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¡Jóvenes Adelante!A.C.


Volume 2, Issue 2 April, 2012

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Welcome To Our New Board Members Jóvenes Adelante extends a warm welcome to our new Board members voted into office in February of 2012. With the March board meeting our new Fundraising VP was also designated. The new board members are already hard at work addressing policy, business and member needs for the organization. Treasurer SUSI BEERE Susi is a three-time editor of Atención (San Miguel’s Englishlanguage weekly) and current member of the Biblioteca Publica's Board of Directors, the second largest bilingual library in Mexico. She has been an active participant in San Miguel charitable and educational projects since 1971. Susi has been a previous board member but is newly elected to this position. Vice President (Administration) ENAID SAVAGE Enaid was previously President of her corporate consulting firm with a clientele of Fortune 100 companies. Her corporate management experience has included marketing, public/ governmental relations and line operations. Her volunteer services have included seats on numerous boards of non-profit organizations serving industry, community and the arts and worked with the Jóvenes group in Guanajuato at its inception. She has a passion for the education and development of young people and international travel. Vice President (Marketing) CARMEN SALMERÓN Carmen Salmeron is a Mexican national, who grew up in Illinois, thus completely bilingual and bi-cultural. She has long and deep family ties rooted in San Miguel de Allende, that go back for a number of generations. She has a teaching certification in Mexico and has been an ESL teacher since 1976, a Spanish teacher since 1992, and she also does legal translation. In her spare time she enjoys watching movies. Vice President (Fundraising) ANNABEL QUIROGA

Treasurer: Susi Beere

VP Administration: Enaid Savage

New Office Space


1st Walk-a-thon


Virginia Wheelwright Memorial Fund


JA Branching Out


Scholarship Applications


Future Now!


IMPORTANT DATES - April 3 and 11 - Interviews with students by the staff/volunteers of Jóvenes Adelante.

VP Marketing: Carmen Salmerón

VP Fundraising: Annabel Quiroga

- May 1 to 30 - Home visits to students by the staff/volunteers of Jóvenes Adelante. - July - Final approval of new students (unless Jóveves Adelante has not received all the final averages, proof of admission or registration.) Notification and meetings with selected students to sign contracts. - August 5 - First beca distribution

VP JA Guanajuato: Silvia Salas

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New Board Members (continued) Annabel is from London in the UK. She recently completed her MA in Educational Planning, Economics and International Development. Her latest volunteering experience was in Rajasthan, India on a program run by VSO and the British Council. When living in Buenos Aires she volunteered at a Saturday homework club in one of the city’s largest inner city slums. She values the importance of critical self-reflection as necessary in any development work. She is currently serving as a program coordinator at the F.I.N.O. Foundation. Vice President (Guanajuato Group) SILVIA SALAS Maria Silvia Salas Carreón, was born raised and studied in Zacatecas, Zac. She received her Bachelor degree in business administration then was subsequently employed as a social worker in Morelia, Michoacan. She later embarked on a 27-year long career with the Mexican Institute of Social Security. She is now retired, and lives in Guanajuato. Silvia likes to read, travel, enjoy life and help others to succeed in their goals. With this new board, we are looking forward to harnessing strong negotiation, policy development and relationship building expertise to help JA with all of its program initiatives. They will also help JA to build strong networks and connections to other NGOs. We have a lot of work for non-board members as well and we need all hands on deck to complete the volunteer work that is needed. Please let me know if you have time and skills that you want to put to good use for Jóvenes Adelante. JA looks forward to working with you the near future.

Move to Our Temporary Office Thanks to board member Kimberly Fairbanks, we are excited to announce that our team has moved to a new temporary office at Mesones #38. Our office phone number, 415-117-3006, will remain the same. We spent the previous three years in the Biblioteca Pública just a few blocks away from our new location -- our old office served us well, but the Biblioteca Pública now has other plans for the office space that we occupied. The new office is actually a small temporary space, which we will have rent-free for two months while we look for a permanent home. So yes there are plans to move the office again in May. We need your help in finding a permanent rent-free home for JA. Please call our office if you have any suggestions. A BIG thanks to Anahi and Paty who spent a couple of hours packing up the old office and arranging the new office to bring some character to it.

¡Adelante! 1st ANNUAL JA WALKATHON Walking for Bright Futures

The JA board made a decision last year to focus our fundraising energies on only two major events per year. One of these events will be the first annual JA Walkathon. The walkathon committee will be headed by Annabel Quiroga VP of Fundraising and Fred York (Advisor). They are currently gathering forces for planning and execution of the fundraiser with expectations for this first year, to raise funds for our scholarship programs, to connect students and donors, and to provide much needed visibility for the work that JA is doing with local students. The Walkathon will start with a 1.5 or 3 km noncompetitive walk/run along a designated route, followed by a barbecue, beverages and activities, provided by our sponsors. Please support this charitable event by volunteering to organize, by attending, by making a gift or collecting pledges. If you are not able to join us this year, but wish to make a donation, your contribution is welcome and very much appreciated. Tax receipts are issued upon request. WE ARE LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS for everything from T-shirt designers to route mappers, from registration hosts, to photographers! If you are interested in attending the planning meeting on Sunday 15 April at 3:00pm, just: email Annabel Quiroga for confirmation of the meeting location at: Or call her at: 415-124-5066.

