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Above: A wall-mounted vanity features double sinks and plenty of light from sconces, vanity fixtures, and light-up mirrors.

“What was there before didn’t feel like mine,” says Judy of the former bathroom. “Now it feels like home.” Franzoy says she often starts with flooring and builds from there. In this case, the flooring was neutral-toned tile, which, as an added bonus, was heated. To continue with the spa-like feel, Franzoy combined two vanities and attached them to the wall to allow them to float above the floor. LED-lit mirrors were then mounted above the vanity and paired with a glass tile backsplash in calming hues of blue. The shower itself, with its handheld and rain showerheads, opens to the room with only a glass partition separating a large space. Incorporating texture was also important, so Franzoy utilized elements such as honed quartz inlaid into the tile to include additional cool, relaxing colors.

Above: The small, circular tub takes up less floor space in the bathroom, allowing more room for the shower while still providing Judy and David a serene place to relax.

The remodel emphasized creating space for movement and embracing a Zen-like atmosphere full of natual light—a spa getaway just steps from the bed. Franzoy explains that for her, the joy is how every project becomes a customized vision for her clients. “My gift is understanding and listening to people, because I love to pull in what they’re asking me for,” she says. “I guide them with their priorities and thoughts, and turn those into ideas.” Additionally, Franzoy focuses on incorporating timeless elements and always keeps resale value in mind. Moreover, she hones in on clients’ priorities and needs, identifying how the space will be used and what the experience will be like once the project is complete. “Pictures help because it tells me what direction they want to move in and where they’ve been,” notes Franzoy. “If I can see their style, I can add on.” “I love to try and do it all,” she continues. “But what I really want to do is meet my clients’ needs, create what works best for them, and help make their space their home.”

Above: Tiles in several shades of watery blue add subtle color to the bathroom’s neutral palette.

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Su Casa El Paso & Southern New Mexico Winter 2018 | Digital Edition