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Spring 2014 Intersession JANUARY 6 - FEBRUARY 2, 2014

Message from the President Dear Students: Welcome to the intersession at Santiago Canyon College! We’re glad that you’ve chosen SCC to meet your educational goals. To help you along your path to success, we offer a wide array of services and programs, including online registration and textbook purchases, career, academic and transfer counseling, tutoring, child care and much more. You’ll find that our faculty and staff provide a friendly, supportive environment in which you can learn and grow. On behalf of everyone at SCC, I wish you success in your studies this intersession. Juan Vázquez, President

NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY The Rancho Santiago Community College District complies with all Federal and state rules and regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of ethnic group identification, national origin, religion, age, sex, race, color, ancestry, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability, or on the basis of these perceived characteristics or based on association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. This holds true for all students who are interested in participating in educational programs and/or extracurricular school activities. Harassment of any employee/student with regard to ethnic group identification, national origin, religion, age, sex, race, color, ancestry, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability, or on the basis of these perceived characteristics or based on association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics is strictly prohibited. Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to District’s Title IX Officer and/or Section 504/ADA Coordinator. RSCCD Title IX Officer and Section 504/ADA Coordinator: John Didion, 2323 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92706, 714-480-7489.

NOTE: If you are a prior student and did not attend Santiago Canyon College or Santa Ana College during the Fall 2013 semester, you must reapply to the college. Go to www. and click on APPLY. Admissions Intersession hours: Monday–Thursday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Friday, 7:30 am–1:00 pm

SPRING 2014 INTERSESSION Students not enrolled for Fall 2013 must complete an application online. Go to

INTERSESSION CALENDAR November 4, 2013 – January 3, 2014 ������������������������������������ Online Registration November 4, 2013 – January 3, 2014 ������������������������������������ Veterans/Foster Youth/CalWORKs November 5, 2013 – January 3, 2014 ������������������������������������ Continuing Students November 6, 2013 – January 3, 2014 ������������������������������������ New/Returning Students (must apply online) December 21, 2013 – December 29, 2013 ����������������������������� College closed for Holidays December 30, 2013 ���������������������������������������������������������������� Probationary/100+ units January 1, 2014 ���������������������������������������������������������������������� New Year’s Day – Holiday – College closed January 2, 2014 ���������������������������������������������������������������������� CAP High School Students January 6, 2014 ���������������������������������������������������������������������� INSTRUCTION BEGINS See add authorization ����������������������������������������������������������� Last date to add a course with instructor provided Add Authorization Code January 7, 2014 ���������������������������������������������������������������������� Last day to drop with enrollment fee refund and no “W” grade January 13, 2014 ������������������������������������������������������������������� Last day to file Pass/No Pass Check section detail online ��������������������������������������������������� Last day to drop a course with a “W” grade February 2, 2014 ��������������������������������������������������������������������� INTERSESSION ENDS February 10, 2014 ������������������������������������������������������������������� Full Spring 2014 semester instruction begins

WHO is eligible to enroll for Intersession Classes? • Continuing Students at SCC or SAC • High school graduates, high school students (with CAP form approval) or persons 18 years of age or older (Note: some courses required placement testing. Check catalog for prerequisites. High School students registration date will be January 2, 2014).

HOW do I apply for Intersession? • Students enrolled for Fall 2013 need not apply; new and returning students may apply at

HOW do I enroll for Intersession Classes? • Enroll online November 4, 2013 – January 3, 2014. Although the college may be closed during the holidays, WebAdvisor will be available for registration. Note: No New Student or Returning Student applications will be processed when the college is closed (see calendar above.

PROBLEMS Registering? • Are/did you attend SCC or SAC during the Fall 2013 semester? • No: You need to submit an application prior to registering for classes. Go to • Yes: Continue with the following questions:


Have you completed the required prerequisites? If not, call Counseling at (714) 628-4800.


Is this your third attempt for the class? (W’s also count) Please go to Admissions & Records.

DO I Need a Parking Permit for Intersession? • No: Permits are required beginning with the start of full semester classes in February.





