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Project example: „Further Development of recruiting processes with respect to diversity aspects“ Initial situation Company:

 The current structure with approximately 160-170 employees in HR function has evolved historically

Owner-managed LifeScience company

 The recruiting process is characterized by manual process steps and influenced by regional requirements  Need to increase efficiencies in the recruiting process, also by focusing on diversity aspects


Project approach Project topic: Alignment of recruiting process with diversity aspects

 Analysis of As-is processes with respect to relevance for diversity and definition of a diversity scoring model

 Development of measurable KPIs in order to evaluate the performance of diversity effects in relevant processes  Creation of new recruiting guidelines while considering the diversity aspects

Project results Project target: Reaching a broader range of applicants and efficient recruitment


 Enrichment of the HR service portfolio with diversity aspects and anchoring of functional governance expertise  Optimization of processes for a sustainable implementation of diversity components into the HR-landscape  Design of a holistic KPI-system for measuring the added value of diversity in the recruiting process

“Employing an integrated KPI-System enabled measuring the value proposition of diversity which also convinced the critics of the approach.” Dr. Hermann Schiegg Partner

HR Diversity  
HR Diversity