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Lompoc & santa ynez valley AUGUST 2018

The Santa Ynez Valley isn't just a sleepy town with rolling hills of grape vines and a quaint Danish town known for smorgasbord anymore. On the far west end, in the gateway to the valley, lies Standing Sun LIVE - a Singer/ songwriter music venue, set in an industrial winery, where locals and tourists alike come to enjoy bands from Seattle to Los Angeles, from Austin to Nashville - and everything in-between. So, stop on by one night, grab glass of Syrah, check out the local food truck options, take a walk through The Gallery, and then take a seat and tap your toes to some great artists in a unique intimate setting.

The Cypress Gallery - LVAA 119 E Cypress Ave, Lompoc p. 805-737-1129

Lompoc Mural Society PO Box 2813 p. 805-733-4282

Terramonary Porcelain Dinnerware 466 Bell St., Los Alamos p. 805-453-5075

Pavlov Art Gallery

1608 Copenhagen Dr, Ste C, Solvang p. 805-686-1080

Standing Sun Winery

92 2nd St - Unit D, Buellton p. 805-904-8072

Wildling Museum of Art & Nature 1511-B Mission Dr, Solvang p. 805-688-1082

Honey Paper

2933 Grand Avenue, Los Olivos p. 805-325-9320


We are proud to count non-profit organizations and businesses as community partner members. Together, we advocate for each other, local artists, and collaborate on projects to create an enriching environment for the Arts Community within Lompoc and the Santa Ynez Valley.

Spotlight: 2nd Saturday ArtistBeth Badrak Featured Article

Welcome New Organization Member Lompoc Mural Society

Standing Sun Gallery, adjacent to the Winery Standing Sun Winery

Nature Imagined Exhibit Wildling Museum of Art & Nature

Welcome New Business Member Terramonary Porcelain Dinnerware

Tonya Schultz: Featured Artist at Cypress Gallery Lompoc Valley Art Association

Standing Sun Concerts Artist Biography: Claudette Carlton LOMPOC Mural in a Weekend Art Hunt Cypress Gallery

LOS OLIVOS 2nd Saturday Artisans Spotlight: 2nd Saturday Artist Honey Paper Gallery Los Olivos Los Olivos Day in the Country Summer Supper Concerts NatureTrack Film Festival SOLVANG Pavlov Art Gallery Wildling Museum of Art & Nature Queen of Arts call to artists

All Artwork and Photos shown remain the sole property of the artist. No reproductions are permitted without express permission from the Lompoc Valley Art Association and/or the artist.


Tonya Romano Schultz, is the featured artist in the Cypress Gallery for the month of August. Her work will be on exhibit until August 26 in a show titled "JOY". She brings a sense of abstract dimension and rich color to her work. Most of her paintings are of an organic nature, with fullness and a sense of joy and love of life. She describes her work as impressionist and abstract.

Lompoc Valley Art Association 119 E. Cypress Ave Lompoc, CA 93436 805.737.1129

The Lompoc Valley Art Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, supporting the arts within the Santa Ynez Valley through affordable opportunities for artists to show and sell artwork, collaborations with non-profits and businesses on programs and events, investment in higher education for high school art students through scholarships, and a variety of outreach avenues, such as this digital arts magazine, that bring greater awareness to the cultural heart beat of the area.

Artists in the Lompoc & Santa Ynez Valley area who are interested in submitting a biography for publication consideration should contact Kathy Badrak:

