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Front Cover Image: Hannah Elsbury & Stephanie Jacobs on the Figure Eight, 2012. Photograph by Matt Galligan Photography

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This edition of the De La Vida magazine focuses on our 2013 value of Excellence. The College’s definition of excellence is, “To strive to do everything to the highest possible standard to which we are capable.” To achieve this we must use our gifts and talents to their fullest at all times. In my introduction I will focus on a key aspect of excellence, and that is failure. While this seems rather incongruous, it is something I refer to quite often at College Assemblies and Awards Nights. Failures provide us with feedback, which we can learn from, and make the changes needed to reach our potential. We need to change the way we think about failure. Rather than viewing failure in a negative way, where we put ourselves down and think we are a failure, think of failure as an essential learning experience. When we look at our mistakes with a view to learning from them, rather than sending ourselves negative messages, we are on the path to success. We may be reluctant to try different things because we are afraid of failing. Fear of failure does nothing but keep us in our comfort zone where we stick with the familiar; the safe choices where we do not risk another failure. When we step out of our comfort zone - when we are willing to try something new - that is when we take a step toward success. The only real failure is not learning from our mistakes. The key to success is to look carefully at what went wrong, change what we did the first time, and try again by applying what we learned. We may not be able to control everything that happens in our lives, but we can control how we respond to what happens. By taking ownership of our actions, moving out of our comfort zone, learning from our mistakes and doing things differently, we can experience success and eventual excellence. Too often people aim for perfection and when they find they are not the best in a chosen activity, they give up. Many students drop out of sport, music, education and many other pursuits because they compare themselves with others and have a fear of failure or not being the best. My advice is to forget perfection, as it is not attainable. So – forget perfection and aim for excellence.

Ian Elder Principal

From the Editor This edition of the De La Vida magazine focuses on our 2013 value of Excellence. The feature article explores how excellence is embodied by both staff and students on a day-to-day basis. Each school section showcases the work or achievements by students from those Year groups, while the Boarding section focuses on the excellence our boarders have demonstrated this year. The background for each of these sections have been graphically designed to represent various areas of the Sheila Sawle Literature & Research Centre, to symbolise how as a College, we seek to showcase the excellent work of our students. In the Student News section we hear about the wonderful tours many of our students have embarked on this year, as well as welcome our 2014 Student Leadership Council. The Community News section highlights the celebrations that have been held in the second half of the year to commemorate the College’s 75th Anniversary, while in the Old Girls’ Association section we are updated on what our past students have been up to. As always, if you have any questions or comments please email

Kim M aslin Editor


De La Vida | October 2013

Principal’s Message


in Leadership... Walking through the corridors of Santa Maria College, it is evident that excellence is all around. As the 2013 College value, excellence represents an opportunity for staff and students “to strive to do anything to the highest possible standard to which they are capable.”

girls are able to find and grow their talents in areas such as public speaking, debating and mock trials. Another example of excellence is in the area of leadership; each Year group having their own team of leaders, which helps the girls excel in their communication and delegation skills.” – Emma Pontre, Head Girl (Year 12, Dillon)

Excellence is everywhere

“Around the College, there are always students who embody excellence, by doing more than they are asked. They not only strive for the best in their studies and are involved in all facets of College life, but they do things in the community, not because they have to but simply because they want to. A perfect example of this are the Year 12s who have been involved in HBF Run for a Reason for two years, and have raised over $20,000. But excellence is also shown through smaller, but just as important activities, such as Junior School students including others in their games or students picking up rubbish.”

If one wished to understand more about excellence at Santa Maria College, they need only turn to our leaders. Each year, a Student Leadership Council is elected of Year 12 students who represent the College in various portfolio positions. Throughout the year they strive to encourage other students to do their best in their given area, whether that be participating in the Interhouse Athletics Carnival, collecting ringpulls or donating money or time to charity groups. They have been heavily involved in coordinating a range of events, including the Girls 4 Girls Education Day, Purple Bra Day and a College Assembly. With their strong organisational skills and endless enthusiasm, they have successfully raised money for the School of St Yared’s and BreastCare WA, as well raise the profile of various groups and initiatives carried out by other students. As they approach the end of their time at Santa Maria College, some members of the 2013 Student Leadership Council reflect on the excellence they have witnessed. “Excellence can be viewed in every area of Santa Maria College. Academically, where girls are supported and encouraged by the teaching staff to perform their best in exams. Culturally, where

- Darcy Harwood, Deputy Head Girl (Year 12, de la Hoyde) “Excellence can be perceived in many different ways. I see excellence as girls performing well in weekend sport, such as horse riding or karate. But I also see excellence as those girls who strive to make boarding a better place, by making their peers feel included and carrying out small acts of kindness.” - Claudia Kirby, Head Boarder (Year 12, de la Hoyde) “Some examples of excellence I see in the Boarding Community is when girls receive the boarding bear for showing excellence in all they do around boarding and within their Boarding House.” Sienna Foley, Deputy Head Boarder (Year 12, Frayne)




“The College sporting program is an example of excellence in itself, providing a range of sporting opportunities for the girls in and out of school. Sport is an area in which excellence is shown on a regular basis, with such high levels of participation there are not always enough spots available in teams. Interhouse Volleyball has been an example of excellence within the College, with many girls coming down each lunchtime, from a range of years, to support and participate in the event.” Kate Holt, Sports Captain (Year 12, Dillon) “In helping to organise the Interhouse Public Speaking Competition, I saw many examples of excellence all around me from watching great speeches, to seeing girls who would normally be extremely shy, participating and doing their best. I saw many girls who really stepped out of their comfort zone and found that they excelled in doing so.” Clodagh Hussein, Cultural Captain (Year 12, Byrne)

Excellence in staff teaching The staff at Santa Maria College demonstrate a commitment to excellence in many different ways. Following are some stories of teacher innovation, expertise and dedication, all fine examples of the excellence in teaching that prevails at the College.


Brenda Komaromi (Mathematics Teacher) Brenda has created a YouTube Channel that consists of two to three minute videos, demonstrating mathematical calculations and concepts. Students can access them at any time and watch to revise, prepare for assessments and catch up when absent from class. To date, Brenda has eighteen subscribers to the channel (including teachers) and has received 5,500 hits. Although initially designed with students in Years 7 to 12 in mind, it is accessible to all age groups including Junior School students, who can benefit from this alternative way of learning. This is a testament to the quality of the videos, their effectiveness in providing real time learning for students and Brenda’s commitment to innovation in her teaching. Ilse Morey (English Teacher) Ilse demonstrates excellence in teaching by creating an environment that allows for students to write with an engaging and fresh personal voice. She enthuses her students with her passion and expertise regarding literature, encouraging them to actively engage with their studies of English. Ilse recently arranged for her Year 11 class to write a letter to Judith Clarke, a well known and established author, regarding her novel Wolf on the Fold, to which they received a four page response answering their questions. It is credit to Ilse’s initiative and love of teaching that she provides engaging, dynamic and meaningful learning opportunities for her students to enjoy. Pauline Agius (Society & Environment Teacher) Pauline has designed a new Year 10 course, Global Studies, for students preferring a practical approach to their learning. To maximise student engagement, Global Studies provides for a visual, ‘hands on’ approach to learning, drawing on student’s personal experience and their love of using technology. Flexibility in assessment tasks has allowed students to demonstrate their understanding creatively and to a high standard. Students have thrived in this course and have loved Pauline’s innovation and encouragement to achieve their best in Society & Environment.


