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BLOCKER Integrated High-Curve “XtremeD™” Tracer • Highly accurate tracing by unique nique measurement mechanism 3D me m • High-c ability High-curve frame trace capability • Dust rresistant • Best ccombination with high-curve curve b evel ev e processing-capable edger dge gerr bevel Wrap Frame Tracing

Shape R/L Exchange

Pattern Tracing

Auto Blocking Mode • Integrated Auto Lens M Meter (ALM) function • New style, easily iidentifiable ALM target

Reverse trace data between right and left lens

New Blocking Module • Simple, effective blocking arm • New, integrated removable lens clamp for small “b” lenses

Partial Step Bevel Detection

Frame Angle Screen

• Easily captures “suspension” style frame and lens shape • Displays frame angle and frame curve facilitating lens ordering • Useful for base curve matching of lens and frame

Ice-1200 Blocker  
Ice-1200 Blocker