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Santiago Vergara Bustamante 10-3

Institución Educativa Colombia Sonia López Daza Inglés 2017

My name is Santiago Vergara Bustamante And This is my story. Fifteen years ago in the Victor Cardenas clinic located in the town of Bello, at 4:02 am of the day Tuesday, April 3, 2001, I gave my first breath and opened my eyes for the first time. I was born with excellent health conditions, I had weight 3.180 kg, the first person to carry me (obviously after my mom) was my sister Claudia Elena, Casually a day later my sister presented the college entrance exam and she passed it, because of it She and my mother tell me that I was like her lucky charm. The day of my birth everything went normal, mi mom tells me that very few of my relatives went to visit me at Clinic, I get out of the clinic one day after my born, I arrived to my house (that would be my home forever) for first time ever, My mom tells me that on that day if my maternal family came, my grandparents, aunts and cousins to visit us, everyone wanted to see to the last grandchild of the Bustamante's. The following month it was an ordinary month as of every child, eating, crying and sleeping. The first day more important in my life was the day in which I meet my father, My father lives in Bogota and for reasons of work and College, For this reason, he was able to traveling one month after my birth, on April 30, 2001 I was registered at the notary 5 of Medellin with the name of Santiago Vergara Bustamante, Son of Carlos Ervin Vergara Jimenez And Maria Claudia Bustamante Vanegas, my mother tells me that After having finished processing all the papers, something unexpected happened, I vomited my father in the shoes.The next day my father went back to Bogota and I stayed here in Girardota with my mother.when I turned 6 months of life, my mother gift me my first food with salt ,they food was a soup with a juice of tree tomato. My first Christmas was the only one that took place here in Girardota together my maternal family. After the holidays began my "trip", for the first time I went to Bogota, in this first trip was the first time I travel in a Plane, In BogotĂĄ my dad was waiting for us, we took a taxi to my grandparents' house, all of whom were delighted with our arrive, I was the first male grandson of the family and I was the spoiled, I lived in Bogota with my paternal family for 4 months, before this 4 months I returned to Medellin with my mother and from that moment I visited Bogota every Vacation. On February 9,2003 On February 9, 2003 at the age of 1 my mother made me baptize as Catholics in the cathedral Nuestra SeĂąora del Rosario of Girardota, That day my father could not attend for reasons of Diary with the University and the company, he could not travel from Bogota. So my mother baptized me alone obviously my maternal family accompanied us, and from this moment until today I still believing in the holy Catholic Church. In the year 2005 I entered in the garden for children of Comfama, the first memory that I have from my life is when I am entering at the classroom and I say good bye to my mother.been in this garden I met to many people And among those people are the people that are my best friends. My memories about the first year I studied in Comfama are few but they are pleasant, happy, exciting etc., I remember that my mother celebrated my Birthday number 4 in the school, I was very exiting for this, but at the time to blowing the candles These are off and come back on, This infuriated me much and because of this angers me about 2 weeks with my mother, She tells me that during these 2 weeks she was laughing at me, this because I was angry for that nonsense.

