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Fiscal Year 2013/2014

Annual Report

to the citizens of Santa Rosa County

Working Together for Our Future


Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners @SRCBOCC

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Santa Rosa County is Florida’s 21st county created from portion of Escambia County in 1842. It gains its name from Santa Rosa Island, which was named for Saint Rosa de Viterbo.

WORKING TOGETHER FOR OUR FUTURE Santa Rosa County’s population is currently estimated at 161,096 with a population growth of 37 percent since 2000.* Job growth between 2010-2013 was at 11.23 percent.** *Source: US Census bureau. **Source:

Cover Page Photos Navarre Beach by Sonja Lusk, Canoe by Tammy Simmons, Dogwood Flowers by Sarah Whitfield, Peanuts Class by Prudence Caskey, Santa Villa Playground by Tammy Simmons, Cooper Basin by Sabrina Brown This Page Map image by Florida Center for Instructional Technology, University of South Florida. Florida sunset photo by Darliene Stanhope. About the 2013/2014 Annual Report to the Citizens In order to offer this service at the lowest cost possible, this publication was created in-house and is not professionally printed, but is available on the county’s website at The public can view current and past issues of county publications at and sign up to receive publications automatically via e-mail by clicking the subscribe button found. To help ensure access to the county’s informational pieces, citizens without internet access are encouraged to use the public computer resources available at one of the five county libraries or call (850) 983-1877 to receive a copy by mail.

The photography shown throughout this report was taken throughout Santa Rosa County courtesy of Santa Rosa County employees.




Jayer Williamson, District 1

(From Left to Right) District 1 Commissioner Jayer Williamson, District 2 Commissioner Bob Cole, Chair & District 3 Commissioner Don Salter, District 4 Commissioner Rob Williamson, and Vice-Chair & District 5 Commissioner Lane Lynchard

Bob Cole, District 2

Message from The Commission Chairman Santa Rosa County continues to be a great place to work, play and call home. As we look back at 2014, we saw our economy continue to improve with the declining unemployment rate and new homes and business construction greatly improving. Our bold decisions on continuing to invest in our industrial parks have positioned the county to be very competitive in the economic development market. We have had three businesses expand creating several hundred new jobs. Two of our parks went through the Gulf Power site certification process so they can be marketed nationwide as “ready to build.” We are also very excited about the future of the Whiting Aviation Park as aviation/aerospace jobs continue to be one of Florida’s targeted industries. We are blessed to be surrounded by four military bases that help produce some of the most skilled workers as they exit the military.

Don Salter, Chair & District 3

The county also had a record tourism year with our beautiful beaches, rivers, streams and state forest. Our farmers in north Santa Rosa had a very successful year as mother nature cooperated with timely rainfall and moderate temperatures. Our county continues to rank as one of the lowest total taxation counties in Florida. This provides for good business growth and affordable cost of living. We also enjoy a very low crime rate and excellent school system. With all of this, it is understandable why so many people are moving to our county.

Rob williamson, District 4

The challenge for 2015, and years to come, is to ensure our continued quality of life. This will take leaders with vision who are willing to make bold decisions to ensure the progress of our county. I am very excited about the opportunities of 2015 and look forward to working with everyone to ensure our county continues to be a great place to work, play and call home.

Don Salter Chair and District 3 Commissioner

Lane Lynchard, Vice-Chair & District 5



COUNTY LEADERSHIP The board of county commissioners consists of five constitutional officers or five elected commissioners, who are elected at-large to serve and represent one of five districts and the county as a whole, as the governing body for Santa Rosa County. The Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners serves as the legislative and policy setting body of Santa Rosa County as established under Section 125 of the Florida Statutes.

Jayer Williamson

District 1

County Commissioners 6495 Caroline St. Suite M Milton, FL 32570 850.983.1877

Jayer Williamson is a native of Northwest Florida, graduating from Milton High School and the University of West Florida. An electrical contractor and part owner of Williamson Electrical Company in Milton, he currently serves on several local boards and has been heavily involved in community service and volunteer efforts throughout his lifetime. Williamson was appointed by Governor Rick Scott on June 18, 2014 to fill the vacancy created by the passing of his father, Jim Williamson and was elected to complete the term in August 2014.

Bob Cole recognition of national 4-h week

Don Salter

chair & District 3

Salter was first elected to the commission in November 2000 and was re-elected in 2004, 2008 and 2012. Before becoming a county commissioner, he proudly served his country as an U.S. Army Paratrooper in Vietnam. He also worked for Gulf Power Company, retiring in 2000 after 32 years. Salter has a Masters of Science in Management degree from Troy State University. He serves as chairman of the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Foundation, and Santa Rosa Military Advisory Council.

District 2 Cole earned his Associate Degree from Pensacola State College in Industrial Education. He owns local business, Bob Cole’s Automotive. He’s also an involved member at Pine Terrace Baptist Church and is prior President of the Men’s Brotherhood. Cole serves as a charter member of the Milton Rotary, member of the National Association of Counties and supports Milton High School Soccer and Track.

Rob Williamson District 4

Rob Williamson is a Florida native, growing up in the small town of Seminole and has called Santa Rosa County home since relocating to Navarre in 2003. He is the owner of Rob Williamson Landscaping and earned his bachelors degree in sociology from Florida State University. Rob brings his many years of successful business leadership experience and passion for community service to the board. Being selected as District 4 Commissioner has fulfilled Williamson’s lifelong dream of public service.

Lane Lynchard

Goldring gulf distributing groundbreaking

District 5

Lynchard graduated from Milton High School in 1990 and received a B.S. in Finance, cum laude, from the University of South Alabama in 1994. Lynchard received his law degree, cum laude, from Cumberland School of Law, and his Master of Laws in Taxation from the University of Florida. He is an attorney with Lynchard & Greene in Navarre. Lane Lynchard is also an active member of his church, Gulf Breeze Rotary, and the Navarre Beach, Pace, Gulf Breeze and Santa Rosa County chambers of commerce. 4


Provider appreciation day

COUNTY LEADERSHIP The commission meets in regular session to vote on agenda items at 9 a.m. on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Discussion of agenda items takes place during committee meetings on the Monday prior to the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Both meetings are held in the commissioners’ board room in the administrative center located at 6495 Caroline Street. Meetings can be viewed live or at any time at Special meetings and workshops are advertised and open to the public. In Santa Rosa County, the commission is elected “at large,” meaning all registered voters in the county are able to cast a vote for each commission seat on the ballot. The commissioners represent one of the five districts and the county as a whole. Each member must reside within the particular district for which seat he/she seeks election. Each year the board organizes itself selecting a chair and vice-chair from among its members to preside at commission meetings.

National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week proclamation

safe communities america designation

recognition of pensacola habitat for humanity

Board Duties The board duties include, but are not limited to: •

Adopting, reviewing and adjusting the annual county budget and authorizing expenditures (see page 12)

Setting and authorizing the levy and collection of county-wide property taxes, with the exception of school board, water and fire district millage rates (see page 13 for millage rate history)

Establishing policies and procedures for county departments to meet county goals

Appointing the county administrator, county attorney, and county representatives to other governmental boards or committees (see page 6)

Ratifying, modifying or denying the actions of commissions and boards which are advisory to the county board

Adopting and ratifying ordinances and resolutions as needed for the enforcement of county-wide actions

Reviewing the effectiveness of county services and programs as performed by the departments under the board of county commissioners. Departments primarily provide development, building, emergency, environmental, road, and park functions or services

Communicating to state and federal government agencies and officials the needs and concerns of Santa Rosa County residents and our community

Representing the county on administrative/advisory boards, commissions and associations which provide direct and indirect county services, on a local, regional and state level

Other duties and responsibilities that may be enacted by the federal government, state legislature and governor



COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR & ATTORNEY On behalf of the Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners, it is my honor as the county administrator to present the 2013/2014 Santa Rosa County annual report. This report is designed to encapsulate the accomplishments, achievements and initiatives developed by the board of commissioners and implemented by the offices, functions, and departments responsible to the board during fiscal year 2013/2014. During calendar 2014 the county faced challenges such as the ice storm in January and floods in April. Many Santa Rosa County Departments came together to work diligently and quickly to ensure that roads remained safe and residents remained informed during both events.

County administrator 6495 Caroline St. Suite D Milton, FL 32570 850.983.1855 hunterw@santarosa. administrator.cfm

Walker interviewing with channel 3 news

As you will note from this report, the board of commissioners is responsible for a number of varied departments and functions providing multiple services to county residents. From roads and bridges to animal services to branch libraries to building inspections, county employees provide quality customer service across the spectrum of local government services. I am proud of the work of the board and employees during calendar 2014 and I am extremely appreciative of the dedication to providing the best service to Santa Rosa County residents by both the board and its employees.

Hunter Walker, County Administrator

County Administrator Responsibilities

The county administrator acts as the chief administrative officer for the county and is responsible to the board for the day-to-day operations of county government. Department directors and staff work under the county administrator to provide a wide variety of services to our residents as directed by the policies and procedures established by the board of county commissioners. The county administrator’s main duties include assuring the commissioner’s directives are conducted thoroughly and efficiently, drafting a recommended county annual operating budget for the board, preparing policy recommendations for commissioners’ approval, preparing commission meeting agendas, assisting the commission in establishing long and short term goals and objectives for the county, and coordinating efforts with other state, federal, county, municipal and non-profit agencies. Hunter Walker has served as the Santa Rosa County administrator since October 23, 1995.


County Attorney Responsibilities

The county attorney serves as the in-house chief legal counsel to the county in all legal matters. The attorney provides legal advice and representation to the board of commissioners, the county administrator, all county departments, and the boards and committees organized under the board of commissioners on matters related to its official responsibilities. Roy Andrews was selected as Santa Rosa County’s attorney in 2014. The county attorney represents the commission in litigating claims filed both on behalf of and against the county in state and federal court. Duties also include attending mediation and arbitration sessions, drafting ordinances, resolutions, contracts, interlocal government agreements and other legal documents, handling mortgage foreclosures and bankruptcy petitions and performing legal research. The county attorney is not authorized to provide legal advice to private citizens.


County Attorney 6495 Caroline St. Suite C Milton, FL 32570 850.983.1857 attorney.cfm

Cooper Basin sunset photo by Sabrina Brown Hunter Walker photo by Joy Tsubooka

Updated October 2014

COUNTY PROFILE Top 10 Major Private Employers #Employed

2013 County Population Estimates Total Population 161,096 % Change, April 2010 to July 2013 6.4% Median Age 39.0 years Population Under 18 years old 22.8% Population 65 years old + 14% Source: US Census Bureau

Registered Voters Republican 70,593 Democratic 27,295 Other 26,545 Total 124,433

Public Organizations #Employed

Source: as of Oct. 06, 2014

Income (2013) County Median Household Income Florida Median Household Income County Population Below $15,000/year County Income Over $150,000/year County Population Below Poverty Level Florida Population Below Poverty Level

$57,491 $47,309 8.5% 7.5% 11.1% 15.6%

Source: US Census Bureau

(Employment numbers as of October 2014)

Labor Force Civilian Labor Force Number Employed Number in County Unemployed Unemployment Rate Change in % from August 2013

1,017 square miles 157 square miles 88.5 square miles 1,174 square miles

76,225 72,050 4,175 5.5% -1.1%


County Roads Dirt Roads Paved Roads Total Miles

County School District 2,687 Federal Military 1,336 State Government 1,301 County Government 903 Federal Government 750

september 2014, Not Seasonally Adjusted

Geography Land Water Coast Line Total area

Walmart Stores (4) 1,282 Baptist Healthcare Systems 580 Santa Rosa Medical Center 400 Blackwater Correctional Facility 400 Publix (3) 359 Lowe’s 304 Mediacom 300 DynCorp 250 AppRiver, LLC 212 Lifeguard Ambulance Service 162

101 miles 1,471 miles 1,572 miles

Property Value (in billions) 2012 Value of Real Property Residential Vacant Land Commercial


$10.75 $10.87 $7.10 $7.14 $.55 $.65 $.87 $1.01

Parcels 2012 Total Parcel Count Homesteaded parcels Senior Exemptions

Agricultural (2013)



Total Planted Crops 73,665 acres County Gross Value $75,427,801* Top Crops Cotton & Peanuts Livestock Gross Value $11,736,100

$11.63 $8.37 $0.69 $1.06

*Includes Horticulture Nurseries


Bed Tax Collections FY 2013/2014 FY 2012/2013 Change in %

103,763 104,303 105,159 41,859 41,874 42,135 2,516 2,576 2,591

Tourism (Bed Tax Collections) $1,544,964 $1,333,323 +15.8%

Background: Sunset photo by Darliene Stanhope



COUNTY PROFILE Construction is on the rise. Residential and commercial structure dollars spent in our county for calendar year 2013 totaled $176,405,868. Over the last five years, the construction dollar amount was only higher in 2009 when totals were $222,643,827 as a result of the construction of the Blackwater Correctional Facility and the H.T. Hackney distribution center. The panhandle also saw an increase in construction in 2005 after Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis.

