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Events of my life

My name is: Santiago cadavid henao Grade: 10 ° 1 History of English Teacher: Sonia lopez

The story of my life My name is Santiago Henao Cadavid. This is the big story of my life, here I can tell all my drops, my mistakes, and the best moments I have spent with my family, friends and more people that surround me, the discouragements, discouragements, falls, lifted, sentences, walks, disobedience, fears, dreams, goals, achievements, accidents can also occur account, and also in her account can be given as I have managed to overcome all the obstacles that life puts me and follow along regardless as suffer or how to use them to defeat. This is my history of life: was born the 2 of September of 2000 to them 5:30 of the tomorrow in Medellin, giving you a happiness to my parents and my family; good but it bad was that was born a week before time and me play stay me a month in an incubator, to then have that go to my house and have that suffer by some injections that put a nurse contracted for my care. Last a year suffered by those injections I recover and could follow with my life normal, when turned year and half I took to live to Barbosa to House of my grandparents paternal in that time I have my parents that it pass very well and that always went a child very judicious and cast for forward; Although my grandmother when was time of bathing me not you liked bathing me since was much cold, she rather me missed of the deodorant of my grandfather by all the body for smell good and not bathing me but when my mother came then I bathed since I was all white and dry. When I turned my three years went to live in Bucaramanga which was a time well spent and passing it very well, being naughty and playing with my cousins. When I had my four years went back to to the sidewalk Girardota paradise where Vivian my paternal grandparents of which then I will tell them. In my four years I had my day care or kindergarten which I shared much with my friends, I met new people or new children and I was a very busy life since child care was not close to my house and my parents played them very hard in bringing me along with my cousin for then running to their work; pass by barias nurseries in which met many children with which the pass very well, I had fun and shared much with everyone. My five years I started preschool at the educational institution Colombia which I play with an excellent teacher that taught me too and with which better pass this year because he loved her I understood much with it and the pass very well with my colleagues, in that year highlight me very well in the study and was a very responsible and pitched forward. My six years, I began to pursue degree first awarded in that I could continue with my former colleagues happy with all and still the same shy and judicious child of the living room, all that extent perform it very well and not never lower my above average; all that year and the former was a very shy boy who never spoke and when participating did with much embarrassment, but did well and with encouragement of get ahead and take good notes. I was able to move to second grade primary school, which I separated from my colleagues, but I could not lend to die always left forward meeting new colleagues and being a child wise and pitched forward. In that year suffered a fracture because of some fellow which I pushed down stairs and the fall fracture my left elbow, from there I was taken to the hospital of Girardota, but seeing that it was more serious than it seemed, there left me hospitalized a day to wear a cast and go to my house This plaster which was

very uncomfortable I play charge for a month; During that month I was going to revisions and therapies to regain the movement in my hand; last month I went to the last quotation so withdraw me that plaster, thereafter was with the shrunken arm until a day after school with a friend playing all the way up to my house madly and without realizing pull my arm and from there to regain my mobility and continued as if nothing had happened. To my eight years started my best grade third of primary with my best mates and with the best mood of pass and follow forward excelling and being responsible with my study, until there always was a child responsible in it mine, painful but cast for forward. After a great third and well done achieved pass to room serving my nine years this was a degree normal but a little complicated since this year my father suffered an accident falling from the fourth floor, but thank God it did not suffer any damage or fracture; If not which suffered only bumps and scrapes, that year was very sad since my father was very different and I recognized him or to spend a few months it returned to be the same as always. My ten years pass to fifth grade which I returned to separate from my best friends as it is a rare thing in the institution, this grade I met a companion which helped me a lot and it was very good companion, was always when you need it. This grade pass with great effort and much shock to know that was going to another degree and I was going to find with fellow of the institution greater, higher and more outstanding one, but however will not let me carry that scare and pass, I overcome myself and to my shock. When I turned my eleven I went to sixth grade, with new partners salon and new College teammates; It is super good and welcome children to spend some annoying, sudden, maldadosos young people and was a hard change both for me and for the rest of my room mates. Well this was a very good grade super pass met new teachers, good some not so good, but all try to have me well for my study was a little more easy, comfortable and quiet. It was a very tight year with many complications since he could not understand much my new teachers by what still not me used to them, but get beat and beat my teachers to spend one year more. After a very tight sixth achieve move to seventh most quiet already know most teachers and practically understood me with all of higher grades, this seventh grade was very normal and very quiet everything was normal and I always thinking about my goals and get out later. And succeed win the year without any problem and generating my parents an immense pride. When pass through very well comfortable and a little painful eighth was where I met fellow which did not help me much if not that rather me wrong they influenced and I fear getting only decided to go with the flow and kept with them as if nothing had happened, I with my fear and my rubbish swept them and that year was that more disappointment gave it to my parents; This year was where I lost my first matter was very hard and most of all painful with my parents, after having managed to overcome all this sad past went ahead with my study and my purpose. Roughly halfway through the year two thousand thirteen had a great ride to Cartagena which the pass very well, I met a place I could never have believed, despite the fact that I could not go with my father who is as my right hand pass it very well with my mother, my sister and my godmother for christening. It was the best weekend I have had in my study break. To end of eighth grade had to pray much since it had lost bar subjects that hindered me last year, but with the help of my parents and my purpose of getting ahead could retrieve these two subjects lost and move forward as if nothing had happened.

