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TENS UNIT ELECTRODES TENS_Unit_Electrodes TENS Unit Electrodes -Where to apply the Tens Pads A TENS unit works by sending out electrical impulses via electrodes that happen to be attached the patient’s body. We feature many different forms of TENS unit electrodes to use with your TENS unit. Single-application TENS unit electrodes are convenient disposable options, but we also carry economical, reusable electrodes that may support repeated applications via a period of several days. Some T.E,N.S unit electrodes, such as our BioStim PigTail Electrodes (pictured above), can last up to a couple of weeks if not more.

Our TENS unit electrodes are available in various sizes, from large electrodes created for placement at the back, to smaller ones that are more suitable for harder-to-reach areas. We also carry special lotions and preparations to protect your skin layer , increase electrode adhesion, and encourage conductivity. Brought to your account by TENS Unit Reviews tens unit


carry special lotions and preparations  to protect   your skin layer , increase electrode adhesion, and

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