strappy sandals with tassel trims or moccasin styles. Pliable materials such as fabric or straw heighten the tribal theme, lending an artisan approach to premium goods. Tassel embellishments are best in strategic placements in keeping with the key design trends of the season.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 102

PLUSH POMS - DESIGN DETAILS As handcrafted details experience an upswing for S/S 17, a focus on plush pompom details offers an alternative to fringe and raffia trims. Colourful iterations abound, outfitting everything from strappy sandals at the premium level to tech accessories for the fastfashion market. Look for poms in subtle shades to add a global traveller feel to key footwear shapes such as the babouche slipper and the leather gladiator sandal. Oversized baubles are used en masse for statement pieces perfect for the festival set, updating embellished linen scarves and headdresses in an over-the-top fashion. Use poms in the jewellery sector accompany popular tassel earrings, skewing towards the juniors consumer in brights or pastel hues.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 103

WHIP STITCHING - DESIGN DETAILS Whip stitching emerges as an important detail for leather goods, offering a seasonal update to core shapes and ongoing minimalist themes. Bold coloured stitching on soft leathers creates an interesting contrast at the street style level, largely influenced by Fendi's popular Peekaboo bag. This can be adapted to suit all markets using self-coloured designs and fine stitching. Thick threads create a deliberate material clash, while loose hanging ends have an unfinished appeal that hints towards handcrafted themes. Footwear showcases this detail on more bohemian styles, namely the clog or wood-soled platforms for a vintage feel, while whip stitching on leather sneakers feels fresh, adding a new look to luxe skaters.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 104

EDGELAND FLORALS - PRINT & PATTERN Sweet ditsy florals surface on a full range of accessories and footwear for S/S 17 in keeping with the Edgelands Forecast. While romantic in nature, these florals look best when juxtaposed against more subversive elements via bags with heavy metal hardware or emboldened with brash colour such as the season's bold yellow tones. The choker receives a key item update in floral iterations, noted across markets from Dior to Liberty's collaboration with Uniqlo. Active accessories maintain the sweet-meets-street balance with floral prints appearing across an array of sneakers for spring deliveries.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 105

SCUFFED SURFACES - SCUFFED SURFACES Propelling the love-worn aesthetic of S/S 16 past leather goods, canvas sneakers adopt a lived-in look that tells a refreshing story in contrast to the boxwhite fresh sneakers that have ruled retail for many seasons. A styling element in a rash of high-fashion editorials, scuffed-up sneakers are sold at retail as well, with brands such as Golden Goose leading the trends towards destruction styles. American classics such as Converse's Chuck Taylor are at the helm of this trend editorially, offering a key direction for styling lookbooks and instore merchandising, while ensuring the sneaker craze has no end in sight. While grunge style pairs naturally with this trend, look to contemporary suiting to drive home the high-low effect.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 106

FLAMES - PRINT & PATTERN Revered as a trend for fringe markets, the flame motif surfaces on an array of footwear options that compel newness across key styles. The Wild West rodeo boot returns, spurred by brands as CĂŠline and influencers such as Chiara Ferragni, bringing this classic style back to the fore in a more contemporary fashion. Abstract tooled leather motifs incorporate the flame in less literal ways, while disco-era platforms from brands such as Vetements engulf soles in prints for an authentic 1970s feel. Neutral coloured flames add a polished perspective when applied to unconventional choices such as the must-have babouche shoe. With all things Wild West uptrending for the season, this pattern will influence other key items such as the saddlebag and the rodeo belt.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 107

WIRE FORMS- DESIGN DETAILS Fine forms and fluid lines evolve hardware themes, offering a fresh direction for jewellery in line with the Pause macro trend. Linear and swirled designs drive this look, working into single-earring styling in oversized and exaggerated shapes, but the simplicity of knotted and looped styles translates well for more commercial retailers. Hoops become a focus for this season across an array of earring styles and hardware embellishments, and are a detail that finds easy updates in these linked and winding iterations. Body jewellery is an area to watch and although it won't be a key volume driver, it is one to consider for press and marketing material to add editorial

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 108

PLACEMENT TASSELS - DESIGN DETAILS Tassels continue from A/W 16/17, with a more laidback and bohemian feel driving newness across accessory categories. Appearing in a range of guises, tassels are led by leather styles, with multicoloured iterations offering the freshest update across markets. An obvious push for festival deliveries, tassels update shoulder, duffel and belt bag shapes, and are either applied as a singular placement or grouped to create a fringed feel. Consider merchandising tassel jewellery alongside high-summer apparel to drive volume in-store, providing an update for both the chandelier earring and the fine metal choker, taking the look from minimalist to festival-friendly. Wrapped-ankle sandals deliver the perfect opportunity to incorporate this trend into footwear assortments.

Trends Book on Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories 2016-17 I 109

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