Santiago Canyon College is an innovative learning community dedicated to intellectual and personal growth. Our purpose is to foster student success and to help students achieve these core outcomes: to learn, to act, to communicate and to think critically. We are committed to maintaining standards of excellence and providing accessible, transferable, and engaging education to a diverse community.

To apply to Santiago Canyon College, complete an application online at Click on the APPLY link. After submitting all of your information, you will receive an email confirmation from CCCApply. Within 3 business days, you will receive an email from Santiago Canyon College which will include your WebAdvisor login and registration information. Once you set up your password to log into your Web Advisor account, you may view your registration date.



You are not able to wait list more than one section of the same course. You cannot Wait List a course that will conflict with another course. As seats become available, students will be moved into an open seat. It is your responsibility to periodically check your class schedule online, or you may lose your place on the Wait List. You will be notified by email (it is your responsibility to make sure that your e-mail is up-to-date) and will have 2 days to pay for the course or you will be dropped. If your name remains on the Wait List, you must attend the first class meeting and obtain an add authorization code from the instructor to add the course. You must add under your Web Advisor account. Only the instructor can issue add codes. Check your code for the validation expiration date.

Online Records is open Monday–Sunday (24/7) 1 Go to and click on the “Web Advisor” 2 From the Main Menu, click on the “Log In” tab at the top 3 Log in with your Web Advisor login and password 4 Click on “Students” 5 Click on “Register for Classes” link   Click “continue” 6 From the Search/Register for Sections page: a. Select a Term – 2014SI b. Select a Location c. Choose your subjects d. Click on the “Submit” button 7 From the Section Selection Results page: a. Select all of the sections that you are interested in by checking the boxes on the “Select” column b. Click on the “Submit” button 8 Your selected sections are now shown on the Registration Shopping Cart page: a. In the “Action” column, choose “Register” for the sections that you wish to enroll in 9 Click on the “Submit” button After you click “Submit,” you will be officially registered. 10 Pay fees within 2 days to avoid being dropped from your courses (Weekends and holidays are included.) The day you register is your first day 11 You can view your results on the Registration Results page 12 Pay fees and print receipt 13 Log out * For additional help, view the Student Web Advisor Help Manual or Web Advisor Log in Help Video.


Fees must be paid within 2 days of registering for courses or you will be dropped for non-payment. The date that you register counts as the first day. As a general rule, Intersession 2014 refunds would only be given if students drop on or before the first class meeting. • Refunds: Students will be eligible for a refund if they drop their course on or before the day of the first class meeting. • Pay Online or In Person at the SCC Cashier’s Office. Payment by check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted. Mail checks to SCC Cashier’s Office, 8045 E. Chapman Avenue, Orange, CA 92869. Do not mail cash! Checks are payable to “RSCCD” and write your Student ID number on the check. • Enrollment Fee per unit (all students)


• Non-Resident Tuition per unit $214.00 ($190.00 Tuition + $24.00 Capitol Outlay) • Required of all out-of-state residents (students who have not resided in California for one year), and students who non U.S. citizens. These fees are in addition to the $46.00 per unit enrollment fee. Questions regarding residency determination may be referred to the Admissions Office.


Enrollment fees must be paid IN FULL within 2 days of registration or all of your classes will be dropped and released to other students. The day you register is your first day. If you need assistance paying your enrollment fees and would like to apply for a Fee Waiver, go to BOG_Waiver/. It is your responsibility to check your account balance and pay the amount owed.

• Student Service Fee: (optional) $7.50 $2.50 for College Services (Photo ID, Library, student and instructional services) $5.00 for college activities (Photo ID and sticker validation available in Cashier’s Office, E -102)


• Material Fee: Material fee may be required for a course. Check classes online for specific fees.

To avoid a “W” grade, students must drop classes on or before the day of the first class meeting. Students will not be automatically dropped for non-attendance once Intersession begins. You must drop online. After the first day of the first class meeting, you will not be eligible to receive a refund for your classes nor will you be exempt from enrollment fees. Check drop date online or under section information on each course.