After all this disaster of year pulled all to it embroider by nonsense achieved pass to ninth giving you a pride less to my parents, this year was very good since could be with a great friend that I collaborated much and my cousin, this year also returned to it same was slightly tight since I take to others things and me leave carry of them technologies that me entangling each time more and me neglecting of the study, to holiday of week santa could go me again to walk to Tolu CoveĂąas the pass very well since could be with all that more wanted to be and follow being, also had other outputs as for Cisneros and others places very beautiful of Colombia; This year it finished with much disputed since by my neglect came back to lose materials in my study and returned to disappoint to my parents, after this achieve overcome my laziness and pass with pride to grade ten. This grade ten was another big change since had more materials and other teachers to learn, this was another year that I complicate very much and from the very beginning is losing more than three subjects and if it is very hard to say it, this year apart from the fact that it was very complicated had other good sides at some party, I could find a girl super special to me , which from the first moment I saw it I knew that I wanted to meet her and wanted to go out with her, after having met and have gone out with her I knew that was that I wanted to share great moments of my life; from that day always have State with she and while you e echo much damage, it have made suffer too she always is there for me and with that I da to demonstrate that can trust in it and that always goes to be for me. This girl me has given to know certain parts of my life that not had known, she was as the part that I was missing for know me to me same and continue forward. However, lulled me again by other colleagues I embobe things that should not and this time not lost materials, this time was even more painful and lost year. That was very hard for me and even more so for my parents, that was the first and hardest disappointment, apart from that on one of the celebrations of December two thousand and sixteen year, January had an accident at four in the morning; sad mind and disobeying my mother along with a companion decided to go to a bike We were biting into one of the worst mornings we fell, and thank God nothing happened to older had a chipped extremely ugly and large on the left of my face, scrapes on the hands and back. But the hard thing was the sadness of my mother to me as well, with all the correada face of blood, already I am only go to the hospital so that I reviewed, they were injured very minor but ugly, from that I learned that first and foremost ay that be obedient to what you tell us parents, that if it hadn't been for my disobedience none of this would have happened and would be completico and without a scratch , but thanks to this that I step not know nor how or why but woke up and let my penalty, my rubbish and learned to rating to my parents, obey them and honor them. Also them can tell that am very loving to them meals, I like them chocolates, them drops into and the ice cream. Am admirer to the color green and black, I like always see to them women smiling and happy; also I dedicate to play volleyball, basketball, pin put, football and another type of things, I am very dedicated to the exercise always I like have a good physical. Now this year I returned it to start with the best mood and with the best ability to overcome me, already now I understand that everything that our parents give us and tell us is not anything bad, which must always take into account what they tell us.

In this year I play meet new colleagues, are very good people, funny and of all it good that is can tell of them, and when is says that to work is to work. I have learned a lot from them and hope that they me are also learning much; already I understand too well with them so am thinking in presenting an anticipation of grade ahead. Since a great teacher that I love tells me that it is better to make a good grade ten that make a bad grade eleven and having to start over once, also prefer to continue my study as I carry it up to now to regain the trust of my parents, honor them and return to win me the pride that had when he was kid. Now I only think of winning this year with courage and pride myself, devote myself with all the purpose of the world to a new level; grade eleven a great goal by achieving to finish my degree to study what I like that then I'll be counting it, to work to get my stuff and give you pleasure and pride to my parents in symbol of gratitude for all that I have brought forward without problems and without pretexts; always giving me all I ask him but I shot all those tastes to the gunwale as if they not worth for me, I also went to work, when not working with my father in construction, I dedicate my time to arrange things such as mobile computers or any type of things; also emphasize me a little arranging motorcycle and so far practical and want to study auto mechanics. I'd like to have my own company or my own school system, not only serving others by my work, but also to teach and that the science of technology does not disappear to rather endure more and more, that every time progress and that is never shortage. I also stand out as goalkeeper, train and play at atletico national one of the best teams of Girardota; formerly football at AtlĂŠtico goalkeeper national but because of desguince in the right hand and by having it hidden I had an expulsion and put me goalkeeper's football National Athletic Hall, but I really like Archer be so I wouldn't give up this profession which I raised in my worst moments. Well one of my dreams and my studies I want to accomplish is to study programming software, systems and equipment cleaning; This seems very important so that the technologies of the world go further, I don't know, but I like technology, but I also like the mechanics and be goalkeeper. But not me going to pay me go to devote to all what I want to, go to study what I like and go to follow being the good Archer that am until the time. Also I would like to take pride to my parents, get them to walk that it pass well and that is den all the taste of the world. now I just have a question, if you could return the time that time I would stop and that would change?; I just think that if that could be I would like to return it until the day that I started with my disobedience, with my irresponsibility to be able to recover the lost time thus move forward as it should do and to achieve my aims and goals that I get, so that my parents again to trust in my as before. I wish that all people I remembered for being a good guy, a good person, a man dedicated to his work and his family, that I demonstrate my talents you know always e been someone dedicated to my Studio to my work to what I like to do, that I always remember by helping others to do my work well done; be a self-starter in what I do.

Another one of my dreams is that after all my study, after having a stable and all those things work out; to get a woman with which be happy, have fun, make it happy, go for a walk, with whom smile, and if fate has it ready form a family. If God wants and leaves me to be this girl I love the excellent step, with which, would give my life for her, with her I've passed it very well I have made it very happy think according to my point of view.

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story of my life