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Welcome To Santa On Picture

About Us:

Santa on Picture is an online image editing site, here user can upload their own image and can design their own Christmas card by following some easiest step". We are here to fulfill all your needs related to your Christmas cards. To Make them more professional with our innovative ideas.

How It Works ď ąProcess of generating designs on your picture is quite simple. Just upload the picture and add clip arts and pictures then preview your design if you think your designing part is done then send a copy of your design to your email. For more info find our link to our webpage.

Design your gift ď ą Do you feel like you are bored with old Christmas gift ideas? Let's create something unique on this Christmas. Upload image and design a gift card with Santa on Picture.

How to add clip art to my photo?  First of all you need to click on “Click Here To Start” button on pages header and after that you need to upload your photo, then you will select Hat from left sidebar images collection and pick the hat and drag on your photo and place hat on right location. Preview it to check out if your work is done or not. Then email it to your email address. Find out more info on our webpage.

Thank You!!

Santa on picture