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SANtiago PEna

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INdex of IDeas




interNATIONAL. COmpetitions


tRACES of perplexity


barcelona, spain, 2016

interNATIONAL COmpetition

SECOND SPECIAL MENTION the competition called to REINVENT the concept of a hotel by designing a room for the modern citizen. square one raises the idea of REFOUNDING HOTELS from each bed to the generality. understanding this means understanding that THERE IS NO GENERAL CONTAINER for a hotel, but each room is different, beacuase each user and their experience is. architecture should not be about a general design that fits all, but instead a design for each person, square one allows for individual experiences. the squared new form of the bed deploys programs around it, instead of being just one more piece of furniture. centered in the middle of the room, and due to its shape, it presents VARIOUS POSIBILITIES. it goes from the chance of getting out of the bed from the four corners to the idea of ADAPTING FOR THE USAGE OF THE INDIVIDUAL, for example, by the moving backrests, which face perpendicular in one side to the TV and the other to the rooms view. adjacent to the bed, there is another essential part of the system, the nightstands. there is room for computers, the tablet proposed for the hotel room from which you can order room service and change door status. also, in this night stands, you can find the minibar. this is generated for the comfort of the user, so that the NECCESITY OF LEAVING THE BED DOES NOT EXIST. the idea of the BED ​​ AS A CENTRAL ELEMENT is rooted strongly in the project, and is reinforced by MODULATING entire room from it. proceeding from the particular to the general. it starts from SQUARE ONE AND FINISHES AT THE WHOLE.

interior rendering

skills applied

neccesity of leaving the bed does not exist

grasshopper modeling project ideologist 3ds max rendering grid modulation

adapted for the use of the individual

bed as a central element

tRACES of disORIENT buenos aires, argentina, 2014

interNATIONAL COmpetition

COMPETITION ENTRY the competition mainly consisted in making a site specific project. as an architect, the decision was to take the brief a step forward, and introduce a CRITICISM TO WHAT A REGULAR ART INSTALLATION/EXHIBITION USUALLY IS. what proceded, in order to materialize this idea, was the creation of a labyrinth in both two dimensional and three dimensional ways. as Jorge Luis Borges describes, the labrynth as “A SYMBOL OF BEING PERPLEXED, OF BEING LOST IN LIFE, IN A CONSTANT STATE OF WONDER”. through the EXPLOITATION OF UNCERTAINTY and touring the site just by taking ituitive decitions, the spaces are appreciated differently than in a normal exhibition, other senses such as hearing and distance perception are strongly involved. again, the idea of a TAILOR-MADE ARCHITECTURE EXPERIENCE, which is not designed for a whole, but is created for each individual at the same project is complied by MAKING THE VISITOR SENSE SPACE AND HAVE A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. when entering the room, the visitor will find himself into a squared space covered with translucent white fabric where he will recieve gloves and paint or charcoal with which he will be able to leave his traces as he wonders around the frist maze. after leaving the first part of the labryrinth, in which you are surrounded by fabric and can’t appreciate the characteristics of the site, you acces a three dimensional pathways on top of scaffoldings, in which you have a CATHARTIC EXPERIENCE OBSERVING THE PREVIOUS MADE DECISIONS.

interior montage

skills applied

exploitation of uncertainty trhough promenade

sense space

tailor-made experience

three dimensional cathartic experience


construction budget grasshopper modeling construction drawings

acaDEMIC. work.