• No parking permit is required for Intersession


Santa Ana College/Santiago Canyon College, a non-profit California Community College, reserves the right to use photography and video images of students and visitors, age 18 and older, taken on our property and at college-sponsored events for marketing and promotional purposes. Objection to the use of an individual’s photograph may be made in writing to Public Affairs and Publications, RSCCD District Office, 2323 N. Broadway, Suite 408, Santa Ana, CA 92706.

FIRST CLASS MEETING Make sure you attend the first class meeting! Attendance at the first meeting of a class is advised because of enrollment demands. Any student not reporting to the first class meeting may be dropped from the roll sheet.

Registration questions? Call 714-628-4901 Can’t find the class you need? It may be waiting for you at SANTA Classes for both SCC and SAC are listed online. 3
















ART 100, INTRODUCTION TO ART CONCEPTS 3.0 UNITS A study of the visual arts in relation to both personal and cultural expressions. Fundamentals of visual organization, color theory, terminology, historical art movements and concepts will be studied. Required for art majors. 83056 9:00a-12:20p M Tu W Th Miller R SCC E-203 01/06-01/30 83057 1:30p-4:50p M Tu W Th Couch A SCC E-203 01/06-01/30

To achieve our mission, SCC has identified Institutional Learning Outcomes with four core competencies: Learn, Communicate, Act, and Think. Students will be able to: Learn—About Self and Others, Academic and Professional Issues


• Take responsibility for one’s own learning and wellbeing. • Learn about one’s chosen academic major, while creating connections across disciplines. • Learn about professional conduct, including workplace and community ethics, conflict management, and teamwork.

ASTRONOMY 110, INTRODUCTION TO STARS AND GALAXIES 3.0 UNITS Surveys recent research about the sun and other stars, exploding stars and black holes, the Milky Way galaxy, other galaxies and the big bang theory. Students may have the opportunity to visit the planetarium. 82914 9:00a-12:20p M Tu W Th Barembaum M SCC SC-104 01/06-02/02

Communicate—With Clarity & Accuracy & in Diverse Environments • Communicate ideas in a clear and articulate manner. • Communicate accurately to diverse audiences. • Communicate in various formats using diverse technologies.

BUSINESS (BUS) BUSINESS 100, FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS 3.0 UNITS An introduction to the basic fundamentals of business. A survey of marketing, management, production, accounting, finance, and economics and how they interrelate in the business environment. 83198 TBA Salcido A SCC WEB 01/06-02/02 Section 83198. Students must log on to Blackboard prior to the first day of class. Requires 12 hours per week online.

Act—With Awareness of Self & the Local & Global Community of Persons • Act to maintain one’s dignity and self-respect. • Act as a responsible community member who treats others with respect, civility, empathy, honesty and dignity. • Act to increase the wellbeing of the global community by maintaining cultural literacy, lifelong learning, ethical consideration of each other, and the environment we all share.

BUSINESS 120, PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT 3.0 UNITS Principles, methods, and procedures essential to the successful management of human and financial resources. Planning, decision making, staffing, directing, motivating, leading, communicating, controlling and the application of managerial skills. (Same as Management 120.) 83199 TBA Deeley S SCC WEB 01/06-02/02 Section 83199. Students must email instructor before class start date at There are no on-campus meetings. Requires 12 hours per week online.

Think—Critically, Creatively, and Reflectively • Critically analyze, evaluate, organize and use quantitative and qualitative data to solve problems and develop logical models, hypotheses and beliefs. • Creatively use concepts to making learning relevant. • Reflectively assess one’s values, assumptions, and attitudes.

BUSINESS 150, INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS (FORMERLY INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTING AND APPLICATION SOFTWARE) 3.0 UNITS Introduction to computer concepts, computer organization, computer operation, information systems and business problem-solving through the use of application software. 83201 TBA Myers S SCC WEB 01/06-02/02 Section 83201. Mandatory orientation on Wed, Jan 8, B-208, 6:30-8:30pm. Other mandatory meetings on Wed, Jan 15, 22, and 29, B-208 at 6:30-8:30pm. Requires 10 hours per week online.

