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Welcome to CIFP. All the essential information about the course and course resource portfolio along with the features and benefits of this program are given in this booklet.

COURSE RESOURCES PORTFOLIO FOR CIFP CAREER PROGRAMS: 1. Course Books published by CIFP 2. Black Box: Comprehensive List (100 nos.) of Objective Q&A per subject 3. Sample Question papers 4. Case study journal 5. Re-Connect: Online Assignments 6. Confident 6: Test Series 7. Evaluation of Assignments/ Test Series Solutions & Faculty Remarks 8. Examination Guides & Tips 9. Face-To-Face: Classroom Training/ Contact Sessions (Optional) 10. CIFP Exclusive Student Benefits



Course resource portfolio for I.I.I. Exams Preparatory Program 1. Course Books published by I.I.I 2. SLM: Self Learning Material of CIFP 3. Black Box 4. Front-View (Super 20) 5. Mirror-View (Super 4) 6. LMR (Last Minute Revision/ Key Facts Booklet) 7. Re-Connect: Online Assignments 8. Confident 6: Test Series 9. Evaluation of Assignments/ Test Series Solutions & Faculty Remarks 10.Examination Guides & Tips 11.Face-To-Face: Classroom Training/ Contact Sessions (Optional) 12.CIFP Exclusive Student Benefits

Same as in case of CIFP Career Programs, excluding Black Box


1. Course Books- Published By I.I.I


For  Licentiate level (3 books) &  Associateship level (6 books)  Fellowship level (6 books)

SLM: Self Learning Material

The Course text books published by III are the foundation on which the entire syllabus for the exams is based.

Course Contents Developed By CIFP Subject Matter Experts After reading the Course text books published by III, students are advised to study the SLM for each subject. Take one subject at a time.

All questions asked in the exam are a sub-set of the course book. Starting from Introduction -- read one chapter at least 2 times.

SLM’s are designed to make the I.I.I course text contents easier to understand and remember.

Refer to Examination guide for “top 10 study and Exam tips”

Where necessary; concepts are explained using presentations and illustrations.


3. Black Box Comprehensive List of Objective Q&A per subject (Licentiate level)

The ‘Black Box’ is a handbook containing objective Q&A for each subject; for the Licentiate Level. The Licentiate exams of III consist of fully objective multiple choice questions. Total marks per subject: 100 Pass marks: 50 Time: 1 hour

AIG Headquarters-Hong Kong


4. 5. Front-View (Super 20 docket) Mirror-View (Super 4 docket) Solved Answers to “20 Most Likely Questions” Solved Answers to “4 Previous Question Papers” Many of our students are working professionals or just students wanting to know what questions seem to be the most likely to appear in the exam. Our content team reviews the trend of past exams and comes up with the 20 most likely questions that may appear in the exams.

This is one of the popular requests from students taking any exams. Past questions papers offer a preview into the type of questions that are set and the marks allotted to the questions. They offer an overview of the marks break-up between objective and subjective type of questions. Students can analyse the trend and importance of individual topics and prepare accordingly.

We review and incorporate fresh new Q&A’s in our Front-View docket every 6 months, so you have a fresh set of Most likely questions The docket is made available for all subjects. A fresh Front-View docket is sent to registered students for every exam upto 2 attempts.


6. LMR / key facts Booklet


Last Minute Revision/ Key Facts Booklet for each subject

This is a Valuable addition to the course portfolio.

Confident 6

 Ideal for students who have not had the time for preparing in depth for the exam  Useful for working professionals hard pressed for free study time  The best tool for revision; an hour before entering the exam hall  Keeps memory fresh for producing the best results in exams

Test Series comprising 6 Sample Question papers

These 6 Sample Question papers are modeled on the lines of the real exams and are meant to be practiced by students before taking up the exams.

7. e-Connect

Together, these questions cover the entire syllabus and serve as a question bank for the exams.