Next year I remember a little more, I remember playing for all the runner the teacher scolded me for that, In that year was beginning to be somewhat disordered, but continued being very judicious in the academic section, that year I entered the swimming classes provided by Comfama, in those classes I was the happiest child, I remember that on Saturday my godmother was with me and Was my guide to learn to this time it began awaken my musical taste, II remember being a fan of Jorge Celedon, Dario Gomez and Juanes, especially the latter, I had a black shirt and a guitar, every time a familiar who does not see frequently visited my house, I put my shirt next I would sit on a bench and start singing the song "the black shirt" and I did this for a year, I think I already had desperate visits.. A middle October of that year happened a fact that traumatized me for many years, during a swimming lesson the teacher gave us the duty to dive and look for a balls at the bottom of the pool and when not being able to find it try to leave but the teacher I did not allow it and I almost drowned, from that moment I left the classes and I did not go swimming for many years. And came the day of my graduation of Comfama, this was the first day of my life in which I had nerves, Before the graduation we had to presented a theater play about the Christmas, I represented one of the three magician kings, I act on the theater play, everything happened normally, the nerves disappeared and my teacher told me that I did very well, the opposite of that I thought at that time, after that all the group sang about the world peace and the friendship, but in this moment I forget the song, I do not know why .After that came the awarding of diplomas and as always throughout my life I was the last of the list and I waited for one hour for receive my degree, in that moment I was the most happiest child of the word, I did not believe that was happening, After finishing the ceremony, my mother, my sister and I went to the house which is located approximately 20 seconds from Comfama. I changed my clothes and went out to eat in Medellin I remember as if it happened yesterday. After a week, my parents dilemma did arrived, this dilemma was what school we are going to register him? my parents spent hours talking on the phone, analyzing all the schools of the town ,But there was something that deeply influenced his decision, that was me, I stopped in front of my mother and I said "if I do not study in Colombia, I will not study and lose subjects" I think I said this because of the influence of my friends ,And my mother "pressed" enrolled me in the school Colombia. In the Christmas of 2007 my parents gave me a Play Station 1, I was amazed for this technology, I was very bad at the beginning, but over time I got better, My favorite game was and will be "Crash Bandicoot" This game is about a mutated bandicoot, which must rescue his bandicoot girlfriend from the evil dr neo cortex. I spent hours trying pass the first level, But remaining in the attempt, this was my beginning in the world of the videogames, but this will be a story told later.

When I traveling to Bogota like a every vacation, I did not expect those vacation I would find "one of my loves of life", When I arrived at my grandparents' house, my grandfather was waiting for me to gave me the original shirt of the independente Santa fe team, my grandfather was very happy because I liked the shirt and Because I liked the shirt and I, his only male grandson was a fan of the team of his loves, one months later my father Took me for the first time to the stadium Nemesio camacho el campin, to a match Santa fe- Boyaca Chico, which won Santa Fe,, In the same match a local television station named "City tv" interviewed me , this was my first and unique appear in open television, I remember that in that interview they asked me about which was my favorite player and I immediately answered that Leider Preciado, at that moment was my idol, my model to follow and I was proud to saw me on tv. Spent a month and I went back to Girardota, the day which a children begin to grow up to leave the childhood, the entrance to the school, I do not remember very much of that day, but I remember stand in the middle of the schoolyard which in that time was a type of giant ramp, I remember the moment when we are assigned to a group, My friends assigned them in group 1A and I was very sad about this and I took my mother's hand, I drag her with my little strength until the classroom of 1-A, she knew That they assigned me to the group 1-B but anyway I got to go to the classroom of 1-A and stay there with my classmates and friends of Comfama, But that happiness ended because the teacher of 1-B went by me to the classroom and moved me to the place where I should be , In the group that took me I knew almost nobody and I was a week apart, but I started to take confidence with many friends and began to be more sociable, Today many of those people are still great friends, I do not remember much of what happened in that year, I just remember that it was very bad to copy and every 3 days I had to stay in school write up, But I always stood out for my excellent academic performance ,my scores was superior I think because of that I won the affection of the teacher, the year ended and was promoted to grade 2, I remember that I said goodbye to my classmates on the last day and was the first that I ran out of the room to go home. The 2009 arrived I thought That the groups were going to "mix" and they would not assign me with my friends of the last year, but when I arrived at school I was surprised that if I was assigned the same group as my friends, this year I started to be a little unruly for my concept, sometimes I did not obeyed the teacher and in the breaks I went up to the second floor, which was prohibited. One time a teacher of preschool caught me and several friends on the second floor and she took us by the hand and she was going to lead us to coordination, But in a moment of carelessness, my best friend and me escaped and we hid in a classroom, after 2 hours the same teacher Went looking for us in the class room, having the lucky that she did not see us, it was my first situation of "adrenalin". The year I finished almost equal to the previous one my qualifications were superior and they gave me mention of honor.

