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Lompoc & santa ynez valley OCTOBER 2019


The Cypress Gallery - LVAA 119 E Cypress Ave, Lompoc p. 805-737-1129

Fostering a lifelong fascinaon with nature

PO Box 953, Los Olivos p. 805-886-2047

Elverhøj Museum of History & Art

Standing Sun Winery

Gallery Los Olivos

Sugarless Treats, non-fattening jewelry and glass

1624 Elverhoy Way, Solvang p. 805-686-1211

2920 Grand Ave, Los Olivos p. 805-688-7517

92 2nd St - Unit D, Buellton p. 805-904-8072

Joellen Chrones p. 805-588-2261

Lompoc Mural Society

Terramonary Porcelain Dinnerware

PO Box 2813, Lompoc p. 805-733-4282

466 Bell St., Los Alamos p. 805-453-5075

Lompoc Theater Project

Wildling Museum of Art & Nature

p. 805-380-6777

1511-B Mission Dr, Solvang p. 805-688-1082

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We are proud to count non-profit organizations and businesses as community partner members. Together, we advocate for each other, local artists, and collaborate on projects to create an enriching environment for the Arts Community within Lompoc and the Santa Ynez Valley.

to Lynn Hanson, and Third Place went to Nancy Yaki. Support for Celebrating the National Lands of California provided by the Wood-Claeyssens Foundation, Tierra Alta Vineyards, and Donors to the Patti Jacquemain Exhibition Fund.

Nancy Yaki

Join the Wildling for an Origami Peace and Harmony Garland Class led by artist and educator Cydney Miller on Saturday, August 24, 2019 from 1 – 3 p.m. Learn how to make a colorful garland of origami cranes and butterflies with decorative beads and crystal accents. Everything needed for this project – including origami paper, tassels, embroidery floss, scissors, and needles – will be provided in class! Admission is $45 per person + $10 materials fee to be paid to the instructor in class. Ages 12 (with supervision) to adult. Register online at origami-peace-and-harmony-garland-class or call (805) 686-8315. Lompoc Chalk Festival Lompoc Mural Society Lompoc Civic Theater

Celebrating the National Lands of California Wildling Museum of Art & Nature

Courtesy Cydney Miller

Elverhøj Museum of History & Art

Fostering a lifelong fascination with nature NaturaTrack

October Featured Artists Lompoc Valley Art Association



A Walk Through the Gallery October Featured Artists November Featured Artist Sugarless Treats, non-fattening jewelry & glass Story Behind the Art Cypress Gallery Lompoc Theater Project Lompoc Chalk Lompoc Mural Society

Elverhøj Museum of History & Art Wildling Museum of Art & Nature LOS OLIVOS Gallery Los Olivos NatureTrack

All Artwork and Photos shown remain the sole property of the artist. No reproductions are permitted without express permission from the Lompoc Valley Art Association and/or the artist.


Suzanne Schenck, Life is a Spin, Photography. Suzanne is a member of the Lompoc Valley Art Association.

Lompoc Valley Art Association 119 E. Cypress Ave Lompoc, CA 93436 805.737.1129

The Lompoc Valley Art Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, supporting the arts within the Lompoc & Santa Ynez Valley through affordable opportunities for artists to show and sell artwork, collaborations with non-profits and businesses on programs and events, investment in higher education for high school art students through scholarships, and a variety of outreach avenues, such as this digital arts magazine, that bring greater awareness to the cultural heart beat of the area.