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY Claudette Carlton

I was 30 years old, the year was….hmmm, well, let’s just say a while ago. I had three children under the age of five and was busy. One day I had a moment, (it must’ve been nap time), and sat down at the kitchen table, looking at photos of a family member. A thought popped into my head, “I wonder if I can draw him?” So I tried. It was a pretty good likeness, even if it was on lined notebook paper using a Ticonderoga pencil. So I tried another one. And another. Wow! I couldn’t sleep that night for the excitement of my newly discovered talent. But, boy, did I have a lot to learn; I’d never had an art class. A friend recommended I take a life drawing class with her. She explained that they used real models, but assured me there would be no naked models! I said yes. The first day of class arrived, and armed with more supplies than I needed, I waited in the room along with a throng of other eager artists for the model to show up and the class to begin. Imagine my shock when a pony-tailed shirtless fellow in faded blue jeans threaded his way through the crowd of easels and hopped up on the dais right in front of me and dropped his pants. There was not a stitch left on that man! This mother of three and wife of some years blushed for sure, but, I stuck my ground - and concentrated on drawing his face! I took that class for a year, and the hardest drawing day ever, ironically, was when models came wearing clothes; it was much more of a challenge to shade all those soft folds of fabric! Fast forward 30 years. I had just retired from teaching junior high History and English for 21 years. When I was teaching, sometimes there would be a few minutes at the end of class, and students would vie with each other to pose for their portrait. I’d tell them to look for me some day on the wharf in Santa Barbara with my easel and floppy hat hawking myself as a portrait artist. (So far that hasn’t happened.) But retirement meant more free time and I decided that I wanted to learn to put some color to my drawings. I was blessed to find a watercolor class at Alan Hancock. That was exciting! Maybe this ol’ granny could learn to paint and follow in the footsteps of Grandma Moses! I’ve been painting and learning ever since.

Claudette Carlton, Black Shadow

A year or so ago I joined the Lompoc Valley Art Association. I figured that must be the next step; get my art hanging somewhere other than in my or my relatives’ homes. And that’s been another blessing, to be able to associate with talented artists and help make art known to our community. I always feel privileged to see my pictures on the wall of the Cypress Gallery. And occasionally one will sell! I’ve developed a little business as well, selling cards of my paintings with Bible scriptures for inspiration. I’m so

pleased that is going well; they’re now in three locations in Lompoc and two locations in Old Orcutt. It’s fun when someone buys a card of mine. They have so many choices, and they choose mine? Really? Cool! In closing, I want to encourage any of you reading this that it’s never too late to explore whether you have a talent, be it playing an instrument, singing, or art. Or, all three. But, especially, art. Claudette Carlton lives in Lompoc with her husband, Bob, also a retired teacher. They are both active in their church and teach Bible studies. They have 13 grandchildren and one great grandbaby. Before she became a classroom teacher, Claudette taught vocal music for the Goleta School District. She is currently a Co-Secretary for LVAA.

Claudette Carlton, Pennsylvania Barn

Claudette Carlton, Fruit and Flowers Claudette Carlton, Artesia School


A new mural will be added to the impressive collection of nearly 40 murals in Old Town Lompoc during the second "Mural In a Weekend" event slated for October 6 & 7, 2018. Painting for the mural is scheduled for both days, from 8am to 5pm, at the back east wall of 100 South H Street. Created by Master Artist Art Mortimer, the new mural entitled "Chautauqua " will depict the traveling shows that flourished in the US at the turn of the 19th century. Residents and visitors are invited to help paint the mural - for a few hours, all day, or both days. The mural dedication is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, Oct. 7 at 5pm. Sign up on line to paint the mural at: For questions call Vicki 805-588-3459

ART HUNT Oct 18, 19, and 20





Lompoc Valley Art Association will sponsor a community event October 18 through Oct 21, 2018. We invite the community to “find” pieces of art work that will be “hidden” throughout the downtown area of Lompoc. Participants can keep the art work that they find. Social media will be used to give people clues as to where the art pieces can be found. The event will consist of 3 days of finding the art. On Sunday, there will be a reception, open to all, at the Cypress Gallery, 119 E. Cypress. At the reception, people who found art pieces can meet the artists. This event is open everyone and to all ages. The event is free. The Lompoc Valley Arts Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, committed to expanding and supporting access and exposure to the arts in the Lompoc and Santa Ynez Valley. LVAA sponsors arts programs, events, communications, and other efforts that mutually benefit artists, businesses, residents and visitors to our Valley. To learn more about the arts in the Valley, like our Facebook page “Cypress Gallery”