But before the year ended I had two events that traumatized me a lot, the first of them was the death, I do not remember what television show I was watching when they suddenly mentioned to death, what happened after this, These words remain in my mind as a child and immediately I start to cry and shout, My mother approached me, she asked me what happened, I explained what happened and she explained me what death was like and because it had to happen, I half calm myself, but even today I am afraid to the death.the second traumatic situation ,I had was that one night I saw a program of conspiracies, I alone in my room and reported a phrase "vampires do exist and are among us", This frame me for years, I slept with my mother because I was scared the night, I heard a noise or a dog barking and immediately imagined that a vampire was approaching in my house, this in time was forgetting, but at the time was terrifying. The 2010 started vey well for me, in the grade that they assigned me were also my friends, I was appointed representative of the classroom and my qualifications were good. My father for my birthday gave me an adidas jabulani ball which would be used in the final of the South Africa World Cup and an xbox360 But like all history, happiness is over. I was in Bogota and it was a July 3rd, that day they played Germany and Argentina for the quarterfinals of the World Cup, my father and I were preparing to watch the game in the morning, But in that moment we received a call, They were my aunts, they told us that my grandmother had given her a cerebral infarction, and that an ambulance was took her to the Javeriana Clinic, we "ran" to the clinic, we When we arrived the ambulance had not arrived, arrived 20 minutes after, I still remember when she got out of the ambulance ,she was still conscious and looked at me, from that moment my paternal family it would not be the same, My grandmother thank God survived but the right side of her body was immobilized, And today it continues like this, thank God we were able to overcome that situation. Due to the hospitalization of m grandmother, I absent from class for 2 weeks, obviously this affected my grades negatively, I worked hard and I managed to get my grades back, but after that, But then I start to relax again and a day I was playing with a friend, I took his shoe and threw him across of the classroom, he teacher noticed of that, I think it was the first and only time that a teacher spoke to me so loudly, Obviously he scolded me, he told me a speech about responsibility and He dismissed me from my position as representative, I at that time did not know whether to laugh or get angry.after that I lose a exam of math, I coming to my house crying and asking to my mother if that was bad, And she advised me very well, since that was the first test I lost in my life, after two days I overcame them.

The 2011 and the 2012 were years very normal for me, There are no memories so deep, Only one specifically my first trip to the Atlantic coast, was one of the best experiences of my life, I never thought the coast was that wonderful, Nor in my best dreams, I Enjoyed like crazy, every moment on the beach, taking all the food I wanted, knowing new places, was something epic, That helped me to leave the stress of the school even side and I met the happy Santiago and 0 bitter. In the year 2013 I ascended to the 6th grade it was a transition so easy, I understood the subjects easily, there I met great friends and from this year was in which I started to "mature", I started to understand better the things and I started to be more egocentric to my opinion, and that caused me a lot of problems with my classmates, To the majority of the room I bothered them and this attracts to the bullying then it was a complicated year in the school, But I could surpass myself and I could leave everything that bad in that grade and can continue to advance with my life. But that 2013 would not leave without fate made his own, it was a august 1 at 4:30 am, in my house the phone started to ringing, they was my aunts the did not have good news, at that time At that time my grand-aunt Genoveva or as we called her Aunt “Veva” had died after days of struggle against an illness, my mother told to my sister and me the beds news That day , both woke up and we moved to school and the work, obviously with sadness, that day I left the school 2 hours early, I arrived to my house, I prepared to go to the funeral , but at that time I argued with my mother and I did not attend and fell asleep, I could not say goodbye to my aunt.It's one of the things I most regret And today it still hurt me, But that day would not end there my mother and my sister arrived from burial of my aunt “ Vega”, and before the funeral had visited my "Papito" Fidel he was also sick, my "Papito" and My Grand-aunt "Veva" was brothers. When they arrived I was doing religious tasks, my mother made the food, I decided not to eat and I sat down at the computer, when suddenly my sister received a call, was a cousin To said us that my "Papito" Fidel Die at 7:30 p.m., My sister between astonishment and sadness, she could tell us, my mother was frozen and in shock ,And she pick up the phone and call to check if it was true and when it was confirmed his tears fell, I immediately stopped and changed my clothes between thought and wonder but without shedding a tear, they called the taxi which was a friend, when we arrived to my grandparents house, Approximately 20 people were there, all lamenting the death of Don Fidel, I entered the room where he died, I sat next to him and touched his leg, after I left the room and I went out to the garden to talk with my cousins ,12 pm the funeral home arrived, they checked my grandfather , they took him out of the room and took him to the funerary car, handed the posters to us, my sister's boyfriend, a cousin and I We went to the "vereda" Juan Cojo, There my "papito" had a "Molienda" and gave work to many farmers in the area, apart from this my "mamita" has a very wide area of land in that place and so they are very famous for this place, Immediately put the poster, despite the hour two men approach us and ask us about what had happened and they give us condolences, Immediately we went back down where my "mamita" and after an hour they called us, those at the funeral home told us that my dad was already at the funeral home, we all ran to the funeral home, And I remember that when we arrived there was already a neighbor of ours sitting in the room of the veiling, I saw the coffin of my "Papito", it was gold, There we stayed all night until 6 o'clock in the morning, I went to my house, took a shower and slept until 12 m, my godfather