119 E. Cypress Ave, Lompoc • Open Tue–Sun, 12-4PM

A WALK THROUGH THE CYPRESS • BY ELIZABETH MONKS HACK October is the month wherein we dip into another world, of change and fantasy. The air turns crisp, nights are suddenly cold and clear, foliage flies through the sky on a brisk wind, pumpkins grin and witches take wing. In “Playing with Weaving, Playing with Light,” a show at the Cypress Gallery by natural materials artists Kathy Badrak and Karen Osland, one will experience the magic that is October. The front gallery has been transformed into an enchanted sylvan world, where sprites and fairies might flit among carved gourds lit from within, hide in hanging lanterns and woven branches bedecked with whimsical components. Both artists find inspiration in their beloved “found treasures” of nature – shells, stones, sticks, needles, branches – and use them as the starting point for works of art. Kathy Badrak is a glass artist who discovered the beauty and flexibility of gourd art. The cast shadows created by the addition of light are integral to her pieces. An aesthetic constant in her work is the juxtaposition of shiny, metallic elements with the neutral, soft texture of natural objects. In many of her pieces, metallic paint, threads, glass and ceramic glazes make an exciting appearance next to jute, untreated gourd surfaces, and twigs. Karen Osland is a creative basket weaver and experienced naturalist who has a working relationship Kathy Badrak, Elderberry and Gourd Weaving with the world from which she culls her materials. Ethnobotany is her primary interest. She uses her knowledge of native California plants and basketry to foster connections to our environment. Osland has led interpretive hikes and taught classes in her field for decades, making exquisite artworks from local materials in the process. In an intriguing piece “Palm Inflorescence” she has woven the dried, flowering branches of a palm into itself; creating a little human intervention and art. Oranges and blues and blacks on the main gallery walls set the season’s mood, with plenty of pumpkinthemed artwork too. “Dia Karen Osland, Palm Inflorescence de los Muertos” by Gil Andersen is a four-tiled ceramic piece on which Day of the Dead figures – skeletons, demons and humans – celebrate the holiday with abandon.

Gil Andersen, Dea de los Muretos

Debby Fuller’s photograph “Alley” is a crisp, almost searing study of the complementary colors blue and orange, depicting a timeworn shed’s peeling paint. Art can be serious; art can be fun! Trish Campbell is an artist who continually demonstrates this. In her painting “Contemplation” a horse stands in a circle of light surrounded by lush and shadowy nature, while her dog “Love” is an outlandish convex fellow, whose nose wants to pop out of the picture plane. Penny Lee portrays her personality-plus dogs as curious travelers in various locale; in one acrylic, “Bruno/Bloodhound” manfully brays before a eucalyptus grove. Lee Hill’s “Chilling,” depicting a stately, lovable bear surveying his domain, won the People’s Choice Award last month. It’s another testament to an artist’s desire to depict whimsy as well as beauty. Don’t miss a second chance to see this fine painting. Don’t miss this month’s show! Our gift items include an abundance of Joellen Chrones’ “Sugarless Treats” glass works and stitchery by Terry Taylor. Karen Osland has wonderful basket “starts” for sale. Debby Fuller, Alley

Penny Lee, Bruno-Bloodhound

Trish Campbell, Contemplation

The Cypress Gallery is located at 119 East Cypress Avenue, Lompoc. We are operated by the members of the Lompoc Valley Art Association, a 501c(3) non-profit organization, committed to expanding and supporting access and exposure to the arts in the Lompoc and Santa Ynez Valley. Contact us:, on Facebook/Cypress Gallery. Phone (805) 737-1129.



In their show, Gourd Artist, Kathy Badrak and Basket Weaver, Karen Osland explore the different outcomes of weaving on wood, weaving on stone, and shadow casting with Gourd lamps. “I love the earthy and natural appeal of gourds and often leave much of the beautiful gourd surface showing in my work. Gourd Art also allows me to continue working with the wonderful fibers and weaving materials I use in my baskets. They allow me to add interesting textures to my work. My style continues to evolve as I learn and experiment with new techniques and materials.“ - Kathy Badrak Karen Osland is experienced naturalist whose main interest is ethnobotany. Karen uses the plants and the creation of a basket to foster connections to our environment.


Artist’s reception on Sunday, November 3 from2:00 to 4:00p.m. Refreshments will be served. Please come by and check out the show. The Cypress Gallery is at 119 East Cypress Avenue, Lompoc, across from the Museum. Gallery hours are Tue. through Sun • 12-5 pm