Reception: Oct. 21

Contact: Kathy Badrak, kbadrak@comcast.ent, 805-736-3743



119 E. Cypress Ave, Lompoc • Open Tue–Sun, 12-4PM

"A WALK THROUGH THE CYPRESS" AUGUST 2018 • BY TERRY TAYLOR It's August! I hope you and your families have been enjoying all the fun activities at Old Town Market on Friday nights. Cypress Gallery joins in the fun by staying open until 7:00 p.m. on these days, so while you're shopping the farmers' market and enjoying the many food booths and live entertainment, plan to stop in, say hello and view the outstanding art. This weekend you can look forward to the 16th Annual Lompoc Police Car Show, starting with Cruise Night on the 10th (5:00 to 8:00 p.m.) and the show at Ryon Park on Saturday the 11th, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. July's People's Choice Award was given to Mikel Naccarato for his painting "Forest Night." Congratulations, Mikel. When you visit the Gallery, remember to vote for your favorite this month. August's featured artist is Tonya Romano Schultz, who has a loyal following of people who enjoy the bold colors in Tonya Romano Schultz, untitled her abstract paintings and textiles. The artist's statement for the show, entitled "Joy," defines art as "infinite possibilities and multiple directions of self-expression with joy and fun" and her artwork exemplifies these qualities again and again. My favorite pieces on display are "Street Art," a bold collage on a bright red background and a figurative piece (untitled) of a female painted in bold, warm colors on a multi-hued blue field.

Lee Hill, Morning S.D.

please many visitors.

The main gallery this month is showcasing some wonderful stuff. I like new member Emily Abello's hand-painted silk scarves so much I had to buy one. Fans of Angie Hamlin's bright coastal silhouettes will be excited to see "Kaanapali Sunset" and Linda Gooch's small mixed media floral piece called "Awesome Little Arrangement" will

The "Italian Stone Pines on South H" oil painting by Elizabeth Monks Hack made me feel like taking a shaded walk down the street. Lee Hill's cityscape reflecting in a body of water makes me curious about the title "Morning S.D." (San Diego? South Dakota?) and Alan Freeman's bright, whimsical acrylic painting "Miguelito Late Spring" tells me why is work is so highly regarded Cypress Gallery is an outstanding gift and souvenir shop as well as a fine art gallery. There is a great variety of small paintings and prints, jewelry, fiber arts, glass, greeting cards and more.. Cypress Gallery is operated by the members of the Lompoc Valley Art Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, committed to expanding and supporting access and exposure to the arts in the Lompoc and Santa Ynez Valley. LVAA sponsors arts programs, events, communications, and other efforts that mutually benefit artists, businesses, residents and visitors to our Valley. To learn more about the arts in the Valley, visit our website and like our Facebook page “Cypress Gallery." The gallery is located at 119 East Cypress Avenue, Lompoc. Hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12 noon to 5:00 p.m. 805-737-1129, . On Fridays, during Old Town Market months, the gallery remains open until 7:00 p.m.


Here are a few selections of artwork for show and sale currently at the Cypress Gallery. 119 East Cypress Ave, Lompoc Across from the Museum Gallery hours are Tue. through Sun, 12-5 pm

Mary Whittemore, Detective Stories, oil $100

Mikel Naccaroto, The Sentinel, acrylic $850

Vicki Andersen, Pink with Blue and Yellow, acrylic $450

VC deMille, Chaos, acrylic $75

Vicki Andersen, Summer Garden, acrylic $2,500


The Lompoc Valley Art Association’s Cypress Gallery will be featuring “JOY”, a featured artist show by Tonya Romano Schultz. The show be on exhibit from July 31 to August 26. Tonya’s love of many forms of art began before five years of age, and has continued through the years. Today, as a member of Lompoc Valley Art Association, she brings her joy of painting and love of color, to this exciting show. The present pieces capture both impressionist and abstract art. In describing her work, Tonya said, “Color fills my heart with joy and sharing my work with others is very special. May you fill each day with joy, Relish color and form, and bring beauty to yourself and those whose lives you touch.” Tonya is a California native and has lived in Lompoc since 1959. She taught school at Hapgood Elementary School and Counseled at Vandenberg and Lompoc Valley Middle Schools. She is currently a Marriage Family Therapist and has been in private practice since 1982. She has written a book “You Can Balance Your Life”. September Featured Artist: Kristine Kelly Aug. 28 - Sep. 23 Reception: Sat., Sept. 1 • 2-4PM Cypress Gallery

Mary Whittemore, Giraffe Selfie, oil $45

Tom Chrones, Venice Canal, photography $90

Julia Nash, Ocean in the Morning, oil $500

Joellen Chrones, glass various prices

Linda Gooch, Beach Treasures, lt edition giclee $70

Linda Gooch, The Boathouse, lt edition giclee $100

Dieane Reuter, Simple Pleasures, tile $24

Mikel Naccarato, Calm Day, acrylic $400

Bill Morson, Yosemite, dye infused metal print $150

Joellen Chrones, Heart 1, glass $75

Claudette Carlton, Sunsplash, watercolor $150

LOS OLIVOS Detail: Carol Simon A Country Ramble Gallery Los Olivos

This Saturday August 11


Noun: A person skilled in an applied art; a craftsperson. A person or company that makes a high-quality or distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods: (From Dictionary .com)

Fine Arts.