Estimated Construction Dollars Spent - Santa Rosa County

350 Hurricane Ivan

In Millions

300 250 200

Hurricane Dennis




150 100 50 0

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Commercial


All graphs represent calendar year figures.

Building Permit History 3,298


Impact Areas

Residential Permits

3000 Number of Permits

2,509 2500 2000 1500


Area 1

Single Family Permits



1000 500 0


Commercial Permits 175


Area 2

36 2000














Area 3

Construction By Impact Area Area 1

Area 2

Area 3

New Homes 25 Avg. Construction Cost $134,960 Remodel/Additions Single Family 33 All Commercial* 6

New Homes 509 Average Construction Costs $127,770 Remodel/Additions Single Family 526 All Commercial* 17

New Homes 483 Average Construction Costs $166,343 Remodel/Additions Single Family 790 All Commercial* 13

*Commercial includes townhouses and condominium construction





2013 Population Estimates

% Change 2013 Estimates

Citrus Escambia Indian River Martin Okaloosa Santa Rosa

140,519 301,120 139,586 148,077 188,349 157,317

-.17% .53% .10% .59% .57% 1.22%

2013 Operating Total Taxes Levied Millage Rate per Capita 2013 7.8351 6.6165 3.2620 5.8300 3.4308 6.0953

$649 $338 $538 $963 $258 $284

% Change 2012

% of Population in Unincorporated Areas

+30% +.89% +7.6% +3.9% +5.0% +.35%

92% 82% 66% 87% 58% 90%

Santa Rosa County continues to have one of the lowest per capita costs per citizen, or the average cost per person residents pay for county services. The per capita rate (county taxes only) does not include the operating millage and any special county taxes for certain districts, MSTU, or debt service levies. The chart above compares Santa Rosa County to our two neighboring counties and three comparable sized Florida counties. The data is available from the Florida Office of Economic & Demographic Research at data-a-to-z/a-f.cfm Santa Rosa County provides services at the lowest cost compared to four of five neighboring and similar-sized counties. Okaloosa County does have a lower per capita rate, but it also has only 58 percent of its population living in unincorporated areas, where Santa Rosa has 90 percent. People living in incorporated areas, or towns and cities, generally pay additional town or city taxes which are not reflected in this table. Fiscal Year 2014/2015

Staffing Comparison



Fiscal Year 2013/2014

385 Santa Rosa County 369 526 Citrus County 517 825 Indian River County 812 870 Okaloosa County 828 896 Martin County 878 Escambia County 1653 1635








1800 First Time Fishing photo by Nikki King



COUNTY PROFILE Santa Rosa Authorized Position History

Number of Employees

500 400








450 388







300 200 100 0

2000/01 2001/02 2002/03 2003/04 2004/05 2005/06 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14


Fiscal Year

Santa Rosa County has the least number of employees per resident when compared to our neighboring counties and those Florida counties of similar size. For fiscal year 2013/2014 Santa Rosa County averaged one employee for every 408 residents. While some counties’ staff numbers include county-run EMS and fire services, Santa Rosa County’s staffing numbers are still significantly lower than our comparable and neighboring counties.

County Citrus Escambia Indian River Martin Okaloosa Santa Rosa

Staff to Resident Ratio 1: 267 1: 181 1:169 1:165 1:216 1:408

Santa Rosa County Staff Salary Ranges $70 $89,999

$30,000 - $49,999 (44%)


$29,999 or less (37%) $50,000 - $69,999 (13%)

2% 3%

$70,000 - $89,999 (2%) $90,000 - 140,000 (3%)

$50,000 $69,999


$30,000 - $49,999


$29,999 or less


Navarre Beach Sand & Water photo by Sonja Lusk, Navarre Beach Pier photo by Sarah Whitfield



COUNTY STATISTICS Where the Money Comes From Total Revenue: $84,855,184 Revenue Taxes Taxes Taxes Licenses & Permits Licenses Licenses & & Permits Permits

Intergovernmental Intergovernmental Intergovernmental Charges for Services Charges Charges for for Services Services Fines & & Forfeits Fines Fines & Forfeits Forfeits Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Transfers In In Transfers Transfers In

Where the Money Goes Total Expenses: $84,607,480

4% 0%


Expenses General Government

7% 2%



Public Safety Physical Environment Transportation Economic Environment


Human Services


Culture/Recreation Court-Related Transfers Out

2013 Property Tax Revenue Comparison 2013 County Property Tax Revenue Comparison

$41,950,208 $44,602,177 $47,333,873

Indian River County Santa Rosa County Okaloosa County


Citrus County


Escambia County

$100,300,171 Martin County 0







Revenue data:



Expenses Explanation Public Safety - services provided for the security of persons and property General Government - services provided by the legislative and administrative branches of the local government for the benefit of the public as a whole Transportation - cost of services for the safe and adequate flow of vehicles, travelers and pedestrians Transfers Out - flows of assets (such as cash or goods) between funds without equivalent flows of assets in return and without requirement for repayment Human Services - services for the care, treatment and control of human illness, injury or handicap, and for the welfare of the community as a whole and it’s individuals Culture & Recreation - cost of providing and maintaining cultural and recreational facilities and activities for the benefit of citizens and visitors Physical Environment - services provided for the primary purpose of achieving a satisfactory living environment by controlling and utilizing elements of the environment Court Related - Costs of operating the judicial branch including County Court, Circuit Court, the State Attorney’s Office and the Public Defender. Economic Environment - services which develop and improve the economic condition of the community and its citizens





More than half of your ad valorem taxes goes toward funding the public school system.

Breakdown of Constitutional Officers Funding



Total General Fund: $68,003,270

Your Taxes In Santa Rosa County, there are two primary taxing authorities to which all property owners pay property tax also known as “ad valorem taxes”, the county and the public school system. Each taxing authority has the ability to charge or levy a tax on a property and each have their own governing board to propose and adopt their respective tax rate. The county’s taxes are levied by the board of county commissioners. The taxes collected are used to fund the board of county commissioners and the other five constitutional offices - tax collector, property appraiser, clerk of the court, supervisor of elections and sheriff- and the vital services they provide to county residents. Property taxes are charged in “mills” and the amount paid is based on the value of the property. A mill is equal to $1 per $1,000 of value.

Santa ROsa County Millage History

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014




2014 6.0953









Mills Bird photo by Aleta Floyd



COUNTY ENGINEER Engineering Department

Engineering department 6051 Old Bagdad Hwy. Suite 300 Milton, FL 32583

The engineering department provides technical support to all county operations and departments. Services include engineering planning, surveying, environmental and regulatory permitting, design and 850.981.7100 construction document preparation. It also involves inspection for multiple county projects involving stormwater management, traffic management and control systems, roadway improvements, airport infrastructure, hazard mitigation, county owned water & wastewater systems and industrial park infrastructure improvements. Additionally, all commercial site plans and subdivision developments are reviewed to determine potable water, and wastewater concurrency and compliance with the county’s stormwater requirements with the land development code. The department reviews four submittal phases - preliminary plat, construction plans, final plat, paved road and drainage maintenance of subdivision developments and makes recommendations to the board of county commissioners for each phase of development. FISCAL YEAR 2013/2014 HIGHLIGHTS Villa Venyce Canal dredging | Project management and surveying

• Grand Canal washout | Project design, project management, bidding and surveying • Venetian Way washout | Project design, project management, bidding and surveying •

Settlers Colony drainage improvements | Project management

Tennis center at Benny Russell Park | Site layout, design and surveying

CR197 paved shoulder addition | LAP project management

• Spencer Field sidewalk | Project design, LAP project management and surveying •

Historic rain event of April 29 - 30 | Prepared plans and managed projects for 30 road repair areas due to flood

Ramblewood Drive HMGP | Project management

Grand canal dredging

• Peter Prince Airfield east apron, T-hangar, and master plan | Project management •

Gulf Cable rail spur | Project management, bidding and surveying

Bagdad Volunteer Fire Department | Project management and surveying

Highway 98/Navarre Beach Causeway intersection improvements | Project design, permitting, project management and surveying

• Pine Blossom road drainage | Project design, project management and surveying

Navarre Beach Bridge Turn Lane

Holley by the Sea master drainage study | Project management

• Industrial Park site certification at Hwy 87 site and Jeff Ates Road | Project management •

Carroll Road landfill boundary survey

Pine Forest Road site boundary & topo survey

West Gate Road – Skinner property survey

Saddleback Lane survey

Pace High School, Norris Road drainage project

Patterson Lane / Pace Lane and Old Bagdad Highway drainage projects

Tiger Point Sidewalk topo survey & RW

Reilly, Rupert and Oriole Beach Boat Ramp surveys 14


Pine Blossom pipe

COUNTY ENGINEER Environmental department

Environmental Department

6065 Old Bagdad Hwy. Milton, FL 32583

The environmental division consists of three departments, solid waste, household hazardous waste and mosquito control.

850.981.7135 environmental-dept@

Solid Waste The solid waste program includes Central Landfill, Jay Residential Drop Off Station and two closed landfills. Central Landfill is a Class I and III facility. Garbage is categorized into either Class I for household garbage or Class III for non hazardous, non food contaminated debris. Special waste and certain hazardous materials are accepted under specific requirements. Many items that are brought to the landfill for disposal are actually segregated for recycling or alternate disposal. During fiscal year 2013/2014, Central Landfill received approximately 120,000 tons of Class I materials, over 51,000 tons of Class III materials and diverted over 11,000 tons of material for recycle or reuse from landfill disposal. The attendants assisted nearly 110,000 customers. Phase I of the landfill gas project at the Central Landfill was completed. The collection system includes 30 vertical landfill gas, or LFG, extraction wells, three condensate pumps and a total of 14,048 feet of high density polyethylene piping for the collection and transportation of LFG to the flare station for destruction, removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Phase II of the project will include the beneficial reuse of the LFG to produce an alternative vehicle fuel.

• More than 6,000 customers utilized the Jay Residential Drop Off Station. • The Environmental Department hosted educational tours for approximately 120 students in the 5th grade from Rhodes Elementary. They were taught landfill concepts, leachate management and groundwater monitoring, proper disposal of household hazardous waste, and the importance of categorizing materials for proper disposal and planning purposes. •

A new outbound scale with guide rails and two new digital indicators were installed at Central Landfill by Michelli Scales.