Ann Thompson, Yes, You're Annoying Me

Ann Thompson, Jalama RED

Everyday Inspiration! OCTOBER 29 – NOVEMBER 24, 2019 Ann is a farmer's daughter, raised in a rural western Iowa community with nine siblings. At age three Ann completed her first mural on her folk's living-room wall in crayon. Murals have been in her blood ever since! Ann's mural commissions are enjoyed in several locations in Iowa, Alaska, Washington and in California. Ann has proudly called Lompoc home for the last two decades, but for more than 40 years Ann only pursued her passion on a parttime basis, painting after hours and on weekends while working full-time. She most often paints in acrylics, but is also practiced in watercolors, pastels, oils and airbrushing. She has painted on almost every Ann Thompson, Afternoon Shadows surface you could imagine. Ann's diversity comes partly from loving a good challenge and from methods learned and seeking out various new ones. In 2014 shortly following retirement, Ann leaped at the opportunity to paint full time. She immediately took to the position of "Curator for the Lompoc Mural Society." She loves working outside in the fresh air and meeting new people while restoring the city's murals. "It’s my dream job and I'm helping to improve the community look," she says! Although the murals tend to keep her busiest, occasionally she is commissioned to paint on canvas or something else. Ann finds her passion in everything from a white billowy clouds to a gnarled oak root and nothing is too tuff to tackle. "Everyday Inspiration” is a collection of moments that I hope conveys peace, joy, silliness, love, beauty, preciousness, …etc. I love to paint, and I hope that you delight in what inspires me, when I express myself on canvas."

Sugarless Treats,

non-fattening jewelry and glass By Joellen Chrones


Items by Joellen available at the Wilding Museum in Solvang and Cypress Gallery, 119 E. Cypress, Lompoc, Open every day except Monday’s from 12 to 5pm Any questions I can be contacted at 805-588-2261


Here are a few selections of artwork for show and sale currently at the Cypress Gallery.

Kathy Badrak, Elderberry and Gourd Weaving $65

Kathy Badrak, Gourd Table Lamp $75

Karen Osland, Palm Inflorescence $95

Kathy Badrak, Gourd Table Lamp $75

Kathy Badrak, Weaving on Stone $35

Kathy Badrak, Gourd and Stick Weaving $65

Kathy Badrak, Small Gourd Light $20

Kathy Badrak, Gourds Various prices

Kathy Badrak, Small Gourd Light $20

Linda Gooch, Perched on a Pumpkin, Pastel and Colored Pencil $250

Debby Fuller, Alley, Photography $65

Gil Anderson, Dio de los Muertos, Handmade Tile $120

Trish Campbell, Love, Giclee $210

Vicki Andersen, White Fence with Red and Purple $650

Rosalea Greenwood, Watercolor $40

Suzanne Schenck, Life is a Spin, Photography $125

Dee Sudbury, Iris, Acrylic $185

Penny Lee, Angel/Terrior Clouds, Acrylic $200

Julia Nash, Moonlight, Oil $300

Lee Hill, Old Timer, Acrylic $125

Tom Chrones, Vineyard Truck, Photography $85

Trish Campbell, Contemplation, Acrylic $231

Claudette Carlton, Out to Pasture, Watercolor $200

Tom Heslop, Favorite Vineyard, Watercolor on Canvas $95

Rosalea Greenwood, Vintage Wine, Watercolor $150

Neil Anderson, California Countryside, Oil $400

Liz Alvarez, Cachuma Lake in April, Acrylic $400

Chris Jeszeck, Crowned Cranes, Fluid Acrylics/Oil $175

Angie Hamlin, Into the Blue, Acrylic $125

Linda Gooch, Watching Sunset, Lt. Edition Giclee $80

Diane Atturio, Nature Gifts, Watercolor $350

JT Turner, Xanadu, Acrylic $450

Trish Campbell, Frog, Acrylic $68

Trish Campbell, Sparkly Life, Acrylic $105

Elizabeth Monks Hack, Making Cement, Oil $650


“Nature’s Gifts” by artist Diane Atturio is a bold and beautiful painting. It’s dominant tone is black, painted with the soft nuances of watercolor. It surrounds the large black pot at its center. This pot, Diane tells us, was given to her parents as a wedding present in 1936. It was made by the famous potter Maria Martinez, from the pueblo of San Ildelfonso, near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Maria formed and burnished this pot, called blackware, using a unique, multi-step process that gives her pieces their unique black gleam. Her husband Julian decorated it. Diane says she has always been obsessed by this piece and has used it in many of her still life paintings. The small pots in the painting were made by Diane herself. She learned how to make pottery from Maria Martinez’s student, Blue Corn. The pottery is displayed in a prominent place in Diane’s home where their beauty, history and essence can be enjoyed each day. NOTE: Similar Maria Martinez pots were appraised on the Antiques Roadshow. Check it out! maria-martinez-pots-ca-1930--200401A42/