Noun: Creative arts, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content. (From Dictionary .com)


“The artist must be a craftsman, for without the knowledge of the material and the skill with the tools he cannot express his vision. Once there was no division between art and craft; in medieval society painters and sculptures as well as potters and weavers were members of craft guilds. A man was a painter, or a stone mason; his work, his way of life, was central to his identity and recognized as his means of centering and discovering himself.” From: A Way of Working, The Spiritual Dimension of Craft. D.M Dooling.

2nd Saturday Artisans.

A monthly art show and sale that features the work of local artists. All of the artists accepted for “2nd Saturday Artisans” have a unique point of view and are skilled at their craft. Original paintings, jewelry, wood-work, pottery, photography, and more will be for sale and on display. This is a great opportunity to come out, visit with the artists, and get to know their backstory. Booths will be located within the Los Olivos Community Organization Building (formerly the Grange).

Beth Badrak

AUGUST 2ND SATURDAY FEATURED ARTIST BETH BADRAK Each Month we feature one of our artisans and their creations.

On the 2nd Saturday of each month, from 12 noon to 5pm, local Artists both show and sell their unique art work. Original paintings, jewelry, wood-work, pottery, photography, and more will be for sale and on display. All the artists accepted for “2nd Saturday Artisans” have a unique point of view and are skilled at their craft. The show is located within the iconic Grange Hall, next to the park, in the center of Los Olivos. Come by and meet our artists! If you are an artist and want to participate – contact Kathy Badrak at for the application. Beth is the owner of “The Ranch Pantry”. She creates small batch, flavored salts, seasonings and sugars, in a permitted home kitchen in her home on Paradise Road. Her products are great for use in home cooking and baking.* Beth has lived in her home, on Paradise Road, for over twenty years. “I named my business “The Ranch Pantry” after a family member began jokingly calling my home “The Ranch” to distinguish it from another family members home in Miguelito Canyon, called “The Canyon.” I began making the citrus fennel salt and rosemary lavender salts as gifts for family and friends. In 2016 once the cottage food license law went into effect, I applied to become licensed to sell my salts and seasonings. I also make “Rustic Crackers, crisp sourdough crackers with my salts and seasonings. The sourdough I think is the extra special touch!

Besides making her salts, Beth also enjoys baking bread, cooking great dinners and hiking along the Santa Ynez River behind her home. You can buy Beth’s creations at 2nd Sat Artisans or order them from her web site: You can also email her at * Santa Barbara County, Type B, Cottage Food permit #PR0513653.




FEATURED ARTIST: CAROL SIMON 2920 Grand Ave, Los Olivos Open daily, 10-5 pm

DATE CHANGE: JURYING AT GALLERY LOS OLIVOS The next jurying for membership in Gallery Los Olivos is Tuesday, November 23. This jurying is for wall art – both contemporary and traditional styles; selected other media may be included. A confirmed reservation is required, and we encourage interested artists to get in touch soon since we’ll be finalizing the applicant list 4-6 weeks beforehand. For information, go to

From her Rose Cottage studio in Santa Barbara California, Carol creates her paintings using her own travel photos and plein air sketches as inspiration for her joyful compositions. Carol has studied with Marilyn Simandle, Ted Goershner and James Armstrong to who she owes a life-long debt of gratitude. Her works have been collected internationally and locally, including Cottage Hospital and many local businesses. She is a founding member of Gallery Los Olivos in the wine country of Los Olivos, CA where many of her works can be viewed. Carol has also been juried into shows at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum and Westmont College in Santa Barbara.