ONLINE CLASSES Look for the online course symbol for online courses and hybrid course symbol for hybrid courses next to classes in the course listing section.

COMMUNICATION (COMM) COMMUNICATION 100, INTRODUCTION TO INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION 3.0 UNITS Introduction to communication skills of listening, perception, language usage, non-verbal communication, and conflict management, emphasizing methods of overcoming barriers to effective communication in interpersonal relationships. Concurrent enrollment in English 101/101H is recommended. 83058 9:00a-12:20p M Tu W Th Kubicka-Miller T SCC D-204 01/06-01/30

ACCOUNTING (ACCT) ACCOUNTING 101, FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 4.0 UNITS The study of accounting as an information system, examining why it is important, and how it is used by investors and creditors to make decisions. Coverage includes the accounting information system and the recording and reporting of business transactions with a focus on the accounting cycle, the application of generally accepted accounting principles, the classified financial statements, and statement analysis. It also includes issues relating to asset, liability, and equity valuation, revenue and expense recognition, cash flow, internal controls and ethics. 83203 6:30p-9:30p Tu W Th Slager B SCC B-103 01/06-02/02 TBA Slager B SCC WEB Section 83203 combines on-campus with 7.0 hours per week of online instruction. Students must have access to the Internet and email. Specific information will be given the first day of class.

COUNSELING (CNSL) COUNSELING 101, EDUCATIONAL, PERSONAL, CULTURAL, AND CAREER EXPLORATION 3.0 UNITS Designed to promote academic and career success by exploring student development from an educational, sociological, psychological and physiological perspective. Exploration of higher education opportunities, potential career interests and a focus on educational planning. Recommended for students planning to complete an associate degree, and/or to transfer to a university. 83214 9:00a-4:00p Tu Th Christensen S SCC D-206 01/06-02/02

ANTHROPOLOGY (ANTH) ANTHROPOLOGY 100, INTRODUCTION TO CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY 3.0 UNITS A cross-cultural survey of the major areas of cultural anthropology including subsistence patterns, economic and political systems, family and kinship, religion, and cultural change. Also includes contemporary issues facing humankind such as the environment, resource depletion, ethnic conflict, globalization, and warfare. Emphasis is on understanding cultural diversity and cultural universals. 83055 1:30p-4:50p M Tu W Th Fierro B SCC D-215 01/06-01/30

Board of Governor Fee Waiver and Federal Financial Aid is available to those who are eligible. For more information and to apply please go to financial aid link on SCC web site under Students area or Inquire with the financial aid office located at Room E-104.





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SCC IS A SMOKEFREE CAMPUS Smoking is allowed only in parking lots 1-6.

COUNSELING 116, CAREER/LIFE PLANNING AND PERSONAL EXPLORATION 3.0 UNITS The course is designed to assist students in successfully establishing and achieving education, career and life goals. Students are guided through a reflective process that focuses on values, interests, personality, skills and learning styles. Career and education options are researched, and students are exposed to college resources and support services. Decision making models and goal setting techniques are examined and will be used to develop short and long term education, career and life plans. Materials fee required. Material Fee(s): $18.50 83215 TBA Baldizon-Rios N SCC WEB 01/06-02/02 Course information will be available on January 2, 2014. To access course, please log on to




GEOGRAPHY 100, WORLD REGIONAL GEOGRAPHY 3.0 UNITS The study of major world political and natural regions. The location of the regions on earth, the physical and cultural elements that lend the regions their identities, and ways in which these elements relate to the regions’ inhabitants and economies. 83060 6:00p-9:20p M Tu W Th Ogbuchiekwe E SCC D-222 01/06-01/30

CRIMINAL JUSTICE 101, INTRODUCTION TO CRIMINAL JUSTICE 3.0 UNITS A survey of the philosophy and history of criminal justice system (law enforcement, courts, corrections); processes of justice from detection of crime to parole; evaluation of modern criminal justice delivery systems. 83150 8:30a-11:40a Tu W Th F Davis R SCC E-206 01/07-01/31