• Central Landfill has pumped to date 5.1 billion gallons of groundwater for treatment before return to the sand and gravel aquifer. Santa Rosa County is still used by Florida Department of Environmental Protection as an example for successful remediation. Household Hazardous Waste •

The Household Hazardous Waste Facility assisted over 6,000 customers and recovered nearly 9,000 gallons of paint, 2,500 gallons of chemicals, 7,520 gallons of used oil, and over 6,000 fluorescent bulbs and tubes and more.

Household Hazardous Waste shipped 272 tons of electronic scrap to be recycled rather than landfilled. They also diverted nearly 7.5 tons of batteries and over 300,000 pounds of used tires from landfill disposal.

Partnered with the Federal Prison System in Marianna, Florida for a TV recycling program that saves thousands of dollars.

This year inks and toners were added to the recycling list at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility to benefit local schools.

During the fiscal year, 5,800 tons of single stream recyclables were collected throughout Santa Rosa County. Continued on Page 16... 2013/2014 SANTA ROSA COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT


COUNTY ENGINEER Environmental Department (continued) Mosquito Control The mosquito control department is responsible for the larvacide and adulticide treatment of mosquitoes for Santa Rosa County. Mosquito prevention is achieved through public education, surveillance, and monitoring of adulticide and larvacide treatments. Larvacide assessments are completed throughout the year. Mosquito larva is treated in ditches, abandoned pools, holding ponds, etc. In addition to larviciding, when temperatures are above 60 degrees, up to three fog trucks are utilized per weeknight for spraying the adult mosquitoes. The mosquito control department has 29 spray routes that cover the entire county. During the spray season, approximately 15 routes are sprayed each week. Traps are set throughout the county to monitor species of mosquitoes, migration patterns and breeding areas. Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights • Mosquito control held interactive mosquito education presentations at Rhodes Elementary and King Middle schools, participated in Bay Day at Jay, Bagdad and Rhodes elementary schools and participated in the fishing rodeo at Gulf Breeze Middle. The presentations included species identification, health risk, life cycle, treatment and source education. More than 700 students were reached in Santa Rosa County. •  Mosquito control treated approximately 750,000 acres with adulticide and approximately 300 acres were treated for larva. Water lily photo by Mike Donahoe

• Route boundaries were reassessed to accommodate a new spray route and increase overall efficiency.

Navarre Beach Department The Navarre Beach department is responsible for utilities, such as water and wastewater, on Navarre Beach including, but not limited to, running a wastewater treatment plant and two wells that supply water to island residents and businesses. The staff performs all maintenance for Navarre Beach Park, park restrooms and pavilions as well as maintaining 12 walkovers and public parking areas on the island. The office assists residents with all things related to Navarre Beach including utility issues and billing questions. All pavilion reservations for Navarre Beach Park are handled through Navarre Beach Department. The department also hires and supervises seasonal certified lifeguards each year to oversee public safety on Navarre Beach.

navarre Beach Department 1411 Utility Dr. Navarre Beach, FL 32566 850.981.8888

Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights •

The water system pumped 126 million gallons of water last year to approximately 1,868 customers on Navarre Beach.

The wastewater treatment facility treated 111 million gallons of waste water.

The Navarre Beach marine park pavilion rentals totaled 353.

A total of 129,117 visitors were counted that enjoyed walking and fishing on the Navarre Beach Pier.

Lifeguard season ran from March 12 – Oct. 31 with lifeguards making 43 rescues. July 4th was the busiest day this year with 1,478 beachgoers on the lifeguarded portion of the beach. The month of July was the busiest month with 15,664 beachgoers on the lifeguarded portion of Navarre Beach.

North floating docks at Navarre Beach boat ramp were replaced.

New wooden benches were constructed for the pier as well as repair and replacement of lifeguard stands damaged by a summer storm.



COUNTY ENGINEER Navarre Beach Department (continued)

2014 Navarre Beach Lifeguard staff

Stingray in the gulf Gulf View

Floating Dock at Navarre Beach

Lifeguard photo by John Richardson Gulf view photo by Sonja Lusk Stingray at beach photo courtesy of Amy McDonald Floating dock photo by Terry Wallace Background: Sunset beach photo by Sabrina Brown



ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT For the field of economic development there is no single definition that encompasses our focus toward the betterment of Santa Rosa County; however for the Santa Rosa Economic Development Office we focus our attention on the key aspects of job creation, job retention, and tax base enhancement. As we focus on these three aspects, we realize that economic development is a team sport, and for us to be successful we must engage various stakeholders throughout Santa Rosa County. Our job as economic development professionals would not be possible without the assistance of other county departments such as developmental services, engineering, road and bridge, OMB and even human resources. These departments, along with the secondary and post-secondary education system, and our utility companies help build a community for a better tomorrow.

economic development 6491 Caroline Street Suite 4 Milton, FL 32570 850.623.0174

FISCAL YEAR 2013/2014 HIGHLIGHTS • Completing the final scope of work for the Gulf Power Site Certification Program for two county owned sites, including Santa Rosa Industrial Park East and Northwest Florida Industrial Park. • The development of a mobile website of, a building and sites database that showcases property located throughout Santa Rosa County, along with demographics and community information. • Visited over 60 Santa Rosa industries and working with four companies on their expansion plans. • Developed and created a Small Business Development Guide for businesses looking to start-up or expand. • Worked with Golding Gulf Distributing, Inc. in their relocation to the Santa Rosa Industrial Park and the construction of over a 190,000 square foot facility that will employ 200+ individuals. The company is a multi-line beverage distributor that serves Northwest Florida. • Successfully relocated TPR, Inc. to an 18,000 square foot existing facility located within the Santa Rosa Industrial Park. The company is a precision manufacturing and fabrication company that specializes in aircraft parts. • Assisted with the relocation of Capitol Materials into the former 84 Lumber facility located within the Santa Rosa Industrial Park. The company specializes in the delivery of building related material to jobsites. •

Continue working with Gulf Cable, Inc. to assist in their expansion plans and the development of a rail served site to their facility.

• Welcomed Navy Federal Credit Union into the former Clearwire facility in the Santa Rosa Industrial Park where employees are temporarily being housed while a permanent facility is under construction in Escambia County. •

Held various events, including: - Hosted industry lunch to bring interested parties together to help businesses grow - Gave economic development updates to various civic organizations across the area - Hosted Leadership Santa Rosa Economic Development Day



HUMAN RESOURCES Human resources is comprised of two departments, personnel and risk management. Together, they provide extensive human resource management services and strengthen the fair and equitable application of rules, policies and procedures across county departments. The core functions are to provide technical assistance, advice and guidance to departments and their employees on a variety of employer‐employee topics. Such topics include federal and state employment‐related laws and regulations, human resources policies and disciplinary actions.


personnel department 6495 Caroline Street Suite H Milton, FL 32570 850.983.1948

The personnel department is responsible for scheduling and advertising county employment opportunities, reviewing employment applications for required qualifications and credentials, providing county hiring departments with eligible applicant data for interview selection, processing background and pre-employment requirements, and evaluating credentials and qualifications of current employees for internal job postings. The department is responsible for modifying position classification and compensation data as necessary to remain competitive and compliant with comparable agencies. Personnel staff verifies personnel transactions to ensure the action complies The average employee age is 48. with applicable county practices, policies, procedures and compensation plans. DID YOU The average employee length Records maintenance and retention is an essential function in personnel involving KNOW personnel files, medical files, I-9/E-Verify, family medical leave, EEO reporting, drug of service is 11.5 years. The free workplace program, and other applicable records. average employee salary is $37,377.60


Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights • Employment announcements or postings - 93 • Webpage employment interest hits - 41,677 • Applicant online interest cards completed - 557 -This system enables applicants to sign up for automatic email notification when jobs matching their interests are available -Applications received and evaluated for minimum qualifications - 2,519 • Eligible employment lists established and certified to departments for hiring - 93 • Certified applicants referred to hiring departments - 940 • Employee separations - 44 -29 resigned, 10 retired, 1 dismissed, 4 released during probation • Position descriptions created and/or revised - 90 • Prepared and processed personnel actions - 746 • Organized and facilitated employee orientations - 45 orientations, 70 attendees • Coordinated the employee health fair “Get Your Wellness on Track” with free health screenings and door prizes • Organized onsite flu shots for county employees in January and September 2014

Flowers photo by Aleta Floyd

Years of Service Employees Less than 1 year 1 - 5 years 6 - 10 years 11 - 15 years 16 - 20 years 21 - 30 years More than 30 years

33 62 86 66 38 43 18

Sunset photo by Cheryl Powell



HUMAN RESOURCES Risk Management Risk management administers, through a combination of insured and self-insured programs, the processing and adjusting of claims resulting from auto liability, general liability, inland marine, property and workers’ compensation claims for the board of county commissioners, clerk of courts, property appraiser, sheriff’s department (property only), supervisor of elections and tax collector.

risk management 6495 Caroline Street Suite I Milton, FL 32570 850.983.1863

FISCAL YEAR 2013/2014 HIGHLIGHTS • Adjusted 19 new workers’ compensation claims and continued maintenance of ongoing claims from previous years • Adjusted 20 auto claims, 10 equipment claims, 52 general liability claims and 43 property loss claims. The county sustained an increase in general liability and property claims as a result of flooding and lightning damage from the unusually severe storms that occurred in April • Reviewed certificates of insurance and contracts for those doing business with Santa Rosa County and those using county facilities • Worked with our third-party administrator, rehabilitation nurses and attorneys on workers’ compensation claims • Managed the county’s safety shoe program • Coordinated employee safety awards • Generated loss-analysis reports reflecting all claims against Santa Rosa County • Continued maintenance of all material safety data sheets for county departments • Reduced lost-time expenses by placing injured employees in light-duty positions when possible • Provided routine monitoring of county property, via the county facilities monitor, in an effort to reduce vandalism • Conducted indoor air quality/mold testing in buildings and areas of concern • Attended mediations and hearings related to liability and workers’ compensation claims • Continued maintenance of the county’s property schedule • Worked to insure ADA compliance of county facilities • Submission of forms as required by the Florida Department of Financial Services • Generated insurance billing to county departments • Attended workshops and completed online courses required to maintain insurance licenses • Worked with a consulting firm on actuarial report for auditors

From top to bottom: Creek photo by Amy McDonald, Ibis birds by Aleta Floyd and river photo by Cheryl Powell



HUMAN RESOURCES grants department

Grants The grants department provides grant writing, grant research, grant management and project management assistance to county departments. This year the grants department assisted other departments with the management of over 55 grants totaling more than $13 million in state and federal funding. These grants are for a variety of projects including drainage improvement projects, flood mitigation projects, housing projects, park projects, sewer extension programs, emergency management preparedness programs, disaster recovery public assistance programs, and transportation improvement projects.

6495 Caroline Street Suite H Milton, FL 32570 850.983.1848

Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights • Defense Infrastructure Grant funds of approximately $107,000 were expended to purchase property and restrictive easements around NAS Whiting Field to prevent further encroachment and to protect the base from BRAC. • Secured Land and Water Conservation Grant funds to support construction of the Bagdad Mill Site Passive Park. It is expected that the park will be open to the public in the spring or summer of 2015. Fence construction between NAS Whiting field and whiting aviation park

• Secured Flood Mitigation Assistance Program grant funds to elevate one flood-prone property in Milton.

Secured Hazard Mitigation Grant funds for the Settlers Colony stormwater/drainage improvement project. Design is complete and construction is expected to begin in 2015.