sideWALK buenos aires, argentina, 2015 acaDEMIC work

FOURTH YEAR RESEARCH PROJECT research was based in studying the behaviour of concrete to obtain innovative GEOMETRIC SYSTEMS of work. throughout different iterations of samples in which variables were intertwined, a diagramatic instance for deployment was achieved. the project works as the systematic translation of geometries and creates TENSE RELATIONS BETWEEN EXISTING PROGRAMS through these morphologies. several prototype iterations were generated and tested at the site in order to find how variables are related to the site and how by increasing them connections could be more or less dense. this tensions are executed in the project by the creation of ELEVATED PATHWAYS in which the user can circulate. this urban infrastructure, allows the nonmotorized to circulate the context without interruptions. the nodes, in which the existing infrastructures locate and the denser mass of people can be found are DECOMPRESSED towards the mid point of this connections. here, circulation can expand outwards, generating the recreational areas of the project, such as football fields and parks. since circulations and connections between dense urban programs are key in the project, differentiated pathways are generated which respond to separate and individual types of movement, FROM BIKERS TO SHOPERS, the concept of the sidewalk is exploded into several lanes. this creates taylored circulations depending on the user and makes a more efficient transfer from one place to another. the problem identified is the lack of specificity in nonmotorized circulation pathways and how by creating separate lanes, you can move more dinamically between urban nodes.

general plan

skills applied

tense relations - system deployment diagrams

city mapping parametric structuring grasshopper modeling prototype generation

geometric systems - prototype iteration

pathways decompress in public spaces


SYSTEM buenos aires, argentina, 2015 acaDEMIC work

FOURTH YEAR RESEARCH PROJECT the project created throughout the creation of a system of work. research consisted in using this system that incorporates a continuous correlation and differentiation in each stage of the process to allow for the project to absorv different contexts. THE COMPLEX SYSTEM CAN BE DESCRIBED IN TERMS OF INTERCONNECTED VARIABLES. SO THAT ANY CHANCE IN ONE OF ITS PARAMETERS WILL CAUSE A SUBSEQUENT VARIATION IN ALL OTHERS THAT ARE CONNECTED TO IT. IT COULD BE SAID THAT THEY ARE INTERDEPENDENT AND MUTUALLY RESPONSIVE. ALSO, THE COMPLEX SYSTEM CAN NOT BE UNDERSTOOD BY ITS TOTALITY NEITHER BY ITS SEPARATE PARTS, IT CAN ONLY BE CONCEIVABLE BY STUDYING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EACH ONE OF THEM. with the methodology of work being defined, the project consists of a small scale skyscraper-city which DIFFERENTIATES EACH CITIZEN BY ASIGNING A UNIQUE FLOOR SCHEME to each one of them. also, there is a direct correspondence of floor schemes and the transportation inside this urbanization, going from BIKERS TO CAR DRIVERS. since there is no repeated morphology in any of the buildings, each floor plan has been cataloged and responds to a specific program which fits with its shape. this hiper-dense urbanization generates differentiation in general groups related by the transport used and the SYSTEM IS CREATED TO TRIANGULATE between possible transportation hubs which vary from a ferry terminal to a bus terminal.

ground floor plan

skills applied

transportation - system deployment diagrams

grasshopper modeling parametric structuring complexity deployment model - connections

differentiated floor scheme

system triangulation - bike circulation plan



SANcape construction


architecture denver, united states, 2014

PROfessional exPERIENCE

INTERNSHIP I chose Independent Architecture as the firm in which I would like to go to work because of their TANGENTIAL APPROACH TOWARDS ARCHITECTURE, in which theory related to the CURVE CULTURE had a great implication and the proffesion is faced in a relaxed and not overly serious way. Paul is a Fulbright Specialist and a great mentor towards my formation as an architect. at the studio, at first, I was in charge of making several ITERATIONS on different park and playground games which would be tested in the park project. since the park project (Paco Sanchez Park) was in full deployment, I also helped EDITING some of the plans in ILLUSTRATOR as well as giving them colour. afterwards, I edited different plans and elevations for a housing project which consisted in a small addition to a suburbian home at Colorado. at last, my responsability was in generating the EDITION for the STUDIOS BOOK which required me to present several alternative templates to the director to then modify and keep on working on that. I had to edit the studios work and compile it into four different books in relation to the topics that are dogmas at the studio. these topics were scale (the book was named giants), loops (the book was named loops), dissemination (the book was named laps) and bumps (the book was named bumps). the internship complied with my objective of working at a small but very particular firm and helped me to learn how to see architecture in a non traditional way.