HISTORY 120, THE UNITED STATES TO 1865 3.0 UNITS Examines major political, economic, intellectual, and social forces at home and abroad that shaped American life from the colonial period through the Civil War. 83061 8:00a-11:20a M Tu W Th Howell S SCC E-205 01/06-01/30

ECONOMICS 121, PRINCIPLES/MICRO 3.0 UNITS Introduction to microeconomics, including basic economic concepts, analysis of markets, efficiency, consumer and firm behavior, industry structures, market failure, and resource markets. For economics, business, and certain engineering and computer science majors. 83059 1:30p-4:50p M Tu W Th Cummins M SCC E-304 01/06-01/30

HISTORY 121, THE UNITED STATES SINCE 1865 3.0 UNITS A critical analysis of American history. Includes industrial and technological development, the changing nature of society, cultural developments, domestic politics, and America’s expanded world role. 83062 TBA Rabii N SCC WEB 01/06-02/02 Section #83062: Go to Email instructor with questions at

ENGLISH (ENGL) ENGLISH 061, INTRODUCTION TO COMPOSITION 3.0 UNITS Expository paragraph writing emphasizing various methods including argumentation. Practice in refining sentence skills and grammar. 16 additional hours in Writing Center required. Prerequisite: English N60 or qualifying profile from English placement process. 83063 8:00a-12:30p M Tu W Th Roe M SCC B-213 01/06-01/30 1:00p-2:05p M Tu W Th Elchlepp E SCC A-210

HUMAN DEVELOPMENT (HUD) HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 110, CHILD, FAMILY AND COMMUNITY (DS2) 3.0 UNITS This class examines the developing child in a societal context focusing on the interrelationship of family, school and community and emphasizes historical and socio-cultural factors. Socialization processes and identity development that support and empower families by showing the importance of respectful, reciprocal relationships will be explored. 83213 5:30p-8:00p M W Vidal-Prudholme L SCC U-99 01/07-01/30 Section 83213. This is a hybrid class combining in class and online instruction. Students meet every Tue & Thu, 5:30-8:00pm, in U-99. Requires 7 hours per week online.

ENGLISH 101, FRESHMAN COMPOSITION 4.0 UNITS This course emphasizes expository and argumentative essays and the research paper. Special interest sections are described in the schedule of classes. Prerequisite: English 061 or ACE 116 or qualifying profile from English placement process. 83068 8:00a-12:30p M Tu W Th Elchlepp E SCC B-212 01/06-01/30 83073 1:30p-6:00p M Tu W Th Lennertz W SCC B-211 01/06-01/30 ENGLISH 103, CRITICAL THINKING AND WRITING 4.0 UNITS This course focuses on developing critical thinking, reading, and writing skills by studying established argumentative methods and models and applying them to contemporary issues. Emphasis will be on logical reasoning and analytical and argumentative skills necessary for critical writing. Prerequisite: English 101 or 101H. 83074 8:00a-12:30p M Tu W Th Adams R SCC B-210 01/06-01/30

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MATHEMATICS 080, INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA 4.0 UNITS A second course in algebra that includes systems of equations, inequalities, graphs and functions; radicals, quadratic polynomials, rational expressions; exponential and logarithmic functions, problem solving. Prerequisite: Mathematics 060 or placement into Math 080 on the Mathematics Level 2 placement exam and a course equivalent to Mathematics 060. 83210 TBA Williams A SCC WEB 01/06-02/02 IBA Section 83210 online course will meet Monday 1/6,Thursday 1/16, and Thursday 1/30 from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm in room SCC SC-133. Please email the instructor for textbook information. 83209 8:00a-1:35p M Tu W Th Wright K SCC U-87 01/06-02/02