Photo Captions


De La Vida | October 2013

“The College demonstrates many aspects of excellence and it can especially be seen in the area of faith. This is done through active participation in College Masses, Rosary and the many service groups available. Through College Masses and Rosary, excellence is visible in a spiritual sense, as we pray for others and help others be the best they can be and learn how we can be the best we can. Through many service groups, the talents and gifts everyone possesses are used to help others. One example of this is volunteering, which shows how excellence can be used to assist others.” Teressa Maines, Liturgy Captain (Year 12, Corbett)

Clare O’Connor (Religious Education Teacher)

Rebecca Waterhouse (Music Teacher)

Clare has been responsible for the implementation of 2A/2B Religion & Life in its first year offered at the College. Determined to make the course relevant to students’ own experience, Clare has used the current asylum seeker issue as the focus for a recent document study assessment task. Using a range of sources including media releases from the Catholic Bishops Conference, online news articles and transcripts from current affairs programs, the task addressed Catholic teaching on justice, morality and conscience in a contemporary, relevant context. Throughout the task, students developed their skills in source analysis and engaged enthusiastically, enjoying the opportunity to explore, share and sometimes challenge their own opinions on this emotive and highly topical issue. Clare’s experience and expertise in Religion & Life has resulted in a dynamic course for students to develop their understanding of Church teachings and contemporary issues of significance.

Rebecca has designed and created a closed Music Facebook Group, accessible by students and parents involved in the College’s Music program. Taking advantage of students’ regular use of Facebook, the SMC Music Department Group provides a creative and safe forum to provide real time notices and alerts to keep families informed, as well as recognise student achievements, post photos of student performances and celebrate the many successes of the Music program. Students love the ease of access to the group and Rebecca has found that communication regarding rehearsals and events has become much more effective.  Rebecca has also been a key contributor of the 75th Anniversary Mercy Celebrations Weekend, working closely with Helen Chaffer and the Community Relations Department to coordinate the logistics of the weekend celebrations and performances. Her creative flair and organisational skills have been invaluable in helping to make this celebration weekend extra special for the College Community to enjoy. 

Lisa Winkler (Technologies & Commerce Teacher)

Marsha Pengilly, Anne Fisher and Tracy Webster

A change in syllabus for the 1A/1B Business & Enterprise course this year has provided Lisa with the opportunity to align the course with the requirements of CPA Australia’s Plan Your Enterprise Competition. The competition requires students to devise a creative enterprise idea and submit a 3,000 word business plan, explaining how their idea could become a profitable business. This is a challenging project, but students have demonstrated significant improvement in their skills and business understanding. Lisa’s initiative in including this competition as part of the course has provided students with a greater awareness of the relevance of business and enterprise.

Marsha, Anne and Tracy are responsible for the design and implementation of the Year 7 Water Project, which was conducted for the first time in Term 2 of this year. To supplement their study of water and its sustainability in Science and Society & Environment, students were required to explore a topic of interest over a two week period, the focus of this being to develop and improve their research skills. The initial concept and design for the project was Marsha’s idea in an effort to create an alternative learning program to complement the already established Explore8 and Strive9 projects. Tracy and Anne were responsible for the implementation of the project, the coordination of excursions and incursion conducted throughout the two weeks and the design of the research activity booklet students had to complete for assessment. Students appreciated the autonomy of choosing a topic they had an interest in and enjoyed the opportunity to be creative in providing solutions to a number of Western Australia’s water problems. It is to their credit that Marsha, Anne and Tracy produced and implemented such an engaging medium for students to develop their research and inquiry skills.

Yvonne Mettam, (Junior School Teacher Librarian) Yvonne is the published author of a collection of funny stories in verse entitled What Did I Come in Here For? She has a passion for writing and performing her rhyming tales, and with her second book and CD soon to be published, she can’t believe it all started only a few years ago, following inspiration and encouragement from her late father. She is a regular guest of Jenny Seaton on Curtin FM radio and presents to many community, business and charity groups - always encouraging people when she gets the opportunity, to make time to record their own unique stories. Yvonne has been invited and is looking forward to travelling to Edinburgh’s Scottish Storytelling Centre in September 2014, where she will share her stories in the town she was born. Our Junior School students are privileged to have Yvonne as their Teacher Librarian. She is an inspirational resource, encouraging students to engage with story telling across genres, try their hand at journal writing and enter writing competitions.


Zoe Winstanley (Society & Environment Teacher) To complement the Year 7 Water Project, Zoe has been working closely with a number of students on an extension project, a submission to the Water Corporation Big Book Competition. Designed to extend high achieving students in each Society & Environment class, the group of fourteen students have met regularly outside of class time to plan, research and create a children’s book to teach a younger audience about Western


Photo Captions



Simone Sawiris (Head of Science) Simone works tirelessly to raise the profile of Science among students at the College. This year she has been responsible for a number of initiatives to engage students and challenge them to extend themselves in their studies of Science. Students have been involved in a range of activities such as the Robogals incursion, the Brain Bee competition and Year 11 students teaching Mel Maria pre-primary students about human anatomy. For National Science Week, Simone organised a range of activities, including a group of students attending a presentation by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki at Penhros College and a Senior School Breakfast Box titled Hard Hats and Heels, encouraging girls into the field of engineering. Simone has been very proactive in the design process for the new Science labs and has shown great leadership in the development of Science staff, coordinating a peer observation program for them to engage in and share effective strategies with each other. Simone’s passion for science and dedication as a Head of Learning Area makes her an outstanding role model for others to follow. Maryanne Hughes (Head of Careers & VET) Maryanne has been pivotal in the changed structure and direction of Careers & VET at the College. Under her coordination, the number of Endorsed Programs offered to Senior School students for credit towards their WACE certificate has been expanded. Examples of these units include the Duke of Edinburgh, Mock Trial Competition, Music and Dance, Bronze Medallion and Mercy Service Learning. This year, Maryanne has overseen the successful transition for the College to coordinate all work placements instead of outsourcing to an external provider, as has been the practice in previous years. A significant benefit of this change is that with Maryanne overseeing all work placements, students enjoy a wider range of placement opportunities and the placement experience is more efficiently managed than ever before. Maryanne is responsible for the Careers Newsletter distributed to College students and their families on a monthly basis. A new initiative, the newsletter provides excellent information and assistance for students considering their career choices. Maryanne’s expertise in careers counselling and strong rapport with students makes her an invaluable resource in the Careers & VET program.

Lisa Bowden (Head of Visual Arts) As Head of the Visual Arts Department, Lisa continuously encourages her students to produce art work to an increasingly high standard. Leading by example, Lisa recently entered a piece into the Canning Art Awards, Mixed Media Category, where she won first prize. Last year, Lisa and her talented Art Department held an art exhibition showcasing their work at the Heathcote Art Gallery which was met with rave reviews. Lisa and the Art Department are strong and inspirational role models to their students. Staff pursuing further studies A number of College staff are pursuing their own personal excellence through further study this year: Shani Andrews - Master of Education (completed) Leana Barnett - Catherine McAuley Award participant Carol Bell - Graduate Certificate Religious Education Emma Blechynden - Certificate in Contemporary Education (completed) Rebecca Cummins - Master of Religious Education Josie Detata - Catherine McAuley Award participant Veronique Heekeng - Certificate IV Applied Languages Tania Hicks - Master of Education Jasmine Iasky - Master of Career Development Veronica Kerr - Bachelor of Internet Communications Jayne Kingwell - Master of Education Faith Lee - Master of Education Melanie Lee - Master of Education Kimberly Maslin - Honours Communication Studies Lisa Palmer - Master of Education Charmaine Samuels - Bachelor of Education Conversion Simone Sawiris - Master of Education, CEO Women in Leadership participant Jo Smith - Master of Writing and Literature Joshua Stock - Master of Arts Philosophy Lisa Taylor - Master of Education Tracy Webster - Master of Education

Photo Captions 1. College Assembly run by the Student Leadership Council in Term 3. 2. Collecting donations at Purple Bra Day. 3. Collecting donations at Girls 4 Girls Education Day. 4. Collecting donations at Girls 4 Girls Education Day. 5. “Sniff N Run” by Mrs Lisa Bowden, entered into Canning Art Awards, Mixed Media Category. 6. Year 7 Water Project presentations. 7. Year 8 students at the Robogals presentation.