Administered Environmental Protection Agency grant funding for the Navarre Beach clarifier upgrade.

• Assisted with Deep Horizon Oil Spill funding opportunities including Natural Resource Damage Assessment process and the RESTORE Act. • Assisted with Economic Development Trust Fund grant project to construct a rail line to service the expansion of Gulf Cable in the Industrial Park. •

Secured Florida Defense Support Task Force grant funds to enhance security at the entrance to NAS Whiting Field.

Received and processed 369 Health Care Responsibility Act applications, 52 of which were approved and claims received, 11 of which claims were approved and paid in the amount of $14,000.

• Administered an FDOT Beautification Assistance Grant in the amount of $60,000 for the Bayshore to Sanibel Lane segment of Highway 98 in Gulf Breeze. •

Assisted in the recovery of the April 2014 flooding event, including management of public assistance funding and identification of mitigation projects.

construction of fishing pier at bagdad mill site park



HUMAN RESOURCES Library Services

library services 6275 Dogwood Dr. Milton, FL 32570

The Santa Rosa County Library System offers a variety of services to citizens who desire both information and entertainment. Citizens of all ages are invited to get a free library card which will provide access to bestselling 850.981.7323 books, classic literature, audiobooks, movies and music in several formats. Library cardholders also have access to public computers, free Wi-Fi, meeting rooms and study rooms in some libraries as well as online databases that can be accessed inside the library or remotely. Patrons, young and old, are invited to take advantage of the wonderful free programs that are held in Santa Rosa County libraries. Libraries are located in Gulf Breeze, Jay, Milton, Pace, and Navarre. Please visit the library website at for more information. Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights • Items added to collection: 18,174 • Items checked out: 420,730 • New library cards issued: 5,417 • Research questions answered by library employees: 120,068 • Computer uses: 29,491 • Meeting room uses: 571 uses with 9,870 attendees • Student Volunteer Hours: 370 hours by 11 students • Adult Volunteer Hours: 1,086 hours by 24 adults • Library Youth Programs: 144 • Youth Programs and Attendance: 144 with 2,733 attendees • Summer Reading Program Attendance: 4,633 • Adult Programs and Attendance: 125 with 3,679 attendees • Items provided for outreach: 1,872 • Tax Assistance provided to citizens by AARP through the use of library meeting rooms • Revamped library website that features a clean design that allows patrons easier navigation and features an updated kids page as well as a new teen page.

santa visits the milton library

Pet appreciation week donations

Fall into fun event

Events @ Your library • Over 150 people enjoyed fall fun and more than 500 people showed up to greet Santa at the libraries. •

 20 teens helped celebrate Teen Read Week with local actor 1 Jerrad Vunovich, who had parts in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Walking Dead.

F orty-nine people attended a Valentine’s Day concert with classical guitarist, Peter Fletcher, at the Gulf Breeze Library. The concert was sponsored by The Friends of the Gulf Breeze Library.

The library system partnered with animal services to collect more than 100 items for the animal shelter in celebration of Pet Appreciation Week in June.

The second annual Artists and Authors event was held at the Navarre and Gulf Breeze libraries with more than 700 people in attendance supporting local talent.

 ore than 150 people attended science camps at Pace and Navarre libraries, M which was an extension of our Summer Reading Program, Fizz, Boom, Read, where we had a record-breaking 1520 registrants!

More than 300 people participated in Read Across America at the Milton and Jay libraries.

Peter fletcher performs at the Gulf breeze library


local actor jerrad vunovich helps celebrate teen read week


OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT & BUDGET Budget Office The office of management and budget is responsible for providing a financial plan and outline for the board of county commissioners, the county administrator and management staff in order to make educated policy decisions and to ensure their financial decisions are implemented and followed to guarantee that the taxpayers of Santa Rosa County receive the best possible services through the most effective and efficient use of resources.

budget office 6495 Caroline Street Suite L Milton, FL 32570 850.983.1853

In addition to preparing the annual county budget, the budget department analyzes the fiscal impact of all proposed county actions and relevant proposed state legislation to provide clear and complete public information regarding each yearly budget. Santa Rosa County has demonstrated its commitment to responsible stewardship with the development of the fiscal year 2014/2015 budget. The budget is balanced without increasing the current 6.0953 millage rate. The FY2015 estimated revenues from ad valorem taxes are expected to be over $2 million more than fiscal year 2014.



All Santa Rosa County approved budgets and budget amendments can be found at santarosa.


Photos on right top to bottom: Sunflower by Jennifer Floyd, Tree by Aleta Floyd, Snowball flowers by Tammy Simmons, Azaleas by Linda Leccese Photos on left: Cotton by Ron Strickland, Lake at Sunset by Debra Coffey

The procurement department is responsible for all aspects of the county bid process including the review of bid specifications, development and submittal of the advertisement of each bid request in accordance with the Florida statutes associated with each one, notification to vendors of each project or item up for bid, receipt and procurement review of bid submissions, maintenance of the files 6495 Caroline Street Suite G related to each bid request, Milton, FL 32570 and maintenance of the list of registered vendors 850.983.1870 (currently numbering more than 2,500). 2013/2014 SANTA ROSA COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT


OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT & BUDGET Computer/Geographic Information System

Computer/GIS Department

The computer and geographic information system, or GIS, division provides technical and mapping support 6495 Caroline Street for over 40 divisions and agencies and fulfills map and public record requests for the public. They support and Suite L Milton, FL 32570 maintain over 1,000 various types of technology equipment such as PC’s/ thin clients/ tablets, servers, network equipment, printers, and GPS equipment. Additionally, approximately 710 phones, fax lines, and security systems 850.983.1840 are managed and maintained by the staff since the implementation of the new countywide voice over internet bcc-computer@ phone system in 2012 along with full support and maintenance for over 200 cell phones in use in the county. The computer/GIS department also provides technical support for the five public libraries, along with maintaining county databases, creating and maintaining hundreds of county software programs for county offices, and creating and maintaining the county’s GIS mapping system. They also support the emergency operations center and staff is on standby to work around the clock during activations along with supporting operations with the paging system, and e911 mapping. Due to the sheer volume of daily requests for technical assistance, county departments submit request for help via an in-house help desk system that tracks request from beginning to end. The computer/GIS department follows up with an internal customer review survey to ensure they completed the request to the employee’s satisfaction. Countywide VoIP Phone System Savings Continue, Extended to Fire Departments The final phase of the new countywide Voice over IP, or VoIP, phone system was completed in 2013 and the annual savings from the prior ten legacy phone systems continues to save the county over $300,000 annually. The savings are also a result of having the computer department staff manage the day to day operations and utilizing phone services from the state’s Suncom program. The highly popular Hello! IVR system was converted from analog lines to digital lines to enhance performance and stability for the county’s contractors when they call in to schedule next day building inspections. In 2014, the monthly phone bill savings have been extended to the fire departments. A few have already been converted to the state’s Suncom program, saving each department at least $1,200 to $1,500 a year. This project will continue into 2015 for the remaining fire departments. County Meetings Broadcasted from Tiger Point Community Center After commissioners voted to hold meetings in the south end of the county starting in 2014, computer staff was tasked with recommending and purchasing a portable audio/video system that can provide the same services in the main commission meeting room, but on a smaller and portable scale. Several meetings were held in the Tiger Point Community Center and after a few technical tweaks the meetings are now running smoothly including the live streaming. High Availability Environment for Library Customers and EOC The computers for the five public libraries and the emergency operations center, EOC, were migrated into a high availability environment. This project ensured commission meeting at tiger point community center that uptime is at the highest possible ratio for both library public computer customers and for staff using computers during activation in the EOC. At the same time, 81 library computers were replaced with new computers to replace PC’s that were five to nine years old and with the expiring WindowsXP operating system. Computer department staff also assists the library administration each year to ensure the county is reimbursed 60 percent of their communication costs via a federal program called E-Rate. The libraries wireless network was also upgraded to the latest Wi-Fi 802.11ac protocol which improved internet connectivity performance for customers bringing in their own Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as laptops and tablets. Document/Imaging statistics A total of 162,876 pages, or 37,000 documents, were added to the county’s document and imaging system.

some development services staff arrive at 6 a.m. to scan building plans

Microsoft WindowsXP and Office 2003 Expired Microsoft suspended all support and protection for the WindowXP operating system and Office Suite 2003 April 8, 2014. The county had around 200 computers and the libraries had 81 computers still with this software. Months were spent replacing and upgrading the affected computers and software. Many of the county’s legacy printers, scanners, and monitors had to be replaced also. The county computer staff certainly helped the county departments stretch their budgets by repairing and maintaining all 280 or more legacy computers and peripheral equipment until the very end. Continued on Page 25...



OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT & BUDGET Computer/Geographic Information System (continued) County Software Major Revision Releases Since the county has in-house programming staff, millions of dollars have been saved over the years as opposed to buying expensive commercial counterparts. This fiscal year, major upgrades and revisions were released for several county apps. • The new app GoPermitsMobile, which was created in 2013, was enhanced to allow building inspectors to view their daily inspection log, review inspection history, and post their inspection results and notes all from their smartphone in the field. • GSCDocs, the emergency operations center document management app, now allows EOC staff to upload documents such as site-reports, ESF duties and phone lists. • The Citizens with Special Needs app redesigned data entry for new applications in order to streamline the process. • GoReceipts is used for receipting and reporting of daily permit revenues. • GoPermitsInspector allows comprehensive notes management, including prior flood notes. • The GoBiz app enhanced the commercial business tracking reporting and presentations for meetings. • GoPermits includes new monthly close-outs and emailing sewer status reports to various local agencies, and new permitting types and categories added, along with their new permitting fees. • GoCompliance was updated with new and improved violation screen layouts. • GoVendors was enhanced with new reporting selections by expanding the sort selections. • The EOC request system, CIRS, was face lifted for viewing on larger screens to view all details, along with new features and reporting abilities. • The newly redesigned library web pages were enhanced to include connectivity to the databases and library servers as well as to the other county web pages in order to maintain cohesiveness. Countywide Technology Milestones • Purchased and installed new unified computing system servers that are the next- generation data center platform series that will unite the county networking, data storage access, and server virtualization resources into a new cohesive system. • The network backbone was upgraded to Cisco Nexus switches that provide high density 10 GB ethernet into a single management domain. • Phase one of purchasing and implementing a new hybrid solid state SANS systems with flash storage for tier one applications was completed. • After the second and final SANS phase is purchased in fiscal year 2015, it will be fully operational for all county department’s network and data traffic, which will address the current latency and digital bottleneck issues. • Staff completed 2,094 work tickets requesting technology assistance. • A total of 200 cell phones were replaced and upgraded to current models • Over 300 legacy computers, scanners, printers, monitors were replaced

Working on computer upgrades

GIS Mapping Ready to meet your Mapping Needs The GIS Mapping staff’s main job function is to create and provide maps to both county departments, as per request for businesses and citizens. One of the most popular features on the county website is the ability for citizens to search for data on maps and create custom maps on the fly just by entering their address. Please visit for your mapping needs. GIS staff are key players with the emergency operations center by providing on demand maps for disasters. This year, maps were also needed for the April 2014 flood events along with maintaining mapping of over 450 critical facilities. GIS staff have been with tasked with making necessary street flow changes which will allow the new e911 dispatching software to utilize automated routing of emergency vehicles. Statistics • A total of 110,467 residential and commercial buildings identified for structure layer which is used by e911 dispatchers and permitting staff. • A total of 15,528 street segments with attached street details used by the road & bridge department daily, along with details on 176 identified bridges and 501 retention ponds. • A total of 29,497 street signs mapped and used daily by the road & bridge department and other county departments. • A total of 5,919 fire hydrants are identified. This critical data is used by e911, fire departments and water utilities. GIS staff working with dispatch • Over 400 billboards are mapped to assist development services staff. • A new color map book was created for public works by working district and color coded by street maintainer. 2013/2014 SANTA ROSA COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT



animal services

Santa Rosa Animal Services operates daily as a rescue, responder and protector of animals. The animal control officers and shelter staff serve as educators to the citizens of our county by teaching responsible pet ownership, abiding by the state laws and county ordinances . There are many various reasons the shelter receives animals, among them are strays roaming at large, owner surrenders, nuisance, aggressive, and injured/sick in need of medical attention. Additional services include humane traps, welfare checks, adoptions, and bite, cruelty and dangerous/vicious investigations .