KINESIOLOGY (KIN) (Formerly Exercise Science) KINESIOLOGY 102, NUTRITION AND FITNESS 2.0 UNITS An applied nutrition course designed to help improve the nutrition and health of active individuals. The course focuses on the prevention of disease, weight control, and improved physical and mental performance. 83206 5:00p-7:10p M Tu W Th Klabacha L SCC SC-111 01/06-02/02 KINESIOLOGY 109, SPORT IN US SOCIETY 3.0 UNITS This course is a comprehensive look at sport in US society and how various ethnic and minority groups have influenced sport at the local, state and national levels. The influences of other cultures outside of the US will be reviewed and analyzed. A review of sport history will be conducted with communication and media influences also examined. 83196 TBA Woodhead I SCC WEB 01/06-02/02 10:00a-1:10p Tu Th Woodhead I SCC E-305 Section 83196 combines twice weekly on-campus meetings with 6 hours online instruction. Student must have access to the internet and an email account. Specific information will be given the first day of class.

MATHEMATICS 083L, MATH REVIEW 0.2 UNIT Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in a mathematics course numbered lower than 100. Open Entry / Open Exit 83229 TBA Frost A SCC U-80 01/06-02/02 MATHEMATICS 093L, MATH REVIEW 0.2 UNIT Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in a mathematics course numbered 100 or greater. Open Entry / Open Exit 83231 TBA Frost A SCC U-80 01/06-02/02

KINESIOLOGY 146A, BASIC STRENGTH TRAINING 0.5 UNITS This course introduces students to the basic principles of resistance training through the use of free weight barbells and dumbbells. Emphasis is placed on the development of muscular strength and muscular endurance. Instruction is provided in the areas of free weight safety and practical application of basic strength training concepts. A combination of Kinesiology 140A, 140B, 140C, 146A, 146B, 146C and 147 may be taken a maximum of four enrollments. 83200 7:45a-9:15a M Tu W Th Camarco L SCC G-110 01/06-02/02

MATHEMATICS 140, COLLEGE ALGEBRA 4.0 UNITS Survey of advanced topics in algebra: equations, inequalities and functions involving polynomials, rationals, exponentials, and logarithms with applications and graphing; sequences and series. Prerequisite: Mathematics 080 or equivalent skills as measured by the Mathematics Level 3 Exam and a course equivalent to Mathematics 080. 83212 TBA Diaz D SCC WEB 01/06-02/02 IBA 5:30p-9:30p Tu Th Diaz D SCC SC-110 This course is a hybrid class and will meet on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays in addition to at least 8 hours per week of online instruction and assignments. The final is on campus on Thursday, January 30, 2014. Feel free to email the instructor for any inquiries:

KINESIOLOGY 201, CONDITIONING FOR ATHLETES-CO-ED 1.0 UNIT An instructor supervised exercise program designed for athletes who participate in sports. Emphasis will be on the development of speed, endurance, flexibility, and strength. Students may take a maximum of 350 hours of any team sport, team off season course or conditioning course per academic year. 83202 7:30a-10:55a M Tu W Th F Cummins S SCC SOCCER 01/06-01/24

MATHEMATICS 160, TRIGONOMETRY 4.0 UNITS Angles and their measurement, trigonometric functions and their applications, including vector problems. Use of trigonometric identities. Graphing the basic functions and variations, solving trigonometric equations. Graphing using polar coordinates, and use of complex numbers. Prerequisite: Both Mathematics 070 and 080 or placement in Mathematics 160 with the Mathematics Level 3 exam and courses equivalent to Mathematics 070 and 080. 83374 8:00a-12:30p M Tu W Th Smith J SCC U-104 01/06-02/02

KINESIOLOGY 202, CONDITIONING FOR ATHLETES-WOMEN 1.0 UNIT An instructor supervised exercise program designed for athletes who participate in women’s sports. Emphasis will be on the development of speed, endurance, flexibility, and strength. Students may take a maximum of 350 hours of any team sport, team off season course or conditioning course per academic year. 83205 1:20p-4:45p M Tu W Th F Camarco L SCC SOFTBALL 01/06-01/24