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THE VIRGINIA WHEELWRIGHT MEMORIAL FUND The Virginia Wheelwright Memorial fund was established to commemorate the life and work of our dear founder. The first donations to the fund were collected at her Memorial service in December of 2011, and since then we have been getting some additional support from a variety of sources to which we give our most heartfelt thanks. The following contributors continue to honor our friend Virginia: - Farley Wheelwright (widower) Has been tireless in his efforts to increase the level of the fund to cover a complete scholarship - Delia Kafka (daughter) Collecting donations from US supporters - John Kafka (son) Starting a face book page to expand donation opportunities - Betse Davies & Marge Zap (fellow founders) Collecting donations from various sources - Lee Carter (owner of Colors in San Miguel) Selling jewelry and textiles from Virginia’s estate - Judy Holden (volunteer) organizing the April Estate sale of “Virginia’s Creativity”.

100% of your generous contribution will go to helping a deserving student achieve a university degree. Thank you again for displaying the same generosity of spirit that made Virginia such a special person.

Virginia Wheelwright's Creativity. As a founder of Jóvenes Adelante, Virginia contributed in so many creative ways to the growth and development of our exciting organization. Now even in her passing, she continues to encourage us. We will be selling all of her crafts, craft supplies, and craft tools that she collected from all over the world. Please come to the PRIVATE PRE-SALE and choose something in her memory. Saturday, April 14th from 11am – 2pm Chello's Apartment #23 (corner of Ancha San Antonio & Stirling Dickenson). If you can't make it on Saturday, the sale to the public will be the next day, Sunday April 15th, same place, same time. Of course, all money will go to Jóvenes Adelante so please come and bring your friends.

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To facilitate the accomplishment of its regular mission in areas outside of San Miguel de Allende, J贸venes Adelante Executive Committee has begun discussions to establish a charter for JA Branches. The charter will ensure that all JA branches, outside of San Miguel de Allende, can be legally affiliated with the JA San Miguel in the spirit of our mission statement. It will also establish guidelines for the formation, operation, monitoring, review and dissolution of additional branches. The term "branch" applies to any alternative JA group formed under the J贸venes Adelante Associaci贸n Civil. JA Guanajuato story began in 2009 when a General Interest Meeting was called by Amanda Ruiz (former president of JA SMA). The response was positive and while Guanajuato exceed their goal and recruited 7 students in their first year, they modified the goal to 3-5 students for subsequent years. The current positions in JA Guanajuato are held by the following volunteers: - Co presidents: Anna Adams and Silvia Salas - Secretary: Martha Lengling and volunteers - Treasurer: Linn Murphy - Finance: Linn Murphy, Marilyn Stowell, Ken MacDonald - Sponsor relations: Jan McClellan - Publicity: Heather Rogers and Peggy Ball - Scholarships: Anna Adams, Eduardo Rodriguez, Silvia Salas, Nina Johnson - Student relations: Anna Adams, tutors and general membership - Fundraising: Silvia Salas and general membership - English tutoring: Nina Johnson - Computers: Jeff Tashman and David Pearson - Beca Programs: Silvia Salas, Anna Adams and general membership.

隆Adelante! PROCESSING 2012 STUDENT APPLICATIONS Public workshops are held in February to explain JA's application process and distribute forms and information to new applicants. The application deadline for scholarships is midFebruary for funding in the following school year. This year we received 170 applications: Total from prepa: 50 Total from University: 99 Total not in school: 21 Total Men: 53 Total Women: 117 The applicant review is a monumental process which involves a special pool of volunteers. JA Student Programs staff and Board members also participate in the review of applications, conduct the student interviews, and make home visits; then Student Programs presents evaluations to the President for review and final selection. In the meantime, the Fundraising volunteers begin efforts to assure that we have available funding for the maximum number of students. They must also offer their fiscal, management, and cultural expertise to the scholarship award process. The Administrative volunteers must carefully track the movement of donations, and pledges for public accountability. The successful applicants receive notification by email of the funding decision in August. Once they are accepted into their chosen university, the applicant signs a contract for the duration of their education period, and must keep JA apprised of their progress through our mentor/student reporting process. New scholarship recipients are required to attend the quarterly life skills workshop on how to file reimbursement requests.


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FUTURE NOW! MOVING TOWARD 2016—Continuity Planning Stephanie Hough, President In thinking about where we want JA to be in the year 2016, it’s imperative that we also think about how to get there. In 2011 the JA Executive Committee began a learning process which focused on helping us make decisions about the future of the organization based on that learning. The road that we travelled was not a smooth one, but it did advance us to where we are today and we are carefully continuing on this very necessary path to assure the continuity of Jóvenes Adelante. Establishing Continuity is necessary in order to: · Give us better control over external forces · Help us with decision making and resource allocation · Bring everyone together in the organization so that they are on the same wavelength · Raise board members’ awareness of current issues and operations · Reawaken and motivate key people within the JA · Create a document suitable for fundraising and public relations · Increase morale within JA and develop a sense of trust and cohesion · Set the stage for JA to make a "quantum leap" to a new level of program development · Relate organizational capacity to community need. The Executive Committee is hard at work setting policies so that funders can decide whether and how to support us. We are also planning our benchmarks for determining whether our initiatives are successfully reaching their goals. Continuity planning is a very rigorous exercise, but we will¡Jóvenes keep youAdelante!A.C. updated on our progress, and hope that you will add your voice about initiatives that you would like to participate in. ¡Adelante!


Mesones #38 San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato, C.P. 37700

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