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ENABLING GROWTH Your Goal. Our Mission.



Pecten jacobaeus: Multiple layers Structural analysis is about deciphering the numerous layers of an organization and revealing the existing ways of interaction based on comparison and experience.

With a distinct focus on structure, we support companies in the development of the organization in order to maximize growth potential. We do so by addressing either the comprehensive reorganization of your entire company or by concentrating on the v­ ital growth-supporting areas such as innovation, sales, human resources, ­finance, purchasing and IT. In order to promote growth, the configuration of an organization is of vital importance – and that is exactly what we concentrate on. However, we not only focus on what has to be done, but also on how it has to be done. Know-how is nothing without the do-how, as an organization can only work if the employees are in accor­ dance with the structure. That is why we take a holistic approach by specializing in ­organizational design, development and implementation. Our highly experienced and senior consultants provide not only exceptional organizational solutions but also the corresponding tools with which we put them into effect.


The Camino de Santiago: 800 kilometers lined with countless milestones guiding the way Organizational transformation is about pursuing a sequence of landmark changes anticipating continuous alterations of market requirements to reach a sustainable competitive advantage.

Santiago was founded in 2008 in the midst of the biggest economic crisis since the 1920s. Setting up a company in such unfavorable market conditions required not only exceptional quality but also a clear mission. As a spin-off from one of the leading German top management consultancies, we faced the challenge of virtually starting from scratch again. We set ourselves the ambitious goal of regaining the leading market position that we had had to give up. The situation we found ourselves in was similar to a particular time in Spanish history, the Reconquista, which was also about reconquering a former position. The motto of the Reconquista was “Santiago� and its emblem was the scallop shell. It was thus that we found just the right name and symbol, which not only represent our company mission but also embody the strengths of our team. These strengths are a strong coherence, a clear content focus, a distinct entrepreneurial objective and unconditional commitment to our clients.


32,000 different types of shell: Complexity and individuality Organizational design is about providing bespoke organizational solutions to address a company’s current problems and future challenges.

Our basic principles and values are founded on a distinct customer orientation. They are an inherent element of all our services and not only accepted by our teams but essentially embodied by them. We will do everything to ensure we actually exceed your expectations in our endeavors to create real value for you. We are dedicated to working together with you in a respectful, highly trustful environment to provide clear-cut, tailor-made solutions that are delivered in budget, in specification and on time. In addition to our comprehensive know-how, our methodical do-how provides three distinct ­advantages: Clear structures Our exceptional ability to reduce complexity makes it easier to address the actual “pro­ blems” you may be facing, thus providing an ideal platform for concept development. Convincing logic We provide exceptional conceptual competence with which to develop pragmatic and sustainable concepts. Strong communication We give you the outstanding ability to define solutions “in a nutshell”. In that way, you can make decisions easier and quicker, and present concepts to management and employees in a coherent and comprehensible way.


The scallop pearl: The 200-fold exponential growth starts with a tiny particle Corporate growth is about questioning prevailing business and market rules, and creating new demand that leads to new business.

Corporate Transformation We support the growth of your entire organization by enabling the 足implementation of the defined corporate growth strategy. We do so by developing and engaging in 足holistic transformation initiatives such as the realignment of your business model, the acceleration of your corporate center, the provision of plug-in s足 tructures for acquired businesses, the enhancement of your customer focus and the restructuring of your regional set-up.

Functional Transformation We provide expertise-driven, high-quality solutions in vital, growth-supporting functional areas of your company. The underlying goal of all our services is to enable growth. Innovation Innovation is a key factor for growth. We support our clients in all organizational challenges along the innovation process. While addressing opportunity scouting, portfolio planning, product development and production ramp-up, we always ensure sustainable implementation by adapting the interface to business units. Due to our methodological expertise, we are able to generate tailor-made innovation organizations with an optimized mix of market pull and technology push. Sales The area of sales is the decisive factor when it comes to realizing growth ­poten­tial. We will support you in all organizational issues along the entire global sales ­matrix, from enhancing your business units’ respective business models (e.g. through new sales channels) and the development of global and regional sales organizations, to the optimization of global sales management, performance enhancement and sales controlling. Human Resources In addition to its significant role in providing value through human effort, your HR department is today also required to support company growth through tailor-made HR services at competitive costs, and at the same time provide stringent HR governance across the entire company. We will provide the necessary support for you to ­develop and implement the required organizational structures in HR management.

