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Classy Retail Hangers for Your Retail Space The display fixtures and wall coverings are available for displaying a number of merchandizing accessories. Display fixtures can play a significant role in increasing the appeal of any commercial space. This can make the products more attractive and accessible to the buyers. They are available in a number of varieties and for displaying various articles. One such building material used for displaying stuff is Slatwall or slotwall. These can accept a number of different merchandise accessories. These panels come with horizontal grooves. The makers can configure them to carry different materials according to the users’ requirements. They are generally spaced at a distance of three inches on center. Users can accommodate more materials by changing that spacing. Modern CNC machinery allows users to modify the grooves. They can now have square finish or paint, plastic or aluminum inserts. Marlite INC is one of the largest manufacturers of Slatwall. These come at a standard size of 2400 mm by 1200 mm. they are offer in a number of color and design schemes. Garment rack is extremely important for attracting the buyers to the garment stores. They need to be accessible and long lasting. These racks come in a variety of load capacities. The load bearing capacity can be one criterion while buying them. Garment racks that display children’s clothes need to have more load capacity. This is because many children try to climb them and they must not buckle under pressure. In general, most garment display racks come with a load bearing capacity of 250 pounds to 500 pounds. Thus, they can bear the weight of two people at least. This will ensure that the clothes can stay in the racks without any chances of collapsing. Lozier shelving is among the most popular of store display fixtures. They have supplied store fixtures to a number of retail chains in the international market. They provide quality products and affordable price. They have produced storage fixtures that have revolutionized the retail space. They are highly dependable and trusted across the world. Retail hangers come in variety of designs. Some of these designs display a particular genre of clothes. The standard adult hangers come with a width of 17 inches. Specialty hangers for skirts and pants have a width of 14 inches while children’s hangers are 12 inches wide. The quality of the material used in making the hanger determines its price. Hangers made of cheap plastic, any durable metal or even wood adorn the retail space. They are popular for hanging clothes ion the domestic space as well. Plastic hangers mostly hang from the racks at a majority retail shops. They are cheap and come in a number of colors. Wooden hangers are classier and they lend a classy air to the clothes hanging from them. Coats hangers are a variety of wooden hangers. Padded hangers come covered in satin and look good for hanging lingerie. Retail hangers can lend an air of classiness to the retail space, and are valuable for their functional value as well.

Classy Retail Hangers for Your Retail Space  
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