picked me up and I went back to the funeral home, We went in procession towards the cathedral of Girardota.There the bishop himself gave the mass, when we left the church my feelings came to the surface, and I began to cry on my "papito" coffin, then we went to the cemetery and there was where that tragic day ended.

Ours life continue but we have a giant void, 2014 started bad for me, first in school, I was separated from my friends last year, I was very sad and I cried that day because I did not want to go, they took me to a group in which I did not know almost anyone, My mom went to school and she talked to Mrs. nelly so they could change my group, but this was impossible and Ms. nelly told this to my mom, "Calm Mrs. Claudia, I know because I place Santiago in that group, it will be the best for his future" and so it was, Mrs. Nelly was quite right this was only a benefit for me. First I met many good people, I met again friends from many years ago and we strengthened our friendship and nowadays I can call them brothers and sisters, And secondly I was given the best chance of my life, to be leader of the robotics group and the answer I said was no, I was initially scared and "thing" to do that, and I think it was the best decision, Fate wanted Camilo to be the leader and then chose me as one of his companions was the best, I do not think I would have been able to do it, along with my friends of the soul Johann, Brahian, Camilo, Goez, Osorio we participate Of the nationals of vex iq of the year 2014, The first day we were first in the standings, but the second day we ended up almost in late, this was an apprenticeship and we did not take it as a defeat and this made us stronger as a group, but the 2014 ended much better, that December I went for a week to Cartagena, this also helped me to relax a lot and start 2015 with all positivism. 2015 was something of the same, friends go, friends come, I returned to participate in a robotic tournament but this time was regional, happening exactly the same as last time, but this time if there were consequences we split a lot as a group and each One took different directions after that. In the Christmas of 2015 my father gave me a Play station 4, My romance with video games reappeared and from that moment I have not left and I will not leave, One of the greatest pride I have in my life Is, I won the Platinum Trophy in Assassins Creed Syndicate, This means that I manage to surpass the game to 100%, This had a very good consequence, since I won the trophy Ubisoft entertainment (a videogames company) send me a codes to can play game before anyone. And we arrived in 2016, this year was perfect for me I met too many people, I had many moments of joy and happiness, I can recover and have fun, there are millions of ways to describe this year but never end. On December 18th, 2016 My father and I went to the stadium Nemesio Camacho El Campin, to see the final of the Liga Aguila II-2016, the game was between Independiente Santa Fe and Deportes Tolima, In minute 11 of the first time, Jonathan Gomez made a corner shot and in the air Hector Urrego pushed the ball to the bottom of the net, I scream with all my soul and I start to crying, Santa Fe is the champion, this makes me immensely happy, This was and will be the best night of my life

And we arrived at this moment of my life, it is February 4, 2017 at 10:58 pm I am finishing writing my story for the English class, between emotions encountered and more things, I came to the reflection that my life thanks God is wonderful, not always happy, but it is nothing compared to what other people are living, and right now I am happy because I could write my story as I always wanted to do it. This is just the beginning...

My first Digital Story  

Santiago Vergara Bustamante

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