De La Vida | October 2013

Australia’s water supply. Franky’s Water Adventure is a colourful tale, complete with illustrations and captions explaining the desalination process in Western Australia. The students have flourished under Zoe’s guidance and the opportunity to develop their organisation, research and group work skills. They have worked well to motivate each other and have enjoyed a sense of accomplishment in their creation.


Junior School


There have been countless displays of excellence within the Junior School in 2013. With their enthusiasm, passion and dedication the students mentioned below have achieved great success in their chosen area. Mollie Atkins (Year 5, Byrne) This year, Mollie competed in her second kid’s triathlon at the Bussleton Triathlon Festival, in somewhat testing conditions. Following this, Mollie trained with her father every day for eight weeks, to run a total of forty kilometres. On Sunday 16 June, Mollie completed the final two kilometres to achieve marathon status! Mollie is a member of the Fremantle Triathlon Club and hopes to follow in her father’s footsteps and one day undertake the half ironman at Bussleton.

Natasha Stevens (Year 6, Kelly) Congratulations to Natasha whose hard work has seen her selected in the Under 12s Girls’ State Soccer Program. In September, Natasha travelled to Brisbane to compete in the National competition. “I enjoy everything about soccer. I love going to the game on Sundays and watching other players. I was excited to go to Brisbane as this was my first time travelling for soccer. I am lucky to have my parents come and support me and I am lucky to be accepted into the Under 12s Girls’ State Soccer Program and to have represented Western Australia in this event” says Natasha.

Isabella Pacella (Year 5, O’Donnell) & Hannah Sullivan (Year 5, de la Hoyde) The Junior School was well represented at the 2013 Western Australian State Karate Championships. Isabella was awarded State Champion in the Girls’ Under 10-11 Years Divisions, while teammate Hannah was runner-up in the same division. More recently, they both competed in the National competition, where Isabella placed third in the Girls’ 10-11 Years Division. “What I love most about karate is that I am good at it and I have fun doing kata, which involves punches, blocks, and kicks” says Isabella. To have the two highest ranked Under 11 Karate girls in the state and third highest ranked in Australia, both from Santa Maria College is an excellent achievement!


Marnie Kennedy (Year 6, O’Reilly) In 2011, Marnie began a star program in synchronised swimming, and just a few months later her team began competing. Since then, Marnie has competed in a number of competitions, including the Christmas Challenge 2011, State Championships 2012 and 2013, National Championships 2012 and 2013 and the International Championships, also in 2013. These are excellent achievements, and when asked about synchronised swimming Marnie says, “One of my favourite parts is just seeing everyone because they are like family to me.”

Maddisyn O’Grady (Year 6, Frayne) & Amelia Guidi (Year 6, O’Donnell) There has been even more sporting excellence in the Junior School this year, with Maddisyn selected to compete in the State Netball Championships Under 12s Division 3, representing the Fremantle District Team. When competing at Wanneroo recently, the team were runners up in the competition. Meanwhile, Amelia also competed on the same day, in the Under 12s Division 4 team, also for Fremantle District.

Celine Ng (Year 5, Frayne) In kindergarten, Celine was disappointed to find that her name was not a main character is any picture books. Her mum told her that they could write their own story and she could draw the pictures to it. In pre-primary, she decided to write her own stories. Since then, Celine has entered her stories into numerous competitions. Most recently, she submitted a story for the CYA Conference Picture Book Competition, where she was awarded second place! She has also recently been awarded third place in the Year 4-5 Make Your Own Story Book Competition and is also a finalist in the West Australian Young Writers Contest. “What I enjoy most about writing is that I can create my own world, and be another person. I can travel the world in my mind and meet new imaginary friends. I enjoy writing a lot and it will always be part of my life” says Celine. Photo Captions 1. 2. 3.

“Exploring excellence” poster designed by Year 5.4. Mollie Atkins (Year 5, Byrne), being presented her finishers medal in Bussleton by Australian triathlete Ben Lyons. Isabella Pacella (Year 5, O’Donnell).

De La Vida | October 2013

Mummy, Is That You? By Celine Ng (Year 5, Frayne) There were once five baby tadpoles that lived in a lake. One morning, they woke up and saw Mother Duck with her five little ducklings walking in a single file behind her with a contented smile imitating their mother’s example. The tadpoles looked around for their mother but they could not find her. So they swam up to Mother Duck and asked, “Do you know where our mother is?” Mother Duck chuckled and replied, “I believe she swam off in that direction,” she gestured to the right of them where the lake narrowed into a stream. “There will be many other mothers there but your mother has large, beautiful eyes. Good Luck!!” The lost tadpoles expressed their thanks as five consecutive nods and swam off. Not long after, there was a fish with large beautiful eyes. “Mummy, is that you?” The fish laughed and looked over in the distance. “No, I’m not your mother. I’m a fish!! I think your mother was having some exercise, over to the right of the lake.” She swam across the stream. “She has webbed feet! Good Luck!“ The tadpoles answered simultaneously, “Thanks!” and swam off in a blink of an eye. They were swimming faster now that they were getting more desperate to find their mum. Soon they bumped into a black, webbed feet of a brown furry animal. “Mother, is that you?”

Not long after, there was a green turtle with four flippers. “Mummy? Is that you?” they queried. “No, little tadpoles, I’m a turtle!” She giggled. “Your mummy was looking for a nice snack over in that corner,” she nodded towards the left of the stream. “She has a loud voice.” The tadpoles were in a hurry so they swam away then called, “Thank you Turtle!!” “HONK!” The tadpoles were thrown backwards in fright. In front of them was a black animal with webbed feet and a long neck. She definitely had a loud voice. “Mother, is that you?” The swan honked again in laughter. “No, I’m not your mum, I’m a swan!!” The tadpoles were disappointed that they had not accomplished their task of finding their mum. “Your mum is green all over with a white belly!!” The five tadpoles shook their heads then quickly thanked the swan. Suddenly, someone called, “Babies, babies there you are!” The five baby tadpoles gasped. “Mummy?” “You have large, beautiful eyes, webbed feet, four legs and a loud voice. Why don’t we look like you?” “You will eventually grow two hind legs, followed by two forelegs and you will lose your tail. Come, we need some food.”

The platypus snorted. “No, I’m not your mother, your mum was sitting on a lily pad.”

In five weeks, the five tadpoles grew hind legs. Soon after, there were forelegs and their tail disappeared. The five tadpoles were finally frogs!!!

He grinned at the baby tadpoles that were looking quite worn out from the swimming. “In case you can’t find her, she has four legs.”

Mummy, Is That You? was awarded Hatchlings Second prize at the 2013 Children and Young Adult Writers and Illustrators Conferences Competition








6 3






Water Polo

Ella Harwood (Year 8, Byrne)

As members of the Melville Water Polo Club, Bridget Lorraine (Year 9, Corbett), Olivia Sell (Year 9, Corbett), Brooke Pensini (Year 8, Frayne), Sarah Leavy (Year 8, Dillon), Sophie Miller (Year 8, Corbett), Chloe Marland (Year 8, O’Reilly) and Mary Anderson (Year 8, Frayne) were selected from their Under 14s team to be part of the Western Australian State team. As a result, they travelled to Brisbane to compete against other Water Polo clubs from around Australia. “The opportunity of going to Brisbane and playing a sport that we loved was amazing. It was such a buzz travelling to another city with a group of fourteen girls to play water polo. We had been training for months for this competition, and the realisation that it was finally here was exciting“ explained Bridget. For three days the girls competed in a number of matches and made it through to the semi-finals. Overall, the girls walked away with the Bronze medal, a fantastic achievement!