4451 Pine Forest Rd. Milton, FL 32583 850.983.4680

The shelter’s adoption center offers many different sizes, ages, and breeds of dogs and cats that have been temperament tested, heartworm tested, booster shots given, and de-wormed by the kennel staff. Every year the shelter strives to increase the number of pets that find homes by expanding the website,, to include information and pictures of what is available for adoption and also by utilizing the Partners for Pets Fund by having the adoption animals spayed and neutered. Santa Rosa County Animal Services front office is open to the public Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. for redemptions, stray drop-offs, and owner surrenders. Adoption kennel hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Animal control officers are on duty in different shifts Monday through Friday 6:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. There is an on call officer at night and on weekends 24 hours a day that can be reached for emergencies through the Emergency Operation Center at 850-983-5372. FISCAL YEAR 2013/2014 STATISTICS Total adoptions | 571


Animals transferred to rescue | 284 Animal control officer responses | 7,206 Bite investigations | 661 Animals in shelter | 6,593 Animals returned to owner | 641

• • • • •

Continued on Page 27... 26


PUBLIC SERVICES Animal Services (continued) FISCAL YEAR 2013/2014 Highlights •

On Friday, Sept. 26, 2014, the Florida Department of Health in Santa Rosa County and Santa Rosa Animal Control hosted the third drive through rabies vaccination clinic for dogs and cats in observance of World Rabies Day. Between two local veterinarians, ARK Animal Hospital & Pace Vet Clinic, 222 animals, 183 canines and 39 felines, were vaccinated against rabies.

September 2014, animal services was approved and received its fourth Florida Animal Friend Grant in the amount of $25,000 for the low income, low cost spay/neuter program to be offered to the citizens of Santa Rosa County for up to two of their personal pets to altered for a $20 copay.

In November 2013, Officer Johnnie Elmore and September 2014, Officer Will Hale attended the FACA Animal Control Course in Panama City, FL for one week to become certified animal control officers.

• The animal services volunteer program was reorganized in March 2014 to add more duties for volunteers, with added safeguards, such as walkie talkies & neon vests. The program continues to offer flexible hours with an opportunity for the volunteers to interact with the animals as well as learning the daily tasks involved in running the shelter. Continued Partnerships Animal services continues to partnership with different businesses and organizations throughout the county. •

This fiscal year there were 109 dog and cat adoptions through partnering with Petsmart.

Mediacom continued their support for the seventh year by airing monthly videos on channel 27 of individual pets taped at the shelter to promote adoption by showing each pet’s personality and history.

Through the Healthy Pet Program, local veterinarians alternated to donate one to two hours of their time per week to evaluate shelter animals who needed medical attention.

The shelter continued to work with animal Rescues all over Florida and other states in transferring animals to find homes that may not be adoptable through the shelter due to health, breed, or special needs.



November 3, 2013 marked the 10th year the shelter has had its mascot, a Russian blue short hair cat named Newton. He has been a pleasure to have at the shelter with his outgoing personality and his ability to make friends with visitors, both two and four legged. Photos top to bottom: Pigs and Rooster by Cheryl Powell, Bird at Riverwalk by Darliene Stanhope, Horse by Jennifer Floyd, Cardinal, Goat and Baby Goats by Cheryl Powell 2013/2014 SANTA ROSA COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT


PUBLIC SERVICES Development Services The Santa Rosa County Development Services Center is a multifunction office responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of the Land Development Code, Florida Building Code and other local regulations. The department administers a variety of services, such as plan review, inspections, code compliance, floodplain management, planning, and zoning. Our goal is to provide accurate, consistent and timely plan reviews, land use and zoning reviews, inspections, uniform enforcement of the code and overall customer service in an objective and helpful manner using reasonable judgment to assure compliance with local regulation and state laws. DEVELOPMENT REVIEW The development review section evaluates and processes all development proposals throughout the county to ensure compliance with applicable state and local regulations. There is a project management approach to development review and inspections. Part of the role is to ensure compliance with development regulations, staff closely monitors and coordinates development project activities during all phases of project review and construction in order to help customers anticipate, prepare, and respond to issues that may arise. Communication is key to superior customer service and we take responsibility for all communication and coordination necessary to guide our customers through the development review and inspection process. FISCAL YEAR 2013/2014 HIGHLIGHTS

Development services

Performed a total of 9,205 plan reviews

Conducted 87 pre-application meetings with new customers

Performed 33 commercial zoning reviews

Received 48 new commercial site plans

Issued 40 development orders

Reviewed 57 coastal construction applications

Performed five subdivision reviews

Assisted with and approved five owner-developer site plan reviews

Conducted weekly project management meetings

Added 169 new commercial projects to our project manager program GoBiz

6051 Old Bagdad Hwy. Milton, FL 32583 850.981.7000 developmentservices@ developmentservices

PERMIT SERVICES The permit services section is responsible for permit application intake, permit approval coordination and issuance of permits in accordance with the approved plans and/or intended construction work and development orders. This past year has shown continuation of strong permit activity, including several new multi-family projects and the start of two new major industrial projects. Customers are encouraged to contact our office prior to commencing any work that may require a permit. The main office is located in Milton and is open five days a week from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The second office is located in the south end of the county and is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 2 p.m. Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights • Issued a total of 14,812 permits -Building | 5689 -Electrical | 4365 -Mechanical | 1884 -Plumbing | 2184 -Gas | 585 -*Life Safety | 105 *Holley Navarre Fire Department took over life safety permits within their fire district January 1, 2013. 28


Permits Issued FY 2013/2014

Building Electrical Mechanical Plumbing Gas Life Safety

Continued on Page 29...

PUBLIC SERVICES Development Services (continued) INSPECTION SERVICES Inspection services administers and enforces the building codes by performing building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, gas, fire and zoning inspections. Inspections are performed at various times during construction to ensure the structure, development and site are consistent with the approved plans and meet the minimum requirements of the Florida Building Code and local regulation. During the fiscal year, the inspection services team performed over 30,000 inspections. Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights •

Performed a total of 156 life safety/fire prevention periodic inspections of existing commercial structures

Performed a total of 34,048 construction related inspections compared to the previous year of 31,694

Hired a site inspector to fill an existing vacancy. Site inspections are being performed early in the development phase in order to prevent problems before construction begins.



As of March 1, 2002, the Florida Building Code went into effect and is updated every three years. The 2013 edition is set to go into effect June 20, 2015.

FLOOD MANAGEMENT Floodplain management assists customers in meeting the minimum flood requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program, Florida Building Code and Land Development Code and is responsible for making flood determinations, issuing floodplain development permits, and maintaining elevation certificates. Santa Rosa County also participates in the National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System which is a voluntary incentive program that recognizes and encourages community floodplain management activities that exceed the minimum NFIP requirements. As a result of Santa Rosa County’s participation in the program, flood insurance premium rates were discounted to reflect the reduced flood risk to properties due to Santa Rosa County being a CRS Class 5 community.



In the past five years, all 50 states have experienced floods or flash floods. -Source:

• Class 5 provides a 25 percent premium reduction on flood insurance for properties located within special flood hazard areas. • Class 5 provides a 10 percent premium reduction on flood insurance for properties outside of special flood hazard areas.

Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights •

Issued 23 flood development permits

Assisted local mitigation strategy task force on four grant applications to elevate existing flood prone structures

Participated in BRACE Youth Emergency Preparedness Day Expo

Chosen in June 2014 to participate in the High Water Mark Initiative


Addressing for both residential and commercial development is handled at the development services center for the purpose of providing proper implementation, administration, enforcement, and maintenance of the county’s uniform property numbering system in order to ensure street addresses are being issued in a systematic and logical approach and that each residential or business location has a unique address. A total of 2,532 new addresses were assigned.

The zoning division assists customers with the land development code questions and zoning approvals. A total of 6,038 customers were assisted and 1,511 zoning reviews were performed. Continued on Page 30... 2013/2014 SANTA ROSA COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT


PUBLIC SERVICES Development Services (continued)


ZONING BOARD The zoning board hears all requests for re-zonings, future land map amendments, variances, conditional uses, special exceptions and changes to the land development code and comprehensive plan. The board meets once a month and heard 115 cases during the fiscal year compared to 123 total cases last fiscal year. Of the cases heard, 24 were for rezoning and the remaining 91 were comprised of conditional uses, special exceptions and variance cases.

6051 Old Bagdad Hwy. Suite 201 Milton, FL 32583 850.981.7076

CODE COMPLIANCE Code compliance investigates violations of the Florida building code, Santa Rosa County land development code and other ordinances adopted by the board of county commissioners. This fiscal year, code compliance received 651 new cases of complaint. Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights • Abated 10 properties, razed two structures • Closed 184 cases • Issued 14 citations • Consolidated the building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical boards into one seven member board called the Building Code Board of Adjustments and Appeals • Contractor licensing - 82 sponsorship applications completed, 32 letters of reciprocity written, 26 letters of exam verifications written for state certified grandfathering

Code Compliance Unlicensed Contr. Registered Contr. Certified Contr. Building Violation Abatements Erosion Control Kudzu Violation Address Violation Noise Violation Sign Violation Zoning Violation


5 13 15 23



0 1 6



427 100





Housing program efforts focus on utilizing state and federal funding to improve housing conditions and to increase home ownership opportunities for low and moderate income families. During the past fiscal year, 50 families were assisted and $503,000 was invested to support affordable housing initiatives. Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights • Florida’s State Housing Initiatives Partnership, or more commonly known as the SHIP Program, awarded: -Down payment and closing cost assistance to 14 families to help with the purchase of their first home -Assistance with rehabilitation work to address safety and sanitary issues and building code violations for 13 low income homeowners •

 ousing Urban Development partnership Initiative through the H Escambia Consortium was expanded to include home buyer assistance in addition to rehabilitation work. -A total of three low-income rehab/reconstruction projects were completed. -A total of 22 low-income home buyers were assisted with down payment and closing costs.

Fair housing activities were held throughout the year to share information on housing rights. The policy of Santa Rosa County is to promote through fair, orderly and lawful procedure the opportunity for each person to obtain housing of their choice, without regard to race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, familial status, handicap, or age. 30


PUBLIC SERVICES Transportation & Long Range Planning Long range planning and transportation are tasked with looking at the long term growth of the county. Staff works with residents as well as local, regional and state agencies in planning for the future. It consists of providing a safe, cost effective, and functional transportation system for all residents of and visitors to Santa Rosa County that appropriately balances access and mobility needs.

transportation & long range planning 6051 Old Bagdad Hwy. Suite 201 Milton, FL 32583 850.981.7082

Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights •

Coordinated with the Florida Department of Transportation on the U.S. 90 safety study.

Obtained a grant to purchase four replacement vehicles to provide door-to-door community transportation service.

Managed grant and local funds to provide door-to-door community transportation service in the rural areas of the county.

