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Natural Dye and Weaving Classes With Liesel Orend Summer – Fall 2010

Natural Dyes: Color Combinations & Gradations May 20-22, 2010, Thursday – Saturday, 9 - 4 Tuition: $125 Studio Class – contact Liesel to register at 505-753-9744 or Students will build on their basic knowledge of natural dyes to combine dyestuffs in varying proportions and over dye yarn with indigo to create a much larger range of colors. Gradations, where the color changes in increments from one hue to another, will be explored. Students will also learn to shift colors with different modifiers, including pH and iron, and will learn an easy method for creating variegated yarns. We will explore color matching as well. This class is for students with experience with natural dyes.

Classes at the Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center – 505-747-3577 INDIGO DYE DAY - $67, or $53 for EVFAC members; materials fee, $10. Saturday, June 12; 9am to 4pm . Join Liesel at her home studio in Española for a day of exploring indigo and woad dyeing! We will learn about several different methods of creating blue: an indigo fermentation vat, an indigo standard reduction vat, and using fresh woad leaves. We will over dye colors as well, creating a range of purples and greens, as well as the gorgeous blues that only indigo can produce. Participants will receive a sample of all of the colors we create, and may also bring up to 1 pound of their own fiber to dye.

Classes at Northern New Mexico College Blackboard (Internet) classes in Four Harness Weaving and Natural Dyeing: Every week, new instructions and tasks are posted to the class website which you can complete at your own pace and from any location in the world. Videos and detailed instructions make it easy, and you can post questions, comments or pictures to the class to get feedback about your work and interact with other students and your instructor. You must have a four harness loom for weaving classes, and basic kitchen equipment for the dye classes.

Natural Dyes: Local Plants June 17-19, Thursday - Saturday 9:00—4:00 – in El Rito, NM Course # 30746 Credits: 1


On the Internet! August 23 – October 17 Course # 12212

Students will dye wool using locally available plants. First, we will go on gathering excursions to identify and collect dye plants in their natural environment. Then, we will learn how to process the plants and how to dye with them, including preparation of the wool yarn, mordanting procedures, dye bath procedures, finishing the yarn and record keeping.

Natural Dyes: Ancient Dyes Location: On the Internet! October 18- December 12 Course # 12213 Credits: 1

Students will learn to use natural dyestuffs that have been used historically around the world. The unique properties of cochineal, madder, logwood, alkanet, brazilwood, cutch and osage orange will be learned, and students will dye larger quantities with each material. In addition, students will learn to prepare an indigo vat, and will learn techniques for dyeing with indigo. Mordanting, safety procedures, and record keeping will be covered.

Four Harness Weaving II: Jerga June 7 – August 1 Location: On the Internet! Credits: 1 Course # 30745 This online class will focus on the jerga, a traditional Spanish New Mexican 2/2 twill woven in wool. Students will learn about the history of this weave, and will make a striped or checked jerga shawl or throw. A little weaving experience is preferred.

Four Harness Weaving III: Saddle Blanket Location: On the Internet! October 18 – December 12 2 credits Course #: 11597 Explore the many design possibilities of the weft-faced twill weave as it is used in traditional saddle blankets. We will use a light, a medium and a dark color yarn on a four harness loom to create different effects, such as undulations, waves, diamonds and ovals. These are very sturdy, thick weavings, suitable for rugs and mats, and of course, saddle blankets. Students will experiment with several techniques and then design and complete one finished piece. This class is for those who have had prior weaving and warping experience.

For more information about the classes, contact Liesel at:

Earth Arts Liesel Orend PO Box 2428 Española, NM 87532 505-753-9744

Earth Arts  

Earth Arts is owned and operated by Liesel Orend, a weaver and natural dye artist. Connection to the earth and relationships with the plants...

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