MATHEMATICS 219, STATISTICS AND PROBABILITY 4.0 UNITS Beginning course in statistics. Includes descriptive statistics, graphical displays of data, probability, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, regression, contingency tables, ANOVA, and non-parametric statistics. Includes use of technology. (Same as Social Science 219.) Prerequisite: Mathematics 080 or 081 or placement into Mathematics 219 on the Mathematics Level 3 placement exam and a course equivalent to Mathematics 080 or 081. 83211 8:00a-1:35p M Tu W Th Loney L SCC SC-110 01/06-02/02

MATHEMATICS (MATH) MATHEMATICS 060, ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA 4.0 UNITS A first course in algebra which includes solutions and applications of first and second degree equations, geometric concepts, graphs, inequalities, exponents, polynomials, and algebraic fractions. Prerequisite: Mathematics N48 or placement into Mathematics 060 on the Mathematics Level 1 or 2 placement exam and a course equivalent to Mathematics N48. 83208 TBA Frost A SCC WEB 01/06-02/02 IBA Section 83208 online course will meet Monday 1/6, Thursday 1/16, and Thursday 1/30 from 6:00pm-8:00pm in room SCC U-78. Please email the instructor for textbook information. 83207 8:00a-12:30p M Tu W Th Wagner J SCC U-98 01/06-02/02


0.2 UNIT SCC U-80


(Internet Based Assignments) Students will be required to use an internet software package. Homework and/ or quizzes will be submitted via the internet. (Some online software is not MAC compatible. The student should check with the instructor before enrolling in the class.)

Any class in which there is not a minimum of 20 students enrolled by the beginning of instruction may be discontinued. Any class which does not maintain satisfactory attendance may be discontinued.

Frost A


Mathematics Course Icons


MATHEMATICS 073L, MATH REVIEW Not applicable to associate degree. Open Entry / Open Exit 83228 TBA


Some classes may be conducted off campus. Unless you are specifically advised otherwise, you are responsible for arranging your own transportation to and from the class site. Although the District may assist in coordinating the transportation and/or recommend travel times, be advised that the District assumes no liability or responsibility for the transportation and any person driving a personal vehicle is NOT an agent of the District.










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MUSIC 101, MUSIC APPRECIATION 3.0 UNITS Designed to increase awareness and appreciation of music from the European classical tradition in relation to general culture and history. Develops basic understanding of musical elements and deepens student’s experience of music. Recommended for non-music majors. 83064 1:30p-4:50p M Tu W Th Proppe J SCC A-209 01/06-01/30

REAL ESTATE 112, REAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 3.0 UNITS Principles and practices of managing residential, apartment, commercial and income properties. Covers property management, leases and contracts, collections, rent schedules, tenant selection and supervision, and budgets. Applies towards the partial fulfillment for the educational requirements for (1) California real estate salesperson license and (2) California real estate broker license. 83113 TBA Lindquist R SCC WEB 01/06-02/02 Section 83113. Go to Log in on the first day of class. Open the Course Guide and complete the first assignments by the listed due date to avoid being dropped from the class. Email me with questions at Requires 12 hours per week online.

PHILOSOPHY (PHIL) PHILOSOPHY 106, INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY A survey of historical and contemporary ideas on how to live the good life. 83065 9:00a-12:20p M Tu W Th Granitto J SCC D-217

3.0 UNITS 01/06-01/30



POLITICAL SCIENCE 101, INTRODUCTION TO AMERICAN GOVERNMENTS 3.0 UNITS Study of United States national government and California state and local governments. Satisfies graduation requirement for American institutions and state requirements for California state government. 83066 TBA Parrella M SCC WEB 01/06-02/02 Section #83066: No orientation. Go to Email instructor with any questions at Failure to log on within 48 hours from the start of class to download materials for the course will result in a drop. 83067 8:00a-11:20a M Tu W Th Shekarabi N SCC D-220 01/06-01/30

SOCIOLOGY 100, INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY 3.0 UNITS The scientific study of human societies and behavior focusing on the process of social interaction, patterns of social inequality, and the influence of social institutions on individuals as members of social groups. Special emphasis provided to explain factors promoting social stability and social change. 83075 TBA Gause T SCC WEB 01/06-02/02 Section #83075: Go to Failure to log on within 48 hours from the start of class to download syllabus and announcements will result in a drop. 83077 9:00a-12:20p M Tu W Th Griffin N SCC D-216 01/06-01/30