“My name is Ella Harwood. I am thirteen and I have been part of the Love Angel Foundation for over two years. I became part of the Love Angel Foundation through my mum, who works for the charity Breast Cancer Care. Through this charity, I met an inspirational woman, Dr Ros Worthington, and when the opportunity rose for me to become a Love Angel Ambassador, I could not wait to start spreading the vision of this amazing charity. On 17 June 2013, I was given the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet His Excellency Malcolm McCusker, as a part of spreading the Love Angel vision. It was an amazing experience and was so fulfilling to know someone so important has an interest in such a small foundation. I am inspired by Dr Worthington’s vision of promoting philanthropy in children and the Love Angel Foundation’s philosophy of ‘paying it forward.’ I decided to use my love of photography to help those less fortunate than myself. My way of ‘paying it forward’ is by arming myself with a camera, going out into different environments and taking as many photos as possible. I then create greeting cards and sell them to raise money for the Love Angel Foundation. I will continue to spread the vision of the Love Angel Foundation, which is ‘Educate, Inspire and Engage Philanthropic Behaviour in Children’ around Santa Maria College.”

Alexandra Talero Solorza (Year 9, Corbett) A number of years ago, Alexandra was given a flyer for calisthenics by a friend at school. “I immediately loved all the costumes and make-up that came with performing through calisthenics. Although the glittery costumes and make-up isn’t all there is to calisthenics! I had to work and train very hard to be able to get into the State team, where a panel of judges and coaches pick only twenty girls to compete in the State Championships.” Alexandra then attended the State Championships, which were held in Melbourne earlier this year. “This has been my fifth time competing in a State Championship. Competing is a very scary and nerve-wracking experience, because all the attention and lights are on you and your team. Hundreds of people from all around Australia are watching and you want to make sure the last eight months of extreme hard work will pay off. However, competing also brings a sense of determination and gratitude that you have had the chance to represent Western Australia. Competing has also helped me control my stress levels and also be confident about myself and my abilities” says Alexandra.

Sara Ouwendyk (Year 8, Byrne) Earlier this year, Sara was awarded a joint scholarship by the Royal Academy of Dance Western Australian Regional Advisory Panel Vocational Graded School 2013. Sara began dancing lessons at the age of eighteen months and was chosen from a group of thirty students to receive the scholarship. “This scholarship has given me confidence. I enjoy doing ballet because there is no greater feeling in the world than moving to a piece of music and letting the rest of the world disappear. I also enjoy ballet because it is a way to express myself through an art form I love” explains Sara.

Photography & Design Our students’ skills in photography and design have continued to flourish under the excellent guidance of their Technology & Commerce Teachers. From using Photoshop to design magazine covers, to taking professional photographs around Perth, students from all Year groups are demonstrating their flair for digital creativity. A sample of their work is included in this section.

Aimee Chanter (Year 9, O’Reilly) Aimee was just six years old when she first began Irish dancing with friends as a co-curriculuar activity at Primary School. Since then, her passion and skill for the high-speed dancing has grown. At the end of 2012 she travelled to Adelaide to compete in the National Championships, and spent the first half of 2013 training in preparation for the McAleer Feis Competition. “The National Championships were a lot of fun. I really enjoy dancing in this competition as you get to meet heaps of new people from different states all over Australia and compete against them. The thing I enjoy the most about Irish dancing is the travelling you get to do.” We wish Aimee all the best with her future Irish dancing endeavours!

Photo Captions 1. Photography by Ava Gamblin (Year 8, Dillon). 2. Magazine cover design by Taylor Baker (Year 8, Kelly). 3. Photography by Gabrielle Baker (Year 8, O’Donnell). 4. Alexandra Talero Solorza, calisthenics (Year 9, Corbett). 5. Magazine cover design by Jenna Richards (Year 8, Corbett). 6. Photography by Ellie Graham (Year 8, O’Donnell). 7. Magazine cover design by Jessica Brown (Year 8, O’Donnell). 8. Aimee Chanter, Irish dancing (Year 9, O’Reilly).


De La Vida | October 2013

Middle School

Senior School


Bo and Braces By Paige Spence (Year 10, O’Reilly)

When I was a little girl, I had three toy bears. Their names were Braces, Buckles and Bo. She stares out the window, thoughts of a soon to be gone childhood swimming through her head. I got Braces when his namesake arrived upon my teeth. His fur was white and soft, endowed with precious tips that glittered in the sunlight.

grown used to putting Bo with Braces but there was no denying that Buckles was his true partner. Buckles should have been Bo. I had the power to make him that, in my own childish way. She heard the first boy call out her name. She did not need to answer. She could take this one, this boy that was her perfect other half and live happily. No holding a palm that slipped from her fingertips. What could stop her? It took only a few seconds for a thought to hit my mind. She is jerked out of her memories as the car pulls to a stop.

A glance downwards reveals to her beams raining down into the window, onto laces and folds sewed in the satin white dress that glint in return.

I made my decision.

My mother loved Braces as much as I and for many long hours we would talk as he lay upon my lap.

Buckles should have been Bo. But he wasn’t, was he? He was Buckles and although placing Bo and Braces together as the pairing I had planned for so long was harder it didn’t matter. I chose Bo first. I loved him as Bo.

Her mother, opposite, blinks at her with both anticipation and sadness. A bittersweet mixture. I would listen as my mother promised that on the day those metal bars were removed from my teeth Braces would be given a friend; his destined partner with a childish name. Braces Off. Bo. She thinks of the one who she is going to. Not him as who he is, but as an open doorway. A future. A prince to steal her away.

She takes her father’s hand.

She looked up the aisle and saw the man she had chosen. Short furred, un-shiny Bo. Imperfect face, greasy hair, black suit. She walks up and takes his hand. She knows that this is right. He is the sun to her day. The stars to her night. The Bo to her Braces.

Time passed and the day that I longed for came. At last I could touch the pearls in my mouth without cutting my tongue on ripping metal. That was the day when I met Bo.

Bo and Braces was awarded Runner-Up at the Henry Lawson Short Story Awards.

She closes her eyes, she remembers the first boy. The first time they met.

Rowing Regatta

Only this was not the Bo I expected. He did not complement my Braces. His brown fur was short, not soft. When the sun hit him, he did not shine. It did not feel like the two were as they were supposed to be: Braces and Bo, two halves of one whole.

Not having an official College rowing team did not stop a number of our Senior School students achieving excellent results at the recent All Schools Head of River Regatta. Rebecca McIntyre (Year 10, Frayne), Samantha Vitelli (Year 10, de la Hoyde), Taylor Donati (Year 10, de la Hoyde), Lucy Simons (Year 10, Corbett) and Annabelle McIntyre (Year 12, Frayne) row for Fremantle Rowing Club, while Anna Houston (Year 11, Byrne) and Madigan Aranda (Year 10, Corbett) row for Swan River Rowing Club. These seven students, combined with students from other schools, participated in a variety of events at the Regatta. Their achievements included six gold, two silver and two bronze medals.

