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Hi, I’m Santosh. I am currently studying Interactive Media Design at Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK. It is a multi-disciplinary course and through it I have discovered many areas of design that interest me and that I am now very passionate about. My approach towards reaching a design solution can be methodical or free and open, depending on the problem/brief that I am presented with. I think rationally, and try to consider every scenario. I appreciate feedback given and always think critically in terms of design. I recognise reaching a final outcome of any design is paramount, yet I enjoy every stage of the process and welcome challenges I come across. Efficiency is at the forefront of my design philosophy, I believe less is more, and good design should be beneficial to both society and the environment, and that user experience should be at the centre of any design. Other things I enjoy include fine art, cinema, human anatomy, bodybuilding, nutrition, travel and philosophy. If you wish to contact me, please do so at:


TRI-AQUA An Ambient Water Consumption Monitoring Device

The objective of this self-directed brief is to produce a design solution that indicates to users how much water they were consuming, the device would take into account how many individuals there were living in the particular household and produce a read-out of their water consumption. Rather than having a numerical read-out like most other energy monitors available for gas and electric, this is a more visual and ambient device that aims to change how people think about water rather than just making them conscious of bills and trying to their reduce costs.

Concept Sketch

Consumption rating (backlit- bubble position highlighted)

User/s Selection Bubble

Tap (potentiometer)

Number of people in household

Annual water usage (cubic metres) low / average / high


45 / 66 / 100

2 CAD Design - Curved

55 / 110 / 136


Triangle (Top View)

Triangle (Side View)

82 / 136 / 175


110 / 165 / 210


136 / 182 / 245


155 / 200 / 265

CAD Design - Holder (Side View)

CAD Design - Curved

The Interface

Interface fixed on Holder

Final Prototype Sketch




Base Cover

Servos Arduino


Final Prototype

The Bubble

Final Video



Usefull is a service that helps its users waste less food, and at the same time build up a solid palate of food they like and are more likely to consume. The service is based on a smartphone app, that way it is mobile and easily accessible for users. It has been developed upon an idea which revolutionalises the standard barcode that we have on all our food products, so that it includes the use-by date data within it.

1. When using your loyalty card at checkout, the food items are uploaded to your loyalty card account, which is linked to the app updating it automatically.


2. All the perishable goods you have purchased are displayed in the Inventory of the app, which will always be running in the background.

3. The app will notify you when an item is close to expiration and should be consumed.

System Flowchart

System Flowchart Sign in



Item view

Add product


Shopping list

Current shopping list

Saved shopping list

Recipe of the day




Add new

My recipes


Recipe view

Add to shopping list






Reward card(s)

Mixing bowl

Digital wallet

Manual Entry


My shops

Waste Calculator



User Testing

The Website


MSR DESIGN EXPO 2013 Giving Data Physicality

In a world where information and news is shared in real time and at great pace, news stories that are the topic of every social media site and news corporation one minute, can almost cease to exist in the next as new stories develop. Whilst the data is archived and still available, for the most part it fades into the past and is soon forgotten. Our project aims to give some physicality to these trending stories by producing physical archival objects to remind people about prior current affairs. It doesn’t aim to solve the issue of lost news stories, just to comment on how modern media works. Giving this data physicality makes it something more enduring and memorable

Components Fibreglass Support Rod

Heat Conductive Copper Box

12v Foil Heater Disks

Aluminium Box

Cork Base housing components

.NET Gadgeteer Modules

12 V




4 -






1 2 3 4 5 6

Power supply Wifi/ Ethernet Mainboard Load module Breakout board Temperature Sensor




To create an interesting experience I looked into the fear of heights that many of us share, and the connection it shares with maintaining our balance.This project was a video projection of found footage of point-of-view scenes taken of extreme sports that all involved heights, such as ski-jumping and tight-rope walking. The user/participant would first have to stand on a Bosu ball and when the video projection starts, they would have to try and maintain their balance. The immersiveness of the video projection made it quite difficult to maintain their balance but it was still a thoroughly entertaining experience.

The video projection was first tested in the university photography studio and then in Culture Lab. When setting up in the photography studio, positioning the projector to the floor, directly in front of the vieweras planned proved to be challenging. However projecting at a 45ยบ angle, seemed to still work quite well. The experience endured, and testing it I found myself having to concentrate to find my balance on the board first and once the projection started the multiple visual cues from the different clips were severly off putting my balance. Having prior experience of using balance boards/bosu balls, it got easier after a few times, clips of the tightrope walking and skateboarding affected my balance the most. Others that tried it found it challenging just to stay balanced on the board and the projection made it much harder, but they had fun trying it out, and found the experience exhilirating. The set up in the Culture Lab was similar except the projectors were fixed to the walls, but having tested out I knew it would still be as effective. When others tried it out it provided much entertainment for the spectators as they stumbled.

Concept Sketch


The viewer gets into position by standing and balancing upon a Bosu ball, wearing 3D glasses.

The video projection then starts with a person (POV perspective) standing on the edge of a cliff breathing heavily.

After the person jumps off the cliff the video cuts to various extreme sports where height, balance, and speed are heavily involved. So it goes from tightrope walking from one edge of a cliff to another, skateboarding on half-pipes to...

to a rollercoaster ride...

then things start to calm down, but it happens abruptly, a parachute is deployed towards the end of a free-fall.

The video draws to an end by returning to the person that initially jumped off the cliff now coming towards and landing on the ground.


Santosh Rudra's Portfolio  

A showcase of my most recent interactive media design projects.

Santosh Rudra's Portfolio  

A showcase of my most recent interactive media design projects.