• Obtained state funding to construct a pedestrian overpass in Navarre to get citizens over U.S. 98. •

Submitted a Transportation Regional Incentive Program grant to the Florida Department of Transportation to request funding for a Navarre community access road study.

Submitted nine transportation alternative program applications to the Florida Department of Transportation for sidewalk projects throughout the county.

Participated in the Escambia/Santa Rosa Community Traffic Safety Team.

Participated in the Florida – Alabama Transportation Planning Organization and the U.S. 98 Corridor Authority planning processes.

• Served with the team that operates Vets to VA Clinics, a shuttle service for Santa Rosa County veterans in need of transportation to the Veterans Affairs Clinic in Escambia County. •

Prepared, adopted, and implemented the Title VI Plan as required by state and federal law.

Published the annual utility report to include projections for future water and sewer demand.

• Received a grant from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity to create a bicycle and pedestrian plan for South Santa Rosa County.

Photos top to bottom: Sunset by Scott Markel, Road by Cheryl Powell, Indian Ford Road Bridge by Tammy Simmons, Sunset by Prudence Caskey, Flowers by Aleta Floyd 2013/2014 SANTA ROSA COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT


PUBLIC SERVICES Veterans Services The mission of Veterans Services is to assist eligible veterans and their families in obtaining Veterans Affairs benefits. These benefit claims include disability compensation, pension, death/burial benefits, education, medical expenses, housing, and auto grants and appeals. County staff assists navigating through VA paperwork, requested forms and other military-related issues. Veterans Services also provides assistance with State of Florida benefits such as homestead tax exemption letters and Florida ID cards for veterans that are one hundred percent permanently and totally disabled. Santa Rosa County is home to 23,143 veterans, which is 15 percent of the population. Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights •

Served 6,490 veterans and 2,327 family members

 ore than $2.6 million was awarded to veterans and M family members

Filed 338 new claims/customers for VA benefits

Processed 3,249 letters of correspondence

 rocessed 3,245 copies of newsletters for a veteran service P organization

 ersonnel conducted 21 house calls, four ALF/nursing P home visits and one funeral home visit to assist veterans and surviving spouses

Outreach actions: - Seven events throughout Santa Rosa County - Six visits to Santa Rosa Correctional Institute for 60 incarcerated veterans

Referred veterans for VA Homeless Grant Program

Participated in Vets to VA Transportation Program

 articipated in the following: Veterans Day Parade and P Ceremony, Veterans Local Network Meetings, Vet Center Tour, Congressman Miller’s Open House, Military Update at NAS Whiting Field

Commissioners designated Santa Rosa County a Purple Heart county in August

Employees continue to provide excellent customer service indicated by clients’ comments and thank you cards

veterans services 6051 Old Bagdad Hwy. Suite 204 Milton, FL 32583 850.981.7155 South Santa Rosa Service Center 5841 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. Gulf Breeze, FL 32563 850.981.7110

Flower photos by Aleta Floyd



PUBLIC SERVICES Emergency Management

emergency management

Because disasters start locally, county emergency management agencies have a vital role in preparation for, response to and recovery from disasters – both natural and man-made. While emergency management cannot predict what situations will occur, they can prepare by identifying area risks, developing plans and procedures, maintaining prevention programs, identifying resources, and training and educating the community.

4499 Pine Forest Road Milton, FL 32583 850.983.5360 emergencymanagement@

Year-round Responsibilities: •

Emergency and disaster operations planning

Threat and hazards analysis

Emergency response coordination

Coordination of fire/rescue and EMS system

Promote community involvement

Hazardous materials coordination

Training, drills and exercises

Promote multi-organization participation

One of the primary responsibilities of emergency management is developing and maintaining a comprehensive emergency management plan that is the framework which Santa Rosa County prepares for, responds to, recovers from, and mitigates the effects of a wide variety of disasters, regardless of cause, size or complexity. This plan is continuously being reviewed for updates and modifications. In accordance with Florida Statute 252, this plan is reviewed by the Florida Division of Emergency Management every four years. Fiscal year 2013/2014 was an interesting year for emergency management. In January winter storm Leon brought cold and wet conditions to the panhandle. This provided many challenges as Florida is more equipped to deal with hurricanes. Frozen roadways and prolonged sub-freezing temperatures caused government offices, schools and businesses to shut down for several days. Then the county faced historical flash flooding at the end of April. During a short period of time, parts of the county received over 24 inches of rain. This caused homes to flood and roadways to wash out. Due to the wide spread significant damage from this event, Santa Rosa County received a Presidential Declaration as a disaster area. From freezing rain to flooded roadways, this past year has been challenging for staff and support agencies that work in the Emergency Operations Center.



Roads iced over after winter storm in january

damage caused by flash flooding in april

In order for local emergency management agencies to receive state and federal program monies, each agency has to complete several requirements developed by Florida Division of Emergency Management. Last year, Santa Rosa County emergency management received $263,775 in grant funds to support operational expenses, public awareness supplies and training and exercise costs.


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Continued on Page 34... 2013/2014 SANTA ROSA COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT


PUBLIC SERVICES Emergency Management (continued)


Emergency Management launched a new easyto-use, mobile friendly website in 2014. Found at the same address of emergency, the site offers residents access to valuable information on disaster preparedness, response, recovery, mitigation and community programs.


Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights •

Activated Emergency Operations Center three times

Twenty-four school safety site visits

Thirty-seven hazard analysis of local businesses with extremely hazardous chemicals

Held one shelter in place training

Received “Safe Communities” designation

Performed 44 emergency plan reviews

F orty-three community CPR courses training more than 237 participants

• Three first responder courses training 63 participants

• Ninety-eight CPR/AED/first aid courses training more than 1,456 participants •

Twenty-two first aid courses training more than 372 participants

Performed COOP exercise

Tactical combat casualty care class

Pensacola airport exercise

S ix Community Emergency Response Team courses including Teen CERT at three high schools

Annual emergency operations center training

Upgraded to web-based notification system

Emergency Communications and Enhanced 9-1-1 Total number of calls answered | 118,081

Fire Department

9-1-1 Calls Received | 65,418 Administrative Calls Received | 52,663

• •

Fire and Rescue The fire service is comprised of 15 departments. Each district has a board of directors which is responsible for district funds. Fire department personnel consists of 65 career firefighters and more than 160 volunteer firefighters who responded to 14,547 calls last year.

Allentown Avalon-Mulat Bagdad Berrydale East Milton City of Gulf Breeze Harold Holley Navarre Jay/Town of Jay Midway City of Milton Munson Navarre Beach Pace Skyline

Tax Designation MSBU Legislative MSBU MSBU MSBU Municipality

Annual Calls 243 668 533 136 931 838

ISO Rating 5/9 5/9 5/9 6/9 6/9 4

MSBU Legislative MSBU Legislative Municipality MSBU Special MSBU MSBU

137 2,645 320 2,069 1,540 145 259 2,766 1,317

6/9 4/4 7/9 3 6 7/9 5 6/9 5/9

Berrydale Volunteer Fire Department celebrated 40 years of service in September and received a Congressional Record from Congressman Jeff Miller’s office for their dedication to the community over the years. Established in October 1974 with Holley Phillips as chief, the fire department had only one truck that was purchased for $300. Over the years, Berrydale Volunteer Fire Department has responded to thousands of calls in Santa Rosa County and now has 12 volunteer firefighters, a tanker, pumper and rescue truck. Continued on Page 35... 34


PUBLIC SERVICES Emergency Management (continued) Emergency Medical Services The county has a ‘no subsidy’ contract with Lifeguard Ambulance Service. Santa Rosa County uses a tiered response system consisting of certified emergency medical dispatchers, medically trained first responders, advanced life support ambulance crews and a dedicated medical director. The complimentary skills and expertise of each partner and their desire to provide the public with optimal patient care creates a successful, high performance emergency medical service system. Giving Back to the Community The emergency communications center/911 personnel are active in our community with many volunteering their time with community organizations. In the spring of 2014, the emergency communications center/911 staff Lifeguard’s new air ambulance, lg-1 presented the Santa Rosa County School District with a 9-1-1 Awareness Education program for first graders. The pilot program worked with three schools and was deemed a big success. In August 2014, Team Coordinator Rick Schuster met with the Santa Rosa County School District Coordinator to implement a county-wide program. The focus of this program was to educate the students on when to call 9-1-1, learning their address and phone number, staying calm and what to tell the dispatcher. It was also a great opportunity to interact with the students and help ease the fear of dialing 9-1-1 when an emergency is presented. The emergency communications center continues to deliver CPR and first aid programs to area high schools and community organizations in conjunction with Santa Rosa County Emergency Management.



You can look up which fire district you live in and the closest fire hydrant to your home at

Firefighters work to put out a car fire

Pace CERT at the november 2013 farm share

Multi-agency lifeguard training on navarre beach



PUBLIC SERVICES Emergency Management (continued) Jake Carter Selected as the Florida 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator of the Year Jake Carter, Santa Rosa County Emergency Communication Specialist I, is the Florida 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator of the Year for 2014. This award honors a dispatcher for outstanding effort in processing a Florida medical emergency call. The annual program by the Florida Department of Health, Emergency Medical Services with the Emergency Medicine Learning & Resource Center recognizes outstanding Florida EMS organizations and individuals who make a positive impact on local EMS throughout the state. Dispatcher Jake Carter was selected as the Florida 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator of the Year for a call he answered in November 2013 from a residence in Pace. Carter was able to determine that the patient was not responding and his breathing was ineffective. He immediately provided the caller with CPR instructions until the responders arrived on scene. Nine days later an email was received from the EMS Coordinator at West Florida Hospital stating that the patient was awake and alert.

jake carter

“By utilizing his training, Jake was able to act as a true first ‘first responder,’ and was able to provide the caller with pre-arrival CPR instruction for eight minutes until the law enforcement, EMS and fire personnel arrived on scene,” said Rick Schuster, Assistant E-911 Coordinator and Quality Assurance/ Training Coordinator.

Frozen orange by Cheryl Powell, Waterspout by Tony Gomillion, Flood damage photo provided by Public Works, Icy blueberry farm by Sabrina Brown 36


PUBLIC WORKS The public works department is made up of four divisions: road and bridge, parks, administrative services and building maintenance. The public works department as a whole serves residents by developing and maintaining infrastructure relevant to roads, parks and county buildings. A major emphasis is placed on providing excellent service in a cost-effective manner to enhance the quality of life for our county residents and visitors. Each division’s goal is professionalism, providing great customer service, and continually seeking ways to improve services. The public works department is the largest department under the authority of the board of county commissioners.

public works 6075 Old Bagdad Hwy. Milton, FL 32583 850.626.0191

Building Maintenance The building maintenance department provides maintenance, repair and renovation in all county owned buildings, rental buildings and county parks. The department also handles mechanical services, custodial and lawn maintenance duties.

Building shelves

The facilities that are maintained include the county courthouse, administrative offices, libraries, emergency operations center, health departments and several other office buildings. An additional responsibility of the department is scheduling and preparing for events in the county auditorium. Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights

building maintenance 4530 Spike’s Way Milton, FL 32583 850.623.1569 building-maintenance@

New roof on Gulf Breeze Library

 emolition and restoration to Midway D health department

Renovation of playground equipment at Benny Russell Park

 ainting and remodeling of property P appraiser’s office

Completed 1,387 work orders

Repairs at administration building

Installing new doors

installing new hardware


Putting together custom shelves




parks department

Santa Rosa County parks offer a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities for all ages including sports programs, camping, picnicking, boating, fishing and wildlife observation. Our parks offer year-round recreation for the whole family. The parks department maintains 13 recreational parks with athletic fields, one covered and two open horse arenas, 24 boat ramps, 12 basketball courts, two dog park locations, 23 playgrounds, nine tennis courts, and five community centers. Maintenance of these facilities includes mowing, fertilization, herbicide applications, trash removal, and repair of fences, playground equipment, piers, and boat ramps. The parks and building maintenance departments perform all maintenance in the county recreational parks, horse arenas, boat ramps, passive parks and neighborhood parks. The parks department has eight employees who routinely maintain 66 parks with over 500 acres.