His face was dimpled with the imperfections of a young man, his brown hair greasy and unkempt. The first time they walked together his clammy hand kept slipping from hers. It wasn’t like they were born to slip into each other’s grooves. I grew to love him though, this Bo. His arms could wrap around my own and he fitted into my lap like a bear should. Bo and Braces began to look like they belonged together. For her, walking with him soon grew easier and being around him became a necessity. The first time they kissed her white blond hair flowed across his caramel cheeks. She wanted to be with him. Then, one day, my mother brought him home. Buckles. Her memories fast forward to another time; when she met the second boy. My mother spoke the truth as she handed him to me, that if we had found him earlier this would indeed be ‘Bo’. He was soft and shiny, floppy and warm. A perfect hazel version of Braces. He was like the Bo I had dreamed of. It was a chance encounter. He shook her hand and introduced himself. His tan face was framed by chocolate hair that curled over his ears. At the touching of their hands she realised it. All of us are born with the hope of perfect union with another. This boy, just standing at a bar, was the one she was made for. I named this third bear Buckles with my mother’s help, before lining the three up in a row. Braces, Buckles and Bo. Perhaps I had


Reflecting on the event, Madigan says, “My favourite part about the Head of River was mainly the racing! I love the last 500m of a race because it is basically survival of the fittest...whoever has the best and strongest crew is usually the one towards the end of the race who ends up slowly edging away, getting closer and closer towards the finish line. It is such a great opportunity to race and represent Santa Maria College at the regatta and I am so glad I got the opportunity to participate.” Annabelle found it similarly rewarding, “The best part of the regatta for me was being able to compete with school aged people. I was really glad we were able to earn our school wins in all our events as it made the effort worthwhile.” Samantha also felt the same, “I enjoyed participating at Head of the River because it was great to be able to row for the school, it was a great opportunity to compete in something new and overall was a very enjoyable day.” The girls would like to thank their coaches, Alex Thornton, Dan Hall, David Visser and Chris Holiday. The Fremantle Rowing Club is always willing to welcome new members.

De La Vida | October 2013 The above artwork was created by Jessica Hicks (Year 12, Dillon) and is titled “Queenie.” It was Highly Commended at the Melville Art Awards, 2013.



3 2


De La Vida | October 2013



Excellence Dana Mailey (Year 9, Frayne)

HBF Run for a Reason

The wildflower season in Western Australia is a brief but beautiful sight to behold, with carpets of flowers bursting into bloom just once a year. Fortunately in 2012, Dana was able to capture this spectacle with her camera. The West Australian then published these photos alongside an article about Coorow Community Farm that her father had written.

Following on from the success of last year, Santa Maria College once again participated in the HBF Run for a Reason. Over seventy boarders, day girls, staff, family and friends completed the 12km course in the memory of Laura Gray. The goal of raising $10,000 for Diabetes WA was set, but the overwhelming support of the College Community saw this goal being surpassed, with an amazing $13,541.50 being raised in total! This meant the group finished as the fourth top fundraiser group.

“I took the photos because I enjoy photography and the wildflower season only happens once a year, so I wanted to show friends who are day girls what my town looks like in Spring. I am passionate about photography because it is something fun and easy to do no matter where you are, and even the most simple things can make a good photo. I hope to continue it in the future.” Having your photos published in The West Australian newspaper is an excellent start, Dana!

Aneeka Cousins (Year 8, Kelly) Aneeka began rodeo as an eight-year-old and living in Newman. “I used to go to the Newman rodeo every year as my mum has been involved in horses since she was little. After watching for some time, I decided I wanted to start riding and start competing in rodeo!” Aneeka has since competed in a number of rodeos, including the Bindoon Junior Rodeo, where she placed second in her breakaway roping and third in her barrel race and pole bending. “Rodeo involves hard work and determination. When I lived at home, every day after school I use to work my horse to keep her nice and fit! But now as I am a boarder, my mum works my horse for me and then when I come home on the holidays I work her. Rodeo is definitely something I hope to continue in the future. I am hoping to make Nationals in January next year. Rodeo has always been part of my dreams and a big part of my life, and will continue to be.” Photo Captions 1. Wildflower photography by Dana Mailey (Year 9, Frayne). 2. Aneeka Cousins, Rodeo (Year 8, Kelly). 3. A sample of lace work by Joanne Cooney (Year 9, Byrne). 4. Santa Maria College boarders at the HBF Run for a Reason.


“The girls at the start line with their Diabetes WA shirts were buzzing! We all sang and danced as we waited to begin the race, it felt so liberating to be making a difference in memory of Laura. We felt incredibly amazed at the generosity of our school and community for the second year in a row,” explained Hayley Pettit (Year 12, de la Hoyde). “We hope it is a tradition that will continue for many years to come, even as the group it means so much to, leave Santa Maria College at the end of this year.” The HBF Run for a Reason initiative is an amazing example of excellence being carried out by our students, and their passion and commitment to raising awareness and funds for Diabetes WA is truly inspirational.

Joanne Cooney (Year 9, Byrne) After seeing examples at the markets, Joanne began the unconventional hobby of lace making. She joined a lace making group to learn about making finely crafted products, and since then has created several bookmarks, a photo frame and is currently working on a pillow case. She even received first prize for her entry in the Kununurra Agricultural Show! Speaking about lace making, Joanne says, “It involves lots of patience and bobbins, but even though it looks difficult, it really is as simple as following a pattern - no knots involved either! I think what I enjoy most is looking at the final piece and knowing it is a result of all my work, and I love getting together with my friends at lace group and talking while we work.”

School News

Student News Duke of Edinburgh

Cheerleading Championships

The Duke of Edinburgh is a program that invites young people to participate in a number of activities over a set length of time. Santa Maria College has been well represented in the Duke of Edinburgh program, and those participating have found it an enriching experience.

As well as participating and competing in Cheerleading Championships as part of the College team, a few talented students have also excelled in their own clubs.

The program requires participants to spend a certain amount of time on activities which fall into four different categories of Service, Skill, Physical Activity and Adventurous Journey. The length of time students participate determines whether they achieve Bronze (three months), Silver (six months) or Gold (twelve months). “The Duke of Edinburgh is fun, easy and great for the experience. Commitment is the main component; without commitment you cannot complete the Duke of Edinburgh. The experience is the best part. I get to do things I’ve never done before and spend time with people I don’t normally spend time with. I love that I am working towards a certificate that will help me in my future career and also I am participating in a worthy cause. I’d really like to complete my Gold by the end of Year 12” explains Natasha Ting (Year 9 O’Reilly), a recent Bronze participant. Sophia Haldane (Year 10, Kelly), also a Bronze participant explains what she enjoys most about the Duke of Edinburgh program, “It gives me a purpose to get out and do things I wouldn’t usually do. I definitely plan to continue with the program and am very excited to get involved with all the community has to offer.”


In November 2013, Kate O’Connor (Year 6, Frayne) and Kirstie O’Connor (Year 10, Frayne) will compete in the Senior Team Level 2 Nationals in Melbourne, while teacher and coach Mrs Lisa Winkler will compete in the same tournament as part of the Open Team. Earlier this year, Hayley Cotterell (Year 10, Byrne) competed in the Level 1 Aussie Gold International Cheer & Dance Championships in Queensland, where her squad, Fusions, came first! Hayley, who has been cheering for almost three years, describes the experience, “This competition was a dream for me, ever since I started cheerleading it was my aim to be part of a travelling team and once I found out I made the team after tryouts, I was ecstatic. I love every aspect of cheer: the girls in my squad are like sisters, it is a strenuous sport that keeps you really fit, it is like nothing else, completely unique, every training you are met with a challenge, whether it is throwing a tumble for the first time, or trying a new position in a stunt. It is almost like a lifestyle, when you’re a passionate cheerleader, you live to cheer.” The girls are also part of the Santa Maria College Comets Cheer Squad, who recently came first in the Spring State titles in Perth!