PSYCHOLOGY 100, INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY 3.0 UNITS An introduction to the major theories, methods, concepts, ethical issues, and findings in the major fields in psychology including but not limited to research methods, biological bases of behavior, perception, learning, memory, cognition, emotion, motivation, development, personality, social, and abnormal psychology. 83071 TBA Umali Kopp C SCC WEB 01/06-02/02 Section #83071: Go to Failure to log on within 48 hours from the start of class to download syllabus and announcements will result in a drop. 83072 1:30p-4:50p M Tu W Th Marino V SCC D-221 01/06-01/30

TV/VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS 103, HISTORY OF FILM TO 1945 3.0 UNITS A survey course exploring film as an art form and developing appreciation of historical, artistic and technical advances from 1890s to 1945. 83171 2:00p-5:20p M Tu W Th Echols D SCC D-101 01/06-01/30 TV/VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS 105, MASS MEDIA AND SOCIETY 3.0 UNITS Exploration of the history, effects, and role of mass media in U.S. society. Examines major media forms (TV, radio, film, newspapers, magazines, ads, the Internet) in our informationconscious culture. 83172 10:00a-1:20p M Tu W Th Sternshein S SCC D-101 01/06-01/30


The Rancho Santiago Community College District has made every reasonable effort to determine that everything stated in this class schedule is accurate. Courses and programs offered, together with other matters contained herein, are subject to change without notice by the administration of the Rancho Santiago Community College District for reasons related to student enrollment, level of financial support, or for any other reason, at the discretion of the district.

Make sure you attend the first class meeting! Attendance at the first meeting of a class is advised because of enrollment demands. Any student not reporting to the first class meeting may be dropped from the roll sheet.


8045 East Chapman Avenue Orange, CA 92869 714-628-4900







Lot 1



A–LOWER LEVEL Bookstore • Classrooms • Media Systems Office








D–FIRST FLOOR Career Services • Classrooms • Counseling Faculty Offices • Transfer Center

SC–SCIENCE CENTER Classrooms • Faculty Offices • Science Labs

H–HUMANITIES BUILDING Classrooms • Faculty Offices Information Technology • Language Lab






U–BUILDINGS Classrooms • Community Services Continuing Education Classes Faculty Offices • International Students Math Study Center • Safety & Security Tutoring

T–BUILDING Cafeteria • Student Health and Wellness Services • Student Lounge

S–BUILDING Continuing Education Classes / Registration/ Counseling



D–SECOND FLOOR Academic Success Center • Classrooms Faculty Offices E–FIRST FLOOR Admissions • CalWORKs • CARE • Cashier Financial Aid • EOPS • Disabled Students Program Graduation Office • Photo ID On-Campus Job Placement E–SECOND FLOOR Classrooms E–THIRD FLOOR Classrooms • Faculty Offices • Testing Center G–FIRST FLOOR GYM and Fitness Center






G–SECOND FLOOR Aerobics • Swimming Pool • Exercise Science Offices






Lot 6






A–UPPER LEVEL Administration • Administrative Services Associated Student Government • CAMP • Classrooms Publications • Scholarships • Student Life & Leadership Veterans • Writing Center B–LOWER LEVEL Classrooms • Faculty Offices B–UPPER LEVEL Classrooms




Lot 5


C–BUILDING Child Development Center
















Lot 4

$ $



Lot 3


Lot 2


RSCCD BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Arianna P. Barrios, President • Jose Solorio, Vice President • Lawrence R. “Larry” Labrado, Clerk • Claudia C. Alvarez • John R. Hanna • Nedia Mendoza Yanez • Phillip E. Yarbrough Luis Correa, Student Trustee • CHANCELLOR Raúl Rodríguez., Ph.D. • SANTIAGO CANYON COLLEGE PRESIDENT: Juan Vázquez


Santiago Canyon College Intersession 2014 Schedule of Classes  
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