Online Assignments (Chapter-wise Questions)

Study tips point to the view that students should regularly read the subject materials and take tests based on the topics read. We have prepared chapter-wise questions for your information and practice so that you get the required stability in your exam preparation All assignments are to be finished and solutions sent within the prescribed time-limit. Our faculty team will assess the assignments and revert back to every student within 10 days of receipt of the assessment. You can get the best advice about study tips, domain knowledge and exam writing tips from our expert faculties.

These assignments will be sent through e-mail or can be assessed online through the formal CIFP website:


9. Evaluation of Assignments/ Test Series Solutions & Faculty Remarks

Your assignments will be evaluated by our faculties, and sent back with remarks, and suggestions. You will derive an idea of ‘how to answer exam questions’, and ways in which you can make your answer more appealing and scoring.

Evaluation of assignments provides an overview of your standing vis –avis the approaching exams.


10. Examination Guides & ‘Top 10’ 11. Face-To-Face Study Tips Classroom Training/ Contact Sessions (Optional) The Examination guide and study tips’ handbook lists top 10 study habits of successful students and guidelines on how to approach the III exams.

In 2008/09 candidates who attended a CIFP revision course/ contact sessions in Pune, improved their chances of exam success by up to 100% in the I.I.I exams, and the CIFP Career Programs. “The CIFP Face-to-Face Training revision courses provide a valuable aid to revision in the weeks running up to an exam. They concentrate on the key elements of the syllabus, offer suggestions for effective revision and provide techniques for use in the exam. When combined with a selfstudy programme, revision courses can make the difference between passing and failing.” ……… Pradnya Sahasrabuddhe CIFP 2008-09 student Attended the contact sessions at Pune For Licentiate exams of I.I.I PASSED IN FIRST ATTEMPT

Use these techniques and successful tips to stand out from others. You will be surprised by its impact on your performance in the exams.

The student has to pay a subsidized fee of Rs 2000 only for the Licentiate PCPs (1 day) and a subsidized fee of Rs 3000 for the Associateship/ Fellowship Level programs (3 days). These fees are in addition to the basic fees. All training programs will be conducted in Pune or any other venue depending on minimum 10 requests. However, if you are unable to attend the program, you will be provided the gist of the program conducted by our faculties, through e-mail; covering the topics discussed and the summary of the interactions.



CIFP Exclusive Student Benefits CIFP Registered students of the III “Licentiate and Associateship” Preparatory Training programs, have exclusive access to the course portfolio as mentioned above. In addition, our faculties are available for any query relating to the exam and syllabus contents through e-mail or slow-mail (post). Student queries will be reverted back to within 48 hours of receipt.

Online access to registered students will be activated within 2 days of completion of admission formalities, and shall continue till the date of expiry of membership; i.e on completion of the course duration. For example, the online access to exclusive student study resources for the Licentiate course gets activated on student admission date, and expires at the end of 6 months, that being the duration of the Licentiate course. The online access will be further extended upto 6 months from expiry date for students who have either not appeared for their exams, or who have been unsuccessful in the exams.

For details on various courses conducted by CIFP, and benefits, visit:

27 lakh job vacancies in Insurance Industry projected by 2012. Only 5 lakh trained professionals likely by 2012. Huge demand for trained and certified insurance professionals in thousands of branch offices across India; in MNC Insurance companies & Public sector insurance companies. III conducts Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship exams aimed at the insurance sector. These certifications are sought after by insurers as preferences for candidates’ selection for insurance jobs. CIFP does not guarantee jobs after completion of the III Certifications. CIFP only offers job assistance to its candidates who pass the III exams and have relevant experience. Licentiate, Associateship & Fellowship levels are official names of different certifications offered by the Insurance Institute of India to its students. CIFP is an autonomous & independent institute offering its own certifications. CIFP courses are autonomous and not affiliated to any other institute or university or approved by the Distance Education Council, or AICTE.


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