On Friday 5 July 2013 sixty Year 10s arrived at Perth Domestic Airport full of excitement and anticipation. We were about to spend seven days in Canberra, with four days touring the city and three days skiing in the snow. During the first three days of touring we visited all the major tourist attractions, including: •

ANZAC Parade Walk

National Gallery of Australia

National Museum

Telstra Tower (for the best view of Canberra)

National Capital Exhibition (where we learnt the significance of how Canberra is laid out)

Australian National Botanical Gardens

Old and New Parliament House

Australian War Memorial

Government House

Throughout these four very busy days we learnt many interesting facts about the history of our capital city, the history of the Australian Parliament, how a bill is passed in Parliament, how to vote for a representative in Parliament, how to then count these votes and we even had the opportunity to role-play the passing of a bill. We learnt about, and paid our respects to, all the brave men and women who gave their lives for our country in Australia’s wars. Each night, after a very busy day of touring, we relaxed and had fun at laser tag, ten pin bowling and rock climbing. All of these activities were full of laughter, embarrassing moments and time to enjoy each others’ company. Finally, we packed up our stuff and headed for the ski slopes! We were skiing at Smiggins/Perisher, which is about two hours out of Canberra in NSW, and we stayed in a small nearby town called Berridale. After an early morning and a long bus ride from Canberra we arrived at the Southern Cross Motor Inn, our home for the next few days, and hired our ski gear. We then headed for Smiggen, which is the beginner ski hills, for our first lesson. For some this was a new and exciting experience of skiing for the first time, which can be strange and hard to

start with! For others it was a chance to build on pre-existing skills. No matter how skilled at skiing we were, everyone had an amazing first day seeing the snow and meeting our ski instructors! For the next two days we returned to Smiggen to continue skiing. Each morning we had about an hour free time to practice and consolidate what we had already learned, and to ski with our friends. Then we had a two hour lesson with our ski instructors who were all very friendly and helpful! After each lesson we had lunch, where many of us enjoyed hot chocolates after being out in the cold snow, then there was another two hours of free time. Skiing at Perisher was amazing and everyone had a great time either learning how to ski or improving their technique. We all came away with a few extra bumps and bruises but had a fantastic experience! We also got to enjoy quiz and karaoke nights which were full of fun and laughter. Sadly, our tour was coming to an end, but not without another jam packed day around Canberra! We drove back from NSW and started off the day by visiting the Australian Institute of Sport. We then visited the Mint, toured the embassies and visited Government House, where we were lucky enough to be the first group of Santa Maria students to ever meet the Governor General, Quentin Bryce! We even managed to squeeze in an hour of free time to do some last minute shopping in the city, then it was back to the airport and our return journey to Perth. Overall, this was an absolutely amazing trip, and we all had a great time bonding with friends, getting to know our teachers and learning about our fascinating capital city. Not to mention learning how to ski! We’ll never forget the great times and memories we made on the 2013 Canberra Tour! Elise Nelson (Year 10, Dillon) & Katherine Wilkes (Year 10, Corbett) We would like to thank the Australian Government for their support of this program. The Australian Government recognises the importance of young Australians being able to visit their National Capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship Education. To assist parents in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government is contributing funding of $240 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education rebate (PACER) program toward the travel expenses incurred. This contribution will be paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion.



Photo Captions Section Image: Mrs Lisa Winkler, Hayley Cotterell (Year 10, Byrne), Kirstie O’Connor (Year 10, Frayne) and Kate O’Connor (Year 6, Frayne). 1-2. Canberra trip.


De La Vida | October 2013

Canberra Tour

School News

Student News 1

Visual Arts Tour

Language Perfect World Championships

On 17 April, thirty-three Year 11 and 12 Visual Arts students and four staff, Mrs Withers, Mrs Flora, Ms Iasky and Ms Bulloch set off on an eighteen day visual journey of a lifetime, to explore the many beautiful galleries, museums, architecture, food and lifestyle of Paris and London. The tour started with a quick pace after landing at 7.00 am and beginning a full day coach tour of the majestic Paris, including the Eiffel Tower. After the first day, the fast speed at which we adopted hopping from gallery to museum was kept throughout. It was helpful when catching the Metro and the Tube as we quickly learnt everyone was in a rush! The tour of the iconic city of Paris was filled with informative and entertaining French guides who acted as ‘Art Historians’ when visiting The Louvre, L’Orangerie, Yves Saint Laurent Foundation and many more. We explored aspects of the city ourselves, making it especially easy having our very own ‘Flora the Explorer’ played by Mrs Flora. We hit Champs Elysee for a spot of shopping, the flea markets, Montmarte, Monet’s Garden in Giverny, Palace of Versailles and many more extraordinary places that set us in awe. Once we had settled into saying ‘merci’ and ‘bonjour,’ it was time to leave the pastries behind and travel across the English Channel to London. We didn’t fail to slow the pace nor the sight seeing, we did it all, from the National Portrait Gallery to the London Eye. We didn’t stop there, especially arriving on Oxford Street only to find the likes of shops that we have only ever read about! We were delighted by the British highlights including two musicals; Viva Forever and The Lion King. The two weeks just sped by and thirty-three galleries later we were ready to head home. We were blessed with glorious weather, good health and incredible memories.

Our Language students have spent time throughout 2013 trialing an online vocabulary program called Language Perfect. Based in New Zealand, the program offers students the opportunity to revise, consolidate and build up their vocabulary learning through vocabulary lists.

Jessica Milne, Visual Arts Captain (Year 12, Dillon)


Each year, a World Championship is held for students, which aims to expand their vocabulary in a foreign language. This was a week long international online competition that involved translating words and phrases to and from Italian, from both text and audio. Participant, and Silver Award winner, Rebecca Costanzo (Year 10, Frayne) explained the experience, “I found questions involving verbs to be challenging as tenses are sometimes uneasy to identify. I mostly enjoyed tracking my process and competing with others nationally and internationally. Furthermore, I liked choosing what I learnt and when I learnt it and the recognition of my achievements by the website.” Congratulations to all our Language Perfect World Championships award winners: Silver Awards: Rebecca Costanzo (Year 10, Frayne) Bronze Awards: Bo Daniels (Year 9, de la Hoyde) Credit Awards: Sarah Kelly (Year 7, O’Reilly), Mia Torquato (Year 8, Corbett), Brooke Fanto (Year 7 Frayne), Lucy McCormick (Year 9, O’Reilly), Skye Maddern (Year 8, Byrne). Photo Caption 1. Visual Art students outside the Louvre Museum, Paris. 2. Some of the Language Perfect World Championship participants.

Amber Withers Head Girl

Alice Anderson Deputy Head Girl

Madeleine Petchell Head Boarder

Gracie Clune Deputy Head Boarder

Ophelia Schilizzi Cultural Captain

Meg Flugge Liturgy Captain

Lucinda Lefroy Sports Captain

Annie Sprivulis Service Captain

Emily Wilkes Performing Arts Captain

Monique Chiari Visual Arts Captain

Alice Kelly Music Captain

Samantha Kerrigan Media Captain

Jade Chow Byrne House Captain

Anna Houston Byrne House Captain

Hannah Elsbury Corbett House Captain

Samantha Kelly Corbett House Captain

Gabriella Whitehurst de la Hoyde House Captain

Teagan Rodgers de la Hoyde House Captain

Sarah-Rose Sharp Dillon House Captain

Natasha Clay Dillon House Captain

Megan O’Connor Frayne House Captain

Kelsey Batista Frayne House Captain

Simona La Macchia Kelly House Captain

Eliza Banks Kelly House Captain

Mae Samuels O’Donnell House Captain

Anna Tills O’Donnell House Captain

Amber Goerke O’Reilly House Captain

Nicole Ryan O’Reilly House Captain


De La Vida | October 2013

Congratulations to the newly elected 2014 Student Leadership Council.

College Community Throughout the year the College has been celebrating its milestone 75th Anniversary with a number of events, including the Parent Council 75th Anniversary Ball and the Mercy Celebrations Weekend. The Ball gave members of the College Community an excuse to dress up and enjoy an evening of quality food, entertainment and celebration at the Crown on Saturday 25 May. The evening was enjoyed by over 300 hundred guests and also included the premiere of the OGA movie, which reflected on student experiences throughout the years. The Mercy Celebrations Weekend was a four-day long event, which involved a variety of events for the entire College Community. The weekend began on Thursday 19 September, with a celebration evening for past and present VIP members of the College Community. This formal occasion acknowledged those who have helped Santa Maria College become the school it is today. Following this, on Friday 20 September, the OGA Celebration Evening and the official opening of the Art Exhibition were held in McDonald Building. The Art Exhibition remained open all weekend, showcasing the work created by students throughout the year and was met with rave reviews from all who were fortunate enough to see it.


Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September were full of a wide range of activities and events. The Fashion Parades were conducted on Saturday afternoon, followed by the annual Music Showcase. Drama and Dance showcases filled Sunday, along with an informal Art Forum with former students who have gone on to achieve success in the industry since graduating. The Historical Exhibition and Heritage Walk showcased the College’s rich history and heritage and was a highlight for many. A big thank you must go to the Parent Council for organising tea and coffee, the Mozzies for the Sunday Sausage Sizzle and the OGA for selling the OGA Cookbook. It was fantastic to see so many members of the College Community return to the College over this weekend to celebrate our anniversary! Photo Captions

3-4. Parent volunteers.

Section Image: VIP Event.

5. Music Showcase.

1. Heritage Walk volunteers.

6. Parent Council 75th Anniversary Ball.

2. Historical exhibition.

7. Middle School Fashion Showcase.

De La Vida | October 2012

3 2 1






From the OGA President The Santa Maria Old Girls’ 75th Anniversary cookbook, titled Food for Sharing is ON SALE NOW! With over eighty-seven recipes and amazing photographs, it is designed to celebrate Santa Maria’s history and bring people together in the Mercy tradition of hospitality. The cookbooks are professionally published and on sale for $35 per book. They are available for purchase online at (just follow the links). Cookbooks are to be collected from the College unless other arrangements have been made and postage paid for through the College. Postage will be charged at $15.00 for up to three books within Australia - to organise postage please call 6330 0230. Two successful Old Girls’ functions were held recently as part of the College’s 75th Anniversary Mercy Celebrations Weekend in September. Our OGA Celebration Evening on the Friday evening was well attended and the special OGA movie created for the anniversary year was screened. The annual Old Girls’ Mercy Day Mass and morning tea were also held over the weekend and celebrated the history of Santa Maria College and its community. Reunions are an important part of the Association’s connection to past students and a popular way to catch up with old school friends. To date this year we have held reunions for the leaving classes of 2008, 2003, 1993, 1983, 1973 and the Golden Girls (those who left the College 51+ years ago). A fifty-year reunion for the Class of 1963 will be held in November. We encourage past students to attend their reunions. A sincere thank you to the Santa Maria Old Girls’ Association Committee who have worked tirelessly throughout the year with extra projects and events as part of the College’s 75th Anniversary celebrations. Your hard work and dedication is truly appreciated. Thanks also to the College for supporting and assisting the Association, with special thanks to Ian Elder, Helen Chaffer, Karen Bickerton, Kimberly Maslin, Charmaine Versluis (Priest, 1977) and Roberta Cowan.

Danielle Cattalini OGA President






Photo Captions 1-3. OGA Celebration Evening, Mercy Celebrations Weekend. 4. OGA Morning Tea, Mercy Celebrations Weekend. 5. Golden Girls Mercy Photo Project.





4 3 6





Photo Captions 1. Lynda Enright, Rachel Collins, Tanya Davies (Wray), 2003 Reunion. 2. Camille Burciu (Auriemma), Mrs Betty Smith-Gander, Brigette Herbert (Coreia), Linda Kleinfelder (Pickersgill), 1983 Reunion. 3. Helen Germinario (Weygers), Genevieve Steed (Hall), Joanne Hull (Weygers), 1993 Reunion. 4. 2003 Reunion. 5. Philippa McIntosh, Nikki Cosby (South), Roslyn Cybula, 1993 Reunion.

6. 7. 8.


Carmel Simmonds (Harper), Elizabeth Boyce (Gobbart), Delys Regan (Rodoreda), Maureen Rose (Lynch), Golden Girls Luncheon. Paula Colby (Bothe), Carole Bowden (Kohlhoff), 1973 Reunion. Lynn Morzenti (Bydder), Patricia Kelly, Susan Christie (Bydder), 1973 Reunion.

De La Vida | October 2013

Old Girls’ Association

Old Girls’ Association Vale Carole Johnson (Nulsen, 1981) Carole, younger sister to Michelle Harris (Nulsen, 1978) and Paula Roe (Nulsen, 1980), and a country girl from Salmon Gums, boarded at Santa Maria College from 1977 to 1981. Carole was a talented sports person and a member of the Santa Maria Hockey team throughout her years at the College. Carole was a kind, caring and thoughtful lady who was very dedicated to her family and friends. She is, and will continue to be, missed by all who knew her. Carole was chosen to become an angel on 24 May 2013, after a battle with cancer. Carole will be looking over husband Geoff, and three daughters Tori, Bree and Jeri.

Lorraine McLean (Foley, 1962) Our sincere condolences to the family of Lorraine McLean who passed away earlier this year. Following is an extract from the Eulogy presented by her daughter, “Mum’s first day of school was at Santa Maria College. Mum was a good student who had keen interests in sports, music, drama and ballet. She shared great stories of her school days with us remembering them fondly - of the nuns and the mischief the girls got up to....We are a close family and Mum was also our friend who gave us love and guidance. She always saw the bright side of life and encouraged us to do the same. We have become the women we are today because of her and will continue to live to the high standards she set for us. We will remember mum laughing and feel fortunate that her beauty will live on in all of our memories.”

Charmaine Saunders (Saundersfield, 1964) Our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Charmaine Saunders, who passed away earlier this year.

Carole Johnson (Nulsen, 1981)

Lorraine McLean (Foley, 1962)


De La Vida | October 2013

Where are they now? Billi McCarthy-Price (2008)

Tiffany Banner (1993)

Earlier this year, Billi was selected as a youth delegate for the UN forum for Indigenous Issues in New York, held in May for the not-for-profit organisation Global Voices and UWA. Global Voices is an organisation that aims to promote increased positive international relations and provide young Australian’s with the chance to participate in programs that allow them to experience firsthand these international events. Billi was chosen along with five other young Australians from the hundreds who applied. Billi is currently studying a double degree, Bachelor of Arts and Science at UWA. She is also completing an undergraduate research project offered by the University’s Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning and has undertaken a portion of her studies on a student exchange in Grenoble, France. “Attending the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues was an amazing and incredibly rewarding experience that allowed me to gain knowledge about the important issues that Indigenous people all over the world face today.”

“I have three children, Thomas, Isabella and Nicholas. I work as a Consultant Teacher for School of Special Needs: Disability and a Lecturer/ Unit Coordinator for Murdoch University. I also run a theatre company called The Revellers and have toured Malaysia with productions. I am currently studying to complete my PhD in Inclusive Education.”

Jody Ross (Linden, 1983) “I have a twenty-one year career with Westpac Banking Corporation, worked for the consulate of Ghana and am currently working for Fini Olive Oil. I was married to Shane in the College Chapel in September 1989 by Father Tim Foster, who had taught at both our schools. We have three children, Emma, Michael and Chelsea. I’m about to fulfill my dream to travel to Ireland, England and Italy later this year.”

Dianne Taylor (1983)

Ainslie Perrigo (2003) “I have spent the past ten years completing a Bachelor of Law, working in administrative law, strategy and policy positions for government agencies and private organisations and travelling through Europe and North America. I have also recently established a small catering business, named Basketcase, indulging in my passion of food.”

“For the last thirty years, I have trained and worked in hospitality. I’ve finally reached a position as a head chef and love my job immensely. My partner of twenty-seven years and I have three adult children, with our eldest married and living in America. We travel overseas regularly with family and friends. I still keep in touch with my closest friends from boarding school.”

Jaymie Goeman (2003)

Catherine Bowl (1973)

“On leaving high school I studied hospitality for a year but decided it wasn’t for me. I have now completed my degree, a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood, and have been teaching pre-primary at St Jermone’s Primary School for almost five years. I have enjoyed many tropical holidays and plan on travelling next year. I have recently bought my first house and plan to renovate soon!”