March 22–24, 2019 Los oLivos, caLifornia

NatureTrack FILM FESTIVAL Igniting Passion for Nature Through Film

March 22 – 24, 2019 Los Olivos, California

“A VERY well organized event! The staff were amazing and treated us like family. Everyone we met was so kind. We met lots of other great filmmakers and made some new friends. Such a beautiful area too! We are definitely looking forward to next year!” ~Chris Smead, Director “Rae Lakes”

Discover your new favorite film festival located in California’s beautiful Santa Ynez Valley! The quaint wine country town of Los Olivos, located at the gateway to the Los Padres National Forest, plays host to the NatureTrack Film Festival for the 2nd year. The NTFF offers an incomparable 3-day festival-going experience in a delightfully walkable town known for its welcoming culture, world-class tasting rooms, and scenic beauty. The NatureTrack Film Festival will excite, energize, and deepen your connection to the outdoors through the power of film, and its proximity to the natural beauty that awaits you just 30 minutes away from the American Riviera of Santa Barbara. In between films, pop into art galleries and unique artisan boutiques or nosh at a restaurant made famous in the film “Sideways.” You’ll have plenty of opportunities to chat with filmmakers from around the world at the NatureTrack Film Festival. Don’t miss what first-year audiences and filmmakers recently discovered, the NatureTrack Film Festival is the newest must-attend film festival dedicated to the wonderment of our precious natural world.

SOLVANG Image courtesy Solvang Conference & Visitors Bureau


1511 Mission Dr., Solvang Open 11am-5pm Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri. Open 10am-5pm Sat & Sun. Closed Tue.

Carrizo Plain: A National Treasure Photography Exhibit Through October 1 The Wildling Museum of Art and Nature is proud to present a pop-up art exhibit in the Barbara Goodall Education Center that features photographs of and information about the Carrizo Plain National Monument, an important preserve primarily located in San Luis Obispo and home to 13 different endangered species. The photographers, Bill Dewey and Jim Stoicheff, capture the beauty of this public land. The Carrizo Plain is the largest remaining grassland in California and contains important geographic features. The Caliente Mountain, southwest of the plain, stands as the highest point in San Luis Obispo County. Painted Rock contains Chumash and Yokut art from 2000 BCE, and is a culturally significant landmark to their people. The San Andreas Fault follows the monument, and the section of the fault in the Carrizo Plain is the oldest along the entire fault zone. Soda Lake, the lowest point of the monument, Bill Dewey, Carrizo 1 05 scarp b, 18x22 receives all runoff from surrounding mountains. The plain is also known to occasionally have super-blooms (as it recently did in spring 2017) which cover its mountain ranges and valley floor with spectacular carpets of wildflowers. About the Artists Bill Dewey is a native of San Diego County and attended Brooks Institute of Photography, the University of California at Davis and Rochester Institute of Technology. He has had his private pilot's license since 1981 and bases his aerial photography out of Santa Barbara airport. Bill has been photographing the California landscape since taking up the camera in the early 1970's and has had a photography studio/business in Santa Barbara for 30 years. Some of his favorite subjects include the California Channel Islands, the Carrizo Plain, Baja California, and the rural California landscape. A member of the Santa Barbara OAK Group, he has been distinctly influenced by the art and character of the noted California painter Ray Strong. Jim Stoicheff grew up in Sandpoint, Idaho, and has lived in Santa Barbara, California for more than a decade. During a year and a half he spent photographing the plain and the mountains that bound its eastern and western sides he saw few other people. During some visits he saw not a single other soul. When he made these images, he was unobserved: free. People sometimes reference "another planet" when describing these photographs. They say this because of the textures and shades or colors, but the absence of people contributes to the other-worldliness.

Ali Stein, Purple Crown

10th annual nature photography competition august 4 – november 5, 2018 valley oak gallery, second floor

Winners of the 10th Annual Photo Competition The Wildling Museum of Art and Nature is delighted to announce the winners of our 10th annual photo competition. Winning first place, for the adult category, is Out of the Ashes by Judy Villa. Second place goes to 8 Legged Snowy Plover by Elliot Lowndes, and in third is Comeback by Robert Houchens. Ali Stein’s Purple Crown won first prize in the junior category, Quinn Stacey won second for Out of the Ashes, and Georgia Miller won 3rd for Land of Fairies. This exhibit, in the Oak Gallery, combines junior photographers, Georgia Miller, Quinn Stacy, Ali Stein, with the adult entries of Robert Bassler, Kimberly Fly, Robert Houchens, Karen Jowers, Elliot Lowndes, Bruce C. Straits, and Judy Villa. The photographs are for sale, and prices start at $50. Proceeds from sales benefit the artists and Wildling. This year’s guest judge was Bill Dewey, known for his aerial photography. Photographers were encouraged to capture examples of nature’s magical ability to regenerate and thrive. All the images from both the adult and junior categories will be exhibited together this year, on the second floor, in our Valley Oak Gallery from August 4th – November 5th. The Wildling Museum of Art and Nature offers visitors a unique opportunity to connect with nature through art, education, and creative experiences. Art exhibits can inspire a conservation ethic as guests renew their relationship with wild places and understand their fragile nature - ensuring those spaces remain for future generations. The Wilding features changing art exhibitions, a wilderness resource center, gift store, art classes, lectures, book signings, film screenings, and more! Every day you will find a free craft table, using recycled materials, where you can make an artistic creation to take home. From owls out of cardboard tubes to penguins out of egg cartons, this is a fun and creative addition to your visit to the Wildling Museum. Judy Villa, Out of Ashes