As the first show of the 2019-2020 Season, Lompoc Civic Theatre is excited to announce their annual Dinner Theatre Production, which opens September 28, and will be performed in the newly-renovated Ellery Room, at the Mission Country Club. This year's delectable offering will be "The Kitchen Witches" by Caroline Smith, a deliciously funny and entertaining comedy. The show stars two popular LCT veteran actresses, Anne Ramsey and Chris Jeszeck, as old friends and current TV cooking show rival hosts, whose history and futures collide in an hysterically unpredictable, magical fashion! Also starring Charlie Frank and Alisha Nakashima. Performances will be peppered throughout September, October and November. Dinner Theatre performances sell out quickly, so please be sure to reserve your tickets soon!! For more information please call 805-735-ACT1 (805-735-2281). Further Performance dates are: 10/5, 10/19, 11/2, 11/9 - With a special Lompoc Library Benefit 11/15 - and Lompoc Theatre Project Benefit 11/16

In Lompoc, October is so full of art that it was recently renamed, “Artober”. Artober is coming… and it’s going to be huge! Lompoc will be hosting many art themed events in Artober, but at the heart of it all is the annual Lompoc Chalks Festival, where artists of every age and walk of life will unleash their imaginations on The City of Arts & Flowers. Lompoc Chalks Festival is the brainchild of locals Don Fletcher and Barbara Satterfield, who were inspired by Santa Barbara’s iMadonnari Festival and Orcutt’s very popular Chalks event. “It’s part of the art movement,” says Fletcher, “It’s great for kids, a mind expander.” “People are excited to come to this event again this year,” shared Satterfield, the event’s organizer, “This event includes Mural Tours, Lompoc Theatre Tours, hay rides, Entertainment, Music, Beer & Wine, Food Trucks, artisan vendors and non-profits, even art lessons. Last year we estimated over 2000 people came to see the drawings and enjoy the food and music. This year we are expecting even more!” The event will help raise money for the Lompoc Theatre Project, the 92-yearold theatre at the heart of the city of downtown Lompoc. The goal is to revive it as a performing cultural arts and education center. As one board member puts it, “It will be the home of the arts in Lompoc. Movies, theatre, music concerts, dance shows – any live performance you can think of will be seen in our theatre.” Growing up in Lompoc, Fletcher and Satterfield have known each other since their student 4-H days. Satterfield says, “This is a real focus on the vibrant arts Community. Professional artists and people who want to try their hand at art will put their attempts in front of our community. This will continue to focus attention on art in the Lompoc Valley and raise money for the Theatre restoration.” Organizer Satterfield continues, “There is room for everyone. There is still time to sign up as a sponsor, vendor or artist. There is a separate children’s section where they can do chalk art. We want everyone to come to this awesome event.” She mentioned that the Lompoc City staff has been very supportive because they have been focused for many years on revitalizing the historic downtown area that includes buildings that date back to the 1880’s. Sponsorship can take on the form of many things; businesses or organizations can sponsor an artist, individuals can support and sponsor as a group – “The family of” or “in memory of.” There are many opportunities to get involved in a myriad of ways. The Lompoc Chalks Festival will be held on Friday, October 11, through Sunday, October 13, 2019. The freshly paved parking lots will be the canvas at the corner of Cypress and I Streets. To become a sponsor, volunteer, be an artist or vendor, or to receive more information, please contact us at: (805) 380-6777 • 740 North H Street, #238, Lompoc, CA 93436 or


Through the use of Art, The Mural Society builds bridges across barriers between ethnic and cultural groups while building pride in the community. The Lompoc Mural Society is a non-profit, all volunteer organization. Membership is open to the general public and all types of volunteers are always needed.