6075 Old Bagdad Hwy. Milton, FL 32570 850.983.1940

Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights •

Annual maintenance of playground, including resealing lumber, replenishing surface material, replacing play helicopter and some fence enclosures with plastic composite lumber | Benny Russell Park

Reconstructed rail system on fishing pier | Simpson River Fishing Pier

Continued progress toward opening site to community | Bagdad Mill Site

Ribbon cutting Dec. 13, 2013 | June Ates Arena

Boating signs | Oyster Pile Boat Ramp

Community center sign | Bagdad Community Center

Refurbished/renewed inside of fountain | Veteran’s Memorial Plaza

Purchased security system | Veteran’s Memorial Plaza

Renovated interior of cafeteria and purchased portable concession trailer | Fidelis Community Center & Park

Placed a playground and pavilion adjacent to Pace Community Center to supplement events and completely rebuilt both stairways to PARA boardroom | Santa Rosa Sportsplex

Provided aid for upkeep/maintenance of city parks | Town of Jay

Replaced one play feature in splash pad, placed new fence around splash pad, replaced several play components on play structure and purchased a new swing bay to add two special needs swings | Navarre Park

Refreshed exterior by pressure washing, priming and painting | Navarre Visitors Center

Annual aid | Navarre Sports Complex

Replaced all benches due to weather corrosion with recycled plastic benches | Bal Alex, Oriole Beach and Woodlawn Beach Boat Ramps, Sandpiper Village, Swenson and Villa Venyce Parks

Purchased additional safety netting, purchased new soccer goals and SAF coat to replenish ball fields and striped parking lot | Tiger Point Park

Upgraded playground equipment in tot-lot | Swenson Park

Ribbon cutting Dec. 2, 2013 | Tiger Point Community Center

spraying weeds


one love florida volunteers at benny russell park


maintaining ball fields

PUBLIC WORKS Road & Bridge

road & bridge

The road and bridge department maintains more than 1,400 miles of paved roads and approximately 100 miles of dirt roads. Roadway maintenance includes road paving and resurfacing, dirt road grading, drainage work, bridge repair, road shoulder repair, roadside mowing, brush removal, retention pond maintenance, sign installation and repair, litter removal, traffic signal maintenance, stormwater pumping station maintenance, roadway lighting maintenance and numerous other services. The department utilizes four inmate crews to perform manual labor tasks in order to perform such tasks in a cost effective manner.

6075 Old Bagdad Hwy. Milton, FL 32570 850.626.0191

New construction projects undertaken by road & bridge include bridges, sidewalks, boat ramps, fishing piers and parking lots. Utilization of skilled road & bridge personnel are more cost effective in completing such projects in lieu of contracting. A demanding workload is met by using innovative strategies such as smaller and more specialized work crews to enhance the quantity and quality of work performed. Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights •

Resurfaced 36.4 miles of roadways

Paved 2.7 miles of dirt roads

Sanded bridges and roadways to keep roads open during the January 2014 ice storm

Resurfaced Munson Highway from north of S.R. 4 to the Florida- Alabama state line utilizing a Small County Outreach Program grant from FDOT for 75 percent of the funding

Sanding icy bridge

• Repaired a severe road wash-out on the following roads that was caused by the April 2014 flooding event: - East Bay Boulevard - Sherwood Drive - Holley Club Drive •

Repaired severe ditch erosion on Chumuckla Highway and Munson Highway that were caused by the April 2014 flooding event

Repaired erosion on numerous roads and retention ponds that were caused by the April 2014 flooding event

Rebuilt the Wolfe Creek and Bass Brinks bridges on Springhill Road and repaired eight other bridges

Completed 3,233 work orders

maintaining road shoulder

• Continued construction of a concrete multi-purpose path on East Bay Boulevard • Worked with engineering consultant to identify projects for potential RESTORE funding from BP oil spill disaster •

Made substantial progress on the site work at the Bagdad Mill Site Park

• Installed a storm drain in a major ditch on Lido Boulevard in the Villa Venyce Subdivision •

Coordinated with Grants Department, citizen groups and contractor for completion of second phase of the U.S. 98 median beautification project that is funded with a FDOT grant

Coordinated with Engineering Department to begin a major storm drain replacement project on Pine Blossom Road

Resolved numerous drainage problems throughout the county

Working on county vehicle

Background: Sunrise by Scott Markel 2013/2014 SANTA ROSA COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT


PUBLIC WORKS Administrative Services The Santa Rosa County Administrative Services Department provides administration for county owned parks, airplane hangars at Peter Prince Field, road/plat vacation request, county record management compliance and various other services utilizing two full-time employees.

administrative services 6075 Old Bagdad Hwy Milton, FL 32570 850.983.1940 adminservices@


Issued 417 work orders for park related issues - up 30 percent from last year

Processed 748 reservations for use of various park facilities

Received $41,196 in park reservations revenue

Managed agreements with hosts/sports organizations and caretakers

• Assisted in the planning of future projects, renovations and expansion •

Performed background screenings on volunteers associated with sports programming (2852 active volunteers)

Worked with grants department to identify grant opportunities for parks

Took inventory of park facilities and physical equipment

Maintained parks webpage

Peter Prince Field •

Provided administrative functions for 100 airplane hangars with 98 to 100 percent occupancy - Hangar agreement management and compliance - Biannual hangar inspections - Processing of 147 work orders for repair and maintenance issues during the fiscal year - Staff member to Aviation Advisory Board with administrative functions including writing of meeting minutes during official proceedings

Performed research, surveys, reports, policy, and more on airport related issues

• Coordinated and managed the following volunteer projects: - Volunteers from “One Love Florida,” a partnership of local churches and businesses who seek out projects to better the communities of Milton, Pace and Pensacola, applied elastic, plastic and lasting, or EPL, to wood surfaces April 17, 2014 at the Benny Russell Park - Worked with four scout troops to accomplish their goals; two scouts receive their eagle badge - Sam’s Club/Wal-Mart Foundation volunteered 170 hours within county parks and donated $1,000 toward future park projects - A UWF graduate completed her internship assisting in the parks department updating the county park webpage and the district park manuals, which identifies all parks within a voting district and their attributes

Vacation and annulment of plats subdividing land and/or public road rights-of-way •

Vacation requests consist of street, alleyway, road, subdivision, portion of subdivision, easements, setback lines, and more

basketball at santa villa park

• Various county departments are utilized in the vacation process Record Management Compliance •

Approved and reported to state destruction of 90.03 cubic feet of records for fiscal year 2012-2013. Report due to state by Dec. 31 of each year

Responsible for control room, control room operators and distribution of media produced from county meetings 40


Peter Prince Field

Photos provided by Tammy Simmons

PUBLIC INFORMATION & NEWS The public information office is responsible for coordinating county communications and releasing accurate and timely information to Santa Rosa County residents, the media and board of county commissioners’ employees. The office is tasked with the organization of seasonal campaigns, managing crisis and disaster related information, as well as the day-to-day management of internal and external communication strategies. The PIO provides services similar to those provided by a full-service communications agency, focusing on heightening awareness of the county’s mission, programs, policies, initiatives and services offered by its 23 divisions. The county public information officer works in the field during emergencies and is available to the media 24/7.

public information office 4499 Pine Forest Rd. Milton, FL 32583 850.983.5254


Responded to over 300 media and resident requests for information and interviews.

• Managed county informational tools including: - Issuing more than 200 press releases and media advisories - Managing the county’s Twitter accounts with over 500 “tweets” from the handles @SRCBOCC and @SRCEDO. - Launching and managing the emergency management Facebook account - Worked with computer staff to keep county website up-to-date and participated in the redesign of the library and emergency management sites. - Created and managed distribution of county publications including the 2012/2013 Annual Report to the Citizens, Disaster Preparedness Guide, economic development marketing material, commission district, employee, development services and economic development newsletters; and other informational web based and printed pieces. •

Provided copy writing, design, media training and other communications support to county departments.

Responded on-scene to fires, accidents, and weather events to support media and staff.

Organized and/or assisted county and state organizations with special events.

town hall meeting

board meeting photography

Publications October 2014

Santa Rosa County District 5 Newsletter

Contact: Joy Tsubooka, Public Information Officer (850) 983-5254, (850) 393-8304 Cell

A Message From Your Commissioner

Home for the Holidays Pet Adoption Event District 5 Santa Rosa County Animal Services is hosting “Home for the Holidays,” a special reduced cost adoption event Commissioner Thursday, Dec. 18 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the shelter located at 4451 Pine Forest Road in Milton. All dog and cat Lane Lynchard adoptions are only $20 and include a voucher for a free spay or neuter if the animal is not already altered. Contact

Those wishing to adopt a new pet and who currently have pets at home should bring proof of rabies vaccination forCaroline Street 6495 Suite M each animal. Pets on leashes with current rabies tag attached are welcome and encouraged to ensure the best adoption Milton, FL 32570 match for your family. For more information call Santa Rosa County Animal Services at (850) 983-4680.

FISCAL YEAR 2012/2013

Updates, notifications and alerts are available by e-mail or text messaging during an emergency. To subscribe to this free public service, visit

Santa Rosa County Hurricane Tracking Chart



Phone: (850) 983-1877 WK


The fall season is upon us, and it is a great time to explore all that Santa Rosa County has to offer. The annual Beaches to Woodlands events are getting underway. With more than 40 events to enjoy, there is sure to be something for everyone, including the corn maze honoring two-time Masters Champion Bubba Watson. As we approach the November election, it is important for all voters to educate themselves on the proposed Judicial Center/Courthouse. Our current courthouse was built in 1927, when the population of Santa Rosa County was fewer than 14,000 people. We now have over 160,000 residents! More information is inside this newsletter, and meetings will be held throughout the county leading up to the November decision, including two in October in the south end of the county: •

Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 6 p.m. – Navarre Visitor Center, 8543 Navarre Pkwy. in Navarre

Monday, Oct. 20 at 6 p.m. – Tiger Point Community Center, 1370 Tiger Park Ln. in Gulf Breeze

E-mail: comm-lynchard@

We have started having regular quarterly meetings of both the Board of County Commissioners and the Planning and Zoning Board in the Tiger Point Community Center. Please visit the county website,, for a schedule of meetings.

Fax: (850) 983-1856

It is an honor and privilege to serve as your county commissioner for District 5 in Santa Rosa County. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you have. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable fall.


Navarre Beach Pier

Dec. 10, 2014 #141210-HOME

Lane Lynchard District 5 Commissioner

Highway 98 Beautification Project To receive this or other Santa Rosa County publications automatically via e-mail, please sign up at: For those without internet access, call (850) 983-1877 to receive a copy through the mail.


Supporting a Growing Community











Interview Coordination

At 1,545 feet long and 30 feet above the water, the pier offers fun for the whole family. Visitors can rent a fishing pole at the privately operated bait & tackle shop or enjoy the breeze at the This beautification project is part of United Peninsula restaurant. Whether Association’s beautification efforts of U.S. Hwy. 98 outdoor from Naval Live Oaks on the western end to the Okaloosa County line you are an experienced angler on the east. The medians will be maintained by the UPA in partnerships with the HOA’s and businesses along U.S. Hwy. 98. for world-class fishing, looking it’s your first time to wet a hook, October 2014 or you want the perfect spot for spectacular views of the sunset, the Navarre Beach Pier is the place to be year-round.