paco sanchez park plans edition

skills applied

book layout template generation

book layout templates iteration of models technical plan edition playground iteration

playground plan edition

urban furniture drawing edition


construction buenos aires, argentina, 2016

PROfessional exPERIENCE

INTERNSHIP Sancape is a construction office which was in charge of different housing projects in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I developed CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS for a house project that went from details to electrical installations, pluvial installations, cloacal installations and water provision installations. furthermore, I was asked to make the construction documents for a CONCRETE STAIRCASE for a small house. also, I was in charge of developing a couple of BUDGETS for a house extension as well as going to the construction site with the architect and take notes of the development of the work. there, as a construction director, I was in charge of taking notes of the missing materials as well as how the progress of the building was going according to the scheudle. this internship complied with my objective of broadening my architecture knowledge in the CONSTRUCTION FIELD which I had very little experience. I learnt how to deal with DAY-TO-DAY CONSTRUCTION WORKFLOW SITUATIONS related to the job of managing at the construction site.

construction site

skills applied

housing construction director

construction drawing

budget generation

electrical line plan project generation

santiago peĂąa

construction director construction drawings budget generation



santiago pena born at buenos aires, argentina in 1993 EDUCATION, LANGUAGES, PRIZES ETC. education. .billingual baccalaureate of SCIENCE in Saint George’s Collage North [2000-2011] .international general certificate of SECONDARY EDUCATION (IGCSE) [2009] .international baccalaureate in ECONOMICS, ENGLISH, SPANISH and COMMUNITY AND SERVICE higher level [2011] .international baccalaureate in PHYSICS, MATHS and ARTS standard level [2011] .ARCHITECTURE undergraduate PROGRAMME of Universidad Torcuato Di Tella [2012-] languages. .SPANISH and ENGLISH fluent written and verbal .MANDARIN at a basic level, currently perfecting verbal and written skills .DANISH at a basic verbal level prizes. .BEST ECONOMICS student of the year at Saint George’s Collage Nort prize [2011] .Eurostar Hotel Lab 2ND RUNNER UP MENTION .WORK PUBLISHED in the exhibition “Generic” about the generation of Generic Cities through a systematic methodology, course held by Luis Ortega at UTDT jobs. .INTERNSHIP at PAGBAM, law firm [Buenos Aires, Arg] [2010] .INTERNSHIP at INDEPENDENT ARCHITECTURE [Denver, USA] (2015) .INTERNSHIP at SANCAPE constructions [Buenos Aires, Arg] [2016]

recommendation letter Independent Architecture October 16, 2016 I’m writing to recommend Santiago Carlos Peña Fiorda for a position in your office. I met Santiago at the Di Tella in Buenos Aires when I was travelling to theach there. He was an intern in my office the following year. Santiago is AMAZING. He worked with us on unbuilt design proposals, buildings, and a book, and was SKILLED AT EVERYTHING that we need him to do. If you ask him to make a few ITERATIONS of something-a plan, a stair, or a page layout-he’ll have several hundred options for you within a couple of hours. And GOOD ONES too. Yet his mind is FLEXIBLE. In school, he has learned RIGOR, but he is willing and able to leave the system behind when he sees an opening for something better. On top of that, he is one of the HAPPIEST and FUNNIEST people who I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He REALLY ENJOYS ARCHITECTURE. I’m very sure that he’ll fit in well if you have a spot for him. If you have any questions or want more information, please LET ME KNOW. All the best,

Paul Andersen 2231 Larimer Street 303.433.5303 Denver, CO802005

softwares and courses courses. .architectural VISUALIZATION course held by Methanoia, DIGITAL TECTONICS course held by I+GC [ar], architectural PHOTOGRAPHY course held by Pablo Gerson, THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL course called “disruption of utopias” held by META and MASTERS IN HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE course called “Symmetry in architecture” held by David Salomon softwares. .adobe INDESIGN, adobe PHOTOSHOP, adobe ILLUSTRATOR, autodesk AUTOCAD, autodesk ROBOT, RHINOCEROS, GRASSHOPPER, google SKETCHUP, ARCHICAD, OFFICE package, 3DS MAX and ARTLANTIS studio, autodesk REVIT

Santaigo Peña Architecture Portfolio  

This is my architecture portfolio which includes a curated version of all my work.

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