Finance Finance constitutes the monetary backbone of growth. As such, effective financing ensures not only the necessary liquidity for the expansion of your company, but also the efficiency and speed needed to optimally support the operative business. We assist you in tailoring your finance organization to the needs of your global business and increase the steering ability. Furthermore, we will identify opportunities to realize cross-functional optimizations in your end-to-end process chains. Purchasing Purchasing is a direct enabler of growth. The ability to provide high-quality, lowpriced parts and services on time and to set up the respective supply chain hence is a major prerequisite for the growth of your company. We support you with all organizational issues in the global purchasing community and assist you in setting up purchasing organizations, developing strategic and operative purchasing units, increasing process-related performance and enhancing your purchasing controlling. IT As one of the central facilitators in a company, information technology provides support along the entire value chain. However, IT is today also required to provide direct input for actual value creation, for example by increasing efficiency, r足 educing reaction times and facilitating implementation across various business areas and system landscapes. Our expertise will ensure you optimize the vital interplay between business, functions and IT efficiently and sustainably.


Dr. Hermann Schiegg

Christian Prinz zu Salm-Horstmar

Dr. Alexander Tarlatt

Dr. Juan Rigall

Dr. Georg Wolters

Distinct individuals – diverse backgrounds – multiple areas of expertise Santiago Advisors is a team of highly skilled professionals with a wealth of experience who unmistakably embody the same values and goals.

Dr. Juan Rigall Dr. Rigall has been a top management consultant since 1996 and, as a co-founder, managing director since 2008. His expertise lies in the areas of post-merger integra足 tion and optimization of service, sales and R&D organizations. Christian Prinz zu Salm-Horstmar Prinz zu Salm-Horstmar has been a top management consultant since 2001 and a managing partner since 2009. He is specialized in the development of growth organi足zations, sales and procurement. Dr. Hermann Schiegg Dr. Schiegg has been a top management consultant since 2001 and a partner 足since 2009. He is focused on organizational development, particularly in technical environments, human resources and innovation. Dr. Alexander Tarlatt Dr. Tarlatt has been a top management consultant since 2000 and, as a co-founder, managing director since 2008. He is specialized in business transformation, shared service operations, finance and IT. Dr. Georg Wolters Dr. Wolters has been a top management consultant since 1998 and, as a co-founder, managing director since 2009. He is specialized in optimizing corporate centers, 足developing regional organizations and change management.


52 arches: Carrying 200,000m続 of water per day at a precise gradient of 1:3000 Trusted advisory is all about strong client relationships, based on mutual respect and utmost confidentiality. Only that combination can provide 100% quality and 100% reliability.

“We have developed an enduring and trustful partnership with Santiago. On this shared path, we have achieved major landmarks in transforming complex structures and contributing substantially to our organizational development.” Dr. h.c. Eggert Voscherau, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, BASF SE

“Companies generally do not lack good ideas when it comes to innovation and growth. But the crucial aspect is the necessary focus and speed. And that, in my opinion, is what sets Santiago’s way of working apart from the rest.” Dr. Matthias Wolfgruber, Chairman of the Executive Board, ALTANA AG

“Given the profound structural changes in our industry, innovations alone are not sufficient, which is why we also have to tread new paths. With Santiago, for example, we were able to breathe new life into the leading alliance in endoprosthetics.” Prof. Dr. med. Hanns-Peter Knaebel, Member of the Executive Board, B. Braun Melsungen AG

“Santiago’s concepts are geared towards sustainability. Even in difficult situations, it was possible to develop the necessary structural adjustments with a high degree of responsibility and involvement. This is an assurance for successfully implementing changes and truly achieving the targeted improvements at the same time.” Michael Vassiliadis, Chairman of IG BCE


As a partnership, each and every one of us is directly responsible for the actions we take and the services we provide. That is one of the reasons you can be sure to receive only the best in structure and strategy consulting. Santiago stands for growth – and we stand for Santiago. We focus entirely on our core competencies of organizational design, development and implementation. You get a highly motivated team that stands for unrivaled seniority, extensive expertise and utmost dedication.

If we have aroused your interest and you wish to benefit from our comprehensive services, please feel free to contact us personally at any time: Tel. +49 2156 4966 910 or email

Santiago GmbH & Co. KG Jagdschlösschen Anrath Donkweg 47, 47877 Willich, Germany

Many thanks to our clients and the people of Santiago – without your trust and dedication this journey would not be possible

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Santiago Company profile  
Santiago Company profile