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Project example Asia: „Restructuring/project management for an investment project of a leading company in the solar industry“ Initial situation Company:

 Sales, implementation and ramp-up of a turnkey plant in Asia (~ € 50 million sale price)

International Photovoltaic company

 Critical project situation after two years ("out of time and out of budget") due to technical problems of key equipment  Unprofitable business unit with an unclear overall strategic orientation (e.g. product portfolio, organizational form)

Project topic: Project management turnkey installation Asia and restructuring Business Unit including the development of strategy roadmap

Project approach  Establishing clear project organization with powerful roles & responsibilities and close involvement of Executive Board  Negotiation and execution of direct involvement in the company of the buyer and strengthening the teams “on-site “  Development and implementation of restructuring concept for unprofitable business unit, development of detailed strategy roadmap Project results

Project target: Adherence of project schedule turnkey plant and optimization/realignment of business unit


 Compliance with project milestones due to a stable organization, strict monitoring and consistent involvement of the Board  Prevention of lawsuit with buyers due to direct involvement and improved customer relationship  Implementation of restructuring plan with significant cost savings and conduction of future strategic direction

“The initiating of powerful project structures with adequate involvement of top management are essential and bound to success in a dynamic and time-critical project environment ” Christian zu Salm-Horstmar Managing Partner

Asia: Sales Project  
Asia: Sales Project  

Initial situation Sales, implementation and ramp-up of a turnkey plant in Asia (~ € 50 million sale price) Critical project situation after...