“After leaving school I studied librarianship at WAIT and have worked in law firm libraries, a US bank and a mining company in Perth and London. I currently work for a city law firm and have lived in Wimbledon for the past twenty-five years. My travels have taken me to Europe, North America, India and South East Asia.”

Frances Scalise (1973)

Claire Balart (Atkins, 1993)

“I attended UWA, and have worked as a secondary school teacher, teaching English, Italian and Music. I am currently working at the CELT Department at UWA, teaching students from overseas. Thanks to the Sisters, I had a wonderful musical training and have enjoyed singing in choirs and the a cappella group I Cantori, under the direction of Margaret Pride. My inspirational drama teacher, Hal Davies, remains a much loved friend.”

“After graduating from SMC, I completed a Bachelor of English, majoring in Film & Television, and a minor in Journalism at Curtin University. In 1998, I relocated to Sydney to build a career in film, which I did. I have been fortunate enough to work with the most inspiring DOPs in the country and have just stepped up myself to shooting. I recently gave birth to my first child, my greatest accomplishment ever!”



History of the Old Girls’ Association Initially, the majority of students at Santa Maria College had an affiliation with the boarding facilities at Victoria Ladies’ College and St Joseph’s. This, along with the war years, may explain why the ExStudents Association is not recorded before 1947. It was in this year, two notices appeared in The West Australian, announcing a meeting for ex-students of the College. Margaret Eddy (1943) was listed as the contact and Honorary Secretary. In 1953, another article appeared in The West Australian, which cited Patricia Rodoreda (1942) as President and Mrs C Reeves as VicePresident of the Ex-Students Association. The article also detailed a reunion, which was to be held on 12 July. Following this, a buffet tea was organised by the Association in October 1953, and a barbeque in January 1954. The first College annual was published in 1969 and included a Santa Maria Ex-Students section, written by Julienne Connell (1956). From this, we know reunions were planned for the larger Western Australian towns in the 1970s, as well as an Ex-Student Ball that would include debutantes. Moira McNamara (1953) was President of the Ex-Student Association at the time, and instrumental in the organisation of this Ball. The subscription for membership in the early 1970s for the Association was $1 per annum. By 1992, this had risen to $10 and a life membership option was offered. From the 1970s to the 1990s, ex-student exploits and weddings were recorded in the College annual, although information about the committee itself was often not included. For the College’s 40th Anniversary in 1978, there were two main events held for ex-students, the Annual Dinner held mid-year, and the Mercy Day Mass. At this time, the President of the Association was Nola Andrews (1965) and the Treasurer/Secretary, Jane Leahy (1967). The College celebrated its 50th Anniversary over both 1987 and 1988. 1987 marked the jubilee of the Attadale Community of the Sisters of Mercy, while 1988 marked the anniversary of the opening of the College. To celebrate this important anniversary, a number of events were staged, including a reunion of 1938 students. From 1988 through to the early 1990s, Ann Skidmore (1965) was President of the Association. To the great delight of the ex-student community, the Santa Maria College Chapel became available for marriage services in 1980. The first exstudent to be married there was Kerry Hardie (1973) in January 1980.


In 1986, the stated aim of the Association was recorded in the annual, as being, “To foster fellowship among ex-students of the College and to encourage the current Year 12s to join the Association as they leave school.” At this time, the President of the Association was Judy Schmidt (1947) and Irene Swift (1964) was Secretary. In 1989 the Book Award became a $1000 bursary awarded to a Year 10 student to encourage their continuation into Years 11 and 12. The bursary continued into the 1990s. In the mid-1990s, membership to the Association was extended “To all ex-students, teachers and Sisters of Mercy, who have been part of and contributed to the Santa Maria Community.” From 1998 to 2000, Therese Whyte (1981) was President of the Association. In 2005, the De La Vida magazine was launched as a way of bringing together the current and past Santa Maria College Community. The first time the Old Girls’ Association was used as a term for the ex-student body was in the first issue of this magazine. In the second issue, there was information regarding the relaunch of an Ex-student Association, which was held in March 2006. A number of past office holders were on the first committee of the Old Girls’ Association, with Ann Patroni (1965) as Vice-President and Yvonne Stewart (1962) as Treasurer. The Old Girls’ Association remains in place to this day, and continues to foster a sense of community among students who have left Santa Maria College. Five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty and fifty year reunions are held at the College every year, as is the Golden Girls Luncheon. A number of other events are scheduled throughout the year which range from Sundowners, to Mother-Daughter High Teas and movie nights. To mark the College’s 75th Anniversary, an OGA Celebration Evening as well as the Mercy Day Mass are being held. The Association has also created a commemorative cookbook and movie reflecting on the past seventy-five years of Santa Maria.

Old Girls’ Association Presidents 1.

Ruth Hatherley (1995) 2006 - 2008


Gwen Berrigan (1963) 2008 - 2011


Danielle Cattalini (1986) 2011 - present

De La Vida | October 2013





Photo Captions 1. Certificate of Life Membership to the SMC Ex-Students’ Association. 2. Ex-students with Sr Paschal and Sr Majella at Mercy Day, 1976. 3. Current OGA President, Danielle Cattalini with former President, Patricia McLaughlin (Rodoreda, 1942) at the Golden Girls Luncheon 2013. 4. Article from The West Australian, 1953.


Thank you Santa Maria College wishes to express their gratitude to the following people for their Annual Giving contributions:

Mr P Agostino

Mr G & Mrs N Fortuna

Mr B & Mrs T Pickett

Mrs N Arrindell

Mr M Hackett

Mrs R Praxl

Mr J Bailly

Mr M & Mrs L Humphreys

Mrs M Radley

Mrs M Bairstow

Mr S & Mrs N Johns

Mrs S Reynolds

Mrs M Bartorelli

Mrs M Joy

Mr D Richardson

Mr K Bourgy

Mr E Kavanagh

Mr A & Mrs C Ridolfo

Mrs L Bradford

Mr A Kite

Mr R Romeo

Mrs L Brandenburg

Mrs C Kullack

Mr C & Mrs K Ross

Mr M Brennand

Mrs L Lee

Dr C Sader

Mrs J Brindley

Ms S Lehmann

Mr C & Mrs E Sharp-Nippierd

Mr A & Mrs L Brown

Ms C Li

Mr D Slape

Mrs J Canci

Mrs T Lim

Mr P Slocombe

Dr & Mr Ciccarelli

Mrs G Lobban

Ms M Soltoggio

Mr & Mrs T Clune

Mr & Mrs L Long

Mr M & Mrs M Sorci

Dr T Collins

Mr J Marasco

Mr T & Mrs J Squire

Mr G & Mrs L Cribb

Mr C McKenna

Mr P and Mrs R Stanley

Mr H Cunningham

Mr J McQuie

Mr K Stone

Mr L & Mrs L D’Amato

Mrs H Moore

Mr SC Tan

Mr M Day

Mr I Moores

Dr A Taylor

Mr S Della Bona

Mr D & Mrs K Morgan

Mrs J Templar

Ms W Di Iorio

Mr G Nagle

Mrs S Thompson

Mr W Doray

Mr E & Mrs T Naisbitt

Mr & Mrs S Urquhart

Mr R Fernandes

Mr W Nazzari

Mr A Variyan & Ms P Reynolds

Mr S & Mrs K Ferraz

Mrs MA Ong

Mr P & Mrs C Versluis

Mr G Ferreira

Mr G Palandri

Mr S & Mrs C Wall

Mr T Fico

Mr & Mrs A Parson

Mr G & Mrs L Walton

Mr S Fisher

Mr G & Mrs D Pettit

Dr GM Webb

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De la vida October 2013  

Santa Maria College's biannual magazine

De la vida October 2013  

Santa Maria College's biannual magazine