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Project example Europe: „Strategy update and restructuring of a Czech specialty chemicals company“ Initial situation Company:

 Massive liquidity problems and impending total insolvency due to permanently declining demand

Eastern Europe 's leading specialty chemicals manufacturer

 Traditional measures to increase efficiency due to the persistent problem situation already largely exhausted  Additional problems in transition from old owner to a succession solution Project approach  "Risk the antithesis" - Invest in innovation in difficult times

Project topic: Overall company

 Focusing on current portfolio and development of new products based on the existing portfolio and ideas  Financial re-engineering and sale of businesses no longer required to finance the reconstruction

Project results Project target: Financial Restructuring

 Stabilization of demand based on the renewed and broader product portfolio  Creation of financial room due to partial sales and state-of-the-art account management  Succession planning to the repositioning of the company - New technologies require new players


“Especially in difficult situations, creativity trumps. Using the standard program would not solved the problems in this case.” Dr. Juan Rigall Managing Director

Czech Republic: Project example  
Czech Republic: Project example  

Project approach "Risk the antithesis" -Invest in innovation in difficult times "Risk the antithesis" -Invest in innovation in difficult tim...