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Christmas Stockings – With Care

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Christmas Stockings – With Care A couple of years ago I decided to make all the grandkids a stocking. I took each one individually to the fabric store and let them pick their fabric and trim. I did have to set some limitations because my older grandson wanted camo and a skull pattern. The girls I have to say coordinated their colors very well. Once I had all of my supplies together I sat about sewing. At some point all of my grandkids one by one (except Mathew, of course, he’s not talking yet!) came and talked with me while I sewed the stockings. My youngest, Madilynn, spent the most time at my side. She is never short on conversion, especially about Christmas. She bragged about being the only kid she knows to ever get a letter from Rudolph. She has never once forgotten to set out food for the reindeer. It was her idea that I make the stocking curve at the toe like elf shoes. It did give them a whimsical touch. She left me no choice but make her stocking first. I loved the blues and silver she had picked. The fabric glimmered like fresh snow. The trim on her stocking looked like icicles.

Savannah’s stocking was very elegant. Hers was trimmed with intricate lace trimmings. She even drew the pattern for the shape she wanted her stocking to be in. She is almost eleven going on 18 if you know what I mean. It seems that although she hasn’t hit the teen years yet she is still dealing with teenage dramas. I sew while she gives me a play by play of everything everyone said that week in school. I was glad to have the chance to be her friend instead of just grandma (actually it’s me maw).

My older grandson, Daniel, stopped by every now and then to give me a peck on my cheek, or ask what there was to eat. However, he did sit beside me long enough to write letters to Santa. He’s at that in between point – he knows that Santa Claus is not real but he likes the magic that Santa brings to Christmas. He would never let his friends know he wrote a letter to Santa – after all, Daniel is 12 years old! He only wrote it to make me happy. It’s one of those family traditions, and this will probably be the last year that I will be able to get him to write a letter of his own. I imagine he will stop writing them all together for a few years and then perhaps help the younger kids. One by one I finished the stockings and they all turned out very pretty. The kids were so excited to hang them up and see what Santa would put in them.

Santa didn’t disappoint them. Along with all the goodies and toys there were letters from Santa. The kids took turns reading their letters while we ate Christmas breakfast. I am so glad that I made those stockings. It gave me the chance to talk with the kids and hear about the world from their perspective. We also now a have a new way to celebrate the Christmas holiday as a family.

Christmas Stockings - With Care  
Christmas Stockings - With Care Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference. Spending quality time with all family members...