The Lompoc Mural Society’s mission is: To help revitalize historic old town and the valley’s economy by employing cultural tourism to bring visitors to the city to spend their time and money. To build pride in our community and to use art as a tool to help build bridges across barriers between ethnic and cultural groups. To help preserve and communicate the valley’s historical roots so that the area children will have some sense of who they are, where they came from and a sense of community. There are currently over forty murals located primarily in Old Town Lompoc. Maps of the murals are available at Lompoc Chamber of Commerce (111 South I St) and the Cypress Gallery (119 E. Cypress Ave .) and on our website www.lompocmurals. com for info call (805) 588-3459 Find us on Facebook





Museum Hours Wed. – Sun. 11 am to 4 pm



1624 Elverhoy Way in Solvang, CA

George Rose Approaching Storm & Lone Oak, Camp 4 , Armour Ranch Road

On Saturday, November 16, 2019, 3 - 5 p.m., join the Wildling for an opening reception celebrabting our new exhibition in the Valley Oak Gallery, Santa Barbara County and Beyond: Recent Photographic Landscapes by George Rose. Rose’s more than 45-year photography career has led him through the elite world of popular music, film, news, politics, sports, and eventually brought him to California’s Wine Country. During his prolific years as a Los Angelesbased photojournalist, Rose developed a historic body of work focused on popular culture, and also served as staff photographer at the Los Angeles Times and the National Football League (NFL). His photos have been widely published and in August 2019, Rose released his new book, WINE COUNTRY Santa Barbara County. Rose is a contributing photographer with Getty Images and lives in Santa Barbara County’s Santa Ynez Valley. RSVP by emailing or call (805) 686-8315.

The Wildling’s ninth annual Holiday Marketplace is just around the corner! Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 1, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. and enjoy one-of-akind shopping featuring talented local artisans and unique gifts that celebrate wildlife, nature, and the outdoors - including “Frog Frenz” by quilter Julie Mock! Plus, browse limited edition prints and books by select artists on view in current exhibition, Celebrating the National Lands of California. Sip cider, enjoy holiday treats, surprise activities, and more! All sales help support the Wildling Museum.

“Frog Frenz” by Julie Mock


2920 Grand Ave, Los Olivos • 805-688-7517 • Open daily • 10-5 pm

“Luminous Landscapes” Terri Taber and Carol Talley The Month of October

Carrie Givens, Gateway to Refugio Canyon

Ellen Yeomans, Morning in Spring

ARTIST RECEPTION for Artists Terri Taber and Carol Talley October 19, 1 - 4 pm Morgan Green, Up at Dawn

Artists Terri Taber and Carol Talley will be showing their pastel and oil paintings, "LUMINOUS LANDSCAPES" at Gallery Los Olivos October 1- 31st. Gallery Los Olivos 2920 Grand Ave Los Olivos 805 688-7517 The Gallery is open daily 10 am - 5 pm. Carol and terri have been painting together for almost 20 years but their artwork has taken them on different journeys. Terri works exclusively in pastels and her paintings represent the central coast landscape with a clear yet contemplative spirit. Carol ’s paintings also represent the landscape, however they lean towards the abstract.

JURYING AT GALLERY LOS OLIVOS If you have not visited the gallery in the last year or so, we invite you to come see the new remodeled look and the growing variety of quality art that we now exhibit. Our goal is to continually improve our gallery by inviting exceptional artists to apply for membership. The next jurying for membership is Saturday, November 16. This jurying is for wall art – both contemporary and traditional styles. A confirmed reservation is required, and we encourage interested artists to get in touch soon since we’ll be finalizing the applicant list in mid-October. For information and to apply, go to

Fostering a lifelong fascinaon with nature

At NatureTrack, a 501c3 nonprofit, our mission is to instill students with the leadership skills, attitudes, and habits for lifelong learning and inspire them to be respectful stewards of our natural world. The NatureTrack Film Festival is a companion event which expands upon our core mission by "igniting passion for nature through film" at all age levels. The NatureTrack Film Festival invites filmmakers from around the world to share their adventures, stories, and documentaries with an appreciative audience. Located in Los Olivos, in the heart of Santa Barbara county (birthplace of Earth Day) we invite you to discover a Film Festival that supports the next generation of empowered nature lovers. Learn more at

Detail: Julia Nash, Moonlight

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Lompoc & SYV Arts - October 2019  

Discover arts and culture in Lompoc and the Santa Ynez Valley, California.

Lompoc & SYV Arts - October 2019  

Discover arts and culture in Lompoc and the Santa Ynez Valley, California.