For more information, please visit, call 805-688-1082, or email

Wildling Museum Artist Talk Series Presents: The Healing Wisdom of Nature

Sunday, August 26 • 3-4pm

Tickets: $5 Members ($10 General Admission)

The Wildling Museum of Art and Nature is delighted to announce our August artist talk, The Healing Wisdom of Nature by Dr. Chalquist. It will take place on Sunday, August 26th from 3-4pm. In this presentation, Dr. Chalquist will discuss how nature contact heals us on many levels, and how ancient myths and folktales contain examples of this wisdom of the natural world. He is currently the Associate Provost, Pacifica Graduate Institute and his recent publications include: • Myths Among Us: When Timeless Tales Return to Life • Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind (with Linda Buzzell) • Rebearths: Conversations with a World Ensouled “Craig Chalquist is an extraordinary thinker and writer, helping us address the many issues of our time, whether your interests involve current events, depth psychology, mythology, storytelling, or our deep embeddedness in nature. His writing offers urgently needed new perspectives that point the way forward.” – Larry Saltzman, permaculture designer and instructor To register for tickets, visit http://www.wildlingmuseum. org/artist-talk-the-healing-wisdom-of-nature-aug-26/, stop in the Wildling, or call 805-686-8315. Learn more about Dr. Chalquist at

Wildling Gift Shop Featured Local Artist: Chris Chapman Born in Southern California in 1950, Chris Chapman molded her art livelihood after studies at U of Oregon, UC Santa Barbara, and Santa Barbara Community College.

Chris Chapman, Approaching Front, 18x26, pastel

Combining conservation with art, for 13 years she and painter husband lived and painted on the Gaviota Coast while teaching art classes at Santa Barbara Community College. Since 2014 they relocated to nearby Santa Ynez Valley where Chris is active with the Wildling Museum. The Gaviota Coast and Eastern Sierra Nevada are enduring favorite subjects. Chris is a member of the Oak Group, a small but auspicious group of preservation minded painters formed in 1986. Since then, their sales of $3 Million have benefited non-profit environmental organizations for protection of open space in four California counties. Her Chumash Ethnobotany illustrations led to a permanent installation in the Chumash Hall of Ventura Art Museum. She is a Signature Member of several national pastel societies and Honorary Lifetime Member of Santa Barbara Art Association.

Queen of Arts November 2 & 3, 2018

Fri. 4 -7 Sat. 10-4

Solvang Veterans Hall

Eligibility: This Venue is for Artists and Artisans who make original, handmade objects d’art, upcycled, recycled, unique and handmade, including body care, and artisan food products. Artwork will be juried into the event before final acceptance of application. If spaces are full, we will put you on the waiting list. Fees: $85.00 per artist. $34.00 for a City of Solvang Business Certificate. Display Space: The spaces are about 12’ wide, and about 6’ deep. You will be provided a 12’ table. If you have stands for your products or would like more tables you will need to bring them. You also need to provide your own table coverings. Keep it classy, table coverings should camouflage/hide anything you may store/have underneath, unless that is also a display space. If you use risers, bring them! Be creative with your space. Rugs/floor coverings encouraged. Create a shop within. Nothing can be hammered, glued, pinned, etc to the wall. Wall space may be available upon request. The walls cannot be marred in anyway.

Detail: Mary Whittemore, Giraffe Selfie

Lompoc & SYV Arts - August 2018  

Discover arts and culture in the Lompoc and Santa Ynez Valley, Calif.

Lompoc & SYV Arts - August 2018  

Discover arts and culture in the Lompoc and Santa Ynez Valley, Calif.