Drop your line or take a stroll on the longest pier in Florida & the Gulf of Mexico

Santa Rosa County Public Information ▪ 4499 Pine Forest Road ▪ Milton, Florida ▪ 32583 ▪ (850) 983-5254 850.623.0174   6491 Caroline Street, Suite 4  Milton, Florida 32570-4592

Phase II of the Hwy. 98 beautification project was completed in August. The project headed by the United Peninsula Association includes roughly 1,800 feet of landscaping and irrigation improvements along a stretch of 3,500 feet of U.S. Hwy 98 from Bayshore Road to Sanibel Lane in greater Gulf Breeze. The medians were landscaped with 120 pots of Muhly Grass, 125 Saw Palmettos, 360 Loropetalum and 30 Crape Myrtles. The project was funded with an FDOT Landscape Program Fund grant in the amount of $60,000 with assistance from District 5 recreation funds. The work was provided by Piney Grove Nursery and Landscaping at a cost of $75,477.

Navarre Beach Pier | 8579 Gulf Blvd. Navarre Beach, FL 32566 (850) 710-3721



Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners @SRCBOCC

Landfill media tour



VETERANS MEMORIAL PLAZA Veterans Memorial Plaza is dedicated to the men and women of our country who have served in the military armed forces. The location consists of statues to commemorate branches of the military and the memory of the fallen military soldiers. The memorial plaza is located near the riverwalk in Downtown Milton. Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights veterans memorial plaza 5191C Willing St. Milton, FL 32570 850.626.7292 vetmemorial@


 eterans Day, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July ceremonies were all V conducted at Veterans Memorial Plaza

Assisted two veterans in the repair of their A/C units

• Two wheelchair ramps were built to meet the accessibility needs of veterans • Placed 111 bricks in the Veterans Memorial Plaza in honor of the veterans •

Participated in the Vets to VA program. The Vets to VA Clinics program provides scheduled shuttle service for Santa Rosa County veterans in need of transportation assistance to the VA clinic in Pensacola for health care. Vets to VA began service in November 2012 after Operation Connect Vet, which provided a similar service, was suspended in May 2010 due to lack of funds. There are currently 67 veterans signed up for the program.

Held three memorial services at the Veterans Memorial Plaza


COUNTY EXTENSION UF/IFAS extension is the county’s access to research-based information developed through the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Educational programs are conducted for county citizens in the areas of agriculture, horticulture, family and consumer sciences, natural resources, marine interest, and 4-H youth development. This year was the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Smith-Lever Act, which established the Cooperative Extension Service. This legislation created a unique educational partnership between federal, state and county governments. The partnership extends the research-based knowledge of land-grant universities into communities through a network of extension educators and trained volunteers. The following services are provided to the public: classes, computer networking, consultations, demonstrations, educational materials, field days, meetings and workshops. Experts have developed and reviewed all Santa Rosa County extension educational programs to ensure that citizens’ needs are fulfilled and that they receive accurate, relevant and helpful information.

county extension 6263 Dogwood Dr. Milton, FL 32570 850.623.3868 5259 Booker Ln. Jay, FL 32565 county-extension@

FISCAL YEAR 2013/2014 Highlights •

A total of 200 local officials and area citizens participated in the 48th Annual Santa Rosa County Farm Tour where they learned firsthand the importance of agriculture and forestry in the county and the issues facing local farmers. The day- long tour featured the county’s peanut industry and honored the Jimmy Ward family as “Farm Family of the Year.”

The “Northwest Florida Agricultural Innovator of the Year” program, conducted by UF/IFAS Extension and Farm Credit of Northwest Florida, recognized 12 farmers and ranchers across the panhandle for their outstanding agricultural innovation. Ray, Wanda, and Will Davis of Clear Creek Farms were chosen as Santa Rosa County’s Agricultural Innovators for 2014 and honored at a special ceremony in Monticello.

Conducted the Northwest District “Extension Beekeeping in the Panhandle” course for the third year with 14 other Florida counties. The course consisted of four interactive video sessions and a county bee-yard field day. The team effort taught advanced topics to more than 240 new and existing beekeepers, including 40 local residents.

• More than seventy farmers and agri-business representatives participated in the third annual “Multi- State Sprayer Rodeo” workshops at four locations (Santa Rosa and Escambia County in Florida and Escambia and Baldwin County in Alabama). Hands-on training allowed farm sprayer operators to accurately calibrate their large- boom sprayers for the crop season. •

One hundred growers and industry representatives participated in the 2014 Extension Farm Field Day at the West Florida Research and Education Center. Attendees evaluated variety and pest management demonstrations in peanuts, cotton, soybeans and biofuel crops.

More than 1,236 residents attended educational presentations and hands-on activity driven field days on coastal issues and marine resources. Continued on Page 44...

Bee photo by Blake Thaxton, 4-H Day Camp photo by Lacie Whitted 2013/2014 SANTA ROSA COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT


COUNTY EXTENSION Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights • Green Industry – Best Management Practices training and certification was provided to 26 local landscapers with 100 percent of participants passing. This will allow the landscapers to apply for and obtain a fertilizer application license that became mandatory on Jan. 1, 2014. • An “Aquaponics 101”workshop was held at the UF/IFAS WFREC in Allentown for over 45 attendees. The commercial horticulture and marine science agents, along with the Escambia County marine science agent and Auburn University personnel, taught the basics of aquaponics. • The Fall Tomato School hosted 30 small farmers and garden enthusiasts for an in depth look at tomato production for small farms. The four classes were spread over two months so the participants could see a live demonstration of tomato production at the UF/IFAS WFREC in Allentown. Lectures included specialist from Auburn University and the University of Florida. •

A team of UF/IFAS Extension Agents and UF/IFAS WFREC faculty worked together to secure a Specialty Crop Block Grant totaling $116,000. The grant funds will be used in 2015-2016 to study protected agriculture and help educate small farmers to market their produce locally.

• An Heirloom Tomato Cultivar trial was conducted in a high tunnel structure at the UF/IFAS WFREC in Allentown by extension. Seven heirloom cultivars were grown with one hybrid cultivar. The experiment yielded 1,300 pounds of tomatoes on 1/22nd of an acre. This study helps small farmers know which cultivars to grow and how they can be grown in protected structures. • Santa Rosa County Extension participated in a peanut butter drive with other counties across the panhandle and collected 589 pounds. The peanut butter was distributed at the annual Farm to City Day event which provided essentials for a Thanksgiving meal to 350 families. The remaining peanut butter was donated to local food pantries. • The marine agent offered the required training to eleven Santa Rosa County oyster harvesters. This training certifies that the harvesters have completed their annual Harvester Education Training, allowing them to harvest oysters from local harvesting areas. • Thirty-two adults participated in the coastal and uplands modules of the Florida Master Naturalist program and received training on local natural resources through classroom and field activities. Florida Master Naturalists contributed more than 236 volunteer hours to the marine science program. • A total of 138 residents learned the basics of vegetable gardening during three week sessions in the spring and fall. • The commercial horticulture agent and marine science agent partnered with Escambia county agents to expand the Naturally Escarosa project. The group updated the website The project promotes eco-agritourism business in the two county area. • 44


Santa Rosa County Master Gardeners and agents represented the county at the Epcot Annual Flower Festival at the “Ask an Expert Booth.” Continued on Page 45...

COUNTY EXTENSION Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Highlights • Santa Rosa County 4-H reached more than 5,500 youth through community clubs, school clubs and school enrichment programs. A wide variety of projects were offered to youth including new clubs in shooting sports, horse and poultry. 4-H has new clubs all over the county, from Jay to Navarre and everywhere in between. Teen leaders and adult volunteers assisted with the more than100 projects that 4-H has to offer. •

4-H worked closely with all extension agents to bring their specialty to the youth. Leaning on their expertise in livestock, agriculture, horticulture, entomology, marine science and nutrition education, our 4-H members benefited immensely from the affiliation through summer day camps, field days, and various other events.

A total of 1,359 fourth through sixth grade-students improved their public speaking and communication skills through participation in the annual 4-H Tropicana Public Speaking Program.

More than 100 youth participated in county, district and state contests, workshops and events focusing on the theme of “Learn by Doing.”

A total of 117 parents and caregivers learned to correctly install their car seats or boosters and many received new car seats for a donation through the Child Passenger Safety Program. Inspected car seats had an average of two to three errors per seat, some of which could cause severe injuries to children in a crash

A total of 2,192 children, family members, expectant or new parents, senior citizens and developmentally disabled adults received nutrition education to help them learn to eat more healthful foods, improve food safety and shopping practices and encourage them to become more physically active.

A total of 200 elementary students participated in a fruit and veggie challenge. Many students reported trying new fruits and vegetables and/or eating more produce due to the challenge.

Santa Rosa’s Home and Community Educator volunteers contributed approximately 1,500 volunteer hours teaching about nutrition and food preservation at a food basket event, making and distributing bibs and “fidget aprons” for nursing home residents, collecting donations for overseas mission trips, teaching simple crafts to parents of preschoolers and volunteering individually to meet other community needs.

Twelve new Master Gardeners were trained in 2014 raising the number of Santa Rosa County Master Gardener volunteers to 85. These dedicated volunteers worked 10,000 hours advising residents on Florida-friendly landscaping and teaching youth about horticulture. Master Gardeners presented 22 instructional programs to 873 residents. Two Master Gardener Volunteers celebrated 25 years of volunteer service to the county.

A total of 2,152 residents utilized the Master Gardener plant clinics in Milton, Jay and the South Service Center to obtain advice on their lawns, landscapes and gardens.

Nearly 14,000 visitors enjoyed the Panhandle Butterfly House, including visitors from 48 states and 9 foreign countries. Over 2,000 attended the Annual Monarch Madness Butterfly Festival in October and 500 monarch butterflies were tagged and released in conjunction with Monarch Watch at the University of Kansas. Seventy volunteers contributed over 5,000 volunteer hours to make it possible.

Eight 7th grade classes at Woodlawn Heights Middle School received six interactive horticulture trainings on butterflies, invasive plant species, plant identification, birds, composting and plant propagation.



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Disclaimer: The GIS maps and data distributed by the Santa Rosa County BOCC departments are derived from a variety of public and private sector sources considered to be dependable, but the accuracy, completeness, and currency thereof are not guaranteed. The Santa Rosa County Commission makes no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness, currency, reliability, or suitability for any particular purpose of information or data contained in or generated from the County Geographic Databa se. Additionally, the Santa Rosa Commission or any agent, servant, or employee thereof assume no liability associated with the use of this data, and assume no responsibility to maintain it in any matter or form. For further map assistance, call 850 -983-1840 or email: . SRC mapping website: http://santarosa.fl.g ov/gis




Photos, left to right, top to bottom: Bee by Sarah Whitfield Helicopter with Cotton by Ron Strickland Sunset by Debra Coffey Ice Storm Fun by Sabrina Brown Fun at Holland Farms by Aleta Floyd Afternoon at Sweet Season Farms by Sonja Lusk Sunset by Linda Leccese Navarre Beach by Joy Tsubooka Lily pads by Cheryl Powell

2013/2014 Santa Rosa County Annual Report Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners 6495 Caroline Street | Milton, FL 32570

Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Annual Report to the Citizens of Santa Rosa County  

The annual report highlights the activities, programs, projects and accomplishments of the departments under the board of commissioners for...

Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Annual Report to the Citizens of Santa Rosa County  

The annual report highlights the activities, programs, projects and accomplishments of the departments under the board of commissioners for...